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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Mortimer's Thread - Wandering on: July 29, 2013, 03:38:00 PM
                                                                  Mortimer's thread

Final Smash Videos
Due to the overwhelming negative reception of those final smashes, they won't be released anytime soon, if ever. You can watch them out of curiosity, but don't waste time asking for them. When/if they get released, I'll announce that.

New Super Smash Bros Final Smashes

New Super Smash Bros Brawl Final Smashes 2

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ_qVfPy9f4" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ_qVfPy9f4</a>

! No longer available

Dry Bones

SSBB Dry Bones PSA

This is a video showing nearly everything I did and basically what I wrote below. There's a 3 minutes fight at the end.
**uploaded again due to freezing issue

In overall, Dry Bones is not a very agile character. One thing that annoyed me in brawl was the fact that almost all collisions are 361º, what made most attacks the same thing, in terms of direction. Most of Dry Bones collisions have from 3 to 5 different hitboxes, with different damages and different directions. I let the bad hits with the 361º angle.
His attacks usually don't focus a wide area, what forces you to be precise most of the time. So I tried to make his attacks strong in average, but since I'm not used anymore to vBrawl balacing, it's possible I made him too overpowered. You guys can tell me if that's the case.
As he is over Lucario, the aura physics will have effect on the projectile and on the attacks which have aura effects. I'll explain below the ones that are aura based.
All of this makes him a hard character to control. It took me long hours until I started to get used to him, so try to keep that in mind if you think he is too weak. Doubt that will be the case, by the way.

Also, I used eletric, aura and darkness effects on most of the attacks. This was NOT meant to spam effects, but to let you know when you hit the opponent with the best spot.

I'll try to explain more or less how the PSA works. First, I'll depreciate myself showing the attacks I copied from other characters and what I changed on them to make them different.

Normal attacks
Attacks 11 and 12 are the same as Bowser's, and Attack13 belongs to Mario. Since his arms are obviously shorter than Bowser's, his has lower range, but has 1 extra attack. The average damage of this combo can be raised by hitting the enemy with the tip of the fingers.

Down tilt
Copied from Lucas. It deals more damage because you can't spam this one that much.

Dash attack
Copied from Snake. You'll usually send the enemy forward, only upward if you hit him wrongly.

Air N
Also from Mario. The difference here is that can hit enemies like Mario does, sending them forward, or hit them like Luigi does, sending them upward with a stronger knockback, only if you hit at the very tip of the foot.

Air D
Captain Falcon's attack. There are 3 collisions here: one will send you away diagonally, and the other two will send you down. It's harder to use due to the aerial moblity and the shorter legs.

If you didn't give up yet, I'll show you what I really did for this PSA.

Up tilt
A simple punch. The animation is new but works like Mario's up tilt.

Side tilt
This attack has 4 collisions. Two of them will send you forward. If you hit the tip of the foot, you are sent a bit downward.

Up Smash
KJP had warned me about the rotation issue. I removed many of the amount of keyframes to try make it look better, but I just made things worse trying to improve it. So I let it like this.
Six frames after the collision starts is when his hand grows the most, what means that's the point where the attack deals the highest damage.

Side Smash
Technically, the knockback of this smash is very low for a smash attack. But the purpose was to let you aim the smash, to KO foes by the side of the screen, so it's not that bad.

Down Smash
This is a very sluggish move. Each kick has 4 collisions, with the one on the tip of his foot being the strongest. The second kick is more powerful, but much harder to hit.

Air U
This is one of the attacks affected by the aura physics. Only the good spot of the second slap has aura damage. It's hard to aim this one, but it becomes a powerful move after you receive some damage.

Air F
Another slow move. It can send you nearly to any direction, depending on the time you hit your foe. The two best spots will send you downward and the other upward. The upward one also has the aura damage.

Neutral Special
I replaced the aura sphere with this bone, but the projectile stills the same, basically. What changes here is that it does eletric damage instead of aura (it still get stronger with your damage), and you can't hold the bone when it's fully charged. Dry Bones will throw the bone instantly when that happens. Those who are used with Lucario will feel the difference badly. As a compensation, it's faster, goes farther and is a bit more powerful.

Aerial Up Special
Dry bones retreat into his shell and you will fly around with it. It goes pretty high while dealing some minor damage, but the sideway control is awful.

Grounded Up Special
Most of up specials are useless moves to attack, and there's hardly any reason to use them on ground. I used this slot to make another and more useful attack. Having aura physics, it can be a very good move, as the spikes attack fast and have a good range.
*Once you perform this move, you can only repeat it after you jump once. This has something to do with Lucario's coding, but I don't know what causes it. I made it stronger than I wanted because of this.

Side Special
Well, this one I just had to do. Dry Bones retreats into the shell as well, you can move it around while hitting your opponents. By pressing the normal attack button, you can leave the shell before you run out of time. You have super armor on this move.

Down Special
A kind of counter attack. On this part of the attack, you are invincible. The counter "effect" will not start exactly when you perform the move. It delays a few frames and end before the animation. If you get hit out of this time period, you will lose the move.

If the enemy hits you on the right time, you unleash a punch at him. The damage is calculated depeding on when you got hit. For example, you can counter attack after the first 5 frames on the move. At this point, the damage is maximum, and it will decrease every 2 frames by 1 point after that.
The knockback growth value is your current damage. It has a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 96, and the base knockback is fixed.

For some reason, you can decide that counter was a bad idea, so you can attack the opponent with this alternative in the middle of the counter animation.  

If you do it in air, you will attack with two spikes comming from the arm'spots. Those ones here don't have aura damage.

Sometimes, alternative attacks can happen instead of your normal moves. They are stronger, but since you can't expect for them, also will be harder to hit.

Alt. Side Smash
Dry Bones shoots a flamming skull that has poor knockback, but will hit your opponent several times, trying to push him offscreen. It goes pretty far.

Alt. Side Special
A small explosion will create a bigger shell that grant you more knockback and increases the super armor resistance.

Alt. Side Tilt
I did this thinking on his MSC special kick. He just summons a ball and kicks it forward. Nothing really special.

Alt. Up Smash
Based on Flows, of course. This attack works exactly that way.

Alt. Down Special Grounded Attack
This one is a bit hard to hit if you are too close. The arms will throw your foe above Bonezes and then he will hit them again with a clap.

Sometimes, when you jump on Dry Bones, he will fall apart. Since this will probably let your guard open, you can regenerate your health a little by pressing the attack button repeteadly while he recovers himself.

That's about it, more or less. I made his final smashes too, I just didn't record them neither posted here because I already did that in my both final smash videos.
The main final smash is "Fossil Rampage", which is on the first FS video.
The alternate final smash is named "Souls Seal", on the second video. If you watch it, you will see it's extremely overpowered, but don't worry because I nerfed it severely.
The third final smash, which I named "The Reaper's Path", I had to completely remove it from the PSA. It's way too overpowered, and the code I made for that is extremely huge and very unstable. With unstable I mean I had several problems only by removing some "if" statements to try making it an acceptable FS, but I had no choice.
Hopefully, it won't take me long to upload this.


SSBB Baphomet PSA

Baphomet is a psa I made over a character created by Kyouma. This character doesn't belong to any game franchise. As usual, I found bugs I've never seen before, and working with King Dedede's pac file was particularly annoying and delayed my work a lot. I found it a very unstable file, so I won't say for sure you won't find weird bugs. Yet, Dedede's final smash file doesn't work, what made me restrict myself a lot more than I wanted while I was making this guy. So, if you find anything too simple or lacking some effects, that was the reason.

Normal attacks
Consist of a hit with the staff, a kick, and another hit with the staff. They are a bit slower than average, but are stronger.

Down tilt
The attack will send your opponent towards you.

Up tilt
A simple staff swing.

Side tilt
Yes, I forgot the screenshot for this one. He will hit with the staff on the ground, right in front of him.

Down smash
Baphomet will hit with the staff on the ground and those ribs will grow to try piercing your opponent. This specifically was made on a place where you can see the ribs growing, but usually they will be underground until the grow completely.

Side smash
NOTE: You are NOT supposed to hit your opponent twice with this one. The first hit will send your opponent flying upwards, and if you miss it, there's a chance you will hit him again with the second hit, but this will send your opponent to your direction.

Up smash
You will only send your opponent upwards if he is in air, above you, otherwise, it will just send your opponent away. It has a long range, but it's not very easy to hit on the right spot.

Dash attack
Baphomet will jump and attack with the staff. Can send the opponent forwards or backwards, depending of when you hit.

Air D
The staff's clavicles will grow to attack. It will send your opponent downwards if you hit at the tip of the clavicles. Otherwise, will just throw the character left or right.

Air F
The staff will spin, hitting a few times to deal damage, and a final hit to send your foe away.

Air B
A kick on the staff make the ribs grow. It's pretty strong but has poor range.

Air U
A stab with his horns. It's a slow and powerful move that resembles Bowser's up aerial.

Grounded neutral special
This is a chargeable attack. You can't hold the charge forever, as you will attack if it reaches the maximum limit. It's a wind blast with the wings. The more you charge, the more powerful it will be.

Aerial neutral special
In air, you will use the glide ability. I made it before the true glide was developed, so don't expect anything too amazing. While gliding, you can go up and down, but always moving forward.
You can perform two different attacks while gliding. I did this because the grounded version when used in air almost always would result in self destruction.

Side special
It's almost the same as King Dedede's. I replaced the waddles with scarabs, but they are quite more powerful because I always considered the waddle toss useless. The yellow scarab is waddle dee.
This will replace Gordo. You usually alternate between the yellow scarab and this. Since you will use it a lot more than Gordo, it's also weaker.
Sometimes you will throw the purple scarab, which replaces waddle doo, and is now the hardest of the three to spawn. It's more powerful than the yellow version.

Down special
The staff becomes a sword. If your enemy get close enough, Baphomet attacks instantly. Depending if you use it in air or on the ground, your enemy is sent to a different direction.

Grounded up special
Baphomet jumps trying to carry with him who is in the way. If you press the attack button before you start falling, you will perform a small explosion that will affect your opponents, but you will end the attack entering into a helpless fall.
If you don't attack while in air and over someone, this character will be stuck on the ground.

Aerial up special
It's similar to the down aerial attack, but it's weaker, since it's meant to save your life mainly, not to attack. You gain vertical momentum using this.

Alt. up tilt
One of the three demons will show up.
Ganon: It's a very quick attack, but will not hit your opponent if he is not high enough.
Luigi: The slowest and strongest version. Takes a wide area but it's harder to hit.
Yoshi: Stays in the middle. He jumps off the ground and bites. Unlike Ganon, will hit you if you are not in air.

Alt. side tilt
Bazooka staff. A large projectile will be shot pushing your foes offscreen.

Alt. dash attack
Luigi spits Ganon off his mouth which will hit you with several times before Luigi swallow him back.

Alt. side smash
The other attack that has a variation with each member of the trio.
Ganon: A fast punch of a giant arm. Sends your enemy straight forward.
Luigi: Much smaller range and area. A explosion of the mustache sends you upwards.
Yoshi: It's the slowest with the wider area. You stuck players on the ground if grounded and send them downwards if in air.

Alt. down smash
It's the rarest of the alternative attacks. Yoshi is summoned to eat an enemy. Since it has a slow start and will never be expected, it's very easy to miss the attack.
But if your enemy gets caught, he will be KOd, no matter how much health he/she has.
If you miss it, Yoshi fails and his heads explodes. The explosion can hit players.

Alt. grounded neutral special
The trio appears and touch their fingers to create a big white shine on the screen. If you are close enough, you will be stunned if grounded and knocked away if in air. Baphomet can't be hit during this move.

Alt. grounded down special
Ganon punches the ground, what can make players get suck or suffer from a wind blast, depending on the distance.
After Yoshi appears, he is kicked by Ganon and his travel pushes players like the alternative side tilt attack.

Alt. grounded up special
Luigi's head will be spinning around Yoshi, dealing some damage. If the enemy's damage is too high, it's easier to escape.
After Luigi sprouts off Yoshi, they will fly high and may carry the enemy along. This is hard to hit, but can KO a players if caught in this process.

Final Smash
Baphomet becomes a fire ball that can damage players for a limited time. If you press any attack button or wait the time runs out, he will emerge in flames, sending enemies upwards. If you miss, there's a chance you can still hit them with the explosion that occurs when he opens his wings, though this second attack is quite weaker than the main one.
I must say here that I wanted to add some different graphics to make his return more demonic, but the lack of space in the file didn't let me do it.

Two things that must be said. The metal texture is bugged on his staff and on his head, and the curry shots will not spawn on Baphomet. It's an issue I don't think that can be fixed. King dedede's file was unstable to work with, so I can't say what kind of bugs can happen or not. Yet, my .pac file is almost without any space, but hopefully, will let me fix bugs, if any is found.
Again, this model was made and rigged by Kyouma, not me.

Koopa Troopa


The Koopa psa I've planning. It shall be a much more agile character than Dry Bones. Though the characters are similar, their gameplay is very different. I still did it because it's a character that opens possibilities for several new ideas, since it's a very generic character, and I like it anyway.
Koopa Troopa should be strong enough to compensate the problems with low traction it has, more or less like Luigi. I did this because Luigi was the only one like that and this sometimes grants some funny situations. Or frustrating, depending on each person. But it's different, nonetheless.
The gameplay is different, but I made some moves have similarities with Dry Bones on purpose. Those similarities are more on the animation itself though. The attacks won't act the same way.
As you can see, Koopa Troopa is too colorful for Brawl. I tried to make a more Brawl-like texture, but that requires a new texture mapping because the way it is now is odd. I don't know how to do that, so there's not much I can do, unfortunately.

Normal attacks
One punch and one kick. I didn't really like my kick animation, in case you find it a bit weird.

Down tilt
That's the down tilt. That simple.

Up tilt
A clap attack.

Normal Side tilt
A kick, like you can see. I said "normal" because if you aim the attack now, it will be a different one.

High Side tilt
Koopa uses a green shell attached to a rope as a weapon. If your opponent is small and is too close to you, you can miss this attack.

Low Side tilt
This is a strong stomp on the ground, meant to send your opponent downwards.

Down smash
Troopa will retreat to his shell and stomp the ground.

Normal Side smash
Based on their subspace attack, a short-ranged bite.

Down Side smash
This is a slow move that's weaker than the normal side smash.
If you hit on the right spot, you will stun your opponent.

Up Side smash
Tthe bipedal turtle will jump a little forward and use its legs to launch enemies upwards.

Up smash
I used some frame speed here, it's not exactly like this. But till launch your opponent upwards. If your opponent is not in air, the hit will probably be the weaker spot.

Dash attack
It's a two hit attack. The second one is the strongeest, so you must be more or less at the right distance to make the move right.

Air D
Aerial version of the clap attack. Will launch enemies horizontally.

Air F
The kick kinda shows the launching direction. It's faster and weaker than Dry Bones' version.

Air B
Double kick move.

Air U
Another double kick move using the tip of the feet. Sends enemies horizontally.

Neutral special
This is a chargeable attack. You can't hold the charge forever, as you will attack if it reaches the maximum limit. The shell will be propelled forward, going farther and dealing more damage the more you hold it.

Side special
Works like Dry Bones's one. The difference is that the control is much better, but you can't go that fast while using it in air.

Down special
The shell'n rope is used to maybe bury your opponent. If used on ground, you will be launched forward. If used in air, you will earn some momentum if you hit something only.

Grounded up special
This one is chargeable as well. The Bullet Bill is used like a mortar.
You will go higher and farther the more you charge, and will deal more damage too. This is an easy way to self-destruct if you don't know how to use it.
*This idea was given me by Zutox.

Aerial up special
Wings will sprout and you can fly around a little. You will be falling if you don't control it.
By pressing the attack button, you will spin around yourself, dealing some damage. That's meant to protect you a little only, as it has no KO power.

Final Smash
I admit Dry Bones's fs would be the perfect thing for Koopa Troopa, but that wouldn't make me happy. You will get 3 shells to use during the fs. The green shell is a simple throw attack.

The red shell becomes huge and kinda follows your opponent. I could have made the "homing" effect better, but I wanted to give the enemies a chance to escape. You have a certain degree of control over it, but the shell itself's control is much stronger than yours. This will deal damage, and will hardly KO anyone.

The blue shell makes you spin around in circles. Sort off. If you manage to hit your opponent while spinning, the maximum damage is dealt. Otherwise, the shell explodes after a few seconds.
Also, the shell's wings shouldn't be misplaced there. Not sure what I did to make that happen.

You can get any of the 3 shells at anytime, with the green being the most common and the blue the least. I'm afraid this fs can take too long to end, so I'll let you guys decide this afterwards.

Alt. up tilt
Those 3 bullet bills will be called.
The ones that hit something will explode. You obviously can get hit by more than one, if you are unlucky enough.

Alt. side tilt
A small hurricane generated by the sound of a magic whistle. It will keep you down while it is starting, and then will try to push you away after it is released.

Alt. dash attack
A swing with a giant shell. K.Troopa will be spinning around with the shell, and you can move him around while that's happening. You can't fall off ledges while doing this.

Alt. air-N
The same small hurricane will keep around K.Troopa now, sending enemies downwards. After it ends, you get a small vertical boost.

Alt. down smash
A music is played on the flute. This attack has two variants. One of them will put enemies to sleep, and the other won't.
If the enemy don't sleep, several cheep cheeps will jump around Koopa. If the enemey sleeps, just one big cheep cheep will jump.
Don't mind the weird cheep cheep colors. I didn't fix that yet.

Alt. up smash
That's a super cape jump, based on super koopas from SMW. You can hit your opponents while jumping and while falling. The more you charge the smash, the higher you will jump.
When landing (kinda), you will affect grounded enemies inside this graphic's area.

Alt. side smash
Based on Koopatrol from Paper Mario. I forgot who got this helmet into the game, I'll still have to search for the name. The charging time also determines how far you will slide to hit something and how strong your super armor is.  
Sometimes, Koopa will forget the helmet. In that case, you won't hit items on your way, but won't have super armor, the hit will be weaker and you will get stunned by hitting with your head without protection.

Alt. side special
Something similar to what happens with a shelless yellow koopa jumps back into a shell. You'll deal more damage and have bigger resistance.

Alt. grounded neutral special
A big bullet bill will land behind Koopa. It can hit opponents, if they are close enough.
After that, by performing the grounded neutral special again, the bullet bill will disappear and will be launched from bellow your foe. You must be facing the enemy and can't be too far away, or the bullet will be launched directly in front of you.

Like I did with Dry Bones, sometimes you can stomp Koopa for good. When that happens, K.Troopa will retreat into his shell for a while. Anyone that touches the shell in this meantime will kick it, and it will be spinning around for awhile. You won't fall of ledges.
After a few seconds of spinning, Koopa will simple leave the shell with a head ache, and continues fighting.

Chris Redfield

Chris Default

Chris Stars

Chris Stars Armor

Chris Casual

Chris Full Armor

Chris R.P.D.

Chris Safari

Guardian of Insanity / Blob

Neo Yoshi

2  Help & Tutorials / Help / Porting a character texture to another character on: July 20, 2010, 11:42:33 AM
I'm kinda noob in hacking, so I need help converting a character texture to another one.

I opened the pac/pcs files with BrawlBox and I could see separate "partitions" containing the textures, models, animations, etc.

I want to put replace Toon Link with Waluigi (the same used in the Waluigi Project). So, my doubt is, how can I do that? Which of the ''partitions'' should I replace in Toon Link's file?

Thanks in advance.
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