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Author Topic: Bass.EXE over Falco.  (Read 4741 times)
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« on: March 29, 2017, 03:14:57 AM »

Bass one of the strongest and most vicious NetNavis ever his power is greatest when He's faced with a worthy opponent. There for he only fights with his true power after taking a reasonable amount of damage. normal 0-130% he stays at his lowest level of power. http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Bass.EXE?file=Bassexe.jpg#Abilities once his dmg%

when his dmg ranges from 131-999% his cape will mostly be shredded and his hands will radiate dark energy and his eyes glow red. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/megaman/images/5/5f/Bass4.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100626130924 In this state Bass's attack power and the range of his attacks become much more powerful. His specials will change too.

He is a high risk high reward character. while his power raises dramatically his chances of getting k.o'd increase. once he's k.o'd he returns to his original state.

Statistics: Described using pre existing characters.
Attack Power: C.Falcon-Ganondorf Depending on his current state.
Attack Speed: C.Falcon
Movement Speed: Marth
Height: Falco
Weight: Wario

-Basics- Bass's attack range goes up by 1/2 during his dark form.

A Moves

AAA- Buster Rake- Bass uses both of his busters to fire at his opponents. mid ranged.

Side A- Air Burst- Bass fires a green speedy energy shot at his opponent.

Down A -Tank Cannon- Bass fires a energy blast that moves down until it hits the ground about 5 feet ahead.

Up A -Wide slash- Bass swings a purple wide sword above his head.

Side Smash-Dark Arm Blade- Bass will appear a few feet ahead and swing his arm in a horizontal slash. It deals 18% dmg and has a 3.ft range when nrm and 28% dmg and 5.ft range in dark form.

Down Smash-Delete Tower- Bass throws a pair of bombs to the ground that erupt into huge energy pillars on both sides of him. It deals 20% dmg nrm and 30% in dark form.

Up Smash-Homing Spark- Bass fires a slow-moving spark that homes in on his opponent for about 6 feet. deals 17% dmg nrm, 27% dark form. Nair- Bass swings his hands ahead of himself while they glow yellow nrm and in purple dark form.

Fair- Bass brings his hands down like a hammer while his hands glow yellow when normal, purple in dark form.
Bair- Bass does a backwards kick while his foot glows yellow when normal, purple in dark form.
Uair- Bass does a slight uppercut while his hand glow yellow when normal, purple in dark form.
Dair- Bass does a diving kick while his feet glow yellow when normal, purple in dark form.

Dash Attack- Bass dashes forward and does a roundhouse kick. his foot glows yellow nrm, purple drk
Get Up Attack- Bass jumps up hitting nearby opponents with his hands and feet they glow yellow nrm, purple drk.
Ledge Attack- Bass jumps up firing his buster randomly ahead oh himself.
Ledge Attack over 130%- Bass jumps up in a explosive blast of energy it's purple.

B moves: some change or upgrade depending on Bass's Current form The average boost in power and knockback in Dark Form is +10% and +1/2 (knockback).

B-Gospel Breath- Bass charges up before unleashing a beam attack from a cannon shaped like Gospel's head ( http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4725444493904292&pid=15.1 )It takes 2.5 seconds to charge mid range and it deals 24% dmg.

Side B- Gospel Claw- Two of Gospel's claws will attack opponents ahead. Mid ranged and deals 11% dmg. (22% total)

Down B- Earth Breaker- Bass hits his opponent by gathering tremendous large amounts of power then slamming his hand to the ground. Close ranged it deals 28% dmg and breaks shield.

Up B-Sonic Dash Bass moves so fast he temporarily turns invisible. He can aim it and control the angle like Lucario's Up B.

Dark Form

B-Dark Arm Blade- Bass will teleport next to a opponent within 6 feet ahead of him and swing his arm in a wide sword/long sword motion. it is depicted as if Bass is clenching his fists with darkness shooting out from the top of his hands. It deals 32% dmg.

Side B-Hell's Rolling- Bass summons 2 rings/wheels simultaneously, which will converge at the opponent. deals 16% dmg each.

Down B -Black Earth Breaker- Similar to Earth Breaker but has its range improved by 1/4 and deals 38% dmg.

Up B Same but with improved range.

Normal FS.
Vanishing World-Bass morphs his hand into a huge Gospel Cannon and then fires a very destructive white laser which between the Zero laser's and Aura Storm's sizes and works similar. deals heavy knockback and 56% dmg.

Dark form.

Chaos Nightmare-Bass will float up, then create a very devastating sphere of darkness in the air. He then targets the nearest opponent's current location before hurling it down on his opponent. deals 66% dmg.


Up Taunt- Bass shouts "you are nothing..."
Side Taunt- Bass says "Little boy... How did you get in here...?"
Down Taunt- Bass Holds up his fist which radiates aura (the color depends on his form)

Entrance- A portal of darkness appears on the ground then Bass floats out of it.

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