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Author Topic: SndBGMTitleData Notes (Sound Test and Song Title Index)  (Read 1419 times)
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« on: July 10, 2011, 09:24:09 AM »

So, I was trying to use Dantarion's BrawlDJ, but it would spit out an error whenever I created a new song and title. I could only swap around existing songs with matching titles. It just so happened that day I was determined to figure out how to change song titles and add new songs manually. And I believe I figured out how to do it.

For reference, SndBGMTitleData is MiscData[13] in common2_en.pac.

0x00(4) - File Length
0x04(4) - End of last Sound ID + 0x10 (Extra Padding)
0x08(4) - 0's? Nothing important.
0x0C(4) - 0x01. Have no clue as to what it does.
0x10(10) - Padding.
0x20(30) - Song Data Start

Song Data Format:
0x00(4) - Sound ID, as in 280F (Fire Emblem, Melee)
0x04(4) - Franchise Category
0x08(4) - Franchise Icon (Appears in the background, TextureData[12], MenSelChrMark but it's in an odd order)
0x0C(4) - Original Flag
0x10(4) - Title ID (One of the many song title MSBins)
0x14(4) - Credit ID (MiscData[8], hold X to find)
0x18(4) - Composer ID 1. This only appears 3 times. (MiscData[5])
0x1C(4) - Composer ID 2. Usually used.
0x20(4) - Composer ID 3.
0x24(4) - Composer ID 4. Fire Emblem is weird about this.
0x28(4) - Padding. Suppose they almost had a 5th composer slot.
0x2C(4) - Sound Credits (MiscData [4])

Someone also documented MiscData[14] in Common2_en, here: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=306531

* All data categories can be found in nu_menumain_en.pac
* Placing a sound file in this banks it for use throughout the game.
* This WILL appear in the sound test, and carries through any stage sound selection.

I am going to test out adding a new slot today, see if I can't get adding a CSE file to work on a level. And if it does, I'll add a youtube video. Btw, does anyone know how to add a tracklist slot (2A is the last one, used by the menu, 2B and 2C crash the game)? I'd like to make new tracklists with names for Stage Expansion stages, but so far it just crashes the game whenever I try to change a level's tracklist with the custom tracklist code to 2B and set up some entries for tracklist 2B. It would be awesome to make real tracklists with individual probabilities, but I can't jump that hoop.
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