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2 March 18th, 2018

Petey Piranha for PM by DMZNA with credit to Yoshi2410
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Custom Character]

Works with PM as well as vBrawl.
A Marth Clone or replace Marth.

-BrawlEx Config
-Character Folder

Original Mod:

1 March 18th, 2018

Green Alloy for BrawlEx by DMZNA
[Character - Import - Alloy (Green)]

Adds the Green Alloy to BrawlEx or PM.
Appears with Kirby Cosmetics!

2 March 18th, 2018

Red Alloy for BrawlEx by DMZNA
[Character - Import - Alloy (Red)]

Adds the Red Alloy to BrawlEx or PM.
Appears with Captain Falcon Cosmetics!

1 March 18th, 2018

Blue Alloy for BrawlEx by DMZNA
[Character - Import - Alloy (Blue)]

Adds the Blue Alloy to BrawlEx or PM.
Appears with Zelda Cosmetics!

3 March 18th, 2018

Yellow Alloy for BrawlEx by DMZNA
[Character - Import - Alloy (Yellow)]

Adds the Yellow Alloy to BrawlEx or PM.
Appears with Mario Cosmetics!

1 March 18th, 2018

Arctic Kong by DMZNA
[Character - Texture - Donkey Kong]

Our first texture mod for Donkey Kong

2 March 17th, 2018

Fixed MM Young Link Alt Smash 2 by Moe with credit to AlGeorge Romo & The Smash 2 Team
[Character - Vertex - Custom Character]

Okay, this tweak the sword and sheath.

Full gallery here with description of the changes: https://imgur.com/a/VnaNQ

And before you ask the sheath change, it's based on it's appearance on Majora's Mask: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/398388514196029440/424326645034385418/majora1027.png

PS: Sorry, I couldn't find a 3DS Version of the sheath, but it's the same

This also includes:
- Recolors
- BP
- Stock Icon

Tell me if there is something wrong okay?

1 March 17th, 2018

Wii Shop Channel Remix By Video Game Remixes by sinchan
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

Remix made by Video game remixes:
(Source: Wii Shop Channel)
1 March 17th, 2018

HYPE By: Tokyo Machine by sinchan with credit to Tokyo Machine for the song
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

The song HYPE by Tokyo Machine. Made cause I can.
(Source: Tokyo Machine)
1 March 17th, 2018

Angry Birds 2D Stage by PikaApple, Nanobuds, Hacksponge, Turb0k with credit to HackSponge, Turb0k, Nanobuds
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import, 2D - Shadow Moses Island]

My First Stage!
I Used As A Base The 2D Spongebob Stage From Hacksponge
Comes With Images, Captures, Red Bird Over JigglyPuff Retextured By Me (Created By Turb0k, Nanobuds),BRSTM And Pacs Over Final Destination And Shadow Moses Island.
Happy Smashing!

11 March 17th, 2018

Fire Emblem Sigurd Visuals + Model by DingooPingoo with credit to Lilith for providing me with this awesome model
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Custom Character]

I do not own the provided model, this is a hybrid model created by the legend: VelvetKitsune (Lilith)

I am only responsible for the cosmetics
Hope you like it

Update 1:
Enhanced Cosmetics (Brighter and more color)

8 March 17th, 2018

Mario the Builder (Smash 3C Version) by okotochiken
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Mario]

You asked for it, so here it is!

Actually, no-one asked for it but I made it anyway. A Project M compatible Bob the Builder inspired Mario out there for all the people that didn't know they needed it. Plus, it has full cosmetics!

Credit to AlGeorgeRomo for the original model and Layell for the base textures.

4 March 16th, 2018

LS-Style Dedede by Lucent Shadow
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA) - King Dedede]

Dedede got BUFF...ed...in Smash.

Because Dedede is a pain to edit, I didn't change too much for this one. This is actually an old one I had from years ago but tweaked a little. The dynamic and play style is different, and - both technique-wise and movement-wise - he can be either tough to control or an absolute menace. And he gets a bit of an aesthetic update too.

I normally suck with the big, slow guys, but I found myself winning out over better characters I normally have trouble against. I swear, he might be too strong. But that's fine. He's King Dedede. 3D. Triple D. D3. If you can't handle all the D, stay away.



You'll holler and hoot; he'll give Kirby the BOOT!

DEDEDE is the one!


6 March 16th, 2018

No Hill Zone by MarioDox
[Stage - Vertex - Green Hill Zone]

Eggman did it again! He captured Son- Wait, no this is another story.
Eggman broke Green Hill! It's no Hill now!

But you can break it more, don't you?

Works over Green Hill Zone with no rel change.
Has PM Camera and Cosmetics.
Enjoy suiciding constantly because there's no ground

3 March 16th, 2018

Delfino Tower by MarioDox
[Stage - Vertex - Delfino Plaza]

You don't seem to like water huh?
Well, it's only that now. Maybe not all of it.

You got lost on an island but crappy game developers made you actually stand on this pillar. Water is water and that's it.

Goes over Jungle Japes by default but has a rel for Delfino Plaza.

Has PM Camera and Cosmetics.
Enjoy drowning

5 March 16th, 2018

Rukia Voice by Calypso with credit to DiabolosPhoenix
[SFX - Pikachu]

For Jrush64's Rukia over Pikachu PSA

Voice from Bleach shattered blade
(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyctS3nnJ3o)
12 March 16th, 2018

Bowser's Castle Melee by MarioDox with credit to Mewtwo2000, Oshtoby, BMDT
[Stage - Texture, Import - Rainbow Cruise]

What? You don't remember Bowser having his own stage in melee? You must've forgot then.
Peach's Castle got capture by Bowser bla bla bla and it now has fire!
Like the 64 version, it has hurting lava, lava waves and bursts of fire.

Goes over Norfair with no rel change but has also a rel for Extra Stages and Rainbow Cruise.

Has PM Camera and Cosmetics.
Enjoy getting one shot by lava.

17 March 16th, 2018

Glacial Ware by Electropolitan with credit to MarioDox, WorseDoughnut
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Summit]

Big shoutouts for MarioDox informing me what Vertexing is!

FD Base, comes with 4 versions, that differ with a base and the skybox.

Well, one must keep in mind that, just because black ice looks different than white ice, it doesn’t make it any more dangerous. Also, one must remember how hard it is for black ice to survive, what with the authorities trying to destroy it with the snow plows and salt trucks, but black ice perseveres.

0 March 16th, 2018

XEpicwolfyX Minecraft Vertex Edit by Lasercraft32
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Marth]

This is my first working vertex!

Comes with CSPs, and Eternal Wolfy alternate palette swap.

(Sorry, picture is a little big...)

I'll be comming up with more minecraft models soon!

13 March 15th, 2018

The Bridge by MarioDox
[Stage - Vertex - Bridge of Eldin]

The Bridge Broke. But not the part you think it did.

It's something not balanced and it's so fun to play on.
The pig comes in and does KABOOM to the bridge part and you fall down. rip
But no worries, there's a tiny platform you can land on...
Will you survive?

Goes over Bridge of Eldin with no rel change.
Enjoy getting spiked

14 March 15th, 2018

Balanced Duck Hunt by MarioDox with credit to DSX8
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Skyworld]

The annoying dog's game now gets a bit more fair. Not the actual game though.

Duck hunt from SSBU in brawl now as a more competitive version if omega wasn't competitive enough.

Works over Skyworld with no rel change.

Original Omega by DSX8.

Has PM Camera and Cosmetics.

11 March 15th, 2018

Unofficial v1.0 Mega Mewtwo X by Black Kyurem with credit to TeenLukus, Register, Project M Team, RAWRzilla, Smash 3 Team, ledgerewskie, Kurukato87, Layell, Aghanim, SylveonPlaysSSB, PizzaDog, Jigglypoof21, Moblin, davidvkimball, Moe, and Jaystring
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Custom Character]

Ah yes, Mega Mewtwo X. TeenLukus never finished development on it, so like my other Unofficial v1.0 mods, I did exactly that!

Mega Mewtwo X mostly uses physical moves and her specials are that of MagicScrumpy's overpowered Melee Mewtwo!

15 March 15th, 2018

Sonic Mania Menu SFX by Ubergruvin with credit to Christian Whitehead and the rest of the Sonic Mania team.
[SFX - Menu]

Just a quick little mod I whipped up for fun, figured I'd share it. Enjoy! (Preview is of a random YouTube video showcasing the menu)
(Source: Sonic Mania)
21 March 14th, 2018

Isaac Golden Sun Fix + Cosmetics by DingooPingoo with credit to Snoopy for the model I used
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Pit]

I made a giant mistake for including PM leak content, and would like to apologize for that.

Snoopy provided the model that i used and included in here.

23 March 16th, 2018

World E-Castle by BraveDragonWolf
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Final Destination]

EDIT! RE-DOWNLOAD! 3/16/18: Specular shine has been improved and brighten. And also improved lighting on the HD images!

The castle from World -E!

This is my very first custom stage and was entirely hand made. Also has specular maps, and HD images.

This stage is made to target "Customization". (Read stage info)
Customize this stage with your own personal images!

I recently found a very relaxing remastered soundtrack of the world -E castle from super mario advance 4, and it inspired me to create this. (Also my character renders mostly inspired me)


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