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252 November 30th, 2018

Fighting Alloy Team Pack by KingJigglypuff, Sammi Husky, Mach 7, TheGag96 with credit to Other users in Credits.txt
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Custom Character]

Edit (11/30/2018): The Red Alloy's Dark color animation didn't reference the correct materials. This has since been fixed, and I request those who have downloaded the pack to re-download it.

I was going to hold off on releasing this until the Fighting Wireframe alts were done, but it's been far too long of a wait to hold off on releasing what is basically a finished product.

So with over a year of teasing what basically amounts to a side project, I've decided to make a release on Thanksgiving (I was hoping to have the Ridley update done by now, but you can't win them all).

To go over what's included in this pack would take far too much, so I'd recommend you to take a look inside the "Included Files.txt" document to get a scope on what this pack has to offer.

160 January 30th, 2019

Costume Slot Specific Ivysaur Razor Leaf by KingJigglypuff, TheGag96 with credit to ds22
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Ivysaur]

Edit (01/29/2019): TE version has been updated to support v2.1.

This mod allows Ivysaur to have the textures of its Razor Leaf article changed based on the loaded costume. Read the included txt file for installation instructions and how you can insert alternate textures onto your own Ivysaur costume.

Includes Brawl, Project M, and Legacy TE, and Legacy XP versions.

72 December 24th, 2017

Ice Cap Hill Zone by Shy, KTH, Filipianosol, davidvkimball, TheGag96, WorseDoughnut, Yohan1044 with credit to the PMDT for legal green hill, Szasz, Katakiri, pharoahfawcett, and LTE team for the Marble Hill Zone base.
[Stage - Texture - Green Hill Zone]

here's my christmas present (or for what other holiday you celebrate) to all of you, a reskin of PM Green Hill Zone using the Legacy TE version of Marble Hill Zone as the base
comes with:
Stage Name
3 Stage Icons (2 for it being the main stage and one for it being the alt stage)
2 BRSTMS (Ice Cap Zone act 1 and act 2)

merry Christmas everyone

1874 March 29th, 2018

SMRPG Geno for Project M (2017) by LavaLatte [.Fade], DoctorFlux(Mariodk), SouthCraft, TheGag96 with credit to Strange Matter, Szion Blue, Terror, Puzzled, davidvkimball, StarWaffle, Cobalt Legacy Team and Legacy XP Team
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Custom Character]

Geno arrives from the stars to Project M! There are two download packs - one to place directly over Toon Link and one for a BrawlEx slot!
Smashboards Thread: https://smashboards.com/threads/lavalattes-mods-smrpg-geno-for-project-m.450225/
Geno Artwork Render: davidvkimball

498 May 16th, 2018

[PM 3.6] Marble Hill Zone by davidvkimball, DukeItOut, Layell, TheGag96, WorseDoughnut, Yohan1044 with credit to Szasz, Katakiri, and the PMDT.
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Green Hill Zone]

5/15/18: Updated with a new background and misc fixes.

Marble Hill Zone is a 1-for-1 reskin of Green Hill Zone from PM 3.6. It has pillars instead of flowers, and lava instead of water! Nice little reskin with more OG Sonic references crammed in.


- Szasz for the PM 3.02 version of this stage, upon which this stage is based
- codes (TheGag96) for adding some of the PM 3.6 stage elements, including the stage indents
- Yohan1044 for improving the lava and background trees
- Katakiri for the original balanced GHZ
- the PMDT for the original PM 3.6 stage (Magus, SOJ, Mewtwo2000)

If you want to make this stage an L alt for Green Hill Zone, just rename STGGREENHILL.pac to STGGREENHILL_Z.pac, and rename st_greenhill.rel to st_greenhill_Z.rel.

Part of Legacy TE.


96159 September 16th, 2018

Legacy XP 2.0 Full by davidvkimball, soopercool101, PyotrLuzhin, TheGag96, HyperL!nk, Shockbound with credit to these folks: http://smashbros.co/lxpcredits
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Item, Misc, Portrait]

Legacy XP 2.0 Full is finally here, packed with tons of new content to enjoy.

Main link: [click the title of the build on the left, "Legacy XP 2.0 Full"]
Mirror 1: http://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5-KKtK65UKuRUZOc2JCMEdOeGc
Mirror 2: www.mediafire.com/folder/84azhgdc7t6cu/

Guide: http://smashbros.co/LXPGuide
Smashboards thread: http://smashboards.com/threads/439601/
Credits: http://smashbros.co/lxpcredits
Website: http://smashbroslegacy.com

We are NOT continuing Project M's development.

274 March 21st, 2017

Stylized Character Fonts by TheGag96 with credit to Micah Brightwell, Yami 2b
[Misc - Texture, Import - Menu]

This mod adds stylized character name textures for everyone on the roster based on this amazing art:


Included are files for both Dolphin users as well as real Wii users, with the Dolphin version providing much better resolution textures. The Wii version's textures are also provided in a separate folder for people who want to add them to their own build while keeping their CSPs intact.

Have fun!

UPDATE: Luigi's and Sonic's have been rotated to fit the frame better. Samus now has an alternate texture with no outline for those that would prefer that.

497 March 21st, 2017

PM Bowser's Blue Castle by TheGag96 with credit to Llama Juice, Jaing, Theytah, Mewtwo2000, SOJ, Sandfall, Nintendo, wakaflockaflame, JcFerggy
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Mario Circuit]

An alternate version of Project M Bowser's Castle (normal and competitive) with a very blue hue! Contains icons and previews.

1261 March 21st, 2017

Smash 4 Jigglypuff by TheGag96, Malfioz with credit to RandomTalkingBush, Mewtwo2000, Edel, Theytah, Judge Spear, PMDT, Smash 3 Project, and Nintendo
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Jigglypuff]

Here is Jigglypuff's Smash Wii U model imported and edited to work in Project M!

UPDATE 1: Added X&Y/Serena hat alt by request of Onii-chan.
UPDATE 2: Rerigged whole model, fixed some animations
UPDATE 3: Added CSPs, CSS icon, and BSPs
UPDATE 4: Fixed FR/LG trainer hat costume
UPDATE 5: Added nurse hat costume
UPDATE 6: Added headband costume, courtesy of Malfioz!
UPDATE 7: (late) Updated some facial animations, included sound pack by Judge Spear with voice clips from the anime

-All alternate costumes for PM + the bow costume
-Animated to be as lively and adorable as possible
-Smash 3-style rim light effect



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