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5268 March 14th, 2013

R2-D2(Star Wars) by DoctorFlux(Mariodk)
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - R.O.B.]

this was my secret Char. for Xmas
R2D2 over R.o.B
its was for gamma ridley for that KC-MM santa thingy
merry Xmas
if using this model to something add me in Colab.
CSP/BP is inc.

4791 April 1st, 2013

Ion by ᆘ유 | 유유
[Character - Texture - R.O.B.]

4775 May 13th, 2012

Ancient Minister FIXED by KTH, Volya, TheBen, Pervyman Trigger
[Character - Import - R.O.B.]

4619 May 10th, 2013

Creeper (Minecraft) by Boygos, Nanobuds, Pervyman Trigger with credit to Notch
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - R.O.B.]


They only want a hug.

So here you go. I promised something on Friday, here's what you get. An easy little rig that I whooped up when I got the model. The reason that Pervy and Nano are collabed are as follows...

Pervy - got me the model, easy enough collab there.

Nano - fixed the UV problem, and edited the sexy custom Minecraft block gyro. He also said something about fixing the rig for clipping or somethin I dunno.

Your actual Minecraft skins should work on this badboy just resize them. Go for it. Make sure to ask me for permission before adding them to the vault.

So yeah, sorry I don't feel like releasing anything on the big release day Friday, Clone Trooper, Jango, and a bunch of other WIPs simply just aren't ready yet. Sorry guys.

4510 May 11th, 2017

MegaMan over ROB by CaliKingz01, Dot, rax189, GBC with credit to rax189 for the Announcer voice, CSP's, some ideas and Recolors, GBC & ads15 for the Classic Mega Man, ItalianStallion & ramonM64 for the Mega Man X model from Samus, Eldiran & BeyondY(Zero model port as template)
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Kirby Hat, Import, Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]




Here he is! My BEST PSA EVER. MegaMan!!!!!!!

I've been working on this for some time and I am proud to say, THIS PSA fits this X better than ALL my PSA's of MegaMan. No need for a .rel file or codes. Everything works nicely. Has two Alternate costumes, Classic MegaMan ( one-slot ) and X.


4261 March 16th, 2013

Ancient Minister by PAVGN
[Character - Import - R.O.B.]

Is how a model import should be. His head is black, but It's also affected by the lighting in the stage. It looks like It should be this way, but trust me, It looks better this way. His eyes glow too, in case you can't tell from the pictures.

4212 January 21st, 2012

True Metal Sonic V2 FIXED by MrRandomZGuy99, xZedkiel with credit to Thewill for the animations and help, DARKSHADEDX for the model and xZedkiel For The Recolors
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]

A cheap move on a beta is not a real reason to report


Known Glitches:
-Hitbox is too big
-Disappears if close to an opponent

Done So Far:
- Fix the disappearing glitch
- Have more animations added

The team is working on all the moves which will might take a while. We wont upload it until at least we finish with the special moves ( B ) or until we finish everything with him. V3 will come with CSPs and recolors and everything you need. Enjoy this version

4069 January 1st, 2014

Sephiroth over R.O.B. by SuddenDeath with credit to Hollow, .Fade for creating the entire Sephiroth package/PSA; SonicBrawler for creating the .rel for Marth/Rob; slayermarth101 for CSPs
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]

Figured I'd just compile everything into one here, for instead of having just Marth over ROB, you can now enjoy Sephiroth! Comes in 6 delicious flavors!
Photos of Sephiroth in action, courtesy of Hollow.
You all did so great, I hope all of you enjoy this neato package! =] Hope you don't mind~

None of this is my work, I promise all credit goes to those aforementioned! All I did was compile it!

Remember, there are no codes needed at all for this!
Just place the .rel in the "module" folder.
And the "Robot" folder in your "fighter" folder.

Textures and CSPs included!


3854 July 18th, 2013

Wall-E by Nanobuds with credit to Boygos for pics
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - R.O.B.]



NOTE: Must use the Size Mod to work properly... also the T-pose is weird. Don't worry, he still works just fine.

3664 July 8th, 2013

Geno moveset V0,1(beta)(Fixed) by DoctorFlux(Mariodk), KTH, LJSTAR, DARKSHADEDX, SouthCraft with credit to StarWaffle,Carnage
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Kirby Hat, Import, Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]

edit: fixed freeze then geno gets eated by wario and a TL´s AI so the CPU can play geno alittle better
afew things is not done or complete(only wins and afew bad animations) but geno is playble now and ready to be released
and comes with kirby hat+Recolours too
anything is on beta stage even the model+recolours since i will revamp them later

3325 April 4th, 2017

Megaman X Final Update by CaliKingz01, SonicBrawler, Leon Exodio, Mattimation with credit to Cogburn/ Blackmagav for the April Fool's model, AkaDarkZeroRmx for the Super Armor, SonicBarwler for the Air Dash Coding, KTH & GBC for the face textures, Chief-01 for the Shadow Armor Model, Blaseth for the New Entry and Wait animations, LJSTAR for the Face model
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - R.O.B.]

NOTE: Please don't report this mod for not working with Project M. This mod was made to work for vBrawl, and not Project M.

Check out other model's on this site:

This is a Final Update to My MegaMan X. If I feel like it needs more modifying I will do so. Big thanks to all the people on the net that helped me get new models of X


3094 August 18th, 2014

Megaman X the Maverick Hunter over ROB ( OUTDATED ) by CaliKingz01, SonicBrawler, Leon Exodio with credit to AkaDarkZeroRmx for the Super Armor, SonicBarwler for the Air Dash Coding, KTH & GBC for the face textures
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - R.O.B.]

Updated. Please re-download!

"I'm X! I'm a Maverick Hunter!"

If you love Megaman your going to Love Megaman X
Hey everyone, CaliKingz here to bring you another great project. X joins Brawl again with a totally new moveset. He's over ROB again btw.
Took me some time to get a model to work ( somewhat the MvC3 Model ) but it looks pretty nice.

If you have the Old Version I HIGHLY Recommend you download this one. X1000 Better

2686 September 27th, 2012

Metal sonic over R.O.B by Crashout, Mastaklo, Mr.Weegee, SonicBrawler, SSJ Is Clueless!, Leon Exodio, TP, ZeppelinWolf, ShadowWolf, Blade Knight
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]

EDIT: Aight the final smash WORKS now i fixed it now its all workable now:)

Yo sup this is crash out da best with another port this time its metal sonic over rob one of my favorite sonics he has all the moves of the mecha psa over sonic and the textures is the coolest thing and well i give all the credit to thos people all i did was port well enjoy this cool port lke i am more is on the way and a bonus a free metal sonic theme:)

P.s If they are any flaws let me know an ill see what needs to be done enjoy and i do take request for almost anything


2562 March 1st, 2015

Geno Final Version PSA by SouthCraft, Albafika, DoctorFlux(Mariodk) with credit to SJS, LJStar, Leon Exodio, DarkShadeDX, kwrk85
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA), Kirby Hat, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - R.O.B.]

The chosen doll by the seven stars joins the Brawl! This is a full pack including the Geno PSA, model, recolors, CSPs and all other interface hacks, uncluding a Project M version of the hack (which might need some polishing but im not that common with the PM PSA files).

However this is my (southcraft) last edit on the PSA. Therefore i call it final version..

This is my

2366 April 2nd, 2010

Falcon Rob V2 by Kef
[Character - Texture - R.O.B.]

Rob finally gets some attention by dressing as Captain Falcon! This is version 2 of the hack and may revamp on the future.

For more of my hacks visit:

2151 July 9th, 2013

ClapTrap (Borderlands) by Iwvi
[Character - Import - R.O.B.]

So here is CL4P-TP. A little bit odd over ROB but really fun to use. If only he could speak as he does.
Includes photoshop file in case you need it, but collab me if you make recolors. And only one recolor pack should be enough. Enjoy.

1982 June 10th, 2015

Geno Final Version FIX by secretchaos1, Albafika, DoctorFlux(Mariodk), SouthCraft with credit to SJS, LJStar, Leon Exodio, DarkShadeDX, kwrk85
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - R.O.B.]

This is a fix for the Geno PSA (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=207888) it's an updated animation file that includes the required animations for Wario to chomp Geno. For some reason they were deleted from the psa at some point, but I popped ROB's back in and now it works without crashes, Geno just looks a bit weird when he's being chomped.
Replace the original MotionEtc file with this one and it should work fine.

1957 September 22nd, 2011

Just hand and Buster Megaman Volnutt by Pervyman Trigger, PlaqueOne with credit to Difegue
[Character - Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]

All right this is the last redone Volnutt till Plaque releases the next version. Using Difegue's Gesellschaft stage I took the vertex of megaman with only a hand and buster and put it into his files, it causes a few grahical errors and i've been told there noticable in game, but not alot :P Enjoy those of you who were anoyed by his mutiple wepons on one hand (I know I was)

(Just the origanal recolors, nothing else, inculding the model file so you can add it to the other colors if you use them :P)

MegaMan Volnutt Thread
CPS's Not inculded in this pack. They are in the last pack or on on my posts in the megaman Volnutt thread

1933 June 18th, 2012

R.O.Y. V1 [Roy over R.O.B -TexturePSAModelCSP-] by wolf! with credit to Beyond
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]

*** Wolf!´s Character over ***

Don´t you just dislike R.O.B.?
Good memories from melee with Roy?
This is the perfect Pack for you!

All the Info is in a .text about how you should do it.
it´s quite easy to do.
this is the V1 of the pack and my 1st upload.
This pack contains:
-The Model
-Color changes.
-Portraits: battle/Menu
-Final Smash
-.Rel (Roy over Rob)
I didn´t find any glitches but if you do, please note it to me.
Beyond thanks for the Roy V3 (model)
Anda... please stop reporting this.
if it doesnt load in your game wouldnt be my mistake, over 600 people have this hack without problems.
It havent been tried on PAL, maybe that´s it.

1930 January 2nd, 2014

Project M Unlocked- Wii R.O.B. by TʘCK
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - R.O.B.]

He is finally here!!!

Optimized in Brawlbox 0.71
Meaning Less LAG!

Head over to my blog pmunlocked.tumblr for more quality mods

1767 May 16th, 2011

V2 Aqua R.O.B. by Triforce Zelda (Deceased)
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]

Legacy R.O.B.!!! It's odd how R.O.B. is splashing Water all around and not rusting. hmm.....

Watch out, because R.O.B.'s pissed-off!

1747 August 1st, 2016

Dark Sonic Over Rob V1.7 by CaliKingz01, Triforce Zelda (Deceased), LCCoolJ95, Dark-Wind, slayermarth101 with credit to LCCoolJ95, slayermarth101, SuperZelda, SDo0m, Dark-Wind,Innocentroad for the spin model recolor
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]

This version of Dark Sonic has ROB's sounds, two new taunts, and Dark Sonic PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!! some of the animations are a little bit glitchy but in V2, they should be fix. i have had 1 problem. sometime when i'm using this character, sometimes the game just stops. but i might be doing something wrong. i have no idea how to fix it so i might need help....

well enjoy.

message me if any issues.

Oh yea, you have to find your own models. i only included one.

1747 February 17th, 2014

Arousal R.O.B EX by MrMario
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]

This ROB is the thing which remade Arousal R.O.B Ultimate Version.
and has four modes.
(Change by an appeal, entry, damage(963%), and guard)
video is soon.

1732 October 21st, 2016

DAO Ibuki's Mario Fusion Nuclear Over ROB by CaliKingz01, DAO_Ibuki with credit to I Talk To Myself! for the fire punch replica, DAO_Ibuki, Vee Lucifer and Nintendo for the Ninja Texture
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - R.O.B.]

Its DAO Ibuki's PSA and Moveset, but the texture belongs to the guy that made the Ninja Model over Mario. The moveset looks great with this costume. I had to change a couple things for it to work perfectly.

1) the N-B move had no fire ball so i replaced it with a dark aura Attack.
2) The Up-B in the air, he jumped TOO high so i changed that and gave him the fire punch replica.
3) I took the smart bombs out his Final Smash but it still packs a big percentage to the opponent.
4) Just Changed his taunts to his victory moves.

Oh yea, when using the down B move, the hammer doesn't show. i think its cause the character. but idk. try using DAO Ibuki's Original model of Mario and see if that works.

well i hope this works for you guys. Big Big BIG thumbs up to DAO Ibuki tho. if it wasn't for him, this wouldn't be here right now.

BTW: i only take the credit for the N-B move. nothing else.

1650 June 18th, 2017

Smash 3 R.O.B. by Taiko, Shun_One, Nezha the Scout, Layell
[Character - Texture - R.O.B.]

R.O.B. for Smash 3. Edited with the latest release and small fixes.

More info:

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