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>Implying we're dying. - 4 (22.2%)
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Author Topic: KJP's Throne Room. Opening Thread Overhauled!  (Read 577265 times)
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    « Reply #6675 on: August 01, 2017, 10:38:56 AM »

    Like with the Red Alloy's reveal masterpost, I have another masterpost for a related Fighter...

    (Recolors + Full Scale Renders)
    Introducing the second member of the Fighting Alloy Team! Here comes the Yellow Alloy! Based off of Mario, this Alloy has rounded stats, but is slightly bigger, meaning it has more range, but is also a bigger target. Check out the below spoiler for what's in store for the Yellow Alloy.

    I'll now go into further detail on Yellow Alloy's Specials. Click on the gifs themselves for smoother playback.
    <Standard Special: Fast Fireball>
    This is probably as straightforward as it gets. This variation of Fireball trades duration, bounciness, and damage for a very quick fireball. It has less than half the duration, but covers similar distance, due to how fast it is, but it has major damage and knockback scaling reductions as the projectile travels before it terminates.

    <Side Special: Shocking Cape>
    This variant of Cape trades its ability to turn foes around (potentially gimping recoveries) and a little speed for a shocking powerful hit that sends foes back. The reflector of Shocking Cape is stronger, but the reflect window is shorter, alongside the reflection bubble being a bit smaller than Cape's (to compensate it being smaller, the reflection bubble is further out than Cape's as well). The aerial vertical momentum of Shocking Cape is also less than that of Cape's.

    <Up Special: Explosive Punch>
    Sacrificing the distance and height of Super Jump Punch, Explosive Punch gains two linking hits which total up to a great amount of damage.

    <Down Special: Scalding F.L.U.D.D.>
    This variant of F.L.U.D.D. charges much faster, alongside also doing damage and knockback, but at the cost of distance (the water also lasts less than that of the regular F.L.U.D.D.)

    <Final Smash: Cruel Mode>
    Upon absorbing the power of the Smash Ball, the Yellow Alloy gains a newfound strength from the inner depths of Cruel Brawl. This newfound power quadruples the knockback scaling of all non-Item and non-fixed knockback attacks, allowing for very early KOs, but at the cost of having no protection (Final Smash Intangibility, Final Smash Super Armor, etc) throughout its duration. This effect lasts for 12 seconds. This Final Smash is also shared by all 4 Alloys.

    If you wish to view the images used in this post, follow this link to view the imgur album.

    Thank you again for tuning in. Tune in sometime later for the next Alloy!

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    « Reply #6676 on: August 01, 2017, 04:58:04 PM »

    Create a hack to #BringBrawlBack

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