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1  Super Smash Bros. 4 Hacking / Smash 4 (Wii U) Hacking / [A, PSA] Tabuu's Wii U Mods! King Cold V. 2 Out! on: September 19, 2016, 06:22:30 PM
Hi everyone! I've successfully been able to import two rigged models as skins in Sm4sh Wii U! Almost everything is just as easy if not easier than for Brawl, with the harder to reach filesize limits, easier voice mods, etc!

And I'm not done yet!

Here's my current WIP!


Type: Skin / Import
Base char: Luigi
Features: Metal model, MTA animation, expressions, alphas.

Type: Skin / Import, with future animation/moveset/MSC/etc mod.
Base char: Ganondorf.
Features: Metal model, custom normal/AO maps and new textures, SWG bones for tail, voice mod, cosmetics.
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Model Imports / Tabuu's Custom Model Closet. K. Rool, textures started on: August 13, 2014, 06:22:09 PM
Hola, everyone. Tabuu here. Yeah, from here: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=37855.0

After a LONG AND PAINFUL wait and process, I have 3DS Max 2012, and I'm using it to do some importing of my own. I've also taken to custom model making.

NOTE: I DO NOT take requests for this either. I'll do favours for others every now and then, but that'll be only if I'm very interested in the character. Just like for PSA. I'll wait till I've mastered this to the best of my ability.
Custom model plans:
None at the moment.

-Kokiri Female (Legend of Zelda OoT 3D) -> Done/Released:
-Little Mac (Punch  Out!!) over Captain Falcon. -> Done/Released:
Saria (OoT 3D) -> Cancelled
King K. Rool (Mario Super Sluggers design) over my K. Rool PSA's boneset. -> In progress
-Metal Mario (Super Smash Bros. 64) -> Suspended
-Lip (Panel de Pon) Model by Taigiry. -> Done/Released -> Re-released with improvements by Giry
-Hatsune Miku (Project DIVA F) -> Done / Released
-King Cold V3 (Dragon Ball Z) -> Done / will be released with next PSA version.
-Genie Jafar: Done/Released:
-Lord Fredrik (DKC: Tropical Freeze) over edited Ike boneset -> Done. Will be released with PSA
-Lots-O' Hugging Bear over Dedede -> Coming soon.
-Zeena (Sonic Lost World) -> Coming very soon.
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Model Imports / Tabuu's Model imports: Raine stalled due to problems. Making Base Cooler next on: August 27, 2013, 08:05:02 PM
Yeah, I finally figured out how to fix stray vertices, rig properly and fix stuff that doesn't move, and I'm almost done with my DotNW Raine over Zelda. I imported it into BrawlBox and it looks semi-presentable. I'm currently fixing things and expecting to release this weekend if I keep at it. She won't feature Final Smash eyes or changing faces, but she will have metal materials and rigged toes/fingers. Once she's released, I'm going to work on a few other models to practice and eventually update Raine.

After she's released, I'll update this with my other model plans. Raine won't be my only import, much like Tabuu won't be my only PSA.

Anyway, Raine preview in BB.

But that just LOOKS good. It has issues, such as gaps in the shoulders and slight deformations on the right toe and left foot.

4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Okay, so... (Wii U) on: November 18, 2012, 07:13:51 PM
So as it turns out, the Wii U uses the actual menu and stuff from the Wii. So! What I want to know is:

Will it be possible to use Riivolution on the Wii U's version of the Wii Menu? Like, use the same hacking process to hack Brawl (use StackSmash or the Twilight Hack), to install Riivo or Gecko onto the Wii U?

I'd hate for the arrival of the Wii U to be the end of my PSA days. Sad
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / I need help porting a Dedede model over DK (Resolved) on: August 29, 2012, 02:12:14 PM
Okay, so as we all know, King Dedede can NOT be PSA'd. That's official. And yet, I want to make a K. Rool PSA using The_Randomizer's K. Rool model.

Is anyone good in Tabuu or changing bone indices? I want to port (no. Not REL port, those suck) that K. Rool over either Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong for my PSA, since they can be PSA'd without problems.

Thanks if anyone does this.

BTW, here's the model I want ported:


Edit: It works almost flawlessly over Donkey Kong, except that I would like him to hold items in his left hand rather than the right, and he has the walking glitch.

6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Anyone willing to fix import glitches (bone indexes in Tabuu?) on: February 12, 2012, 01:18:50 PM
I have 2 projects in need of correction of bone indexes.

1. My Tabuu project needs to hold items in his left hand (LHaveN) rather than his right (RHaveN)

2. PichuBrawler and myself will begin work on a Master Hand hack over Dedede, and has a couple of import glitches as well.

Please move if this is in the wrong section.

Thanks. I'll send you the links if you're interested.

7  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / File size limits: they need to go! on: January 29, 2012, 01:22:46 PM
Is there anyone who's ever looked at why Brawl can't handle more than a certain filezise for its files?

Example time: Thanks to BJ's new BB, I finally figured out why Tabuu's graphic effects were so glitchy on my PSA. The REFT file is missing. But I can't add it because the game will ignore FitGanon.pac on Gecko and freeze on Riivolution.

I need some skilled hackers to try and increase the filesize limits or even better, erase them.

This really needs looking into. Then the sky will be the limit in what Brawl hacks we can produce. Thanks alot.


8  Help & Tutorials / Help / About Riivolution on: January 06, 2012, 02:47:10 PM
Is it true that it completely ignores filesize limits present with Gecko?

I just switched from Gecko to Riivolution, and I FINALLY got that blasted info.pac to work, but the reason I ask is because I want to just outright put ef_taboo into FitGanon.pac.

So is it true?
9  Help & Tutorials / Help / Lucas crashes game on results screen. on: December 12, 2011, 08:29:11 PM
And no, I'm not using any PSAs or hardly any hacks on him. But the results screen refuses to load when he's in tghe match.


EDIT: Yup, it was his results screen portraits. The ones with Klonoa.

Thanks for the help, guys!
10  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / TABUU / FREDRIK PSA house. Magolor - Current WIP on: December 05, 2011, 06:44:06 PM
Yes. You read this right. This is not a cheap attempt at a late April Fool's joke.

I'm coming OUT of retirement, and I will resume King Cold, then I will do a Magolor PSA!

I had wanted to originally mod Smash 4 on Wii U, but it's nothing but trouble for me. So I'm stepping back to where I'm comfortable!


MAGOLOR (Final Boss Phase 1) (Kirby's Return to Dream Land)

Current status: In progress.
Base character: Luigi
Boneset: Luigi Original, no edits.
Rig: Finished (100%)
Materials/shaders/textures: WIP. Still fixing shaders and perfecting materials. (65%)
Animations and Moveset: Not started. Won't be started till last step is finished. (0%)

KING COLD (Dragon Ball Z)


Current Status: On hold.
Base character: Ganondorf
Boneset: Ganondorf with tail bones and other edits.
Rig: Unknown (I need my files back from CaliKingz) (?%)
Materials/shaders/textures: Unknown (I need my files back from CaliKingz) (?%)
Animations and Moveset: Unknown (I need my files back from CaliKingz) (?%)

TABUU (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) REVAMP


Current Status: On hold.
Base character: Ganondorf
Boneset: Tabuu Original, no edits.
Rig: Finished (uses original boss model) (100%)
Materials/shaders/textures: Finished (uses original boss model) (100%)
Animations and Moveset: Not started (0%)
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / Info.pac crashes. on: November 03, 2011, 12:55:41 PM
In case they're the problem, I use PW's Stage Expansion Code with EY's Maxed out CSS, some soundbank codes, rel ports and the custom music code for expansion stages.

Now, the reason I want to use info.pac is to replace some HUD/In-match names, but it keeps crashing, and I can't figure out why. If I load it normally, it crashes after Now Loading... And if I bypass it and insert it later (I use Gecko via StackSmash), it crashes after selecting a stage.

This is really bugging me with a passion, and even info.pacs with LOWER FILESIZES crash the game. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there a reason why it refuses to load? Thanks.
12  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Project DIVA: Miku Hatsune PSA - Need help with DAE import on: October 11, 2011, 08:46:17 PM
I'm focusing on this for now while waiting for Tabuu's graphical effects. So this is now my new #1 project.

Love Vocaloid? Then this project is one for you!

This project is Aafyre's ZSS vertex ported to Ness with the help of my good friend diedhammer.


Wait1: Shakes her hip. Kinda like she's dancing.

Wait2: Puts her hand on her microphone. I call it "sound check"

WalkMiddle: Based on a walk animation from Project Diva.




AppealHi: Puts her hands on her headphones and dances briefly

AppealLw: Caramelldansen


Forward Smash: Sonic Scream. Puts her hands around her mouth like a megaphone and sings a loud note.

To do list:
*Being worked on
-Work on animations*
-Complete moveset*
-CSPs and BPs+
-Fix all crashing+
-Ask for suggestions/move and animation requests/input from prospective users.*
-PSA moveset*
-System graphics*
-Get a better/more accurate vertex (not likely)
-Get a Miku DAE import and edit animations accordingly.

CSPs and other images will come with the first beta.
13  Help & Tutorials / Help / Giga Bowser's sound banks on Yoshi? on: May 18, 2011, 11:58:25 AM
Would it be possible to make a code like this for my True Killable Giga Bowser project? Smiley

And not just Bowser's sounds, but actually, Giga Bowser's sounds with the "Giga" filter applied to them.

Thanks. Smiley
14  Help & Tutorials / Help / Animation hacks? on: May 04, 2011, 02:30:43 PM
Okay, so here's what I'm basically asking for: how do you give a character another character's animation without deforming the body? I'm working on a Giga Bowser over Yoshi import, which is almost complete. But for the animations Giga Bowser lacks (most notably, damage and Down animations), I want to use Bowser's animations. But they squish Giga Bowser into a tiny, ugly mess.

Then I look at Eternal Yoshi's Gray Fox, who integrates some of Sheik and Captain Falcon's animations, and they look awesome. And DoubleK642 uses Falcon and Snake animations in his Waluigi, who also look seamless.

How do you port animations over again? Thanks for the help.
15  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Tell you what: You're getting Tabuu when he's done. :/ on: April 22, 2011, 11:46:36 PM
I need some help for Tabuu's graphical effects. I want to know what are Tabuu's graphical IDs and file number for PSA so I can use them in the PSA. Thanks.

You also need this:

Ganondorf has Tabuu's sound bank:[Phantom Wings]
4A000000 80AD89E0
14000050 00000140
E0000000 80008000

Thanks, EternalYoshi!

Hi, guys!

With no further ado, I present to you a much-anticipated project. One many Brawlers were awaiting since clearing the Subspace Emissary. You've seen many Brawl players in forums, blogs, and all sorts of sites in the beginning weeks and months since the game's release asking how to unlock him, and others responded it was impossible. Well, they were right. But all that is about to change! Wink


The evil, cruel man who doomed R.O.B.'s race and showed tons of bad@$$ery in the SSE is soon going to join the ranks as a playable character! By replacing Ganondorf, the first one to have his head handed to him on a platter by Tabuu. Laugh

Okay, I've received a few complaints about Tabuu being over Ganondorf. I, too, like Ganon, just for the record. However, the general consensus is that while he was bad@$$ in Melee, he just plain sucks in Brawl. He's not at the bottom of that Tier List for nothing. So this project is merely going to try replacing him with an all-around better fighter. To those who want to keep Ganondorf but want Tabuu, all that's left is to wait till Ganondorf's rel file is hacked, like Ike's was, by Phantom Wings, and just port Tabuu over someone else. Better yet, wait till the clone engine. Tabuu will not be switched over to another fighter unless an impossible roadblock presents itself.

Okay, so here's the basic gist.

Tabuu is intended to be a lightweight and fast character, with quite powerful moves, this I say without meaning broken, of course. ;] So, as for weaknesses, well, he's obviously going to be light, so sent flying easily. And no need to talk about Tabuu being a large target. And his moves will be neither Meta-Knight fast or Ganondorf slow. It'll be somewhere in the middle, like a little faster than Mario, perhaps. If at all possible, I would like Tabuu to be balanced enough to be considered for inclusion on the rosters of hacked Brawl tournaments. Actually, if you have any ideas about attributes like that, feel free to contribute ideas. I'm making this project to be enjoyed by everyone.

Neutral A:
Point Explosion. Tabuu points forward and causes an explosion. He now has a looping Attack100, meaning he can point-explode infinitely if you hold A. And he counts them down from 1-4 with his fingers like in the SSE, too! Now edited to make it easier to hit grounded opponents.

Side Tilt:
Energy Slash. Tabuu takes his sword/energy blade and slashes it at his opponent. May have a colorful slash graphic depending on what Brawl has available.

Down Tilt:
Energy Trip. Whips out his sword again, except in the squatting position, and sideways and downward. Spikes and will trip the opponent at low %s.

Up Tilt:

Dash Attack:
Blade. Tabuu slides across the stage sideways, turning into a giant shark-shaped blade with his body's core as the "shark's eye". Upward knockback and sword effect.

Forward Smash:
Self Projection. Attacks with his split body, which explodes on contact with an opponent. Slightly slower than most of his other moves, but has a lot of KO potential.

Down Smash:
Rapid Chop. Rapidly slashes the area in front of him 4 times. The first 3 hits have enough hitstun to keep opponent trapped in the attack, with decent knockback on the final hit.

Up Smash:
Awaiting Roo's animation for it.

Neutral Aerial:
Electric Shield.  Electrical fragments from his core surround him, circling him. If the player is anywhere within the area contained by the sparks, they will take constant damage akin to Mewtwo's NAir. Multi-hit with KO potential.

Up Aerial:
Boomer Spin. Summons his boomerang, lifts it up and spins it rapidly. Multihit with decent knockback on the instant he begins putting it away. Sword type.

Forward Aerial:
Clap: Tabuu slaps his hands together quickly. Sword type sweetspot on his hands, and normal, weak hit if only his forearms connect.

Back Aerial:
Stab: Tabuu takes out his chain and expands it, stabbing anyone that comes in contact with wither the tip of his chain or the point of contact between the chain and his right hand.

Down Aerial:
Palm explosion. Essentially, the last, explosive hit of his Bullet Rain attack in the SSE. Slow, but massive power.

Down Throw:
Cage Attack: Turns into the golden bracket cage and slams his opponent into the ground.

Neutral Special:
Bullet Rain. Fires tiny pellets with his right arm. Faster, shorter and more punishing version of the same SSE attack.

Aerial Neutral Special:
The attack he uses to repel Ganondorf and Master Hand when he first shows up. Basically, a force field from his core knocks the opponent backward. Electric damage.

Side Special:
Boomerang Toss. Summons his large boomerang and flings it forward for average distance. Vulnerable and unable to move while it's out of his hand.

Aerial Side Special:
Flying Slash. Summons his sword and glides forward.

Down Special:
Eye Lasers. Based on the same attack in the SSE battle, except smaller sized.

Aerial Down Special:
Dragon Cannon. Takes out his large cannon and fires a beam out of it. Electric Type damage. Lots of start-up lag, but absurdly powerful.

Up Special:
Explosive Teleport: Tabuu teleports overhead, leaving an explosion that burns anyone that comes in contact with it.

Aerial Up Special:
Flight. Jumps up and then flies diagonally in the direction he's facing. When he flaps his wings a second time, the tips of his wings give an opponent electrical damage with some hitstun.

Final Smash:
Off Waves: Sends massive shockwaves from his winged form that kills opponents on contact.


Default, White, Blue, Green, Red, Orange or Yellow.

And now, thanks to hammerbros.98, Tabuu even has his own Subspace Clone. A dark gray Tabuu appears. Cheesy

TCRhade (me): Leader, model swap, animator, CSPs, BPs, Character Roll Call, stock icons, Trophies, music, stage and initial idea
Snoopy: Bone glitch fixes
Kangaroogreen: Bone fixes
GammaRidley: Also fixes.
Roo525: Animator
Eternal Yoshi: Recolors
diedhammer.98: Recolors, animated texture fix, PSA
dark sonic 19: He hexed the rel for the stage.

Other eye candy! :awesome: Orange and Yellow colors are at your discretion, you can choose 1 or the other. They replace the Black recolor:




Title Screen/SSE Ending:

Classic Mode:

Character Roll Call:

Replay icon:

Trophy pics:

Challenger Approaching screen:

WiFi Friend icon:

Classic Ending:

All-Star Ending:

Stage and BRSTMs:


Download (PSA Beta 1):

You know what to get to play as Tabuu. Wink

Enjoy, you guys. ^_^
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