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17 March 27th, 2020

IMPROVED Mansion Basement by Ebola16, bleachmagic with credit to Mewtwo2000
[Stage - Import - Final Destination]

I fixed missing palette references, fixed the door UVs, and removed some objects that blocked the camera.

260 November 22nd, 2017

Broly PSA (More Alts) by Ebola16, DSX8, GentlemanPotato, DemonBoy, bleachmagic, DevMasters, Tabuu Forte Akugun, ?uestion, AwesomeToad, RedMan911, GBC, Freikugel, Sir Kirby the 4th, Kyouma, MBHC with credit to CaliKingz01
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ganondorf]

Update 4: Welded Omega Shenron
Update 3: Fixed Ogre's alpha function
Update 2: Added Mike Haggar
Update: Added an unknown character
Full Imgur album: http://imgur.com/gallery/Ns6fN
Here are 15 alternate costumes for the Broly PSA (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=35385)

124 December 10th, 2016

Scorpion PSA (More Alts) by Ebola16, bleachmagic, DevMasters, Iwvi, AkaDarkZeroRmx, Sir Kirby the 4th, Serpifeu, nyancat6650 with credit to CaliKingz01
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Link]

Update: Added Xaldin
Full Imgur album: http://imgur.com/gallery/W7LLl
Here are 10 alternate costumes for the Scorpion PSA (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=204231)
I had some fun with my choices.

401 June 7th, 2014

Altar of Naught V.1 by bleachmagic
[Stage - Import - Pokemon Stadium 2]

Well guys i'm still alive, sorry for not uploading in such a long time i have just been so swamped with work and my courses that i have been unable to upload of work on mods at all so in the upcoming days i will upload three stages that i had planned to upload with my kh project but i decided to release them now.

The stage is the Altar of Naught from The World that Never Was i ported the stage onto Pokemon stadium 2 so i could use the screen Xemnas' dragon is fully animated and holds the screen in place the background is animated as well this is version 1 of the stage because i haven't added shadows to the platforms yet otherwise this stage is finished, enjoy.

428 June 7th, 2014

Starry Hill by bleachmagic with credit to Mewtwo2000
[Stage - Import - Luigi's Mansion]

Well here is my second stage Starry Hill from 100 Acre Woods this stage has an animated sky, correct sounds for when the characters run across the grass and bridge, animated stream with a accurate reflection of the stage, and appropriate lighting and fog effects.

Credit goes to Mewtwo2000 for helping get the lighting, shadows, and river animation working properly.

P.s sorry about the low quality images my Wii isn't hooked up right now the stage looks a lot better in game, take a look and enjoy.

P.s.s the stage also includes a rel so it can work over New Pork city

443 March 15th, 2013

Axel Progress by tigertenaka, bleachmagic with credit to charatchan
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Link]

READ: This is not meant to be a fully-functional hack, this is ONLY what progress I have made on it. If it doesn't work properly, then you'll have to fix it yourself.

Well, this will probably be the last time I get to work on any hacks myself. This is what little progress I've made on Axel, 6 frames of his wait 1 animation. Collab'd bleachmagic for the model and credit to charatchan for the Dual-Wield Link PSA as a base.
Here's hoping someone else will pick up where I left off.

1059 February 17th, 2013

Kh3D Riku by bleachmagic, jrush64
[Character - Import, Moveset (PSA) - Ike]

Here he is my Custom model of Riku as he appears in Kh3d!
No,i dont mean in the dream scape i mean in reality with the cut Hair,this Riku has all expressions,Final Eyes,and Metal Textures.
Included in the pack is Riku Recolors(Valor,Wisdom,Master,Final,and Anti) and a modified Version of JRush64's Riku DDD Moveset(Sense for some unknown reason it wouldnt work with my mod) if there are any problems contact me NOT JRUSH64!,Enjoy

3122 February 5th, 2013

Kh2 Sora by bleachmagic
[Character - Import, Moveset (PSA) - Marth]

Kh2 Sora this time in Hipoly!
This pack includes sora in all of his drive forms except anti and limit
as well as a Kh2 AntiSora(based on kh1 not kh2 anti form)i also included a sort of mini psa with the final smash modified to match kingdom hearts the intro modified to match kh and sora's waiting animation modified to better fit sora.
the side B has been modified to do fire damage and the neutral b does lightning damage.
Down B has had a reflectaga model added to appear for Marth's counter in order for this mod to work you must use the included motionfile,enjoy.

748 December 15th, 2012

Shadow Heartless V1 by tigertenaka, bleachmagic
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Ice Climbers]

Check out my thread for details of what I'm working on:

After a few weeks of work, here's my first PSA! The Heartless over the Ice Climbers are the Shadow and Neoshadow. When I saw bleachmagic's model, I thought that I had to make a moveset for them. This is only version 1, so not everything is changed yet, and animations may look choppy. Hope you enjoy!

681 December 12th, 2012

Ansem by bleachmagic
[Character - Import - Zelda]

Here he is the seeker of darkness,Ansem
hey everyone its been awhile sense i uploaded anything but do not worry i'm still making mods,just a little slow on getting them uploaded.
Anyway,the details Ansem has blinking,Final Eyes,Metal Textures,and Hurt Face i don't know how to make him talk,sorry
he comes with a few modified animations(not finished on that part)and a slightly modified Final Smash for sheik check out my guardian mod.

513 December 12th, 2012

Guardian by bleachmagic
[Character - Import - Sheik]

Here he is Guardian to go with my Ansem mod he has metal tex and thats it,enjoy.

1001 December 12th, 2012

NoHeart by bleachmagic
[Character - Import, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Ganondorf]

Wow three mods in a row?
Jokes aside here is my second try at NoHeart his moves are all exactly the same as Ganon except for the fact that a majority of his attacks have NoHeart's Keyblade Gauntlet, Shin Guard,and Shield mixed into his attacks.
When NoHeart goes Final His Keyblade Wings appear.
The pack includes,
Normal Pack(weapons appear certain times during certain attacks)
Armored Pack(Weapons appear all the time)
Cape Pack(No Weapons, has cape)
V1(first version)
V2(second version)
And for his Final i used the Red Eyes Heartless(not my best work......)
Oh and he has Metal Textures

613 September 11th, 2012

Axel by bleachmagic with credit to charatchan
[Character - Import - Link]

Well hello there everyone its been a while hasn't?
well heres my first new mod in a long time its axel over link! Why link you ask well its because of the new duel wielding link mod that was recently released that inspired me to return so enjoy but be warned this mod will only work with the modded moveset also expect a fire effect for axel in the future.
P.s im a little rusty since its been a few months since ive modded so be gentle.

351 July 26th, 2012

Search Ghost by bleachmagic
[Character - Import - Luigi]

Hey everyone after a big Virus that caused my pc to crash and forced me to reformat im back!
Now on to the mod Search Ghost from KH1 has arrived just in time for Brawl he has Metal and Final eyes no expressions since he doesn't have any.Enjoy

1266 June 13th, 2019

Kingdom Hearts II FInal Mix Roxas by hyo, bleachmagic
[Character - Import - Marth]

Everyone's favorite nobody is here!
Thanks to bleachmagic for the rig! Final Mix Roxas only has the Oblivion keyblade and gains the Oathkeeper when he gets a final smash ball.

He includes:
-yellow eyes
-closing eyes
-opening mouth
-original and HD/Brawl textures made by me

Also, the model difference between KHII and KHII Final Mix models of Roxas (Left:FM Right:KHII):http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/2019/roxasclothes.jpg
Notice the hair, face, and jacket textures.


223 July 1st, 2012

Samurai Jack by bleachmagic with credit to Snoopy
[Character - Import - Marth]

Samurai Jack is in the house!
I created Jack with a combination of Bleach models the head is from Snoopy's Jack Vertex Mod.
Jack has all Expressions,Final Eyes,and Metal Textures.

403 June 29th, 2012

FF7 Cloud by bleachmagic
[Character - Import - Ike]

Honestly i don't exactly know where this cloud model is from i believe hes a modified ps1 cloud model for some HD FF7 project or something like that anyway,
He has expressions,metal,all that fun enjoy.

215 June 28th, 2012

Bionis & Mechonis[XenoBlade Chronicles] by bleachmagic
[Stage - Import - Final Destination]

Here it is the first XenoBlade Chronicles stage in the brawl vault community!
there are 3 versions
a old version which has a worn down version of the two giants and a happy bright sunny day
a new version of the 2 giants in a dark storm like environment and one of them has flying enemies in the background i cant remember which enjoy.

358 June 24th, 2012

Sharla[XenoBlade Chronicles] by bleachmagic
[Character - Import - Zero Suit Samus]

I won't stop until I've scrapped each and every last one of you!
Our Spunky Sharpshooter has joined the brawl at last!
she has all expressions and metal textures and even comes with her gun,enjoy.

273 June 22nd, 2012

Dunban[XenoBlade Chonicles] by bleachmagic
[Character - Import - Marth]

Here is Dunban!
Now down to busy before anyone asks no i will not flip him around honestly i looked it how to mirror Marth's bones but i couldn't find out how to do it so i mirrored Dunban's model to match up with Marth's Fighting style.
He has all expressions and metal textures his bum arm is rigged to Marth's cape.

814 June 21st, 2012

Shulk[XenoBlade Chronicles] by bleachmagic
[Character - Import - Ike]

The Future is ours to decide!
Shulk is here and fully rigged with all expressions and metal textures.
Also included are recolors,CSPs,CSP Name,CSP Icon,and Origin Game Icon all made for DarkShard's CSS along with a Alt Version of Shulk wielding Monado III

281 June 22nd, 2012

Rikki[XenoBlade Chronicles] by bleachmagic
[Character - Import - Meta Knight]

The HeroPon is here!
Now to start he has no expressions since metaknight doesn't have expressions and his arms can be weird at times since Rikki's arms are so thin.
He has Metal Textures,enjoy.

1298 June 6th, 2012

Memory Skyscraper by bleachmagic with credit to DemonBoy
[Stage - Import - Luigi's Mansion]

Here is Memory Skyscraper imported orginally by DemonBoy i decided to update his stage a little.
Changes from DemonBoy's Memory Skyscraper
Has Shadows
Has Character Entries and Pokemon Trainer now works
Rainy version included

419 April 14th, 2013

Castle Oblivion 3-Pack by bleachmagic
[Stage - Import - Final Destination]

Castle Oblivion 3-Pack is here!
Ive wanted to create this stage for a long time and best of all it comes in 3 fabulous flavor!
}Outside Castle Oblivion[castle model ripped from kh2 and sky model ripped from kh BBS since kh2's sky model in inaccessible]
}Castle Oblivion Hallway[model pieces ripped from kh2 and some models used from my prototype Castle Oblivion Hallway]
}Castle Oblivion Arena[ripped from kh2]
}Rels to port over several other stages
*All Stages have Shadows and perfect shaders,enjoy.

586 June 2nd, 2012

Twighlight Town Train Station by bleachmagic with credit to MewTwo2000 for his awesome mewtwo battle stadium model
[Stage - Import - Final Destination]

Alright here is twilight town train station ported from kingdom hearts 2 there are 3 versions one on the ground,one in the air,and one in the air with a custom Final Xion model in the background.
I also included the rel files to port it over other stages
NOTE some of the rel files may not work i just went willy nilly on converting the rel files so,enjoy.

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