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0 October 21st, 2019

Minor Circuit FD by Electropolitan with credit to LenSho, MarioDox, Ryztiq, DSX8
[Stage - Texture, Import, 2D - Final Destination]

I had to redo the audience from scratch, after days of trying to fix it, but at least it's finally out. It's a fun one, and has some classic tunes. 2 lighting options. FD Base.

11 October 20th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Dream Land GB by MarioDox with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Import - Green Greens]

Whispy is feeling a bit green today...

Enjoy the classic look of gameboy when smashing through Dream Land, coming in both Green and White. It uses parts from the Ultimate Omega and also has versions with and without apples!

Use the PM module for correct gameplay.


20 October 19th, 2019

Great Plateau by Electropolitan with credit to Aquabablek, DSX8, Edwguard Flows, MarioDox
[Stage - Texture, Import, 2D - Bridge of Eldin]

Comes with a Metal Cavern alt, omega and a balanced version by MarioDox. Skyworld base, has 4 songs.

34 October 18th, 2019

Majora's Room BF by Electropolitan with credit to DSX8, LlamaJuice, Mewtwo2000, Ryztiq, soopercool101
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Bridge of Eldin]

Finally a decent layout for this stage. Oooo wee what a beauty. I picked out some bangers to go along with it. I have a few lighting options, as I imagine some would not want the lights to change much. By default it'll cycle between image 1 and 2. Image 1 is on for about 1:30, image 2 about 30 seconds, repeat. So yeah, 1:1, looks pretty swanky. Doesn't lag with 4 players with Smash 3 skins. And it uses a Skyworld base.

10 October 17th, 2019

Paper Mario TTYD Battle Stage by Electropolitan with credit to ThatNintendoNerd, Uncle0wnage, MarioDox, AlGeorgeRomo, Smash 2 Dev Team, WorseDoughnut, Nezha the Scout, PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Import, 2D - WarioWare, Inc.]

In 2011 a Paper Mario Stage was made for Brawl. In 2016 a dude was inspired by it to make a Smash 4 version. Yesterday I rediscovered that Smash 4 one, and made a new one for Brawl. Yeah, simple stuff. There's a PM/P+ Wario Land version and an omega version, which fits more in line with Paper Mario. Comes with 3 songs. FD Base.

10 October 19th, 2019

Moonlight Hill by Electropolitan with credit to geksz, DSX8, Edwguard Flows, MarioDox, soopercool101, PMBR, LlamaJuice, Mewtwo2000, Ryztiq, Wario358
[Stage - Import, 2D - Luigi's Mansion]

I was going through some old Smash 4 mods and stumbled upon this beauty by geksz. I was wondering how he did, it and after going through the files, I realized I could do the same. Sadly I couldn't get fog working, but the lighting is pretty rad! Comes with 3 versions, 3 songs and UI. Even a 1:1 for P+'s PMBR's Metal Cavern. Uses Skyworld base.

6 October 15th, 2019

Trippy Stadium by Electropolitan with credit to Layell, Yohan1044, Scout, davidvkimball, LazyRed, Mewtwo2000, Theytah, Kirbreat, mawwwk, and the PMDT
[Stage - Texture - Pokemon Stadium 2]

Started as a simple \"I'll just change the pokeball for my build to this goofy Psychedelic Psyduck.\" A few hours later... and wha-bam! Trippy Stadium. I used Smash 3's Pokemon Stadium as a base. Includes 3 songs and 2 versions.

Massive shoutouts to Chris Catlin for the amazing Psyduck piece - https://www.deviantart.com/chriscatlin/art/Psychedelic-Pysduck-colors-man-812605141

9 October 13th, 2019

[MODULE ONLY] Hazardless Brinstar Module pack by MarioDox
[Stage - Vertex - Brinstar]

Have you ever thought that Brinstar was too hazardry?

Well, now you can remove the hazards that you hate the most, from the pillars, the cells and even the acid. Removal of cells and pillars only affect the hurtboxes (the models will still be there).
When removing acid, use the included pac file (vPM 3.6) that fixes the scn0 using the \"flooded by acid\" counter part.

Select the module you prefer and throw it in your build.


33 October 13th, 2019

Ocean Palace (Mario And Sonic At The London Olympic Games) by Wario358
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Skyworld]

This is the Dream Fencing Stage From Mario And Sonic At the 2012 London Olympic Games ported to Brawl. this is one to one with the source game in terms of lighting and such, the only thing removed was the fish as they couldn't really be seen in game. Comes With the seaside hill songs from sonic generations.

17 October 8th, 2019

Relaxed Great Bay by BraveDragonWolf
[Stage - Vertex - Jungle Japes]

I know the omega version would be good for this but it's not about that you know? You'd still want the original layout of the stage but more chill.

- Improved the turtle's spec map

- It's called \"Relaxed\" for a reason so no swimming.

- Also got rid of a couple of other spec maps (no big deal)

- Comes with and without a ceiling.

69 October 3rd, 2019

Great Bay (Smash Ultimate) by BraveDragonWolf with credit to DSX8 for the old original animations...I think...
[Stage - Import - Jungle Japes]

No, this isn't a half-assed retexture of the melee version.
I'm currently working on Kongo Falls. But don't expecting anything huge...
Also, if you're making any wild edits, ask me first...There's a high chance of me saying no. Not trying to sound like an asshole.

This stage comes with:

- A version without swimming

- A Moon with glowing eyes

- An owl statue with glowing eyes

- A sea turtle with blinking eyes

- A gorgeous Tingle

- Cosmetics

- and soundtracks.

You may experience little frame rate drops with 3 or more non-Brawl models.

22 September 29th, 2019

Let Us Start The Game by SpartanNine5 with credit to Me
[Stage - Texture, 2D]


24 September 24th, 2019

Scott Pilgrim's Toronto Tour by Electropolitan with credit to TEITO for the base stage
[Stage - Texture, Import, 2D - Flat Zone 2]

I've been wanting to make this Scott Pilgrim stage for years, but it was so difficult I never got far. Recently, I was going through TEITO's massive modpack, and found this Ninja Warriors stage, it was the perfect stage to build on, and so I did. Many hours of compiling sprites and ta-da!

Has 3 songs, 3 layouts, FD base.

The lack of photo's stems from no Dolphin on my computer, and when I try to take a photo on my Wii, the game instantly freezes :c so Brawl Crate & my phone will have to do

12 September 23rd, 2019

Minecraft Textures V2 by Isaacvalen
[Stage - Texture - Custom Set 0: Forest]

-New Background
-Dirt is Falling Blocks
-Ice is the Stone
-Dead tree have new textures

Coming Soon:Minecraft Textures For Custom set 1 and 2 (Factory and Desert)

7 September 20th, 2019

Minecraft textures for Stage Builder V1 by Isaacvalen with credit to Mojang
[Stage - Texture - Custom Set 0: Forest]

Minecraft Textures for make your own stages

3 September 15th, 2019

High Discord Server Stadium by Junny
[Stage - Texture - Pokemon Stadium 2]

This is my first stage. I know it is really bad and cringey. Im just doing this for lols. Also this Discord Server is private.

26 September 10th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Great Bay Secret by MarioDox with credit to Ryan, Mewtwo2000, DSX8, PMDT, Hallow
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Pirate Ship]

*drinks milk*

Great Bay, is different, with a new touch of legal play, is now a Delfino Secret (PM 3.6) reskin, Tingle makes an appearance too! The floor has a darker line to show landing position.

Uses a FD module (like DS).


9 September 7th, 2019

Junglebow by DemKnux with credit to SBBB Team
[Stage - Vertex, 2D - Hanenbow]

Like Hanenbow's ascetics but don't like playing on a gimmicky stage? Like SSE Jungle's layout but think it's too bland? Well, have I got the stage for you introducing Junglebow! Junglebow is 1:1 Hanenbow reskin of SSE Jungle. Meant as a Z-Alt for Hanenbow.

11 September 5th, 2019

Ridley Textures Pack by NGUU2055
[Stage - Texture - Boss]

Some texture edits of Ridley I made. More will be added over time...

14 August 31st, 2019

AshleyWare Zone by DemKnux with credit to LTE Team and former PMDT.
[Stage - Texture, Import - WarioWare, Inc.]

Get your game on in this 1:1 alt of Green Hill. This is intended as an alt for Wario Land but is should work on any stage. It features UI and a WarioWare alt. Have Fun!

177 August 21st, 2019

Mementos (Smash Bros Ultimate) by Wario358 with credit to Ryztiq for help with materials.
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Skyworld]

Mementos from ultimate has been ported to brawl!
For now only the hazardless version of mementos without the train and wall are here for now. P5 variant only.
the chains are not there due to issues. When the other versions of the stage (and p3/p4) variant are done the current link will be updated to include them.
The UI for the stage selection screen is only for PM.

44 August 17th, 2019

Sunset BattleField by Wario358
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Battlefield]

So this is another stage mod by me in a while!
this is battlefield using the cliff and sunset BG from the opening intro of brawl when the game is turned on.
collision is 1-1 to the original battlefield.

30 August 14th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Outer Wall Zone by TEITO with credit to Unit, Bugeye27, PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Green Hill Zone]

Outer Wall Zone is a 1-for-1 reskin of Green Hill Zone from PM 3.6.
I created from the Outer Wall of Cave Story.
Like the original, there are animations of the background and characters.
This includes 10 songs from Cave Story.

Part of Legacy MP.

31 August 13th, 2019

[PM 3.6/P+ v1.05b] Metroid Lab Secret by TEITO with credit to TheytahK, Dranakar, davidvkimball, Yohan1044, Mewtwo2000, SeriousPhatage, Kirbeast, PMDT, WorseDoughnut, MarioDox
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Norfair]

Metroid Lab Secret is 1:1 of PM 3.6 and P+ v1.05b Delfino's Secret.
I created it from Legacy TE and P+ v1.05b Norfair and Metroid Lab.

Part of Legacy MP.

36 July 30th, 2019

Donkey Kong Mini by MarioDox
[Stage - Import - 75m]

*start up jingle*

The original donkey kong needs more rappresentation in Smash, and I did this to compensate. Most DK stages are based on Kongo Jungle or other jungle related stuff, but this one, is based on the Melee Target Test stage of Donkey Kong which is based on the original Donkey Kong. A bit more HD of course. It's a different layout than the original one mainly because it's better for normal matches.

It's a big stage, better played with 4 players. Weirdly, barrels don't move on slopes here.

Goes over FD, has a port to 75m included in the download.


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