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Author Topic: How to Render Textures in BrawlBox for Portraits  (Read 3722 times)
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    « on: May 31, 2015, 09:27:47 AM »

    Some of you may be wondering how to properly render your models in BrawlBox for Portraits, because they most likely will look really weird. This is because of textures that give shines to the models. Do the following to properly render the models:

    Open the model previewer by right-clicking the MDL0 and selecting "Preview". On the left panel, you can deselect textures and/or polygons to make those textures(And the models attached) and/or polygons not visible. Experiment with different polygons and textures; mostly, you want to look for disabling textures like Ref or EyeYellow or other textures like that. And if disabling the textures does NOT make the model's eyes look like they should, you should export textures and import them as RGB textures(For rendering) over the ones that're visible in the preview.(e.g. exporting the EyeIris texture and importing it as RGB over EyeYellow)

    Another tip - If you're curious what those ball things in the center of characters like Samus or Sonic, or why characters like Bowser look weird, that's because BrawlBox is displaying both the regular character and what the character looks like when he's rolling(dodging). So this means that you can render either the character normally or the character when he's dodging or something.(i.e. You could render Sonic's ball form and edit the portrait in GIMP to have like a dash-effect) You could also workaround this by using a newer BrawlBox and vertexing the polygon that is the dodging form(By enabling only that polygon and disabling else, and then re-enabling it after vertexing it) to the desired position, to display both without them being inside of each other. This tactic is useful if you want to display in the portrait what the character looks like in both forms.(Like for example, if you imported spikes onto Sonic and wanted to show what both him and his morph ball look like)

    My final tip - Some characters, like Toon Link(I'll use him as an example) display only one of a series of textures in the model previewer.(Toon Link's mouth) To display whatever texture you want to display for your render, all you gotta do is export the texture you want to display(Let's say you want to show Toon Link's sad mouth, so export that texture) and then import that texture onto the one that's displayed in BrawlBox.(Import that texture onto FitToonLink_mouth.0)

    And there you have the perfect render for your portrait. Grin
    *Ok, so it's not perfect, per say, as it doesn't have reflections or anything, but you get the idea! Wink *

    P.S. If you're not seeing the model when you preview the MDL0, just use the scroller on your mouse to zoom out and you'll see it. If you don't have a scroller on your mouse, there's some other way of scrolling, but I dunno how.

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