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0 May 25th, 2016

Purple Melee Falco by tissuebox
[Character - Texture - Falco]

Has everything you need to fufill your purple melee falco needs.
CSPs, BPs, and stocks included as well as poth .pcs and .pac files.

1 May 25th, 2016

[P:M 3.6] Smash U Battlefield (Wifi-Safe) by soopercool101, DSX8, Edwguard Flows with credit to The PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Battlefield]

An edited version of Wii U's Battlefield to match P:M collisions more in appearance. No more clipping!

Leave feedback here: http://smashboards.com/threads/349556/

0 May 24th, 2016

American Melee Falco by tissuebox
[Character - Texture - Falco]

comes with the csps and all

3 May 24th, 2016

Project Clone: Sylux v0.missiles by Placebo, Theytah, HypnotizeScourge with credit to russmarrs2, the PMDT, those that voted for Sylux, Rundas god rest his soul, and the baby
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Samus]

Thread: http://smashboards.com/threads/project-clone.434936/

The mysterious bounty hunter with no known alliances and burning hatred for Samus and the Galactic Federation, Sylux is done confusing players at the end of Prime 3 and has stepped into the fray.

He comes equipped with stolen technology as usual, but this time he has taken two weapons from the Luminoth, the light and dark beams. The Dark Beam is suited best for defense, while the light beam has great offensive abilities.

His speed and gravity are slightly greater than that of Samus, but his projectiles aren't up to snuff

He seems to have forgotten his Shock Coil... for now...

In-depth change-log and readme will come with the shock coil version.
Open letter to those that can run Hunters PC netplay at a good framerate or have extensive experience with the game's multiplayer, as I want a good grasp of the range and power of Shock Coil as well as differences between when Sylux uses it and when Samus does.
I also need to find out how to remove the freezing on Light Fsmash's second hitbox.

Also, I am a bit worried the light effects are too strong, and if anyone asks me to I'll change them in the shock coil update

3 May 24th, 2016

sort of brawl styled new dr mario by Skeleton11223 with credit to Taiko KTH PMDT Mewtwo2000 mariodk
[Character - Texture, Import - Mario]

gives new smash drmario pm shoes, skin,mustache and eyebrows.

6 May 24th, 2016

True dark pit by Skeleton11223 with credit to PMDT and Mario49
[Character - Texture - Pit]

I took mario49s dark pit and gave the silver bow,shield and wing (the wings are darker) textures to pm dark pit so now he looks more like ssb4 dark pit.

2 May 24th, 2016

Punk Cloud alt by Lorpman
[Character - Texture - Ike]

Use with the cloud smash 4 PSA. Srry that the images don't work, im new.
Link to the images(I have had reports idk what they mean but maybe this will help)

Cloud T-pose: http://imgur.com/RxWd37l

Cloud taunt: http://imgur.com/cojO1wC

P.s Can't wait till that new Cloud PSA

6 May 23rd, 2016

SSB4 Purple Lucario by ⚠WARNING⚠
[Character - Texture - Lucario]

I accept requests for textures/characters/recolors, just send me a PM.

A recolor of Lucario similar to his Smash Wii U and 3DS appearances, requested by GuyWhoNeedsAMirror

10 May 23rd, 2016

Golden Sounds by Cahalan with credit to KDS and DarioRamsus for making the midis
[Pack - Audio]

Presenting Golden Sounds!

A pack of four BRSTMs that go well with Llama Juice's Venus Lighthouse stage (and the Mercury Lighthouse Stage too!) as a tribute to what could've been.

Rest in Piece Isaac, you'll be forever missed.

Shoutouts to Kuro for the Awesome Isaac Render he made a while back.

8 May 23rd, 2016

GiIvaSunner City by WarioMasterDK with credit to GiIvaSunner, creators of all content shown here, whoever made Kitty Korp City, whoever made BrawlBox and whoever made Smash Stage Manager.
[Stage - Texture - 75m]

I only upload high quality reskins of Kitty Korp City


DEAR REPORTERS: This is a repost of sorts, but it's about as much as the existing "Pepsi City" stage, and NOBODY complained about Pepsi City, which was basically the same thing. see this not as a stage, but as a reskin. maybe you just hate high quality rips and that's why you reported it, and if that's the case, than you obviously can't handle the fact that some people like memes, which is something you have to face at some point in your life.

EDIT: Oh, it's a duplicate post, I deleted the other GiIvaSunner City, and now we can meme in peace.

TO DO LIST: Replace non-replaced textures (such as the KC-MM Enterance sign), replace "101 Kid's Brainy Games" texture, replace "The Truth Behind Sans?" with "The Truth Behind Sens?", replace the skyline, change "Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths" to a 2-frame animated picture, maybe change the stage layout if possible?, add "Do Your Best" somewhere, git gud.

20 May 23rd, 2016

SSB4 Lime Roy by ⚠WARNING⚠ with credit to Kuro and jaystring
[Character - Texture, Import - Custom Character]

I accept requests for textures/characters/recolors, just send me a PM.

A recolor of Roy to a nicer shade of green than the official green Roy

27 May 22nd, 2016

Super Mario Sunshine Bonus Costume-Reupload (NOT MINE) by CitrusJelly with credit to AlGeorgeRomo and DrDean for making the actual skin
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Mario]

I saw this skin back in April and I LOVED IT. When I started over my PM build, I went to redownload this skin and found that the download link was dead. So I found the file on my computer and uploaded it to mediafire. I take no credit for this. 100% credit goes to AlGeorgeRomo and DrDean. I simply reuploaded it.

Comes with CSPs and BPs. Goes over default slot.

7 May 22nd, 2016

Tanooki Mario by SSBNerd26, AwesomeToad with credit to Mariodk and Ebola16 for fixing the eyes
[Character - Texture, Import - Mario]

PICS ---- http://imgur.com/a/K2le4#0

Super Mario is back at it in, yet another, one of his most popular suits. The Tanooki suit!


FS eyes

Motioned eyes


Special Thanks to...

Mariodk for telling me on how to fix a Brawl character's eye situation!

1 May 22nd, 2016

Luigi Mario by SSBNerd26
[Character - Texture - Mario]

Mario as Luigi, simple texture hack, my first one too.

6 May 22nd, 2016

Maki Nishikino by EliTE9
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

5 May 22nd, 2016

Eli Ayase by EliTE9 with credit to Tyshy for the model
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

Eli has joined Brawl! This Student Council President is gonna win her battles.

2 May 22nd, 2016

Randall is Randall by WarioMasterDK with credit to PMDT, Disney, Pixar
[Stage - Texture - Yoshi's Island (Melee)]

Randall is Randall.

goes on PM's Yoshi's Story Melee.

add this to annoy your friends because nobody knows where the collision box is.

3 May 22nd, 2016

SpongeBob Shirt Ness by WarioMasterDK with credit to Nickelodeon, PMDT, Whoever made the Brawl Costume Manager and BrawlBox.
[Character - Texture - Ness]















27 May 21st, 2016

Daiyousei for DAO_Ibuki's Cirno PSA by Gamidame_K, Calypso with credit to DAO_Ibuki
[Character - Import - Custom Character]

Only compatible with the Cirno PSA I incluided on this pack
Follow me on Facebook to stay tuned to my next imports and other stuff that may interest you:

33 May 21st, 2016

Brawl MInus + Brawlex Template by IamDoc with credit to Brawl - Team
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Item, Misc, Portrait]

I decided to take the responsibility of doing BrawlEx for Brawl- 4.0b. I changed a few things in the codes, deletes one or two files, updated the sc_selcharacter.pac, and among others. this is very easy to use (for people with some experience with BrawlEx). PLEASE DOWNLOAD BRAWLEX MODULES CONFIGS ETC SOMEWHERE ELSE PM if any Glitches. P.S If Brawl- wants me to remove this for whatever reason, they can.

6 May 21st, 2016

We are in the Beam! Guy Announcer (for Brawl, PM and BM) by UltimentM with credit to Valve
[SFX - Announcer]

Says we are in the beam!

Yup, its a meme-based announcer. It may be funny, it may not, but it can actually work really well (especially since you can edit the announcer call for other characters) and this guy is actually excited for calling out characters!

The best thing? This mod is available for Regular Brawl, Project M and Brawl Minus with some simple file changes!

Hope you guys enjoy!
(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zbf40Nu3xlc)
20 May 21st, 2016

Sanic The Grand Thief by BloodBerry
[Character - Texture, Import - Solid Snake]

Yep, I'm still alive... and I couldn't think of a better name

Okay... some of you know where does this comes from and some of you don't. You may think this model is simple, dumb, funny or both of them... and well that's the point xD.

When I first saw this on youtube for San Andreas I got hyped, I was like 9 years old or something, but it was kind of useless since I didn't have the game :c. Like 3 or 4 years later, I realized this came first for Vice City, and yep.. that's it.

I take no credit for making the model, I only rigged it and imported it. And no CSPs for now.

If you get any errors or if i forgot to properly credit someone please let me know through a PM...Thanks.

What about using this along with a CJ sfx?

15 May 21st, 2016

Madara (6 Path) by Ebola16 with credit to DSX8
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ike]

Here's Madara's 6 Path form from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4! Comes with two forms, one with his 3rd eye covered and one with the eye uncovered. Credit to DSX8 for using his Magnus skeleton as a base (has bone edits)

Model Source: http://naruto-3d-modelers.deviantart.com/art/NSUNS4-Madara-6-Path-590486452

25 May 20th, 2016

Ocarina of Time Zelda & Sheik Recolors PM Alt Pack by Moe with credit to PMDT
[Pack - Character]

More pictures

Zelda White: http://i.imgur.com/MeKCka0.jpg
Sheik Red: http://i.imgur.com/nukBghY.jpg
Sheik Blue: http://i.imgur.com/ZfmVTYV.jpg
Sheik Green: http://i.imgur.com/NFfeWqf.jpg
Sheik Lavender: http://i.imgur.com/wZlwsXM.jpg

It looks like nobody done any recolors for Oot Zelda & Sheik PM Alt. so I decide to made by myself... again.

This download includes
-Zelda & Sheik Characters Files
-Stock Icons

Tell me if there is something wrong.

11 May 20th, 2016

Princess Hilda Color Based (Zelda & Sheik) by Moe
[Pack - Character]

This one is my favorite (specially Princess Hilda), so I really like it how looks.

This download includes:
-Zelda & Sheik Characters Files
-Stock Icons

Tell me if there is something wrong.

For more pictures:


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