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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / Sound databanks? on: May 14, 2011, 02:17:35 PM
Ok, i have seen several people talking about sound databanks, so i wanted to know if there is a list with these codes for other characters besides the already exported packs, (like the Sephiroth over rob, or Cloud over olimar).
Also, i wanted to know how did these Sound replacements work, does theses work like a normal sdfx replacement?
2  Help & Tutorials / Help / Icrease Stamina on: April 02, 2011, 09:58:38 PM
Is there a way to increase the stamina above 300 in a stamina match?
3  Help & Tutorials / Help / HELP WITH BATTLEFIELD on: March 30, 2011, 08:49:57 PM
I need help with battlefield.
Since i put some brstms and a CS it freezes when i try to change the music frequency at my music.
Not only that, y removed all the brstms that i had and no use. I even try to change the frequency using no Memory stick/gecko/Hard drive ANYTHING and still froze.
Also, i cant replace any stage now....
4  Help & Tutorials / Help / Replacing Voices on: February 27, 2011, 04:55:26 PM
Is there a way to replace character voices? Like putting mario voice on luigi, I saw something similar in the clone engine topic.
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / SSE code... on: January 31, 2011, 05:10:52 PM
Is there a code or something like that that allows to use only one character in the SSE? i mean, you select sonic and a life, then, sonic appears again until run out of lives.

Also, just wondering, why some PSA, vertex and stuff freeze in SSE, and some textures didn't even show while they work perfectly in normal fights?
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / .rel HELP on: December 31, 2010, 02:18:33 PM
well, i have no idea if this is the wrong place to ask for this, but since i cant make any more any .rel files or anything hack related, can someone make a .rel for battlefield over wario ware? i really need it.
7  Help & Tutorials / Help / Brstm player? on: December 12, 2010, 02:26:13 AM
is there a way to hear .brstms in the pc?
and if its possible, with what software?
8  Help & Tutorials / Help / Kirby hats on: December 07, 2010, 12:27:52 AM
its possible to rename a kirby hat to a normal texture and work?
EX: fitkirbysnake00 - fitkirby00
9  Help & Tutorials / Help / Mega Stupid Noob Help on: November 24, 2010, 01:08:31 PM
ok, i lost my old sd and i bought a new one and i forgot how to put everything bag again, so, i check the noob guide and did all as it says. but, i run it in gecko, it say sd codes found and bla,bla,bla but it doesnt load ANYTHING i put in the SD!!!! i had the same problem with my other sd but i forgot how to fix it, Any help?
10  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Wesker PSA over snake (need help) on: October 29, 2010, 07:19:05 PM
Well, seeing that there is an amazing texture of wesker (the bad ass guy from resident evil 5) i am triying to make a PSA for him
I am a complete noob for PSA and i am currently working in the animations.

Here are the ideas:
Basic attacks:
AAA - Same
FA - The first hit remains the same, but the second hit is remplaced with a heavy punch ( like captain´s falcon punch)
UA - Captain falcon´s Up A
DA - Ganondorf´s Spartan kick

NA - Captain Falcon NA
FA - Same
DA - SZ samus down aereal (but with an earthquake effect)
BA - Sheik or Ganon´s BA

NS - Magnum (wesker takes and shoots his magnum, this attack should be very slow to avoid spam but it must be strong)
FS - Ganondorf FS (but with his aereal effect)
DS - Something like ZS samus D smash
US - dont know......

(I havent think of the other moves)
I want his final smash to be like in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 game but i do not know how to do it....
Any help welcome (sorry for bad english, i was in a hurry)
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / Importing Models in 3ds on: October 29, 2010, 07:01:18 PM
Need help to import models from brawl box to 3ds max or a similar program. I have read the guides, i checked it out in google, i tried to convert the .mdl file, i have tried everithing and my hopes just keep diying.... Anyone can help me with this?
12  Help & Tutorials / Help / Problems replacing pictochat HELP! on: October 21, 2010, 08:58:01 PM
I am having problems replacing pictochat with ANY hack, (the wii freezes, even with the correct named .rel file corresponding with the hacked stage) also, i am having a problem with rainbow cruise, all downloads for it are useless, the .rel file works but not the hacked stage itself. I have tried this with MANY.
(BTW, i am a gecko user with the US version)
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