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Author Topic: Rigging Tricks (Attaching, Detaching, Importing) keeping rig.  (Read 2338 times)
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    « Reply #15 on: February 18, 2013, 11:57:21 AM »

    Yes there is, I have no time to actually do the picture tutorial now. But you are a smart guy, so here is the basics in text: 
    The process goes as follows:

    1.- Select the objects you want to Attach.
    2.- Clone the objects.
    3.- Isolate selection (just so you are left only with the objects you need)
    4.-Use the edit mesh "Attach" to attach all the objects (I'll call this object "whole")
    5.-Exit isolation
    6.-Add a Skin Wrap modifier to the "whole" object
    7.- Select [Add] on the skin wrap parameters, clic all the objects that make the "whole" object. They still should be there since you cloned  them before attaching.
    8.- Check the box that says Weight all points. Then clic, convert to skin.
    9.- Test it (Should work exactly as before)
    10.- If it worked, delete the skin wrap below the skin modifier and all the clones, leaving only the "whole" object.
    Ah, very clever. I wouldnt have thought to use the Skin Wrap for that.

    I'll try it out. Thanks!

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