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26 December 10th, 2018

Finale by Ryztiq with credit to Everyone who I was able to work with and share this love of modding.
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Final Destination]

1-1 over FD: Please, Please use the songs included with the stage. This was meant to tell a story. The sound is just as important to the stage as the models themselves.

With that said, let's all take a bow.


19 November 23rd, 2018

Turkey Destination by Sub, Nezha the Scout with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Final Destination]


11 November 18th, 2018

Pictoheaven Rainbow by MarioDox with credit to Ryztiq, rihuganon, flamegoop, PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Import - PictoChat]

Who wouldn't want their own heaven to be full of colors?

Pictochat, in an heaven, but it's all rainbow. How does that sound? Well, sorry for me, but this ain't legal anyway.

Has PM Camera but has Brawl Hazards, which means that all transformations happen, they can deal damage and so on, so it's not wi-fi safe at all. Oh, and it has fixed filtering on the text and the side bar too.


8 November 18th, 2018

Single Hanenbow by MarioDox with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Hanenbow]

How quiet!

This beauty of a stage just got symmetrical and completely single for all of your loving battle needs.

Goes over Hanenbow (hard to guess) without a rel.
Has PM Camera.


26 November 20th, 2018

Dive Into Purple Heart by BraveDragonWolf with credit to Edwguard Flows, Robz, Mewtwo2000 and Sandfall
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Final Destination]

[EDIT 2]: Updated Character lighting!

[EDIT]: Added Purple Heart's theme...Don't know why I didn't before.

I just want to be noticed...

I made the stage slightly bigger for my own use because I'm different...

101 November 16th, 2018

Boxing Ring (Final Edits...) by BraveDragonWolf with credit to DSX8
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Pokemon Stadium 2]


- Fire is much noticeable and in gorgeous detail now

- Also got rid of some audiences that were WAY off screen, lowered their texture resolutions as well, thought it may help reduce a bit of lag. (But it matters how much detail is on the screen)

.REL file is in the previous version: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=216869

36 November 2nd, 2018

Sandy Grave - Castlevania by Edwguard Flows
[Stage - Texture, Import - Mushroomy Kingdom]

Happy Halloween!! New Project M Mod stage.

Sandy Grave from Castlevania Portrait of Ruin, using Mushroomy Kingdom omega.

Custom models added like skulls, platforms and background elements with new lighting, textures and animations. Hope you like!

It goes over STGMARIOPAST, no wifi safe.

Subscribe to my Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIwtb1sopQlVfoUaH2gFPaA?view_as=subscriber

ENjoy :)

12 November 2nd, 2018

Halloween Stadium 2 by ThePwnzr with credit to David V Kimball for pumpkins from Pumpkin Hill Zone, shoutouts to the entire CBM server
[Stage - Texture - Pokemon Stadium 2]

Smashers, what's your favorite way to spook your friends and foes alike? Personally, my favorite is drag them into a room, turn the lights off, and... turn on PM and hop onto this stage! Anti-climatic? Maybe.

Comes with stage icons for PM and TE, along with the original screenshot so you can make your own icon if you like. Submission for the CBM Halloween contest!

65 October 31st, 2018

Gemacube's Dynamo by Nezha the Scout, Electropolitan with credit to Sooper, Skyval, sutinoer, other info on read me .txt
[Stage - Import - Spear Pillar]

This stage is to complicated to explain just by words, click the thumbnail for the video!

Check the read me's too!

Heres a brief:

This stage is the result of me experimenting on how Spear Pillar works mechanically and functions, this is not based on anything but just pure custom ideas. Replaces Dialga version, add all the files given here so the stage works. Porting it onto other slots disables SFX, keeping it on a spear pillar slot keeps the SFX. It also has an optional BRSTM zip with stuff donated from Electropolitan and others (credited in zip as well).

This was submitted for a custom brawl mod server's Halloween contest too! So hey two birds with one stone. Report me if you find any oddities!

Credits: Electropolitan ,soopercool101, Syvkal. Others mentioned in both read mes available on both ZIPs

Note: The gears are heavily modified models of sutinoer model rip of Clock Gears Solid, from Batman Batman: Arkham Asylum. Forgot to add this to the credit .txt

86 November 9th, 2018

HD Kongo Falls V2 by BraveDragonWolf with credit to Layell, AlGeorgeRomo, and The Smash 2 Team for the original stage
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Jungle Japes]

EDIT 2: 11/9/18
Lowered some unnecessary textures with resolutions that doesn't need to be 512 to reduce a bit of lag.

EDIT: 10/31/18
Fixed the sun glare a bit and some edits to the rock under the splash logs.

Poured my damn heart into this...

This time, it isn't based off of the Smash Ultimate Kongo Falls, but it's pointed in that direction. I deleted the first version of this and it's mostly my HD version of the Melee Kongo Falls to be exact. It's got a lot of lights...Not necessarily a bad thing.

Old version: https://imgur.com/a/WEc5KEk

22 November 29th, 2018

World E-Castle V2 by BraveDragonWolf
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Final Destination]

EDIT 1: Smaller size now.

THERE! Now it feels like a home...

43 October 25th, 2018

Darkrai Stadium by Kirbeast with credit to Bushwookie, Yohan1044, Nezha, Soopercool101, LazyRed, Lensho, and Mewtwo2000, E-scope12, and RandomTBush for the Darkrai Sun & Moon Model
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Pokemon Stadium 2]

Pokemon Stadium 2 has been abandoned and taken over by Darkrai

Stage Select Screen Images, Spooky music, rel are all included

24 October 20th, 2018

Project M 3.6 - Caveless Spear Pillar (Sun & Moon) by E-scope12, Tybis, SmashBroski, Syvkal with credit to SmashBroski, Syvkal, Tybis, & RandomTBush for the Pokémon Sun & Moon Models
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Spear Pillar]

An alternative take on Brawl's Spear Pillar catering to competitive and casual players. Comes in three versions: Empty, No Hazards, and Hazards. SSS assets included.

- All versions: The cavern portion of the stage is gone.
- All versions: Pokémon models imported from Pokémon Sun & Moon.
- Extra Versions: Has versions for Giratina & Arceus.
- Empty: No Pokemon
- No Hazards: Legendary Pokemon appear in background and do not produce hazards.
- Hazards: Legendary Pokemon appear and produce hazards (beams, gravity, etc.)

Delete tengan.rel in module and replace TENGAN_1,2, & 3 in melee with the desired version files.

7 October 20th, 2018

Fixed Dragon Valley by Black Kyurem with credit to libertyernie
[Stage - 2D - Final Destination]

Fixed the spawn point. This should stop T-posing with Pokemon Trainer.

10 October 20th, 2018

Fixed Studiopolis by Black Kyurem with credit to Electropolitan, soopercool101, ThePwnzr
[Stage - Texture, Import, 2D - Flat Zone 2]

Fixed the Spawn point. This should stop T-posing with Pokemon Trainer.

53 November 26th, 2018

Waluigi Pinball 2.0 by karlo with credit to LegacyWolf, xxWutzMercyxx
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Mario Circuit]

New tracks added... Sometimes...
Track list updated as of 26/11/18

Also these ones:
Remix by Noteblock
Gametal by Jonny Atma:
The image leads to an album.

Finally! Better textures! Now everything looks actually decent!

I looped more music this time... too much in fact... It would've slowed down the download, so I'm only including 2:
- Waluigi Pinball (Brawl)
- Wario Colosseum Remix by JoshhMarshh
If you want other tracks, go here:

Is a reskin of Casino Night Zone (by LegacyWolf), wich can be found here:

Goes over Final Destination and includes .rel files for Big Blue, Mario Circuit and Wario Ware Inc.. If you want to use over another stage use one of these:

If you have any graphical glitches PM me. (I do not guarantee fixing it, but I'll try.)

21 October 18th, 2018

Steam Desktop V1 by sinchan with credit to GCXfilms
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Battlefield]

A quick retexture I did of GCXfilms' Windows XP, based off of my own desktop.

22 October 15th, 2018

Canyon Fall Field by FireStarMarth
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Battlefield]

Canyon Fall Field
(Wi-Fi SAFE, for Brawl / P: M)

16 October 12th, 2018

DebugWare by MarioDox with credit to squilliam, PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - WarioWare, Inc.]

Debug from melee became a warioware 1:1!

Original stage from squilliam, this stage uses the aesthethic of said stage to make a simplistic 1:1, it can even be used as a base for more reskins!
Main platform has a red road to show the landing position, all platforms have correctly working shadows and are moved to be a perfect 1:1. Camera and values were not changed.

Originally made for my twitter challenge i came up back then. Started it now and finished in a few hours.

Has PM cosmetics.

12 October 17th, 2018

Giratina's Spear Pillar (Sun & Moon) by E-scope12 with credit to RandomTalkingBush for the script to rip the X/Y models.
[Stage - Import - Spear Pillar]


Giratina can jump on the stage at anytime.

Model ripped from Pokémon Sun/Moon. Animations from Pokémon Sun/Moon. Has 2 forms.

50 October 5th, 2018

Improved Playable Sacred Land by BraveDragonWolf with credit to dRage, and Angelglory
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Halberd]

I thought this place was missing something...

18 October 5th, 2018

Meta Ridley Texture Pack by NGUU2055
[Stage - Texture - Boss]

Here's my second boss texture pack of Meta Ridley. Contains Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple variants. Will be updated over time.

106 October 1st, 2018

Oil Drum Alley by Nezha the Scout, BustedSoda with credit to Mattress87, Tonberry2k, MarioDox, SooperCool, Umbravivens, Peardian, Russmars2, FancyEX
[Stage - Import - 75m]

Has two versions, preview card links to video. Updated! Fixed some looping issues.

Read the txt files for details!

Album here:

20 September 22nd, 2018

Fixed Metal Harbor by Black Kyurem with credit to ᆘ유 | 유유
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Big Blue]

Fixed character spawn. This will stop Pokemon Trainer T-pose on this stage.

16 September 22nd, 2018

Fixed Sky Rail by Black Kyurem with credit to ᆘ유 | 유유
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Onett]

Fixed character spawn. This will stop Pokemon Trainer T-pose on this stage.

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