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24 June 7th, 2019

GingerPale by shock44
[Character - Import - Lucas]

GingerPale the wacky and legendary YouTube Animator joins the Brawl!

93 June 7th, 2019

TheOdd1sOut by shock44
[Character - Import - Mario]

TheOdd1sOut or James the famous YouTube Animator finally joins the Brawl!

259 September 19th, 2017

Shadow Mario (More Alts) by Ebola16, GentlemanPotato, shock44, dark sonic 19, Convour, AwesomeToad, ShadowLuigi~NG~, Lone Devil, Spex130, Mattimation, Codex-9, Naciti, MoeNDerrty, _____Alex_____, Ryztiq, mingo24, Muggy, MrTacos4321__T with credit to Boygos, BabyLuigiOnFire, Carnage, StarWaffle, AlGeorgeRomo and Beyond
[Character - Texture, Import - Mario]

557 May 30th, 2015

klonoa door to phantomile brigthnes by BRAWL PLAYER, shock44
[Character - Vertex, Import - Lucas]


This my new uPdate of the model of klonoa wii series
pitifully I could not perfectly the other models (and this is not perfectly but is playable)....Now im goin
make a pots for the users wishing help me


the changes are

1)Brighter klonoa
2)Perfect metal
3)Perfect moo ( included over pitffall)


here the images link



407 December 16th, 2013

Blossom PPG by shock44, Captain Ele
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ness]

Oh yea! Power Puff Girls! This was a request by JellyfishJosh. It is a model Blossom from Power Puff Girls. It was ripped from the Cartoon Network Fighting game for Wii. Jellyfishjosh also made the awesome texture. Enjoy!

471 April 15th, 2013

Raichu Voice by shock44, ferretsshadow with credit to Whoever did the voice
[SFX - Pikachu]

Here is a file to have Pikachu's voice changed to Raichu's. Ferretsshadow requested this several months ago and it took me awhile to get it to work right. He gave me the sound files he wanted me to use and I did my best to match them to the Pikachu ones. Until a person sends me a message telling me that they did this voice I'll just have the box say: Whoever did the voice. I hope you enjoy this! I must say that the voice actor does a superb job sounding like Raichu!
(Source: Raichu from Pokemon)
142 January 10th, 2013

Pajama Sam v0.1 by shock44, Mattimation
[Character - Import - Toon Link]

One of the many characters that people would never expect to join the brawl! Pajama Sam from his game Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside. Created by Humongous Entertainment.

Most of the model was made by Blase005 but I fixed the hair and rigged it to the character.

This hack contains Pajama Sam with and without his mask. Also has a version with a happy face, in case you guys don't like his default mouth. He also is carrying his lunchbox and flashlight as a shield and sword. I hope you all enjoy this!

269 March 27th, 2013

Razputin v0.1 by shock44
[Character - Import - Ness]

One of the best video game characters that many people don't even know much about. Razputin or Raz from Psychonauts.

Download contains Normal Raz and Painting styled Raz from Eddie's mind. Also, Raz uses Bacon as the bat and the PSI Core as the Yoyo. I hope you all enjoy!

123 January 10th, 2013

Stinkoman v0.1 by shock44
[Character - Import - Luigi]

Stinkoman, Strong Bad's anime/Japanese cartoon doppelganger. He is from the popular website http://www.homestarrunner.com

There are a few problems with the legs. I'll fix it in the next version. I hope you all enjoy! 20X6!

424 July 18th, 2013

Strong Bad v0.1 by shock44
[Character - Import - Wario (Ware)]

Oh yeah! It's Strong Bad from Homestar Runner! http://www.homestarrunner.com that is.

The legs are messed up. I'm sorry. I'll fix that in a later version.

298 January 10th, 2013

Marty Mcfly v0.1 by shock44
[Character - Import - Captain Falcon]

This is Heavy Doc! From one of the best Blockbuster movies it is Marty Mcfly! From Back to the Future of course!

I'm sorry that the rig isn't as good as it could be. The model was hard to work with. I'll fix it in the next version! Also, the blue falcon will be replaced with the Delorean!

172 January 10th, 2013

Doc Brown v0.1 by shock44
[Character - Import - Captain Falcon]

Great Scott, Marty! It's Doctor Emmet Brown from Back to the Future!

I'm sorry that the rig isn't the best that it could have been. The model was hard to work with. The next version will be better!

203 January 10th, 2013

Homestar Runner v0.1 by shock44
[Character - Import - Mario]

Homestar Runner from the internet cartoon named after him. Everybody! Everybody! http://www.homestarrunner.com

I'm sorry the model and rig are a little bad. It will be fixed in a later version. Enjoy!

103 January 10th, 2013

Shock v0.1 by shock44, Mattimation
[Character - Import - Captain Falcon]

It's everyone's favorite Brawl Hack Reviewer! Shock! Autumn Shock Peppers to be exact! My character thought up and designed by me and Mardic.

Blase005 helped rig and fix up parts of the model. I tweaked a few parts of the model. The model was mainly made by Monkey and the head was remade by K-Canon. Thank you all for your help!

This contains a custom sound effects file to insert with the sawndz program. Also contains a PSA file that just changes the falcon punch to an electric punch! I hope you all enjoy!

638 November 1st, 2012

SA2 Highpoly Shadow UPDATED by Mattimation, shock44
[Character - Texture, Import, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Sonic]

An update on Shock44's SA2 Highpoly Shadow. This one fixes the textures to look better and updates the metal to look better.

This is the 2nd hack for "The SA2 Speed Demons" Pack.

Shares the same download link as SA2 Sonic (dropbox link to both files)

I hope you enjoy the hacks!

2312 January 25th, 2014

Egg Carrier - Sky Chase Act 2 - V.1 by Mattimation, shock44
[Stage - Texture, Import - Green Hill Zone]

"Behold my floating masterpiece! The Egg Carrier!"

A stage that no one has tried doing before! Now you can fight eachother on the Egg Carrier like you did back in Sonic Adventure!

The model is the Sky Chase model so it's not as detailed as the HUB world model but it's the only one available at the moment.


Blase005: Importing the model into Brawl.

Shock44: Testing and being a good help.

Sonic Team: Making the awesome Egg Carrier.

Hope you like it! Enjoy!


Pokémon Trainer begins in T-pose (MINOR). Nothing I can fix.

PS: If you find any errors then don't report. Send it to either me or Shock.

296 August 11th, 2014

Shadow SA2 Recolors by Infernape, shock44
[Character - Import - Sonic]

Hello fellow hackers! I'm here with Shadow Recolors of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle!
Feedback is always appreciated!
Hope you enjoy!

844 December 6th, 2011

Edward Elric by shock44 with credit to bluedyeno4, LookItsLink, OizenX, dingoberriz
[Character - Import - Marth]

Credit to bluedyeno4 for the gmod model and LookItsLink, OizenX, dingoberriz for the Spear from the old Marth vertex.

It is the FullMetal Alchemist, Edward Elric! I'm sorry that the rig isn't perfect but it is the best I can do for now. I may revamp this at a later date where I make better textures, a better rig, and give him an armblade version. If anyone wants to try and fix up the rigging be my guest. I even made recolors just because it was an easy task. I hope you all enjoy this!

608 November 14th, 2011

Shadow SA2 High Poly by shock44 with credit to masterROBO-MANe and Camonster
[Character - Import - Sonic]

The DOWNLOAD LINK Works Now! Sorry about that.

Once I saw the Shadow import of the Shadow Sonic '06 model I worked really hard to finish my own Shadow import. I made this model for Gmod at first and planned on using it sometime later but when I saw the Shadow import I decided to finally use it. This model is the Mario and Sonic Olymbic Games model of Shadow drastically modified to look like the Sonic Adventure 2 model. I even used the same textures for the fur and the eyes. I hope you all like it! If anyone knows how to get Sonic's ball to work on Shadow to where it only appears when I needs to for certain animations please tell me! Thanks. Also the metal box does work on this! This can also be used on Donkey Kong, the files for that are included. Credit goes to masterROBO-MANe for putting the model in Garry's Mod. Credit goes also to Camonster for helping me figure out how to get the ball to appear for when an animation uses the ball polygon.

2528 July 20th, 2013

Mickey by dark sonic 19, shock44
[Character - Texture, Import - Mario]

Mickey from epic micky

700 August 31st, 2011

Knuckles Capt. Falcon fixed hit boxes by shock44 with credit to Thewill, Blaze1216j ,law_law,Chagg001,DARKSHADEDX,Oni Kage & Camonsters
[Character - Import, Moveset (PSA) - Captain Falcon]

I really like this hack of Knuckles. But it needs some more work and I'm not that great at fixing characters but I was able to fix the neutral b punch and the forward punch. I hope this helps people who didn't like the hack for those problems. I might fix the final smash if I can figure that out too. If I do I'll update this fix.

5356 July 18th, 2017

Klonoa v1.0 by StarWaffle, shock44, SmashHackers, frostymm with credit to everyone else that helped us so much
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Kirby Hat, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Lucas]

Klonoa for Brawl!

Suuuuuper early model /animation /moveset. Kinda neat. Try it out.

1408 December 28th, 2010

Klonoa Beta by shock44 with credit to Many others in Description
[Character - Import, Moveset (PSA) - Lucas]

Here it is everybody!

I will release sound effects and CSPs and menu pics later.
Be sure to watch the video by clicking on the third picture!

Thank you to: StarWaffle, FrostyMM, HidanOmega, K-Canon, Snoopy, Emeril, Ronaldmcdonald,
PsychoJolteon, 14fanofanime, and Sumire Omelette.

61 August 18th, 2010

Nikki the Hedgheog by shock44 with credit to TailsLuver194
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Sonic]

Nikki the Hedgehog is the alter ego of Sonic the Hedgehog in this japanese manga:


My friend TailsLuver194 and me wanted to see how well we could get Sonic looking like Nikki and I think we pulled it off the best we could. Super sonic doesn't have the glasses and we're thinking of having Nikki maybe transform into Sonic since that's kind of how it is in the manga. The glasses are taken from Jeff's assist trophy model and are an external graphic so Sonic will have glasses on all his textures. But if you want to you can delete the FitSonic.pac file and just have the texture/vertex hack without glasses. We'll probably make some alternate colors for Nikki tomorrow. For this to work you need to rename the files and take out the _Nikki part and put it in the sonic folder in the fighter folder. This took all day for us, so I hope you people enjoy.

It probably won't desync people online. But ya never know sometimes.

167 August 19th, 2010

Sonic glasses pack by shock44 with credit to TailsLuver194
[Character - Texture, Import - Sonic]

Here's Sonic with glasses, sunglasses, and tinted glasses!
Enjoy! I'm crediting TailsLuver194 for giving me the idea.

The glasses are taken from Jeff's assist trophy model. The reason there are weird vertices sticking out is because I couldn't get rid of Jeff's bowtie. It's not that noticable so I don't think it matters.

May or may not desync online. Probably won't.

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