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7 June 6th, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) Sandbag by FoxMcMelee with credit to The Hatred Dictator for the transparent eye texture for sandbag from Project Hate.
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

Hey, FoxMcMelee/Chrom, Exalt of Ultimate here and I have an item mod. I despise AOC, she is a dumb b*tch and I don't know how she became a U.S. Representative so might as well make a sandbag texture of her punchable face. I put the USSR flag on since her policies are borderline communist. Just put this in your common3.pac I think I'm in the clear for uploading this since others have made sandbag mods of Donald Trump, George Bush, Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, etc. Feel free to join my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/DRfAEAT

24 July 5th, 2019

Fake SmashBall by _____Alex_____
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Sandbag]

NOTE: If the download says it's dangerous. Don't worry it's not. Also, it's not based off of Smash Ultimate. I never knew that existed, nor even care about the game...

I was bored, so I decided to make a fake smash ball over the sandbox. I thought it was funny because I had a thought that this could fool people or something. I don't know. It comes with the love texture. Why? So it can get beaten the snot out of. lol. It acts like a smash ball sort of when it gets it, and if its hit enough, then it disappears like the original smash ball. It's tough to hit in Home Run mode.

23 May 19th, 2018

Angry and Sad Sandbag by The OP kitten
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

Red: A reckless angry sandbag that so desperately wants to get revenge on the smash crew for killing his father in Home Run Contest, but can't because he has no limbs.
Blue: Unlike his brother, he is a very calm sandbag that just accepts that he gets beat up all the time. He has been going through depression ever since his dad died in Home Run Contest.

20 October 25th, 2017

No more sandbag by Shy with credit to Heavy King Chuckles for the in game pictures, Jack H. for the idea, and PMDT for the Sandbag used as a base
[Item - Vertex - Sandbag]

With Jack H. using Brawl's Sandbag, it annoyed me that the camera would still try to lock on to Sandbag. So i made my own version using Project M's Sandbag as it's base, so now the camera will not try to find Sandbag, letting you battle with no camera being so far out when you battle. the biggest difference from Jack H.'s version and mine is instead of him being 1000m high he's 100000m, so good luck finding him (kudos to you if you can find him), only real big thing, is at the start of a match there'll be a puff of smoke from him \"landing\" but it effects nothing. also comes with the wait animation for if you want to include it on your own sandbag. takes him out of all training room stages and home run contest.

201 August 30th, 2017

Smash 3C Sandbag by Greyson, Aghanim, tryptech with credit to MaybeGreg
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

Smash 3C's own Sandbag has arrived! Perfect for CD factories and sticker farming (people still do that, right?) Fair warning: it disagrees with current rimlighting techniques, so no new shaders or materials have been implemented. Let's party!


21 November 12th, 2016

Time Bomb (Kingdom hearts 2) by Naciti
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Sandbag]

Time Bomb Nobody, Kingdom Hearts 2 import.

107 December 9th, 2015

OoT3D Owl over Sandbag by StupidMarioFan1 with credit to Nintendo
[Item - Texture, Import - Sandbag]

Kaepora Gaebora, the famous owl from Ocarina of Time who has trolled everyone with having the default option to be to repeat everything he just said. He's a dick to speedrunners and just people spamming through his text. (Practically) everyone hates him, and now you can beat the shit out of him! *evil laugh*
But in all seriousness, I imported the OoT3D version of the owl over the Sandbag, rig is nowhere near perfect due to just where Sandbags bones are and I didn't want to make bone edits just for a better rig, besides he makes funny poses as his face and legs stretch. XD

123 June 11th, 2014

Robbie the rabbit [Silent Hill] by Outlaw
[Item - Import - Sandbag]

Live WTF moments with your friends when this creepy rabbit from Silent Hill appears in the stage.

59 June 4th, 2014

Steve sandbag by JaysWing with credit to FuzzyDesu
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

If you hate minecraft then this is the thing for you! Credit to FuzzyDesu for this idea. :D

83 March 4th, 2014

Misha Sandbag (With Sound Mod) by derede
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

(Update: I just discovered that the .sawnd file used seems to have caused a number of other item sounds to freeze the game. I don't know what causes this but I'll look into it. If you play with just the sandbag item on, you'll be fine. For now just play with the texture, as that has no issues.)

Now you can have a real reason to punch Sandbag. Shiina "Misha" Mikado from Katawa Shoujo now adorns sandbag with this texture hack. But that's not all, the hack also comes with a sound mod that makes the sandbag go "Wahaha" when hit. Requires the replacement sound engine to use the sound mod.

Download comes with the source images and .Wav file. So you can edit the hack in anyway you want.

316 February 25th, 2014

Pepsi Can by LinkIsAwesome117
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

Why has nobody done this yet?

Looks much better in-game.

176 February 4th, 2014

Flappy Bird over SandBag by Mattimation
[Item - Texture, Import - Sandbag]

Well that's 35 Minutes of my life wasted...

Being bored and playing too much Flappy Bird recently got me into making this... I don't know what else to say but... Smash away! >:D Enjoy!

59 January 3rd, 2014

Game&Watch Styled Sandbag by Tye2K
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

Sorry that I haven't been posting hacks. Been busy downloading other user's hacks ^_^ .

Anyways, this is Sandbag Game and Watch Styled. Have Fun with this hack.

Goes in your common3.pac file.

16 October 26th, 2013

Daityan Sandbag by Shichikaze
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]


55 September 9th, 2012

Trabag by 1441Shadow
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

My first texture.

Just an idea that came to me because me and some of my friends love to make memes of our friend Travel42

Goes in the Common3 pac

317 November 6th, 2012

Wobbuffet by Gamma Ridley
[Item - Import - Sandbag]

Super quick half-assed import? Wynaut.

103 March 18th, 2012

Sack of Potatoes by Machiavelli.CF
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

A tantalizing tower of tater.

134 February 22nd, 2012

TENGA by nudolf
[Item - Texture, Vertex - Sandbag]

Bringing sexual wellness to the mainstream for everyone to enjoy

82 August 19th, 2011

Master Shake [Sandbag] by DantheRandomnessGuy
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

I actually thought he'd make a good Sandbag
Meh, it was a good idea at the time
It's possible he's sure to be a "hit" with the ladies lol

Download contains brres file and battle portrait. Enjoy!

While one of the frames displays a renaming, I have accidentally forgotten to add that to the download file. My mistake!

184 November 6th, 2014

Rebecca Black Sandbag ver. 1 by Yosh1Kart
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

Rebecca Black on a Sandbag
1 Glitch: chance of freezing game when hit

edit 11/6/14: re-added pics

29 June 5th, 2011

Pocacchio Sandbag by Ustars
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

A Pocacchio sanbag
(Pocacchio is a one stupid character from Rogue Galaxy)

293 April 30th, 2011

Snorlax over Sandbag by SmashClash
[Item - Texture, Vertex - Sandbag]

Now you can beat that tubby up! >:O
Always getting in your way when you're trying to get to the next route. >.>

609 April 23rd, 2011

Dr Pepper by Venndettta
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

...because Brawl needed "Just what the Dr ordered"

168 February 13th, 2011

Sonic Sandbag by DDOG5t
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

1025 March 21st, 2011

Justin Bieber Sandbag by PAVGN
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

It had to be done.

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