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Author Topic: Fixing "Blocky" importing of OBJ files (In 3DS Max)  (Read 594 times)
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    « on: December 30, 2012, 10:17:44 PM »

    This is just something I learned from experimentation. But I may as well post it, so say I get me a snazzy new model to import into brawl ready. Say I ripped the model from a game, and when I imported it the thing looked all blocky and triangular.

    There is a way to solve this issue

    First let's do this.

    1: Make a new scene, I'm sure you know where the button is.

    2: Now Import your Model, like you did before.

    3: This time however, let's look at the options and uncheck the very obvious option.

    4: Wait for the model to fully load, and there you go.

    Take note that the parts that were triangular in the original import are now smooth (or at least they should be) and rounded, the ones that are supposed to be as such anyway. Don't know if this's helping anyone but meh... thought I'd post it as a little tip.

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