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Author Topic: Issue with Altering Models using BrawlBox  (Read 1216 times)
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« on: April 17, 2019, 10:28:32 AM »

Hi, there
I'm very new to modding brawl (project M) using brawlbox. I have recently been modding the size of bones using brawlbox. My method for this is opening the character's .pac or .pcs file in BrawlBox, expanding the character's main .mdl0 file, expanding the bones folder, finding the bone I want to grow or shrink, changing it's scale accordingly, and then renaming the bone (usually just adding a single letter.) I don't know if this is a common method or not.
On to my question. I have applied this method to a few characters, and only had problems with Ganondorf's cape. When I apply it to his cape, although the scaling appears properly in brawlbox, it does not apply correctly in game. Major edits in scale cause the cape to pin itself to the center of the stage, and even minor edits cause weird motion. Does anyone know why this happens, and if there is a solution or a better method to edit ganondorf's cape?

Thank in advance.

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