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Author Topic: [Tutorial] Installing skins and running the skin mods ingame  (Read 15606 times)
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« on: September 19, 2016, 10:41:43 PM »

Need to know how to install the mods and running them ingame? This should help out!
1. Wii U
2. Internet
3. Gamepad
4. Sm4shExplorer and a Dump


If something turns green in sm4shexplorer, it means it has been changed. You can right click on the folder and hit remove mod files if you make a mistake. (It will remove all modded files inside of the folder.) You can remove indivual files as well.

First off, from my previous tutorial (if you havent seen it go check it out):
You should have Sm4shExplorer ready. You'll see the data folder inside of sm4shexplorer.

Hit the plus to the side of it.

Do the same for the fighter folder inside of it, and you should come across many fighters.

Some of these fighters have different names (if you modded brawl you probably already know that.)
For example,
Murabito = Villager
Rosetta = Rosalina and Luma
Gekkouga = Greninja

Let's say i'm installing a kirby skin.

I'd enter the model folder where all the models for kirby are used and seen. This goes with every character in the game.

You'd then goto model > body >
The body folder is the main player model, while the others are self-explanatory by the names.

You will see 8 different folders. If you see l00, l01, and etc, those are used for 8 player smash (lower-poly) for some characters. There is a quick fix I will explain in a second.

c00 = Alt #1/Normal Costume
c01 = Alt #2
c02 = Alt #3
c03 = Alt #4
c04 = Alt #5

And onwards and onwards. You can also add over 200+ alternate costumes without replacing the normal ones!
I will go over that in a seperate tutorial, later.
As for now, to install a skin in the body folder (some skins include other objects in the model folder because of obvious reasons,)
Find a skin and download it, from gamebanana.com, or from here, whenever the sm4sh section is added.
It should include all the necessary files. Search for a folder named cXX or one of the costumes in body, or the name
of the fighter the skin belongs to inside of the download. Once you find that, rename the costume folder to the slot you want and then drag the cXX/c00/c01/whatever folder over the body folder.

I repeat, drag the folder over the BODY folder, so it can override the folder, and not drag it over the actual costume folder.  not impressed This goes with all mods, you have to drag the files over the folder it belongs to.

If you see any l00, or l01, and etc, just copy your normal costume folder and put a "l" at the start of it, NOT in caps (like L.) Drag it over the body folder like so. If the mod download already includes this stuff, then you are good.

You have just replaced one of the costumes. Bravo! If you wanna do extra slots now, here is a tutorial that is not mine and is by SonicBrawler.



Now, you may be wondering: How do you get the CSP's in there? If you don't know what a CSP or a RSP is, they are the elements used on the CSS screen when you select a alternate color.

Usually in the download, they should have a UI folder that contains all the UI elements. The CSP's are located in data > ui > replace > chr >
If it is a DLC character you are doing UI for, it goes in data > ui > replace > append > chr.

Textures are .NUT files in smash 4.

Once you find the UI, you should rename the files. You want to rename all the UI files to match one of these depending on what slot you put it on:

c00 = fightersname_01
c01 = fightersname_02
c02 = fightersname_03
c03 = fightersname_04
and etc and etc

I am using c03 for this kirby slot, so I would put 04 at the end of all the UI files. In result it would be like this:


Here is a list of what these mean:

CSP = Character Selection Portrait (chr_13)
RSP = Results Portrait/8 Player Smash Portrait (chr_11)
Stock Icon = Icons below the battle portrait. (stock_90)
BP = Battle Portrait (chr_00)

Most mods have these. If they dont have all of them, it's okay. It won't mess up anything.
Once the files are renamed. please drag each file over the correct spot (for example, chr_13_Kirby_04.nut would go over data > ui > replace > chr > chr_13

Once you are done with that, put in your SD card in your computer.

Hit build the mod, and wait for a message to popup saying "Would you like to send to SD card?"
Say yes, and wait a bit, until at the bottom left of the sm4shexplorer window says Operation completed
Take out your SD card, and then launch up your Wii U.

Go onto the internet browser on the Wii U and enter the link loadiine.ovh
If you see a box reading Homebrew Launcher, tap it and select SDCaffine + Kernel  from the list and hit the submit button (as mentioned in my previous tutorial for setting up the mods.)
Wait until your gamepad kicks you back to the wii u menu, and go back to the internet browser, and goto loadiine.ovh. Wait until a coffee mug shows up on your gamepad and hit A. Now load smash and make sure the SD card is in with the mods on it.

If you have any issues or need help, just ask me!  Wink
Please tell me if something doesn't work in this tutorial.

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