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Author Topic: (Possible Idea?) Saber for Project M.  (Read 6400 times)
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« on: February 11, 2014, 06:05:54 PM »

Hello Kitties

I enjoy Project M but i miss some awesome character hacks i had before PM

Below is the Saber hack i had, the Base is built from Link and ported to DK from what I've gathered


Okay so now for the idea part.
I've tested the psa alittle. I kept the PM Link .rel and changed the name of the Saber hack to FitLink instead of FitDonkey and tested it over Link and didnt see any big problems. However one bug that stood out was using Up-B made this pretty cool sound i think lol but thats about it oh and that the sword trail doesnt always show.

I'd like to keep DK and Link if possible and still and the base character. i saw a hack for Sword Ganon with a switchable moveset while still keeping the PM physics and base Ganon moveset (Awesome btw, thanks to JesucristoCROW and Ashingda). I was thinking that Link could use a taunt and change to the Saber's Psa. Basically the same as the Sword Ganon

Sense the moveset as of right now works with PM i thought the only things that needed work on was the change the PM's physics and the link between both movesets or the combination of both.
I sadly don't have the know how to do this tho so I'm asking for help if anyone wants to do try it ^.^

Also i asked and got permission from TheBlueBlur for this little project

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