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1  Help & Tutorials / Texture and Portrait Tutorials / Guamboy27's Guide to Perfect Pose CSP's on: December 18, 2011, 12:56:53 PM
Alright, here's that tutorial I promised! I'm sure there's at least a few people curious as to how to do this themselves, this is my method.

Before Step 1: Resources
To successfully make good perfect-pose CSP's, we'll need a few programs.
  • The old Brawlbox Modset.
  • The new Brawlbox Modset.
  • Gimp, Photoshop, or some other picture editing program. Make sure it works with transparency!
  • A way to take pictures of BrawlBox. (Windows7, or at least my computer, has the "Snipping Tool".
  • Notepad
Once we have these downloaded, we can get on with step 1:

Step 1: Creating Your Pose
Every perfect-pose CSP maker has a different pose for his character. This is often because they make there own pose!
To make things easier, I keep all my models and animations in the same .pac. Staying organized will prevent you from losing anything. It also helps you access your files faster. Once you're organized and have a blank animation, view up your character in the old modset. Then click on that character's animation. In this version of the modset, you can click on one of the bones. A sphere will show up around it, you can rotate that sphere easily to make your pose. Do not ever edit the translation, only the rotation.

Now you can see your pose coming together! Your first pose will probably take the longest, as you'll have the least experience at it. After some work, your pose will be finished.

Of course there is an alternate way. If you don't want to make your own pose, view your character and open his MotionEtc.pac. Find an animation you like, and go to your favorite frame. Copy that frame and paste it over your animation.

Step 2: Taking Pictures
Open up your character in the old BrawlBox again. View the animation. Uncheck all the unnecessary polygons (other faces, final smash eyes, etc.), and now reset the camera. Don't zoom out with your mouse, or right click to move the camera up or down! Close all of the tabs and zoom out with the "-" key. Count the number of times you hit that key. Once your zoomed out, record the amount of times you zoomed out in notepad. Now use the up arrow key to scroll up. Count the amount of times you clicked that and record it, too. Take a picture of it.

Now close Brawlbox, and reopen your character and animation in the new Brawlbox modset. Zoom out and scroll up the amount of times that you did in the old modset. Take out all bad polygons. Take another picture.

Step 3: Editing For High Quality!
This step will be different for everyone. Every pose will have it's own flaws, so here's the step where you fix those! I'll use Mario as an example to point out some flaws. First up:

Weird lighting. Even in your high quality new BrawlBox, there are flaws in the lighting. But, if you use the picture from the old BrawlBox, where the lighting doesn't try showing shadows like these, you can edit over them.
(Ignore the hair.)
Next flaw!

Perhaps the hardest to fix, the eyes are also the biggest flaw. First step, fill in they eye sockets with white. Try blurring in the edges for extra effect. Now, edit in irises. This will be hard. But, TAKE YOUR TIME. People try to get away with low quality eyes. But, with enough practice, the eyes should get easier. Just take it one step at a time until they look natural.

See how good it'll look in the end? If it helps you, you can use an in game picture to figure out the proper proportions of the eye.
There are other flaws, too. Bad mouth lighting, awkward fur (Diddy and Dk), multiple eyes (Kirby), and more. Note that some people do extra edits like "burning" to improve the lighting. Make back-ups and feel free to experiment to find what you like best!

Step 4: Resizing
Now that we have the character looking as he, she, or it can get; it's time to resize to fit the boundaries of a CSP. I won't say much about this, as you should know how to resize stuff. However, there is one thing you need to do to make this work well. First, open up the same file you saved the information for the Brawl Box camera. Record the size of the character when it's resized to fit in the CSP. Remember that when resizing to only have the character selected and not any extra transparent stuff. Otherwise, making future CSPs will be a long game of guess and check. After resizing, you should be finished with your first perfect pose CSP! Congradulations! Awesome Face

Step 5: Battle Portaits
When you give KC-MM a CSP, some user is going to ask for a battle potrait. But, if your going to do all the work for perfect pose CSPs, you should attempt to make perfect pose BPs, too. It's really quite easy. Make a copy of your CSP in gimp (I'm assuming photoshop would work the same way). Then just drag and drop a Battle Portrait file over it. This will add the BP as a new layer. Delete most of the BP, leaving a small area. Use this small area to move and resize the BP layer over the area of the CSP you have planned to make BPs out of. Make sure to keep the BP's sides the same ratio. Now, fill in your BP layer white and your CSP layer black. In gimp's layer tab, right click the BP layer and merge it over the CSP. Now select and delet the white so that it's transparent. It should look something like this:

To make a BP, you just drag and drop this template over the CSP. Then you merge it over the CSP. Without saving, copy the area within the blank spot. Close the CSP. Now open a BP file, paste the selected part of the CSP, and resize to fit the BP's boundaries. If you kept the ratio correct, this should prevent any stretching on the BP.

Well that wasn't so hard, was it? Just five steps to making perfect pose CSP's! Go crazy. Feel free to post any questions or comments you have.
2  Help & Tutorials / Programming Tutorials / Assigning Music to Stages with Codes on: July 03, 2011, 03:28:22 PM
Okay, so I decided to make a tutorial to help people make use of the Tracklist Modifier code, and other music codes. I will be explaining and breaking down each code to help Brawl hackers who want more music! The final part of the tutorial will show helpful resources that you should use while editing the codes. Also, remember that if you use Riivolution check your XML for .brtsm locations. Gecko users put the songs here:
pf -> sound -> strm ->

PART 1: The Tracklist Modifier Code
This is code developed by Phantom Wings created to, well, modify tracklist. Here it is:
[Tracklist Modifier v1.0]
0610F9BC 00000014
60000000 60000000
3C80811A 7C601B78
608447E7 00000000
4A000000 81000000
301A46F8 6D755072
1417DF44 7CE03B78
1417DF4C 7C0400AE
161A47E8 000000LL << Bytes of data
00000102 03040607 << Default Stages
08090A0B 0C0D0E0E
0E0E0E0F 10111213
14151515 16171819
1A1B1C1D 1E1F2D2D
2D202122 23242526
2728290A 2D2D2D2D
2D2D2D2D 2D2D2D2D
X1X2X3X4 X5X6X7X8 << Custom Stage Tracklists
-------- --------
E0000000 80008000
This code is probably confusing to you, so I’ll start by showing an example. This code is what Libertyenie used in his Classic Stage Expansion.
[Tracklist Modifier v1.0]
* 0610F9BC 00000014
* 60000000 60000000
* 3C80811A 7C601B78
* 608447E7 00000000
* 4A000000 81000000
* 301A46F8 6D755072
* 1417DF44 7CE03B78
* 1417DF4C 7C0400AE
* 161A47E8 00000064
* 00000102 03040607
* 08090A0B 0C0D0E0E
* 0E0E0E0F 10111213
* 14151515 16171819
* 1A1B1C1D 1E1F2D2D
* 2D202122 23242526
* 2728290A 2D2D2D2D
* 2D2D2D2D 2D2D2D2D
* 28282828 28282828
* 28282828 28282828
* 28282828 28282828
* 28282828 28282828
* 28282828 00000000
* E0000000 80008000
All expansion stages to use Big Blue''s tracklist.
With this example you can break the code down.  As you can see, the first 8 lines of the code don’t need to be changed. Then you get here:

161A47E8 000000LL << Bytes of data

Obviously, LL =Bytes of Data. But what does this mean? Well libertyernie used 64 instead of LL. That’s probably still not helpful. Luckily, I have worked with the Stage Expansion Code, which used a similar line…
To find the Bytes of data, start by counting every line under this one (other than the E0000000 80000000). In the example there are 12.5 lines. You see, the 00’s in the 13th line don’t count.
Bytes of data really is every set of two numbers, so with 8 sets per line, we now need to multiply the number of lines by 8.  12.5 x 8 = 100.
Finally convert it to hex. 100 = 64!

Now on to the next lines. Where it says Default stages is where you can edit default stage tracklists. You can make any stage play another stage’s music! Where the code spams 2D is probably just a place holder. The first place where 2D appears divides Brawl and Melee stages, and the second divides Melee and expansion stages. DON’T CHANGE 2D TO ANOTHER NUMBER!

Now onto the expansion stage tracklist!  In that line x1 = STGCUSTOM01, X2=STGCUSTOM02, etc.
The tracklist must be of a default stage.  Choose a stage with the number of songs you want. Hanenbow has more than one song, for the record. libertyernie uses Big Blue for all of his stages, because it only has 2 songs.  When you run out of stages, use 00’s until the end of the line.
To finish the code end with E0000000 80008000.

PART 2: Assigning a Stage Songs
Stage-Track Dependant Song Loader [Oshtoby]
28708ceb 000000SS
28708d2e 0000XXXX
4A000000 90180F06
14000076 FF00YYYY
E0000000 80008000
28708ceb 000000ss
28708d2e 0000xxxx
4A000000 90180F06
14000076 FF00yyyy
E0000000 80008000
This is the code you will need to edit the songs. First off, remember it is actually two codes in one! You can divide it in half:
28708ceb 000000SS
28708d2e 0000XXXX
4A000000 90180F06
14000076 FF00YYYY
E0000000 80008000

28708ceb 000000ss
28708d2e 0000xxxx
4A000000 90180F06
14000076 FF00yyyy
E0000000 80008000

Or add more of it two the end to equal the amount of songs in that track.
28708ceb 000000SS
28708d2e 0000XXXX
4A000000 90180F06
14000076 FF00YYYY
E0000000 80008000
28708ceb 000000ss
28708d2e 0000xxxx
4A000000 90180F06
14000076 FF00yyyy
E0000000 80008000
28708ceb 000000SS
28708d2e 0000XXXX
4A000000 90180F06
14000076 FF00YYYY
E0000000 80008000

But let’s assume you only have two songs. The uppercase placeholders represent the first half (one song), and the lowercase placeholders represent the second half (two songs).
SS = The stage ID
XXXX = The song in the track you want to replace
YYYY = The song you want to replace it with
There are 25 songs not used by stages, plus 4 menu songs, and SSE and victory theme songs. If you want more songs per expansion stage, you can make a default stage like Battlefield use Big Blue’s track, and give the custom stage Battefield’s now unused songs.
It is also possible to give a stage one song with this code by replacing each song with the same new song.

Part 3: One Song Per Stage
Stage Dependent Song Loader
28708ceb 000000SS
4A000000 90180F06
14000076 FF00MMMM
E0000000 80008000
It is possible to give a stage one song through this code, too.
SS = Stage ID
MMMM = The song you want the stage to play.
This code works like the last code, but can only give one song and does not require the Tracklist Modifier. Technically, the Tracklist Modifier is already part of the game. The default code gives expansion stages Battlefield’s tracklist. So, in theory, this code should work with the Tracklist Modifier. I haven’t  tested to be sure.

PART 4: Custom Song Engine
Code's thread on smashboards here.
CSE v2.5 [Dantarion]
041C72DC 38600002
C21C805C 00000004
3C60801C 606380A8
7C6803A6 3C60901A
60633000 4E800020
60000000 00000000
C21C7C38 00000002
3C60901A 60633000
60000000 00000000
C21C73D8 00000003
3C60901A 60633000
93C30000 93C30004
60000000 00000000
4A000000 90000000
161A3008 00000028
00000006 01000000
000C834C 50400200
01020000 000C8340
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
161A2FC8 0000000C
000CDE3C 01000000
7366782F 00000000
161A2FDC 00000008
2E627273 746D0000
161A2F90 00000016
2F736F75 6E642F73
74726D2F 3030302E
62727374 6D000000
C21C7D00 00000012
3FC0901A 63DE2FD4
B3220002 38600000
3B200000 7F8218AE
739C00F0 579CE13E
3B9C0030 2C1C0039
40810008 3B9C0007
7F9EC9AE 3B390001
7F8218AE 739C000F
3B9C0030 2C1C0039
40810008 3B9C0007
7F9EC9AE 38630001
3B390001 2C030004
801EFFF8 901D0000
801EFFFC 901D0004
93DD0008 38600001
38000000 901D000C
60000000 00000000
C21C6CE8 00000007
3CC08000 60C63140
A0C60000 2C060025
4182001C 3CC0901A
60C62FE2 7C043000
4082000C 3F60901A
637B2F90 819D0000
60000000 00000000
This does not add slots to stages, or do anything with My Music.
DO NOT USE VALUES OVER 0000FFFF they will not work.

What’s this? A code by Dantarian? Could it be… a way to add music slots!!! That’s right and it works with GeckoOS AND Riivolution!!!
What it should do, with one of the above codes, is give you more music slots to work with. Meaning, YYYY in your code could now actually FFFF, or anything below that. Riivolution users may need to edit their XML, however. Basicly, the YYYY could be any 4-digit number, but to stay organized I suggest just staying  in the 3000's. The .brtsm would be the 4 digits you chose, but with four 0's in front of it. For example, if you put ABCD in the code, the .brtsm would be 0000ABCD.brtsm. This code will easily work for you Gecko users, but for Riivolution, you'll need to edit your .xml. Here's what you should add if you use Beyond's .xml:
<folder external="/private/wii/app/rsbe/pf/sound/sfx/" disc="/sound/sfx/" create="true" resize="true" />
But you might use this:
<folder external="/brawlmods/sound/sfx/" disc="/sound/sfx/" create="true" resize="true" />
Basicly, the "folder external=" part is just your file path, and you always need the other stuff.
Riivolution users, the file that you will put the CSE .brtsm's is in /sound/sfx. I'm not sure if Gecko users have to do this too.

PART 5: Resources
When editing the codes you obviously won’t memorize ever ID. So, here’s a few things to help!
Stage ID’s:
|----------------List by Diamondbody Sharpshooter on Smashboards---------------------|
|Full Stage--------------ID for Placement---Stage ID---Icon ID--|
|Final Destination-------01-----------------02---------02-------|
|Delfino Plaza-----------02-----------------03---------03-------|
|Luigi's Mansion---------03-----------------04---------04-------|
|Mushroomy Kingdom-------04-----------------05---------05-------|
|Mario Circuit-----------05-----------------06---------06-------|
|Rumble Falls------------07-----------------08---------08-------|
|Pirate Ship-------------08-----------------09---------09-------|
|Bridge of Eldin---------09-----------------33---------0A-------|
|Frigate Orpheon---------0B-----------------0C---------0C-------|
|Yoshi's Island (Brawl)--0C-----------------0D---------0D-------|
|Lylat Cruise------------0E-----------------13---------0F-------|
|Pokemon Stadium 2-------0F-----------------14---------10-------|
|Spear Pillar------------10-----------------15---------11-------|
|Port Town Aero Dive-----11-----------------16---------12-------|
|Flat Zone 2-------------13-----------------18---------14-------|
|Castle Siege------------14-----------------19---------15-------|
|WarioWare, Inc.---------15-----------------1C---------16-------|
|Distant Planet----------16-----------------1D---------17-------|
|Mario Bros.-------------18-----------------1F---------19-------|
|New Pork City-----------19-----------------20---------1A-------|
|Shadow Moses Island-----1B-----------------22---------1C-------|
|Green Hill Zone---------1C-----------------23---------1D-------|
|Yoshi's Island (Melee)--20-----------------2A---------33-------|
|Jungle Japes------------21-----------------2B---------34-------|
|Green Greens------------23-----------------2D---------36-------|
|Rainbow Cruise----------24-----------------2F---------37-------|
|Big Blue----------------26-----------------31---------39-------|
|Pokemon Stadium---------28-----------------2E---------3B-------|
|Control Config----------NA-----------------26---------NA-------|
|Results Screen----------NA-----------------28---------NA-------|
|Homerun Contest---------NA-----------------34---------NA-------|
|Stage Builder Stage-----NA-----------------35---------NA-------|
|Allstar Healing Room----NA-----------------36---------NA-------|
|Wifi Waiting Room-------NA-----------------37---------NA-------|
|Break the Targets-------NA-----------------38---------NA-------|
Credit to Phantomwings
00 Battlefield
01 Final Destination
02 Delphino
03 Luigi's Mansion
04 Mushroomy Kingdom (1-1)
05 Mushroomy Kingdom (1-2)
06 Mario Circuit
07 75m
08 Rumble Falls
09 Pirate Ship
0A Eldin Bridge
0B Norfair
0C Frigate Orpheon
0D Yoshi's Island
0E Halberd
0F Lylat Cruise
10 Pokemon Stadium 2
11 Spear Pillar
12 Port Town Aero Dive
13 Summit
14 Flat Zone
15 Castle Siege
16 WarioWare, inc.
17 Distant Planet
18 Skyworld
19 Mario Bros.
1A Newpork City
1B Smashville
1C Shadow Moses Island
1D Green Hill Zone
1E Pictochat
1F Hanenbow
20 Temple
21 Yoshi's Island
22 Jungle Japes
23 Onett
24 Green Greens
25 Pokemon Stadium
26 Rainbow Cruise
27 Corneria
28 Big Blue
29 Brinstar
2A Menu
2B Empty
2C Empty
2D Empty
Music ID List Posted by Klohona on Smahboards
Music ID List

26F9 Menu 1
26FA Menu 1
26FB Menu 2
26FC Battlefield
26FD Final Destination
26FF Online Practice Stage
2700 Results Display Screen
2701 Tournament Registration
2702 Tournament Grid
2703 Tournament Match End
2705 Classic: Results Screen
2707 All-Star Rest Area
2708 Home-Run Contest
2709 Cruel Brawl
270A Boss Battle
270B Trophy Gallery
270C Sticker Album / Album / Chronicle
270D Coin Launcher
270F Stage Builder
2712 Target Smash!!
2713 Credits
2714 Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
2715 Underground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
2716 Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
2717 Underground Theme (Super Mario Land)
2718 Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)
2719 Castle / Boss Fortress (Super Mario World / SMB 3)
271A Title / Ending (Super Mario World)
271B Main Theme (New Super Mario Bros.)
271C Luigi's Mansion Theme
271D Gritzy Desert
2720 Delfino Plaza
2721 Ricco Harbor
2722 Main Theme (Super Mario 64)
2723 Ground Theme 2 (Super Mario Bros.)
2724 Mario Bros.
2725 Mario Circuit
2726 Luigi Circuit
2727 Waluigi Pinball
2728 Rainbow Road
2729 Jungle Level Ver.2
272A The Map Page / Bonus Level
272B Opening (Donkey Kong)
272C Donkey Kong
272D King K.Rool / Ship Deck 2
272E Bramble Blast
272F Battle for Storm Hill
2730 Jungle Level
2731 25m BGM
2732 DK Jungle 1 Theme (Barrel Blast)
2733 Title (The Legend of Zelda)
2734 Main Theme (The Legend of Zelda)
2735 Great Temple / Temple
2736 The Dark World
2737 Hidden Mountain & Forest
2739 Tal Tal Heights
273A Hyrule Field Theme
273B Ocarina of Time Medley
273C Song of Storms
273D Molgera Battle
273E Village of the Blue Maiden
273F Gerudo Valley
2740 Termina Field
2741 Dragon Roost Island
2742 The Great Sea
2743 Main Theme (Twilight Princess)
2744 The Hidden Village
2745 Midna's Lament
2746 Main Theme (Metroid)
2747 Norfair
2748 Ending (Metroid)
2749 Vs. Ridley
274A Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior
274B Sector 1
274C Opening / Menu (Metroid Prime)
274D Vs. Parasite Queen
274E Vs. Meta Ridley
274F Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2)
2750 Ending (Yoshi's Story)
2751 Obstacle Course
2752 Yoshi's Island
2754 Flower Field
2755 Wildlands
2757 The Legendary Air Ride Machine
2758 King Dedede's Theme
2759 Boss Theme Medley
275A Butter Building
275B Gourmet Race
275C Meta Knight's Revenge
275D Vs. Marx
275E 0 Battle
275F Forest / Nature Area
2760 Checker Knights
2761 Frozen Hillside
2762 Squeak Squad Theme
2763 Main Theme (Star Fox)
2764 Corneria
2765 Main Theme (Star Fox 64)
2766 Area 6
2767 Star Wolf
2769 Space Battleground
276A Break Through the Ice
276B Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault)
276C Space Armada
276D Area 6 Ver. 2
276E Pokémon Main Theme
276F Pokémon Center
2770 Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town / Pewter City)
2771 Pokémon Gym / Evolution
2772 Wild Pokémon Battle! (Ruby / Sapphire)
2773 Victory Road
2774 Wild Pokémon Battle! (Diamond / Pearl)
2775 Dialga / Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar!
2776 Team Galactic Battle!
2777 Route 209
2778 Mute City
2779 White Land
277A Fire Field
277B Car Select
277C Dream Chaser
277D Devil's Call in Your Heart
277E Climb Up! And Get The Last Chance!
277F Brain Cleaner
2780 Shotgun Kiss
2781 Planet Colors
2783 Fire Emblem Theme
2784 Shadow Dragon Medley
2785 With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica Map 1)
2787 Preparing to Advance
2788 Winning Road - Roy's Hope
2789 Attack
278A Against the Dark Knight
278B Crimean Army Sortie
278C Power-Hungry Fool
278D Victory Is Near
278E Ike's Theme
278F Snowman
2793 Humoresque of a Little Dog
2795 Porky's Theme
2796 Mother 3 Love Theme
2797 Unfounded Revenge / Smashing Song of Praise
2798 You Call This a Utopia?!
2799 World Map (Pikmin 2)
279A Forest of Hope
279B Environmental Noises
279C Ai no Uta
279D Tane no Uta
279E Main Theme (Pikmin)
279F Stage Clear / Title (Pikmin)
27A0 Ai no Uta (French Version)
27A1 WarioWare, Inc.
27A2 WarioWare, Inc. Medley
27A3 Mona Pizza's Song (Japanese Version)
27A4 Mona Pizza's Song (English Version)
27A5 Mike's Song (Japanese Version)
27A6 Mike's Song (English Version)
27A7 Ashley's Song (Japanese Version)
27A8 Ashley's Song (English Version)
27B3 Title (Animal Crossing)
27B4 Go K.K. Rider!
27B5 2:00 a.m.
27B7 The Roost
27B8 Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store
27B9 K.K. Crusin'
27BA K.K. Western
27BB K.K. Gumbo
27BC Rockin' K.K.
27BD DJ K.K.
27BE K.K. Condor
27BF Underworld
27C0 Title (Kid Icarus)
27C1 Skyworld
27C2 Kid Icarus Original Medley
27C3 Famicom Medley
27C4 Gyromite
27C6 Chill (Dr. Mario)
27C7 Clu Clu Land
27C8 Balloon Trip
27C9 Ice Climber
27CA Shin Onigashima
27CB Title (3D Hot Rally)
27CC Tetris: Type A
27CD Tetris: Type B
27CE Tunnel Scene (X)
27CF Power-Up Music
27D0 Douchuumen (Nazo no Murasamejo)
27D2 PictoChat
27D4 Flat Zone 2
27D5 Mario Tennis / Mario Golf
27D6 Lip's Theme (Panel de Pon)
27D7 Marionation Gear
27D8 Title (Big Brain Academy)
27D9 Golden Forest (1080Snowboarding)
27DA Mii Channel
27DB Wii Shop Channel
27DC Battle Scene / Final Boss (Golden Sun)
27DD Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi
27DE Excite Truck
27DF Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day
27E0 Opening Theme (Wii Sports)
27E1 Charge! (Wii Play)
27E3 Encounter
27E4 Theme of Tara
27E5 Yell "Dead Cell"
27E6 Snake Eater (Instrumental)
27E7 MGS4 Theme of Love Smash Bros. Brawl Version
27E8 Cavern
27E9 Battle in the Base
27EB Theme of Solid Snake
27EC Calling to the Night
27ED Credits (Super Smash Bros.)
27EE Menu (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
27EF Opening (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
27F2 Green Hill Zone
27F3 Scrap Brain Zone
27F4 Emerald Hill Zone
27F5 Angel Island Zone
27F7 Sonic Boom
27F8 Super Sonic Racing
27F9 Open Your Heart
27FA Live & Learn
27FB Sonic Heroes
27FC Right There, Ride On
27FD HIS WORLD (Instrumental)
27FE Seven Rings In Hand
27FF Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)
2800 Rainbow Cruise (Melee)
2801 Jungle Japes (Melee)
2802 Brinstar Depths (Melee)
2803 Yoshi's Island (Melee)
2804 Fountain of Dreams (Melee)
2805 Green Greens (Melee)
2806 Corneria (Melee)
2807 Pokémon Stadium (Melee)
2808 Poké Floats (Melee)
2809 Big Blue (Melee)
280A Mother (Melee)
280B Icicle Mountain (Melee)
280C Flat Zone (Melee)
280D Super Mario Bros. 3 (Melee)
280E Battle Theme (Melee)
280F Fire Emblem (Melee)
2810 Mach Rider (Melee)
2811 Mother 2 (Melee)
2812 Dr. Mario (Melee)
2813 Battlefield (Melee)
2815 Multi-Man Melee 1 (Melee)
2816 Temple (Melee)
2817 Final Destination (Melee)
2818 Kong Jungle (Melee)
2819 Brinstar (Melee)
281A Venom (Melee)
281B Mute City (Melee)
281C Menu (Melee)
281D Giga Bowser (Melee)
281F Adventure Map
2820 Step: The Plain
2821 Step: The Cave
2822 Step: Subspace
2823 Boss Battle Song 1
2824 SSE Results (Nameless)
2825 Boss Battle Song 2
2826 Save Point
2827 SSE DK Jungle (Nameless)
2828 SSE Luigi Mansion (Nameless)
2829 Halberd Interior (Nameless)
282A SSE Data Select (Nameless)
282B SSE Brinstar (Nameless)
282C Step: Subspace Ver.2
282D Step: Subspace Ver.3
282E Halberd Moving (Nameless)
Songs in each Tracklist and what to name them:
X04 - Battlefield
T02 - Menu (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
X25 - Battlefield Ver. 2
W21 - Battlefield (Melee)
W23 - Multi-Man Melee 1 (Melee)

X05 - Final Destination
T01 - Credits (Super Smash Bros.)
T03 - Opening (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
W25 - Final Destination (Melee)
W31 - Giga Bowser (Melee)

A13 - Delfino Plaza
A07 - Title / Ending (Super Mario World)
A08 - Main Theme (New Super Mario Bros.)
A14 - Ricco Harbor
A15 - Main Theme (Super Mario 64)

A09 - Luigi's Mansion Theme
A06 - Castle / Boss Fortress (Super Mario World / SMB3)
A05 - Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Q10 - Tetris: Type A
Q11 - Tetris: Type B

A01 - Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
A16 - Ground Theme 2 (Super Mario Bros.)
A10 - Gritzy Desert
A02 - Underground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
A03 - Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
A04 - Underground Theme (Super Mario Land)

A20 - Mario Circuit
A21 - Luigi Circuit
A22 - Waluigi Pinball
A23 - Rainbow Road
R05 - Mario Tennis/Mario Golf
R14 - Excite Truck
Q09 - Title (3D Hot Rally)

B01 - Jungle Level Ver.2
B08 - Jungle Level
B05 - King K. Rool / Ship Deck 2
B06 - Bramble Blast
B07 - Battle for Storm Hill
B10 - DK Jungle 1 Theme (Barrel Blast)
B02 - The Map Page / Bonus Level

C02 - Main Theme (The Legend of Zelda)
C09 - Ocarina of Time Medley
C01 - Title (The Legend of Zelda)
C04 - The Dark World
C05 - Hidden Mountain & Forest
C08 - Hyrule Field Theme
C17 - Main Theme (Twilight Princess)
C18 - The Hidden Village
C19 - Midna's Lament

C15 - Dragon Roost Island
C16 - The Great Sea
C07 - Tal Tal Heights
C10 - Song of Storms
C13 - Gerudo Valley
C11 - Molgera Battle
C12 - Village of the Blue Maiden
C14 - Termina Field

D01 - Main Theme (Metroid)
D03 - Ending (Metroid)
D02 - Norfair
D05 - Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior
R12 - Battle Scene / Final Boss (Golden Sun)
R07 - Marionation Gear

D04 - Vs. Ridley
D08 - Vs. Parasite Queen
D07 - Opening / Menu (Metroid Prime)
D06 - Sector 1
D09 - Vs. Meta Ridley
D10 - Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2)

E02 - Obstacle Course
E07 - Obstacle Course (Winter)
E01 - Ending (Yoshi's Story)
E03 - Yoshi's Island
E05 - Flower Field
E06 - Wildlands

F06 - Meta Knight's Revenge
F01 - The Legendary Air Ride Machine
F05 - Gourmet Race
F04 - Butter Building
F02 - King Dedede's Theme
F12 - Squeak Squad Theme
F07 - Vs. Marx
F08 - 0² Battle
F03 - Boss Theme Medley
F10 - Checker Knights
F09 - Forest / Nature Area
F11 - Frozen Hillside

G10 - Space Armada
G02 - Corneria
G01 - Main Theme (Star Fox)
G03 - Main Theme (Star Fox 64)
G04 - Area 6
G11 - Area 6 Ver. 2
G05 - Star Wolf
G09 - Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault)
G07 - Space Battleground
G08 - Break Through the Ice
Q12 - Tunnel Scene (X)

H01 - Pokemon Main Theme
H03 - Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town / Pewter City)
H02 - Pokemon Center
H04 - Pokemon Gym / Evolution
H05 - Wild Pokemon Battle! (Ruby / Sapphire)

H06 - Victory Road
H08 - Dialga / Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar!
H07 - Wild Pokemon Battle! (Diamond / Pearl)
H09 - Team Galactic Battle!
H10 - Route 209

I01 - Mute City
I03 - Fire Field
I02 - White Land
I04 - Car Select
I05 - Dream Chaser
I06 - Devil's Call in Your Heart
I07 - Climb Up! And Get The Last Chance!
I08 - Brain Cleaner
I09 - Shotgun Kiss
I10 - Planet Colors
R09 - Golden Forest (1080° Snowboarding)
W18 - Mach Rider (Melee)

J02 - Fire Emblem Theme
J04 - With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica Map 1)
J08 - Attack
J06 - Preparing to Advance
J07 - Winning Road - Roy's Hope
J03 - Shadow Dragon Medley
J13 - Ike's Theme
J09 - Against the Dark Knight
J10 - Crimean Army Sortie
J11 - Power-Hungry Fool
J12 - Victory is Near
W17 - Fire Emblem (Melee)

M01 - WarioWare, Inc.
M02 - WarioWare, Inc. Medley
M08 - Ashley's Song
M07 - Ashley's Song (JP)
M06 - Mike's Song
M05 - Mike's Song (JP)
M04 - Mona Pizza's Song
M03 - Mona Pizza's Song (JP)
M09 - MicroGame$ Theme 01
M10 - MicroGame$ Theme 02
M11 - MicroGame$ Theme 03
M12 - MicroGame$ Theme 04
M13 - MicroGame$ Theme 05
M15 - MicroGame$ Theme 06
M16 - MicroGame$ Theme 07
M17 - MicroGame$ Theme 08
M18 - MicroGame$ Theme 09

L06 - Main Theme (Pikmin)
L01 - World Map (Pikmin 2)
L07 - Stage Clear / Title (Pikmin)
L02 - Forest of Hope
L04 - Ai no Uta
L08 - Ai no Uta (French Version)
L05 - Tane no Uta
L03 - Environmental Noises
R08 - Title (Big Brain Academy)

N01 - Title (Animal Crossing)
N02 - Go K.K. Rider!
N03 - 2:00 a.m.
N06 - Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store
N05 - The Roost
N07 - K.K. Cruisin'
N08 - K.K. Western
N09 - K.K. Gumbo
N10 - Rockin' K.K
N11 - DJ K.K
N12 - Condor

K07 - Porky's Theme
K09 - Unfounded Revenge / Smashing Song of Praise
K08 - Mother 3 Love Theme
K10 - You Call This a Utopia?!
K05 - Humoresque of a Little Dog
K01 - Snowman

Q07 - Ice Climber
Q06 - Balloon Trip
Q08 - Shin Onigashima
Q05 - Clu Clu Land
W13 - Icicle Mountain (Melee)

P01 - Underworld
P03 - Skyworld
P02 - Title (Kid Icarus)
P04 - Kid Icarus Original Medley

B04 - Donkey Kong
B03 - Opening (Donkey Kong)
B09 - 25m BGM

A17 - Mario Bros.
Q02 - Gyromite
Q01 - Famicom Medley
Q13 - Power-Up Music
Q14 - Douchuumen (Nazo no Murasamejo)

R04 - Flat Zone 2
Q04 - Chill (Dr. Mario)
W14 - Flat Zone (Melee)

R02 - PictoChat
R10 - Mii Channel
R11 - Wii Shop Channel
R15 - Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day
R16 - Opening Theme (Wii Sports)
R17 - Charge! (Wii Play)
R13 - Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi
R06 - Lip's Theme (Panel de Pon)
W20 - Dr. Mario (Melee)

R03 - Hanenbrow?

S06 - MGS4 ~Theme of Love~ Smash Bros. Brawl Version
S02 - Encounter
S03 - Theme of Tara
S08 - Battle in the Base
2849 S04 - Yell "Dead Cell"
4200 S07 - Cavern
5978 S05 - Snake Eater (Instrumental)
S10 - Theme of Solid Snake
S11 - Calling to the Night

U01 - Green Hill Zone
U04 - Angel Island Zone
U02 - Scrap Brain Zone
U03 - Emerald Hill Zone
U06 - Sonic Boom
U07 - Super Sonic Racing
U08 - Open Your Heart
U09 - Live & Learn
U10 - Sonic Heroes
U11 - Right There, Ride On
U12 - HIS WORLD (Instrumental)
U13 - Seven Rings In Hand

C03 - Great Temple / Temple
W24 - Temple (Melee)

W05 - Yoshi's Island (Melee)
W15 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (Melee)

W03 - Jungle Japes (Melee)
W26 - Kongo Jungle (Melee)

W12 - Mother (Melee)
W19 - Mother 2 (Melee)

W08 - Corneria (Melee)
W28 - Venom (Melee)

W02 - Rainbow Cruise (Melee)
W01 - Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)

W07 - Green Greens (Melee)
W06 - Fountain of Dreams (Melee)

W11 - Big Blue (Melee)
W29 - Mute City (Melee)

W27 - Brinstar (Melee)
W04 - Brinstar Depths (Melee)

W09 - Pokemon Stadium (Melee)
W16 - Battle Theme (Melee)
W10 - Poke Floats (Melee)

X02 - Menu 1
X03 - Menu 2
W30 - Menu (Melee)
X01 - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme

Y01 - Adventure Map
X17 - Adventure Map Ver. 2
Y02 - Step: The Plain
Y03 - Step: The Cave
Y04 - Step: Subspace
Y09 - Jungle Theme (Donkey Kong Country)
Y10 - Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Y11 - Menu (Metroid Prime)
Y13 - Brinstar (Metroid)
Y14 - Step: Subspace Ver.2
Y15 - Step: Subspace Ver.3
Y05 - Boss Battle Song 1
Y07 - Boss Battle Song 2
Y08 - Save Point
X27 - Credits
Y16 - Ambient
Y17 - Clear

Z01 - Mario Series
Z02 - Donkey Kong Series
Z03 - Legend of Zelda Series
Z04 - Metroid Series
Z05 - Yoshi
Z06 - Kirby Series
Z07 - Star Fox Series
Z08 - Pokémon Series
Z10 - Captain Falcon
Z11 - Mother Series
Z16 - Ice Climbers
Z17 - Fire Emblem Series
Z18 - Mr. Game & Watch
Z21 - Wario
Z22 - Meta Knight
Z23 - Pit
Z25 - Olimar
Z35 - R.O.B.
Z46 - Solid Snake
Z47 - Sonic The Hedgehog

X07 - Online Practice Stage
X08 - Results Display Screen
X09 - Tournament Registration
X10 - Tournament Grid
X11 - Tournament Match End
X13 - Classic: Results Screen
X15 - All-Star Rest Area
X16 - Home-Run Contest
X18 - Boss Battle
X19 - Trophy Gallery
X20 - Sticker Album / Album / Chronicle
X21 - Coin Launcher
X23 - Stage Builder
X26 - Target Smash!!
T05 - Master Hand
X22 - Classic Mode Clear
X06 - Alternate Results Screen?
X24 - Nothing?
Z50 - Continue
Z51 - Game Over
Z54 - New Feature 01
Z55 - New Feature 02
Z56 - New Feature 03
Z57 - New Feature 04
Z58 - New Feature 05
Credit goes to Jose Gallardo for the list. Fixes to the list are credited to Vyse. Added titles and organization are credited to omni destroyer.
(NOTE: The last 5 could either be part of the Custom Sound Engine, or be when you unlock something. I’m not sure)
Well that’s it for the tutorial! If you have any questions, feel free to post.  Any feedback on the tutorial would be appreciated!
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Portraits, Menus, (etc...) / Guamboy27's Portraits (9?? Total!) Backdrop CSPs!? *Requests Open* on: March 13, 2011, 12:11:42 PM
Hello KC-MM, Guamboy27 here sharing and taking requests for portraits. As of 8/2/11 the OP has been reorganized to make finding portraits you need, easier. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to request! Just remember to read the rules first.
Also, Imgur has a few issues with saving the images. If you just save them, they may look funny in BrawlBox. If this happens you have to copy & paste the image over a new file, and save.

  • Limit of 5 requests total per person at a time. When I finish those requests, you can request more even if it's on the same day.
  • If the title says *Requests Closed*, all requests posted at the time will be ignored.
  • If you request a CSP/BP, please tell me if you want it in game or out of game. If you don't tell me, it will be in game by default.
  • Game Logo's and MenSelmarks are separate requests from SSS Stuff.
  • If you request a credits picture for a rare Pokemon or Assist Trophy, I might not get to it right away.
  • You need to post a link to the hack, or give both the name and the creator of the hack.
  • Requesting recolors will only count as one request, but will take longer.
  • You can now request perfect pose CSP's! But only for characters already done.
  • You can request me to make a full-team Pokemon Trainer CSP. To do so, I need links to all 4 hacks you want, or the 4 CSPs you want me to combine.
  • Requesting a CSP to be made in the new Brawl Box is now an option.

Total portraits: About 824
Perfect CSPs : 29
Hacks I've made CSP's for: 250
CSP's with BP's: 128
Requests done: 102
Stages I've made portraits for: 126
Past stages given their old icons: 68
CSS Names: 1
Standard CSS Icons: 8
Flaming blue CSS Icons: 2
Blue Thunder CSS Icons: 2
Red & Black CSS Icons: 2
Brawl- CSS Icons: 2
Melee CSS Icons: 2
Remade Melee CSP's: 4
Items: 6
Credits: 22
Stage Game Logos: 10
Stock Icons: 5
Franchise Icons: 2
Perfect CSP's

 Kirby Dance Kirby  Kirby Dance

Old (Almost) Perfect CSP's

Stock Icons
* = The Pichu Bros Stock Icons were made using Slayermart101's CSP's.


Standard Icons:

Melee Icons:

Lightning Icons:

Flaming Blue Icons:

Brawl- Icons:

Red & Black Icons:

In Game CSP's / BP's


C. Falcon




Diddy Kong  





  Ice Climbers









  Meta Knight










Bearded Conan by Ike_Lawliet

Captain Jack Sparrow by LookItsLink

[ur=http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=6985l]Scout by RoyPh123X[/url]


Toon Link




Zero Suit Samus

BrawlBox CSP's / BP's

Out of Game CSP's / BP's

Resized Melee CSP's


Bowser Jr. (Really not perfect)

Megaman Powered Up



Assist Trophies:

4  Help & Tutorials / Stage Tutorials / Guamboy27's Stage Making Guide on: February 25, 2011, 06:56:54 PM
Hey, I'm Guamboy27 and I've been enjoying my (introductionless  :'() stay here. Although I'm obviously not the best stage hacker (or even close. A lot of other people's stages are really awesome!), I have picked up a lot of things about stages. So, I've made this tutorial to help out with all the others who are learning about stages. Of course, there's a lot of stuff so it's in two parts.

Table of Contents:
First Half:
Chapter 1: Introduction to Stages
     - Part 1: Things You'll Need to Stage Hack
     - Part 2: Resources that can Come in Handy
     - Part 3: Other Helpful Guides
Chapter 2: Textures
     - Part 1: Just Texture Hacking
     - Part 2: 2D Stages
     - Part 3: A Note on Texture Renaming
Chapter 3: Collisions
     - Part 1: Using Floors, Walls, Etc.
     - Part 2: Different Types of Collisions
Chapter 4: The Usefulness of Brawlwall
     - Part 1: Boundaries
     - Part 2: Other
Chapter 5: Replacing Stage Parts with Another Stage's Parts
     - Part 1: Main Platforms
     - Part 2: Background Swapping
     - Part 3: Lighting Swaps
Second Half:
Chapter 6: Positioning Non-Animated Parts
Chapter 7: Animating Stage Parts
     - Part 1: Animating
     - Part 2: Attaching Collisions
Chapter 8: Weather
     - Part 1: Snow, Rain, and Hail
     - Part 2: Fog
Chapter 9: Using only Parts of a Model
     - Part 1: Transparency by Texture
     - Part 2: Bone Edits
     - Part 3: Deleting Polygons

Chapter 1: Introduction to Stages:
Part 1: Things You'll Need to Stage Hack:
If you're going to do everything in this tutorial you'll need a variety of programs.
  - Brawlbox Modset 4.1 If there's another version of Brawlbox that you prefer that's OK, but this is needed for one or two parts.
  - BrawlWall This is needed for boundaries and spawning.
  - Gimp This is what I use, but you can use whatever you want for textures.
  - HxD The Hex Editor that I prefer. Used in Chapter 10.

Part 2: Resources That Come In Handy:
These are just places that can be useful when making a stage.
   - SSE Stage List In case your importing a SSE stage, or there's a model from a SSE stage that you need.
   - Model Collab Thread If your making a stage with somebody in the background.
   - Filter Forge I was reading forums when somebody was looking for something involving stages, and ForOhFor (I think) posted this as a place to get textures.
   - Textures and Models Resouce Good for making stages based off other games.

Part 3: Other Helpful Guides:
If you don't like my guide, try these ones:
    - Chuy's Guide To Stages
    - An in depth guide to SSE stage hacking by OizenX
    - Guide to Stage Builder Block Based Stages by ForOhForError
    - How to make your STGONLINETRAINING-based stages compatible with STGFINAL by Mewtwo2000
    - Swapping Stage Backgrounds by Untouch
    - WackaAlpaca's Guides
    - Custom lighting and fogs in stages by Mewtwo2000
     - The Shadow System by Mewtwo2000

Chapter 2: Textures:
Part 1: Just Texture Hacking:
   Texture hacking a stage is just like texture hacking a character. You want a good program like gimp or photoshop, and you want to already know how to use that program. A stage's textures are located in the TextureData[0] (or sometimes [1], [2], etc.). However, some ModelData - especially characters - have textures inside them. Each texture gets applied to a different part of a model. Sometimes, if you’re making a snowy or icy themed stage using a bunch of models textures can have the same name. For example, the name "ice01" can be found multiple times in the game.
   If you find that you have two models requiring the same name, you're able to rename the texture. That way the texture applies to only one model. Here's how...
   First rename the texture. Then go into the model, and find Materials1, Textures1, and (if it's there) Textures2. Find the old name in the model, and rename it to the new name. For example, if the old texture was "ice01" and you want "icy" you'd find "ic01" in the TextureData, and the model's Textures1 and Materials1. I'd then rename each of those to "icy".

Part 2: 2D Stages: Note: WackaAlpaca has a better 2D stage guide
   2D stages are a great way to start. They can give texture, collision, and boundary experience. First of all, you need to download a 2D stage template here.
   When making a 2D stage you can just ignore the models. Know that the textures decide the stage. AsfSoldier.0 is the background and AsfTank.0 is the part you fight on. The blue dot in AsfTank.0 is around the spawning point, so unless you're editing spawn points keep a platform around there.

Part 3: A Note On Texture Renaming:
   Remember this when renaming textures...
  You DO NOT rename the first name in the Materials. Click the + and rename the texture you find inside. YOU NEED TO KEEP THE FIRST TEXTURE'S NAME THE SAME!!! Also, do not rename anything in Materials2.

Chapter 3: Collisions:
Part 1: Using Floors, Walls, Etc.:
   In Brawlbox you can edit collisions. Just right-click -> preview the collision. The first thing you need to know about collisions is how to make more parts. Hold Alt, left click and drag. However, collisions require information to make them work.
   If you select a part and go into the bottom left corner. To select the type of collisions go to types. Floor is what you walk on and ceiling is what people collide into from underneath. A left wall is collided with from the right side of a platform, and the right wall is collided from the left of a platform (if that makes sense).
   The flags in the bottom left are important. Checking the fall-through doesn't work unless it's a floor type. It makes characters able to go through the floor. Ledges are used on floors also, and allow the floor to be grabbed. The floor has to be on the corner; the left ledge is on the left side of the platform and the right ledge vice versa. Clicking no walljump is for walls, making characters like Mario unable to jump off that wall and characters like Sheik unable to stick.

Part 2: Different Types of Collisions:
   Still in the bottom left, there's the Material of the collision. The Footsteps are quite similar and don't have much uniqueness to them. The Water material is misleading. It causes splashes at your feet, and does not make the object swimmable. The Ice (and Ice2) collision causes the platform have characters slide atop of it. NEVER use the crash material on stages that don't already have it.

Chapter 4: The Usefulness of BrawlWall:
Part 1: Boundaries:
   The boundaries of a stage involve two parts: the Camera and the Death Boundaries. Select the CamLimit0N, CamLimit1N, Dead0N, and Dead1N in the bottom left corner. Play around with the X and Y coordinates of the CamLimit0N, CamLimit1N, Dead0N, and Dead1N. Try to keep the death boundaries out side of the camera.
   When you finish and have boundaries that match your stage, don't save!!! Open Notepad and record the coordinates of each point. Then, without saving in Brawlwall, open the stage Brawlbox. Go to MiscData[100] and view the model. You'll see a bunch of green lines, bones. If you look at the bone names you'll find the boundary points! Here you can edit each point in Brawlbox. When you finish, you can finally save.

Part 2: Other:
   In BrawlWall you'll find a bunch of other coordinates. You'll find Item Spawn points, Character spawn points, and Final smash points. You can edit these the same way you edit boundaries, in case a platform gets in the way of the original point of one of these. But always remember, never save in Brawlwall. Copy the coordinates and redo them in Brawlbox.

Chapter 5: Replacing Stage Parts with Another Stage's Parts:
Part 1: Main Platforms:
   Many stages have a main platform for fighting on in the center of the stage. This single platform is often in ModelData[10] or ModelData[1]. If you want to swap main platforms with each other it's really easy. For this tutorial I'll be using an example from my stage Tabuu's Cruise.
   Let's start by opening up both stages in Brawlbox. Find the main platform, you'll know which it is by viewing it.
  Next, find all the textures that apply to the new main platform...
If there are a lot of textures, write them down. X out of the preview and go to TextureData[0] within the same brawl box file and export them. Go to the other stage, and import them. Rename the textures from NewNode## to the names they used to have.
  Now let's move on from the textures. Export either the model of the new main platform or (if it's animated) the ModelData. Go to the stage who is getting a the new main platform and find the platform you are replacing. If it's just a model, right click and replace the model. If you exported the ModelData, right click -> replace the old model's ModelData with the new ModelData. Now you still have one last thing to do. Go to collisions and use Chapter 3 to create appropriate collisions. When done, save your platform-swapped stage! Go and test.
   Here's Pirate Ship given Tabuu's platform: You can download here.

Part 2: Background Swapping:
   Now, after swapping the main platform you may want to swap the background also. It's actually almost the same thing! Backgrounds are generally in ModelData[0] or [1]. Find the textures of the new background and export; then export the model or, if it's an animated background, the ModelData. Then do the whole replacing thing again. This time, you don't have to edit collisions. If this isn't clear, see Chuy's guide to stages for more details on swapping backgrounds.

Part 3: Lighting Swaps:
   Lighting is the easiest thing to swap. Each stage, you see, has a SceneData[0]. To swap lighting, export one stages SceneData, and replace another stages with it. Be careful though, because stages have specific names for the first MiscData inside of the SceneData. Make sure to check for the stage-who's-getting-the-lighting-swapped's name.
   Well, there's part 1 of 2. The part 2 will be coming soon. I hope this helps!
5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Stages / Guamboy27's Stages: Summers Restarted! Almost Done With Hotel! on: February 18, 2011, 11:52:50 PM
Wanna know how make my stages?

Finished Stages:

The Gate of Truth
I finally released another stage!
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5FsoHDVhWg" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5FsoHDVhWg</a>

The Gate, or Portal, of Truth from FMA! It's based off of Ed's portal's look in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, not the first series. And of course, it's open for the whole fight.

I don't have a close up picture, but the Truth is sitting down in the middle of the stage. Or rather, a textured and bone edited Pokemon Trainer to look like the Truth
Also, the download includes a Beta Version of the stage with animated vines coming from the gate, representing the hands. I plan on updating this stage in the future, with many hands coming out, animated and looking proper. Right now the animation doesn't look quite right and there's only two vines.

Jungle Japes
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGrnH0CBufw" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGrnH0CBufw</a>

Based off the first stage of Donkey Kong Country, it's Jungle Hijinx! I used lighting and parts from Melee's Jungle Japes, textures from N64's Kongo Jungle, and the main model is from Brawl's SSE Jungle! I might make a revamp in the future, the right side of the stage is pretty empty right now.
http://i.imgur.com/tbCjIs.jpg It's DK's tree house! http://i.imgur.com/2XfA8s.jpg Recognize these guys from Jungle Japes?

Target Test Stages 2-5:
  I've finally got the other Target Test stages imported! I may need to do some work on the moving platforms in two of the stages. But all stages are fully playable over Final Destination. Pics:
http://i.imgur.com/7CeWms.jpg A beautiful arctic sky! http://i.imgur.com/7CeWm.jpg

Target Test 1:
A simple import. How was this not on the vault before I did this???
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgcQ8uajs6k" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgcQ8uajs6k</a>

Brawls here can last a really long time, especially with a CPU. So remember, NEVER do a 99 live battle here... The reasons it's best when Brawling friends is because CPUs take the battle downstairs where KO's require good grabs or combos that can carry them to the gap in the right.

Ice Temple:
Temple gets a new look and feel. This was my 2010 Christmas Present to the vault!  Grin
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bODoVMwp7g" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bODoVMwp7g</a>

The pictures tell a lot. The "jail" area can't be walljumped or clung to and on the far right you can be buried in the snow! And yes, it's snowing! This was relatively easy because all the building textures have a bluer version in the same file.

Realm of Illusion:
This is the result of me experimenting with 2D stages. It includes a color-changing-extended (v 2.1) version and a sort of "default" (v 1.1) version.

As I typed this, I just realized why the color changes. This is one side affect of using Brawlwall.
Other side effects of Brawlwall may include nausea, dizziness, the wanting to quit stage making....
Anyway, this side effect actually didn't harm me, and was actually kind of cool.

Tabuu's Cruise:
A stage I made as soon as the idea popped into my mind. I just swapped the ship with Tabuu's stage.
The hazards are still there along with the water.

More stages coming soon!!!

Stage Projects:
I kinda promised this stage to MANSTA8 and all the other Earthbound fans...

I keep my promises. As you can see, I won't be using Delfino Plaza anymore. If I build every building block by block, I can have more freedom to make it more accurate. And that's exactly what I'm going to do! Obviously, still a lot of work to do, but I hope you Earthbound fans can tell what stage this is!

Icicle Mountain:
I've decided to remake the Ice Climbers only stage in Melee: Icicle Mountain. As the title says, the stage is still in its early versions. But before I go into what I still have to do, here's a video:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HHx8sjMnjY" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HHx8sjMnjY</a>

Old Video:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpFpo2ghAdo" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpFpo2ghAdo</a>

A picture gallery will be coming soon!
Older Video:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C0YsPCnPCc" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C0YsPCnPCc</a>
Well, you can see that it still needs a lot of work, but here's whats going on:
What I'm Currently Doing:
   - Making snow less rapid
   - Giving a more Melee like background
What I have to do in the Future:
  - Re-texture to match Melee
   - Make collisions icy where it's necessary
   - Give a little more fog
   - Port to Mushroomy Kingdom (ForOhForError's idea)
What I have done:
  - Imported a base for the stage
   - Added snow
   - Made camera larger (BloodHunter's Idea)
   - Animated the stage
   - Give enough time for characters to spawn
   - Made ladders usable
If possible, I'd greatly appreciate (and give credit to) anyone who has and is willing to give me the Melee textures for Icicle Mountain. Well, that's all I have to say for now. I'll try to update whenever I make more progress.

Flat Zone:
After Summers glitched up, I didn't give up. I'm trying to fix it, but I did need something to cheer me up....
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz0fuzTSU8I" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz0fuzTSU8I</a>

Planned Stage Projects:
  • The Fifth Laboratory (FMA)
  • The Gate of Truth with Vines (FMA)
  • Onett Retextured Using Actual Sprites from the game (Earthbound)
  • Distortion World (Pokemon Platinum)
  • 3D Realm Of Illusion (3D version of my first 2D stage)

Scrapped Projects:  :'(
Summers (Attempt 1):
As a request for MANSTA8 I'm making this stage...


Yeah, so I think he's going to do the textures...

That's it for my stages, comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions would be appreciated!
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