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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / BaganSmashBros and ko.'s Kustom Kontent - King K. Rool, Kraid and...Metal Face? on: November 07, 2015, 10:49:56 AM
OP under construction (among things to do are spoilers, banners for each character, full moveset list, etc) and everything is subject to change due to various reasons. Movesets, for example, can get very noticable changes depending on what fits the character better or whats more balanced.

Since i felt that stuffing all of this into my PM Ridley mod thread would be difficult to handle, i decided to make a new thread. Below are characters that have any progress done and will be finished in next year with one exception. Size comparisons use orthographic...perspective...whatever to make sure angle doesn't makes X character or Y character look bigger or smaller and models have size that their FitCharacter.pac use in attributes. They are put in such poses to make sure they don't clip into each other and because they are more likely to be in similar pose than with arms spread or something. K.Rool isn't standing like this because its impossible for now. And yes, those mods are meant to be used in PM, but should work in vBrawl.
...and sorry for the whole "K instead of C" thing. Couldn't do anything about it.

King K.Rool
Developers: BaganSmashBros, Álvaro_WS (model), jaystring (rigging), drogoth232 (not sure yet)
Priority: top priority
Recolors: N/A
What's done: custom model and textures for K.Rool and his Blunderbuss
Size comparison:

Current moveset:

  • Neutral B - launches a cannonball from his Blunderbuss. Can be charged. Cannonballs can't be absorbed, but they can be reflected and they are affected by gravity. If charged for too long, Blunderbuss explodes, dealing high knockback to opponent and high damage to K.Rool.
  • Side B - throws his crown like a boomerang. Crown can hit twice (when it goes forward and when it goes back to K.Rool). Can't be used until crown is back to his head. If it goes off-screen, it just appears on his head. Can be reflected.
  • Down B - N/A
  • Up B - uses his jetpack to recover. Can be interrupted with any attack. If he doesn't deactivates it in time, it malfunctions and shocks him (and whoever is touching him) before exploding. Deals 11% total to K.Rool and opponents.
  • Final Smash - uses his Blunderbuss to pull opponents closer, then starts shooting random projectiles (spiked cannonballs, normal cannonballs, freezing gas, paralyzing gas, toxic gas, water, etc). At some point, his Blunderbuss starts overheating, which causes it to malfunction and explode.
Screenshots: N/A
Base character used for him will be Toon Link because he has a boomerang (crown toss), arrows (cannonballs), Final Smash i need and TL is a semi-clone already.
K.Rool is kinda similar to Little Mac from SSB4. He is far better on the ground than in the air and his attacks are fast and yet still powerful. But i wouldn't say he is exactly like him. He is heavier, bigger and a bit slower, his ground attacks aren't that [censored]ing good compared to aerial attacks, his recovery isn't useless, he has strong projectiles and he can freeze, paralyze, bury and poison his opponent with his throws. His ground jump is surprisingly high for someone like him, but air jump is a lot worse and he has high falling speed. His running speed is high, but his dash attack and grab are slow.

(Fake?) Kraid
Developers: BaganSmashBros, Frayark (model and possibly animations)
Priority: mid/high
Recolors: normal (green scales, red eyes and yellow/white skin), red team (red scales, orange eyes and grey skin), blue team (dark blue scales, blue eyes and blue skin), purple (purple scales, orange eyes and red skin), orange (orange scales, green eyes and yellow skin) and gold (everything is gold except for eyes and mouth).
What's done: model
Size comparison: N/A
Current moveset: N/A
Screenshots: N/A
Not sure why exactly i want to make this guy, but he really needs some love. I haven't seen him appear anywhere since Zero Mission and it was like what, 2005? Since i can't really show the model right now (i don't have it and i think its not finished yet), here is what Frayark is using as a base for the model: http://francoferrari.deviantart.com/art/Golden-Statue-KRAID-Final-Shading-543611620
Kraid is not going to win any race anytime soon, but he certainly can break bones. While he is slow, he is very strong and abuses light and heavy armor. His recovery is also bad, but you have to launch him first and he is heavier than Bowser. He also has strong projectiles that can't be absorbed. Im sure PM and even Brawl are bad places for such characters, but i want to be able to handle even this kind of [censored].

Metal Face
Developers: BaganSmashBros
Priority: low
Recolors: normal (black body with red lines and gold parts), red team (red body with blue lines and gold parts), green team (green/jade body with red lines and gold parts), blue team (blue body with red lines and gold parts), silver (silver body with red lines and gold parts), normal (upgraded, black body with red lines and gold parts), red (upgraded, same as red team), green (upgraded, same as green team), blue (upgraded, same as blue team), gold (upgraded, with gold body, green lines and red parts).
What's done: default colors of normal Metal Face, upgraded Metal Face and SSB4 Metal Face (model taken from Models Resource and ripped by ThatTrueStruggle, but i can remove it if i can't use it), all attacks except for Down Throw and most of get hit animations.
Size comparison:

  • Neutral B - charges up energy on the tip of his cannon. Takes a while to fully charge up (not sure how much exactly). While charging, if B is pressed, he shoots a fast projectile with mediocre knockback that can be absorbed and reflected. Charging it doesn't makes projectile stronger until its fully charged. When fully charged, he releases all of the energy in form of a powerful beam that deals 30% and very high shield damage. Beam lasts for 60 frames, but damage is reduced by 5% with each 10 frames until it reaches 5%. Can be absorbed, but not reflected. Based on his Grand Shot attack.
  • Side B - leans back, takes a few steps forward, slashing his opponent with his long claws 3 times, then dashes forward. Has low priority since none of hitboxes on this attack deal more than 3%. Taken from one annoying boss from another fighting game with similar design to Metal Face. If used in the air, he goes into his jet mode and dashes forward. It is a good horizontal recovery, but useless as vertical recovery.
  • Up B - goes into his jet mode and flies up. Similar to Charizard's, but hit multiple times and goes higher. You can make him move forward or back a bit, but its not very useful as horizontal recovery thanks to Metal Face's high falling speed.
  • Down B - charges up energy in his claws, then smashes the ground. Can hit only if opponent is on the ground (there still is a hitbox on his hand before he touches the ground). Hits mutiple times, with last hit paralyzing like ZSS' Paralyzer. In the air, its same as aerial Side B except aimed down.
  • Final Smash - charges up and releases energy in form of a powerful beam like with Neutral B, but it hits multiple times and its a lot stronger. This is mostly a placeholder for now, but it might stay.

Yes, im serious about this thing. It all started when i had nothing to do and was tired of working on Ridley (something i've been doing for a whole year). And yes, even if you know about Xenoblade Chronicles' plot, it still possible for him to be smaller. Base character used for this guy is ROB because...well, at first, i wanted to use his laser beam for neutral B, but its trail disappeared too quickly and i couldn't fix it.
This guy is a very large (bigger than anyone else) heavyweight with high falling speed. This is a very bad combination, so, getting hit just once might not end well. Fortunately, he is actually rather fast and yet he is strong. Something between Captain Falcon and Ganondorf in terms of speed and attack power. His attack range is high, but only claws are disjointed. He also has a chargeable projectile (well, it doesn't changes at all until you fully charge it and then it becomes Grand Shot) and his recovery specials go very far, but only in one direction and all end with him in helpless state.

Progress on each character will be posted here. There will be no speciffic time when i do it for obvious reasons and it depends on how fast things go with development. Beta testers are welcomed because sometimes, i can't balancing and i can't test any of those guys on Wii/WiiU. To be a beta tester, you must answer 4 questions:
  • Can you handle large and heavy character with high falling speed (like Ganondorf and Captain Falcon)? This is to make sure you understand how things go.
  • Do you know all of the basic ATs like l-cancelling and wavedashing?
  • Wii/WiiU or Dolphin?
  • Do you want to test only K.Rool? Only Kraid? Only Metal Face? Any character? Only 2 out of 3?
2  Help & Tutorials / Help / Dolphin fails to load some files from SD card on: August 25, 2015, 05:55:06 PM
This started happening a while ago. First, it was with one of the stages, now it happens with some characters. For example, Pit. Some of the recolors fail to load (so, either game freezes or it loads files from the ISO) even though they have same or even smaller file size as those that load. Is there a way to fix that?
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Unofficial Project M Ridley PSA - Version 2.1 released. on: September 16, 2014, 02:11:48 AM
Download link: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=207676
Credits: KingJigglypuff for coding help and resizing and fixing model several times; themaziest (smashboards) for Ridley-X roar, some of the sounds and victory fanfare; drogoth for fixing Side B; SoulOfSmash, Capt., GerbilCrab475, PrinceGal3n, NXero, ggmonx, MerryShadow, Dastardly Ridleylash, GanonFist, Weiss and Warzenschwein (all of them from smashboards) for beta testing; Dastardly Ridleylash (Smashboards) and MerryShadow (Smashboards) for some minor coding and image editing help; PyotrLuzhin (smashboards) for future .rel ports, RSBE01.gct codes help and RSBE01.gct file included; SchAlternate (smashboards) for improving textures; Dr. for fixing and optimizing the model; pikazz for Side B coding.

This is unofficial mod that replaces Pit (later, BrawlEx port will be made for Brawl, but unless he will become official for Project M, you will have to replace Pit to use him in Project M) with Ridley from Metroid series. Ridley's appearance in this mod is mostly based off Other M Ridley, but with several noticable differences (such as shorter head with beak curved down, chin spike, longer spikes on the head, smaller wings, shorter tail with arrowhead-like blade on the tip, no spikes on legs and arms, etc) that make him look more like Super Metroid Ridley. Sounds are mostly taken from Metroid Prime and Super Smash Bros. for WiiU, with few Other M and Metroid Prime 3 sounds used.

Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/0ATHn

Weight - 92
Falling speed - 0.012 (a bit lower than Bowser's)
Jumps - 4 (normal jump included)
Jumps height - above average.
Running speed - a big higher than Bowser's.
Walking speed - near Samus' speed.
Air mobility - high.
Recovery - 9/10.
Attack speed - 4/10.
Attack power - 7/10.
Ground combat - 4/10.
Aerial combat - 9/10.

The leader of the Space Pirates, Ridley, joins the fight! Armed with only his own natural weapons, he is a force to be reckoned with in the hands of an experienced player.
Thanks to Ridley's large size, long arms and tail, his range is very high, allowing him to reach opponent easily. His tail lacks hurtboxes and doesn't clashes with other attacks, so, it can be used to safely reach opponent. Most of Ridley's attacks deal high damage and knockback, which makes KOing opponent rather easy with proper reads and positioning. His high aerial mobility allows him to perform Wall of Pain and follow up other attacks without much problems. Because of it, its recommended to fight in the air rather than on the ground, but if its either not possible or its not the best course of actions in certain situation, then you still can use such attacks as Side Smash, which can KO most of the characters in 2-3 hits, Side B, which can be followed up by various attacks in similar way to Ganondorf's Side B, Down B, which has high knockback and goes through most of attacks thanks to its high flinch resistance, and many other attacks. Ridley also has a strong and fast projectile that can either be shot straight forward or diagonally down and if it hits the ground, it produces a big shockwave that launches opponents up, but deals lower damage and has low knockback growth. Most of Ridley's tail attacks deal extra shield damage, with fully charged Side Smash being able to shatter full shield on most characters.
While he is the 2nd biggest character, he is far from heavy. Being a flying creature with a rather thin build, he is just barely heavier than Peach. This makes survival for Ridley a huge problem. Thankfully, his recovery allows him to survive being launched very far away from the stage, so, unless he is launched far enough to be KOed (something that is easy to do with such large and yet light character), he will most likely return. But his size might be a problem when recovering since this allows most of the meteor smashes to hit him easily. His recovery is also rather predictable and slow and he has low falling speed.
Another one of Ridley's problems is his slow ground attacks and low running speed. While his attacks are strong, they either have long start up or eng lag. His command grabs both on the ground and in the air are very fast and can be followed up by various attacks, but have high end lag and very low hitbox duration. His Side Smash deals very high damage and knockback, but has high start up and low hitbox duration.
Overall, Ridley is a glass cannon and once you learn how to fight him, he is very easy to deal with, but most of your mistakes will be severely punished.
4  Help & Tutorials / Help / Help with Assist Tropies/Pokemons summoning on: June 05, 2013, 09:04:46 AM
When i trying to make Charizard summon Manaphy, Metroid or any other pokemon/assist trophy, nothing happens. Even if Metroid apears, he attacks me and i can`t summon him more than once. Please, help.
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