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486 February 21st, 2012

Ilex Forest Shrine by Ch33bDragonite
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Wi-fi Room]

I made this stage around summer 2010 and this has been in my desktop for so long that I've decided to upload it. The idea I originally had was to have a forest shrine that the Lati@s owned from the Pokémon Heroes movie; however, it looked to me that it came out looking like Ilex Shrine so here it was. However, this stage wasn't nearly completed at that time because Celebi wasn't present anywhere in this stage and I've tried multiple times before to input and move him around the stage, but it just wouldn't work. However, the stage textures and model imports are done; this stage goes mainly for the Wi-Fi Waiting Room. Also, ignore that this desynchs wi-fi because it does anyway; it's not like everyone has the same Wi-Fi Waiting Room model-texture.

1945 February 17th, 2012

[Full Revamp] Virtual Space by Ch33bDragonite
[Stage - Texture - Halberd]

Note: Old version deleted.

I decided to revamp one of my stages because I disliked the bad quality at it especially at the sky background, and here lies Virtual Space. It looks more virtually tech now, and in my opinion it looks a lot better, and I also removed the clouds now since it was kind of a bothersome.

2 of the textures came from Tabuu's Destination obviously.

342 February 17th, 2012

Swellow & Staraptor Pack by Ch33bDragonite
[Character - Texture - Falco]

This was a request and I decided to make two Falco textures: Swellow and Staraptor skins.

This pack includes CSPs, HUD Portraits, other images, and of course the .pcs/.pac files of the textures.

880 February 18th, 2012

[2/17/12 : UPDATED] Latias's & Latios's Shrine by Ch33bDragonite
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Final Destination]

[Version 5.0: 2/18/12]
• Does not desynch in Wi-Fi, again
• Shortened the grass and flower textures on front of the stage so you can see the items on the ground better
• Renewed and added additional textures
• Added a diamond shaped grid that expands and minimizes behind the windmill
• More colourful to represent the Eon Pokémon

[Version 4.0: 10/01/10]
• Does not desynch in Wi-Fi
• Textures are now renewed and made naturally better 2D models such as the vines in the water; however textures in general are at bad quality due to indexation for lower file size, and they are less sharper
• The stage takes place in the afternoon since Skyworld's Scene Data makes it orange; and the scene is now generally cloudy
• The skies on the bottom of the stage features trees that are covered by the abundance of clouds
• Removed the temple grounds on the left part of the stage; it replaces it with a cruise that animates in an up and down motion
• Added a floating cloudy mansion on the right of the stage
• The light that surrounds the Soul Dew animates in a circular motion
• Added pillars to represent the stage as a shrine; and also a dead tree on the left part with two reefs on it
• The crystal under stage animation is fixed

[Minor Problems]
• One original model is stuck above the stage itself from the temple grounds removal and will be blocked by a certain model next version

[Version 3.0: 9/11/10]
• Tested it in Wi-Fi again and it does not desynch
• Slightly darker stage; improved lighting & shading
• Unsharpened and renewed textures; less jagged textures
• Animations ARE ALL FIXED; the swing does not make a blink anymore
• Replaced the heart with a Soul Dew; not animated anymore
• Added a broken Eldin bridge on parts of the sky grounds
• Added nature throughout the texture, while some of them are animated in a shaky mood

[Version 2.0: 8/26/10]
• Tested it and does not desynch
• The animated windmill on the back of the stage is added so it could act like it's holding the stage; however it does not move the stage
• There's also a heart container that also animates which represents Latias & Latios. It will most likely be a Soul Dew next update if I could find some model that is round and is by itself
• There's a random lantern hanging in front of the shrine for light
• The swing from New Pork is next to the shrine and it is animated
• Textures are updated and sharpened, and the stage's generally a bit darker

[Known Problems]
There's some animation problems with part of the last frame on the windmill and the last frame on the swing.

[Version 1.0: 8/14/10]
My first stage model hack and I like it for my very first try! I will edit this some other time to add more models into it, and edit the textures because they're seemingly dull and we've already seen Skyworld's textures.

This was originally a request and it was pretty easy for my first try, except renaming the texture names, which is tedious. I also tested this in Wi-Fi and it does not desynch. There are two versions of this texture, one with the Lati@s statue and one without it.

This was originally going to be Altomare, but seeing it looked like a shrine of some sort, I named it Latias's and Latios's shrine. I could make Altomare some day if I try to import one of Delfino's moving background, but it might be difficult for me, but I'll try.

Basically I edited the Skyworld background textures a little bit and sharpened it to make it clearer, and a bit darker. Nonetheless, it's plainly done, but it'll be edited again soon.

228 November 15th, 2016

[Full Revamp] Devil Kirby by Ch33bDragonite with credit to 4Kids
[Character - Texture - Kirby]

Note: Old version deleted.

• Credits to RobzdaBlade for the Grand Stadium texture •

This was a major edit from the last one created because I made it Brawl-styled rather than anime style. I also hated the colours from the last version; this one looks much better because of improved lighting and shading.

161 February 17th, 2012

[Revamp] D00d Kirby by Ch33bDragonite with credit to Bora (Shoe Idea)
[Character - Texture - Kirby]

Note: Old version deleted.

This one isn't a complete revamp, because I just edited the glasses' bad quality and improved it some more. I also edited his brand new side-burns and he's much cleaner and darker than the last one, so it's not much of a difference. Also, he can change his nearer hue on certain stages due to the stages' lighting.

89 February 17th, 2012

[Full Revamp] Bloody Sword Knight by Ch33bDragonite with credit to LookItsLink
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Marth]

Note: Old version deleted.

• Credits to LordNOaH for the Snowy Eldin texture •

Just after I released a recent and rushed plain texture I made, I decided to give another try and added more appropriate details. Note that it shows heavily jagged textures on a bigger T.V screen due to the Wii's native 480p resolution from its small spaced texture. He's supposed to wear covered armour, but I didn't want the cape nor the outer armours because it looked out of place.

151 February 17th, 2012

[Full Revamp] Prom Dressed Peach by Ch33bDragonite with credit to Lensho (Vertex)
[Character - Texture - Peach]

Note: Old version deleted.

• Credits to Equinox for the Foursideville texture •

This one doesn't even look like a prom dress to me, but I still want it to be considered a revamp since it was an edited version of the older one and that I didn't want another new texture. One part that looks familiar is her top outfit and the dress appears to be Hawaiian-Indian cultured.

837 February 17th, 2012

[Full Revamp] Dark Meta Knight by Ch33bDragonite with credit to HAL Laboratory
[Character - Texture - Meta Knight]

Note: Old version deleted.

• Credits to flamegoop for the background •

A revamp of Dark Meta Knight from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror!

Not too much of a difference, but he pretty much has blood everywhere on him. His skin colour is now dark gray as well as his mask being very unsaturated dark blue and a strip-looking thing up the cape. Speaking of his cape, I also added some ripped cape details there with the red part of it, since you can't make it transparent. He's also graphic-wise enhanced as well.

75 February 17th, 2012

[Full Revamp] Hula Dressed Peach by Ch33bDragonite with credit to Lensho (Vertex)
[Character - Texture - Peach]

Note: Old version deleted.

• Credits to BlazingKatakiri for the Paper Mario Battle Scene texture •

She appears to be older than the last texture, although it looks somewhat awkward. Nothing really surprising besides that she's wearing a hula dress and stuff.

Also, I decided to use Lensho's older kind of shoulder vertex hack because the newer one stretches a lot on the body and stops on the midpoint where the belly button's gone. I'd say it only works on textures with less details.

92 February 17th, 2012

[Full Revamp] Possessed Toon Link by Ch33bDragonite with credit to Game Freak
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

Note: Old version deleted.

• Credits to DenBo for the Gold/Black Stadium texture •

I personally like this this one than the older version because of his main outfit. This one has a variety of colours now instead of the usual one dull colour, but Toon Link's colour base is still unsaturated light purple. He has one eye that comes from the Generation I Literal Ghost, the other eye that's from the Generation III Literal Ghost from PkMn FR/LG, and a mouth ripped from Haunter. Once again, I also enhanced graphics for him so he can look shiny.

111 February 17th, 2012

[Full Revamp] 1600s Dressed Peach by Ch33bDragonite
[Character - Texture - Peach]

Note: Old version deleted.

• Credits to KaiserYoshi for the Stone Tower Temple texture •

This was a remake of the other crappy Peach texture I had and this time, it's a complete makeover. I also enhanced the texture lighting and shading on this texture hack, pretty much like my 1700s version.

She's one of my detailed textured characters so far, and I think it's one of my best. Overall her dress and outfit are historical-like and the layout is similar to the original, and her base colour is red-orange. Her face and her hair are also noticeably highlighted and shaded on certain stages, and due to the shading on her nose, her nose looks a bit fatter like Daisy's current game art.

552 February 17th, 2012

Blizzard Bowser by Ch33bDragonite
[Character - Texture - Bowser]

• Credits to KaiserYoshi for the Stone Tower Temple texture •

This was originally a request, so I did not intend to make this from boredom.

It's basically Bowser with snowy-like colours with frozen-scaly skin. Simple texture is simple.

284 February 17th, 2012

Hakan Bowser by Ch33bDragonite with credit to Capcom
[Character - Texture - Bowser]

• Credits to the DasDonkey Team (Akari_Un) for the Other World texture •

Like the Blizzard Bowser texture, this was also a request.

It's basically Bowser with Hakan's physical characteristics from Street Fighter IV. And yes, the belly-body texture on Bowser came from Captain Falcon's.

297 February 17th, 2012

1700s Dressed Peach by Ch33bDragonite
[Character - Texture - Peach]

• Credits to KaiserYoshi for the Stone Tower Temple hack and Calamitas for the Blackout Stadium •

After fooling around with changing the value and contrast of the textures, I realized the textures looked like they were graphically improved, mostly with the lighting and shading, where the hair and the dress are noticeably light and dark together. I was originally thinking of a historical dress for her and that's how this was created.

2901 February 17th, 2012

Super Mario Galaxy-Based Lylat Cruise by Ch33bDragonite
[Stage - Texture - Lylat Cruise]

Well there's only one or two Lylat Cruise textures here, so why not make another new one?

All I did here was a recolour and overlayed some more details here, so yeah. I based it off, once again, the texture from Super Mario Galaxy, so you'll be seeing off some Mario-based images on the background.

The sky and earth part when Lylat flies over above it remains unchanged because I didn't like the merged background and clashing. Only the sky is changed by making it red.

This stage was pretty tough and annoying to texturize. The background is unfamiliar unlike Final Destination, because the background is merged and stretched into one instead of repeating the background.

931 February 17th, 2012

Freezing Norfair by Ch33bDragonite
[Stage - Texture - Norfair]

A Norfair texture that's blue, great. I made this one weeks ago and thought it was crappy, but I decided to release it since most of the Norfair textures are kinda dark.

Unfortunately we know that Norfair's scene data can only read warm colours, except the lava that comes towards the screen can be blue, depicted at the third picture. If you recolour the magma's colour to something that's a cool colour, the texture will look awful; it will look something muddy.

414 February 17th, 2012

Lati@s Costume by Ch33bDragonite with credit to RandomTBush (Separate Face Patch)
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Ice Climbers]

Ice Climbers in a Latias/Latios costume, derp.

I've used RandomTBush's separate eye patch for the Ice Climbers, making two different eye designs so I could make both Latias and Latios's eye parts. I made most of the design in scratch, while I wrapped up more details on their clothings.

1790 February 17th, 2012

Custom Menu Hack by Ch33bDragonite with credit to HyperKeeby (Pictures)
[Misc - Menu]


• Credits to HyperKeeby for the pictures •
• If it freezes, it's most likely that you have common5.pac over 1 KB or info.pac over 390 KB in your system folder, which are the culprit to freezing before or during the loading screen •

BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD THIS, import your MiscData[7] file if you have edited your song titles on your own custom menu on my Music. If you have not edited a music title of any kind, you can ignore this. Sorry to those that downloaded it already and didn't get a chance to import your custom music titles because you'd have to do it all over again.

• Every Brawl font in every mode has customized fonts especially in Wi-Fi mode, except the "Brawl" one. Minor fonts retain because I'm too lazy to edit them
• Each border of each mode has changed a little, giving each of them a spiky feeling
• I changed some icons on each mode, but I didn't want to ruin some of them or anything; Solo was easy to change
• The Vault menu retains its originality because Brawl is dumb for not reading black fonts. I also changed some of its icons, but not all, since BrawlBox had a hard time to read detailed objects
• The lines on the bottom under the description have been removed to make it transparent

5188 February 17th, 2012

Unknown Mario Galaxy Level by Ch33bDragonite
[Stage - Texture - Delfino Plaza]

Textures were revamped slightly.

A Super Mario Galaxy themed Delfino Plaza texture has arrived. Every texture detail is made out mechanical, grassy, blocky, and whatever it has on the texture. The sky is space'y, depicted on the second picture, with known planets surrounding the sky.

251 July 14th, 2010

Coloured Pack Ice Blocks by Ch33bDragonite
[Character - Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Ice Climbers]

Instead of just purple ice blocks, why not just a pack of other colours?

366 July 14th, 2010

Volcanic Iceberg by Ch33bDragonite
[Character - Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Ice Climbers]

Textures are completely edited.

Simple texture. Iceberg is more fiery and dark.

423 February 17th, 2012

Snowy Forest by Ch33bDragonite
[Stage - Texture - Jungle Japes]

Textures are slightly edited.

I wanted to Jungle Japes to look snowy and brighter, but it appears you can't edit the BG since it's a model. It still looks good; it kind of reminds me of Boggly Woods.

360 February 17th, 2012

Rainbows of Nintendo by Ch33bDragonite
[Stage - Texture - Final Destination]

Textures are COMPLETELY revamped and changed to an advanced more detailed design.

I really loved how the final product of this turned out. The wormhole phase actually glows! I was so fascinated by this that I'm using this texture right now. Others were also a major revamp, making it more rainbow-based. It's not as eye-rape as before, but I hope you guys like this as much as the older version because I don't have the old version anymore.

586 February 17th, 2012

0²'s Lair by Ch33bDragonite
[Stage - Texture - Final Destination]

Textures are revamped a little.

I made another Final Destination texture which involves Dark Matter and 0², from the Kirby series. Most of the textures are kind of bloody and fiery, and generally mid-dark. This is probably my last FD texture, since I already made 3 in total.

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