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Author Topic: Diddy Kong's THPConv GUI - UPDATE! FIXES TO DIRECTORY DETECTION  (Read 3846 times)
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    « on: May 12, 2012, 01:38:34 AM »

    well, decided to make another tool LOL... what sparked it's creattion was some noob was [censored]ing on smashboards that someone else's GUI didn't take prefixes into account and that batch renaming doesn't work.

    UPDATE!!! added drag and drop support, if you CANT find your wav through the dialogs, you can simply drop your wav onto the icon (OPEN WITH) or open that wav with THP GUI (be careful NOT to set THP GUI as the default program for wav files Tongue)
    if you drop a file onto THP GUI's icon, it will auto-copy it when it launches

    This is the GUI for THPConv.  If you followed my sony vegas guide, this tool would be most useful to you since it auto-renames the JPEGs then auto-CMDs THPConv.exe

    UPDATE 12/18/2013:  Program now works from directories with spaces in their names

    Download HERE

    using it is self-explanatory.  what you do is:

    1) cram your JPEGs into the THP folder it creates on launch
    2)Load the sound associated with it
    3)fill in the fields (leave prefix blank if you made your video with SUPER)
    4) press start to pla... I mean Convert

    because batch renaming line of code is a loop until y is met, it will hang if you have a bajillion jpegs.  It will also disable itself while THPConv is doing it's thing

    when it is done, by default, it will spit out the finnished product out from the THP folder, and delete all the jpegs and the wav in there (you can turn the auto-delete off in the settings menu under about)

    I have added one-touch EVERYTHING for the *PROS* (where you DROP a FOLDER on it and it does the rest from there - GIVEN your numbered JPEGS and "sound.wav" is in there
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