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959 October 11th, 2012

Dual Wielding Link (Version 2) by charatchan with credit to Kagemaru
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Link]

Default Disclaimer: My wii WILL NOT let me take in game pictures. BrawlBox pics will have to do.

Version 2 is here and he comes in 3 flavors: Regular, Dark, and..... Captain America XD.

Changes from V1:
1. Second Master sword swapped for Sage's Sword
2. Removal of invisible shield that stopped projectiles (thanks to Kagemaru for telling me how to do that)
3. Second arm guard on right arm
4. Recolor changes of default; added Captain America color
5. Fixes on all animations so that he does not return to default shield wielding stance afterwards (and in the 1 or 2 where he does it is very brief).

This is actually more like a Beta 2. I still have not fixed the sounds or swordglows (I tried 6 times, the problem is detailed in the readme).

Permissions: You have permission to do whatever you want with this (recolors, movesets, psa, etc). This took me forever as there was just one problem after the next so please just give me credit if you use it. Also the readme contains some info you will want to know if you are going to be modding him.

The second sword was going to be the Gilded Sword (Kienamaru was going to be nice enough to let me use his model of it; though I did not I thank him for the offer none the less). However I do not have 3dsmax and was unable to do this. Instead I used Ganon's Sage Sword. My logic: After Ganon's defeat at the end of Twilight Princess I'm sure Link didn't just ride off into the sunset leaving the Sages Sword just lying around lol. He prolly got it and took it back (but until he did, mwa ha ha, he came to brawl with it).

Btw: In game the Sage Sword is not see through. It looks just like Ganon's (except smaller, I had to shrink it to make it appropriately sized).

Unfortunately I am done with this from here on out. I just don't have the time or patients to work on this project anymore (though I would love to, I can not). If someone pics it up and takes it over that would be great ^.^

Thanks and enjoy. Your friendly neighborhood CharatChan

554 September 12th, 2012

Dual Wielding Link (Beta) by charatchan
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Link]

NOTE: My Wii will not let me save in-game screens. These will have to do (they are from BrawlBox).

This hack features Link dual wielding Master Swords. His attacks have been changed to accommodate for his second weapon. Also his weight and speed more closely resemble Marth's (although not quite).

For now all of his special B moves have remained the same but if time permits in the future I will be changing them (it will be slow; my schedule has changed lately).

Minor Issues that need fixed: None of these affect gameplay:
1. Sword glow will not work on second sword in some animations (may just be due to the timing I used in PSA).

2. Sound affects for the second sword swing are not present in all animations (I'm working on it).

3. A few animations that involve Link using items make him return to his default standing position when the animation is up for a brief second (this is because I have not yet adjust all of his item poses; I have done some of them; I am working on it).

Only major issue I know of (not a deal breaker, just needs fixed and I don't know how): Although I have removed link's shield sometimes projectiles are stopped when they hit him from the front as though he had a shield. Help with this would be great.

>.> So what do you think? Not too shabby for my first official hack eh? (no credits because so far this is all me; and a friend who doesn't have an account here).

What else.... oh yeah.... feel free to make recolors (this one comes with regular and dark link). In theory if you export the model data and then import it into your own model it will make that model dual wield (I tried this with an Isaac and it worked).

Also if anyone wants to help sync up the sword glow and sounds (or even help with special moves, PM me).

Oh, last thing: No fancy lasers, beam attacks, or random overpowered attacks. This is just how Link would actually be if he had two swords :p >^.^< enjoy.

37 September 6th, 2012

Anonymous Badge by charatchan
[Item - Texture - Franklin Badge]

NOTE: Pics are from BrawlBox. My Wii will not let me save images to my SD card. These will have to do.

Name says it all. This is the Anonymous Badge. Enjoy.

689 August 30th, 2016

Tails Animations on Fox (Beta?) by charatchan
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Fox]

Before I begin:
1. This does NOT come with a Tails model (you have to get your own).
2. It will work fine with any Fox model (even regular Fox, though its kinda funny).
3. No known freezing or lagging issues.
4. No theft involved!!! I did all this myself (XD so its not perfect).

Now, explanation:
I have downloaded several Tails PSA and I can't get some of them to work.... then lo and behold.... I discover that there are a few Tails models over Fox, but no PSA as of yet..... so I kinda made one.... kinda.

He is exactly like regular Fox with the following changes:
1. He has more jumps (5 total) and his jump animations have been changed to look like Tails' flying. If you open it in brawlbox you will see that both of his tails are on the same bone, so I can't make them go separate directions (they are both facing the same way in flight) BUT they spin so fast that it is not noticeable in game.

2. His run and runturn animations have been replaced so that he hoovers like tails. His arms are back instead of Tails' actual arm positions from the games (this is because those positions were extremely difficult to pull off so I just slacked XD).

3. Misc changes: Slight weight change, turn speed altered slightly, gravity altered slightly (I think thats it)

Yep thats it, just changed his running and jumping animations basically. They look fine in game but if you open them in brawlbox (with a Tail's model loaded) there are a handful of slight..... things that need to be tweaked. I've tried and can't quite fix him completely, any help would be appreciated. Thx and enjoy!

Your friendly neighborhood Charat Chan

4256 September 11th, 2012

Ventus' Awakening (Vanitas Fight) [Kingdom Hearts] by FairKnight, charatchan with credit to Mewtwo_2000 and Blayd
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Distant Planet]

NOTE: This has been reported for some time. It does not freeze for me. I was using Gecko and it worked just fine. Recently I switched to Riivolution...... it still works fine. Maybe your doing it wrong.



so If you want, either download this, or you can download the original version for the brstms and info but then download this file as well

CREDIT GOES TO; charatchan

Read the Double Click Me

Thanks so much for making Sora's Awakening 1 and 2 be popular guys your the best ^^


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