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Author Topic: Posting Guidelines (Texture Topics and the Gallery)  (Read 71407 times)
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    « on: June 19, 2009, 09:12:34 PM »

    A few guidelines for making an easily navigable texture topic.

    Topic Format
    (This is a guideline --- you are free to use different setups, but please try to make it easy to use)

    Say when you last updated! Also, adding in the name of your newest texture doesn't hurt.

              Random Texture Topic #1337 (Updated: Jan. 1 : Sealab 2021!)


    List your most recent! Latest seven or so is ideal.

              Jan 1: Cows
              Jan 2: Fish
              Jan 3: Porn o.O
              Jan 4: Lumberjack Falcon


    Use large names! --- Set them apart from the rest of your text!

    Use thumbnails! I can't stress this enough...

    ---ImageShack: View your image's page (image details link), click the "Thumb" tab, and copy the "Forum" code! Paste into your post!

    ---Photobucket: "Link Options" underneath the first image in a gallery allows you to show different formatting code under pictures. Select IMG code! Now you should have IMG code under each pic! Copy and paste this right into the forum! Alternatively, you can check the box beside every image you want to use then scroll down to "Generate IMG and HTML code" at the bottom to generate multiple image codes at once!

    Post download links near your images! Linking to a separate page is a hassle for your fans --- especially if you haven't named your files well!

    Cookie Yoshi
    (Texture by Papersak)

    CSP, PAC, and PCS Download

    And... the sample code for above.

    [size=5][b]Cookie Yoshi[/b][/size]
    (Texture by [url=http://papersak.deviantart.com/]Papersak[/url])


    [url=http://www.filefactory.com/file/aggg028/n/Cookie_Yoshi_zip][b]CSP, PAC, and PCS Download[/b][/url]

    IF USING MEGAUPLOAD --- PLEASE ZIP YOUR FILES AND GIVE THEM UNIQUE NAMES! Same name files appear to have a tendency to replace / "steal" the links of other user's textures!

    See how good formatting can improve navigation of HUGE topics.
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