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97 October 29th, 2017

Super Smash Dark by DarkDeity with credit to Credits in notepad in download
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Portrait]


Please:If you have encountered any glitches or crashes, please DON'T report this, Message me about it and I'll try what I can. Also make sure the glitch/crash is not already listed in the included notepad. i can guarantee that this works on the wii u's wii mode.

So yeah, this is my first public BrawlEX pack....its not the best yeah...but its something? it does contain one moveset technically made by me.

Pproject Dark is also a working name. I'll be changing it as soon as i think up a better name.

A thing to note is this pack will have some characters replaced with their most recent appearance[that has been uploaded onto the vault that i could find] And their brawl/Project M appearances will appear as seperate slots with movesets that match their source game.

Example:PM Link model has been changed to Hyrule warriors Link. Meanwhile Brawl's Link[using a smash 3 model] uses the Pm edited sacred hero of twilight moveset.

Um...cant say much else....you'll just have to download it and see

98 February 23rd, 2016

Vergil Rrecolors by DarkDeity with credit to Jaystring
[Character - Texture, Import - Marth]

What? I did Dante. did you not expect me to do vergil? XD ok so i admit i got lazy when doing these so really just the coat is recolored. but thats also cause i didnt want to do what i did with dante and make all that i did recolor one SET color. so i plan to make a V2 of This with even better recoloring

Also note that i know the files say fitdedede00,02,03 etc. This is because i used them with the P:M Lucina over dedede but they will still work over marth. you just simply have to rename them as such

Also unlike with the dante recolors, i recolored both costumes in jaystrings vergil pack.

190 February 23rd, 2016

DMC1 Dante Recolors by DarkDeity with credit to Jaystring
[Character - Texture, Import - Ike]

So with permission from Mr. Jaystring[thanks again man] I decided I was gonna make recolors of his DMC1 dante that was in his dante pack. But i decided id also take it a step up and, inspired by the anime, I swapped the sword on said costume with rebellion. The recolors will work with the original costume if you want you just have to simply swap the textures. [PLEASE NOTE i know the sword is black in the pictures. thats cause i forgot to put rebellions textures in the files ^^' the uploaded files have the texture in it and should work fine. if there is a problem PLEASE i would PREFER a pm rather than a report. but report if you must]

The Recolors in this pack are

Blood-red[for a red costume]
Vergil INSPIRED Blue[i say inspired simply cause i tried to make it vergils shade of blue. if i decide to not be lazy i do plan to make a vergil recolor itself ;)]
Grey/black[i might remake this since i dont in particular like it TOO much...but at the same time i love it]
Sparda INSPIRED purple[same reason as vergil blue however due to how complex it is and my texture skills lacking the required detail this will NOT happen unless someone else does it XD or unless jaystring imports the sparda model]

27 July 28th, 2015

Nihilus recolors-Version 1 by DarkDeity, Lone Devil
[Character - Texture, Import - Ganondorf]

Hello all.

After losing interest in Brawl modding[not that my hacks were good....], then getting sick when i tried to get back into modding for about...a month or 2 with food poisoning...really bad...I make my triumphant return with recolors of, perhaps, My absolute favorite sith!

Now its v1 cause while I do feel they are good...they're not all THAT good [example the face inside the hood was colored too and I couldnt find where the head was exactly on the texture file. so V2 will fix that]

The original mod was made by darkon360 so if you want the default costume go download that and rename it to fitganon00 if you wanna use it with these

The colors are as followed

04-White[with black mask]

28 May 18th, 2014

Dark Rage by Perfect Nazo, DarkDeity
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

There is another version of this song, but the creator, DarkDeity, asked me to make one because the loop for his wasn't very good.
(Source: Kingdom Hearts 2)
241 February 11th, 2014

Seinaru Full Pack by DarkDeity, Blazingflare with credit to Spex130[porting a keyblade to one of his outfits] FEfar[zelgius Ike used for basically entire body], calamatis[felix sword] br3compactor, BeyoundYou, BlackJax96, ramonM64[the NEW urban Ike used for one costume in this pack
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Ike]


pack includes csps[thank you blazingflare]

HELLOOOOOOO BRAWL VAULT! today I present you with another one of my Oc's, this time one for Legend of zelda[odd that he's over ike right?]. A paladin of hyrule.....yeah still working out alot of Kink's in his story so you wont get much til I finish that

INcluded in his pack are the following costumes

01:Seinnort[xehanort version of him]
02:Majora colors[zoom in on his face, he has warpaint of each of the different colors of the mask in the form of spikes[idea inspired by a majora link texture on here simewhere][note i say INSPIRED i did not take the spikes from the hack itself]
03:Mugen form[long story short in an rp known as Mugen where alot of different ocs got to meet, the seinaru in that was so different[including who he ended up with] that I made a new outfit dedicated to him[his armor is blue instead of gold[please note his pic is also outdated, he has the master sword now instead of the big sword[credit also to calamatis since the one i used came from his felix pack]
04:Dark[i swear if you report cause his dark form is not shadowy[plus i dont know why you'd report] i will come thorugh your computer and throw a pie in your face XD]
05:Modern Seinaru[well basically as the name says modern

175 February 9th, 2014

Katsu Full Pack V1 by DarkDeity with credit to Read description for credits
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Link]

Ok im gonna put this at the top so that theres no excuse for reports. READ THE DESCRIPTION!

plus i dunno why my previews arent generating

It has a SLIGHTLY updated model of katsu
AND with the help of Good ol' Spex, there is now a Mecha Katsu included.

The costumes include
00: Default[Crefit to zeke for the hair and...the sword...well you know who you are XD sorry i forgot names alot]
03:Mecha[again thank you spex130[i think thats the number]
05:Soul Edge[Credit to akari_Un for the hilt and....whoever for the sword blade]
06:Inner hollow

Also comes with his v0.5 moveset[DO NOT GRAB!!! FREEZES!!!][for credits go to the individual upload]

Also comes with CSPS, Levi Brush and times new roman font name, and css Icon for Pillar select screen

PLease enjoy this if you choose to download, but if you feel it could be updated in anyway lemme know

187 December 21st, 2013

Ganon styled Link by DarkDeity
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Link]

PSA FOR THIS TO COME....whenever -_- lol ACTUALLY if someone could "mirror" ganons animations cause his swing animations use link's shield hand id greatly appreciate it. anyways now onto the hack

This was Partially inspired by the ike styled link on the vault[which i really wanna see reuploaded T-T my old sd card with it broke and my computer got wiped and when i came looking for it i couldnt find it XD] and partially inspired by a fanfic idea of what if link was the gerudo born? This ORIGINALLY was gonna come in a sword pack of my custom sword[honestly its just the hilt vertexed and not even that much, i had a design but chaned it when it looked too much like one of akari_un's] and then there was to be one with the demise sword, one with the twilight ganon sword, and one with the oot/melee ganon sword but they all either diddnt work or froze so if someone wants to do that all id ask is, if you upload it with this hack, id PREFER collab but ill take just credit too[just no visa. haha.....hello?,,,,,,anyone there?]

I basically just copied and pasted parts from ganons texture to make this[sorry about the gold turning grey on fitbodyA. i dunno whatthe hell happened there.] but i still think it looks good the sword blade...yeah its pink, i was TRYING to get it to resemble ganon's sword in twilight princess when it had that nice red glow around it but...yeah ^^' anyways hilt i made myself, i know its slightly similar to akari_un's i noticed that before i saved and changed it a bit so please, dont report me for that, it took me 2 hours and like 10 restores and restatrs[my computer gets laggy sometimes...well bbox does but im sure its cause of my computer] he now has a gerudo shield[if someone can help me get the hard metal design of the hylian shield out so the bulges arent there id appreciate it], sheath had the triforce on it[the really tiny one]replaced with the gerudo symbol as well, and even the cap is armored! enjoy my friends

123 December 18th, 2013

Katsu Psa v.50 by DarkDeity with credit to Project sacred team, Perfectedidiot2
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Link]

READ DESCRIPTION before reporting
thumbnails are broken yes. click on them they should take you to the images
PLEASE NOTE!!:i am aware that the grabs sometimes freeze dont report that[which is odd since i didnt modify the grabs....]I know of the weird glitch if you only do the first foward smash that you oddly get pushed back. i am also aware that there are key points from the balanced link psa in here, that is because when i started this version of the psa, i couldnt get accessto the dropbox, skydrive, or mediafire that has the original/unedited files[oddly they were blocked...] and it was the only moveset i had that was close to the un edited link on my computer, so for the time being until this moveset is done and those elements are removed, whoever made it gets credit as well

and finally, unlike with my sfx hacks, i CANT, CANNOT, IN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, MAKE A VIDEO!!. though if someone could make one for me i would love it if you did

Finally after many many promises, makings, remakings, and more remakings, i give you version.5 of the moveset for my bleach oc katsu. Current head captain due to the fact he was the only LIVING captain in his time that would take the position seriously.

Changes from link?

jabs:in stead of the AAA combo being 3 swprd slashes, its now 3 punches!![ikes first punch, falcons second punch, snakes second tilt in that order]

Tilts:actually only noticed just now, right as im typing, that they are all kicks[side is snakes 3rd jab attack, up is falcons upsmash, down is zss's down tilt]

dash attack:its a lunging kick[from zss]

Down smash:a multi-hitting spin attack[low knock back IS INTENTIONAL! the lack of hitting sometimes is not ^^']
new foward smash charge animation[i am awakre of how buggy he gets for like...5 frames]
new wait animations[wait1 and 2 are the same, 3 is different]

3 jumps
faster runnung speed

slightly better aerial control

Neutral special:GETSUGA TEHNSHOU....v.5 ^^' with permission[though it was like a few months ago so i doubt they remember]i took the skyward strike from one of the older skyward link psa's. in the future it will be have a more "wild"-like grapic effect like a getsuga technically should be

Down special:lightning slam:a move devised by katsu. this one was giving me loads of trouble....when i realized that a moveset done by perfectedidiot2 on youtube had basically the EXACT SAME THING i was goin for ^^' so credit to you dude, excellent work on your psa's !

what i would need help with:fixing the grab freeze. making katsus's side special[his shikai is a "chained"shuriken whip[they're held together by a string of spirit energy] and he'll swing it 3 times
making the downsmash not miss any of its attacks[considering it hits of course] and anything else i can think of i shall post in here and on the help forums

included is the file for my katsu updated form[the one i have uploaded]so credits for that are in that download

now as mentioned if someone could please make a video for this moveset id greatly appreciate it

98 October 1st, 2013

NO. XV The Revenge Seeker by DarkDeity
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Link]

please read full description before you report
edit:ok as meantioned i dont know why the preview pic is so big, Which is why i asked if someone knows how to fix that to please let me know
if someone can please tell me how to shrink the image size please lemme know

ok so credit to Zeke for hair, credit to...whoever made the organization coat texture on the saix hack of link. i made the coat model myself. and please ignore that its FitLink07 i was using this with cbliss

please note my SD card is broekn and i cant seem to fins a geamestop/play n trade with one in stock. apparently theyve been flying off the shelves once its compatability with the wii u was discovered. so Bbox screenshots will have to do for now. BUT if ANYONE can or is willing to take pics in game for me you shall be credited or if you want, collabed

OK SO! I figured since ive made all these other forms of Katsu i Should make his nobody[if anyone can make a good "anagram with an X" for katsu's Org. XIII Name please pm it to me, and i shall credit[or collab should you so wish] you when i rename this

120 July 21st, 2016

algol Soul calibur IV by DarkDeity
[SFX - Link]

EDIT;I've read the submission rules, it does not say it HAS to be a sawnd file. Plus I've seen other sfx uploads uploaded in a similar matter. So do NOT report it for not being a sawnd file

so yeah not really much to say. but the first weilder of both the spirit and cursed sword and still able to keep control NOW HAS A VOICE PACK ON HERE! EAT DRINKL AND BE MERRY! Ihave it under link cause honestly i have no idea where to put it
(Source: Soul Calibur IV Jamieson Price)
146 August 26th, 2013

Starkiller/Galen marek by DarkDeity
[SFX - Ike]

for the multiple apprentice/starkiller/galen marek hacks on here i bring you his voice pack. now go unleash the full potential of the dark side!
(Source: Soul Calibur IV)
205 August 21st, 2013

Demon Ganon by DarkDeity
[SFX - Ganondorf]

ok so with a forum post i made getting 4 votes, 75% saying yes, i am going to continue making voice packs. this time i present a demonic[or i guess it may sound more possesed but whatevs] ganon voice. now again with the vaizar dlink, some voices wont sound changed. and i didnt change the sleep voice on this one. well without firther to do...here ya go
(Source: )
121 August 12th, 2013

Hollow/Vizard Link voice pack by DarkDeity with credit to Nintendo, whoever link's current VA is
[SFX - Link]

EDIT: ok so finally got my video movie maker to work ^^
ok heads up i CANT make a video of this. my movie maker botches up the audio clips. my sd card is broken, and i dont use emulators. however if someone is willing to record a video for the use of this hack id appreciate it

so i made this for my vaizard link hack im in the middle of making. just cause my sd card broke doesnt mean i cant make hacks right? and plus the katsu moveset im making im not having[or trying not to have]any of links articles in there so that its portable. anyways the mask itself is kind of whats in this photo shopped pic: http://deltaganon.deviantart.com/art/Vizard-Link-version-1-177143494 But also i figured it be a nice voicepack for the hollow link hack lovers

please note this is a version 1 though. i feel i can do better on some of the voices. therefore i wont have another vfx upload til the final version of this
(Source: Super smash bros brawl, audacity)
155 May 24th, 2013

"Feral"Dark link over ike by DarkDeity
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ike]

thanks to stuff2o for letting me use his dark link textures, and to snoopy for letting me use the 2 handed link over ike import

ok so basically if you read the description of the 2 handed link import [which can be found here http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=30157] the desc. says you can use textures from other link parts but not models. so i decided to do a test to see if vertexing it would work and..low and behold...IT DID! GENTLEMAN..I BRING YOU.....FERAL DARK LINK! or does demon sound better? if you want pm me which one you think sounds better. if you want to use this model for anything you may just credit me. i dont even care if im collabed or not just credit me if you use this EXACT model and it works pperfectly fine for me before you report if it freezes

38 May 15th, 2013

Katsu-update! by DarkDeity with credit to ladas2 erich3300 zeke
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Link]

please read ENTIRE description to find out why its just a BBOX pic for the preview

credit to ladas2 for the longsword blade, erich3300 for the sword hilt, zeke once more for the hair

ok so this is mainly an update to my katsu hack. not much really just with the powers of bbox v.68 i rounded out the haori a bit. not much else to say. i dont have ingame pics cause theres a..well somewht problem with my sd card. its not that i cant load it it can work fine its just that its starting to break[as in physically]cause no one in my house knows how to take care of my shit and wont replace it if they break it yet expects me to replace their crap if i so much as scratch it...-sigh-and dont say just get a new one cause one, this is my second sd card i bought[has to replace the first cause of the same problem]and the guy at gamestop said not too many buy these anymore so we may stop selling soon. two i dont really trust online shops such as amazon
3. even if 1 and 2 werent an issue, i dont have any money to spare even for that so yeah...for now ill be posting BBOX preview pics., you have my honest word it works in game though

side note:if anyones willing to help me test any imports/model rigs i attempt due to this please pm me and ill send any attempt i try

167 May 9th, 2013

Terra over Link by DarkDeity with credit to Thamauturge
[SFX - Link]

credit goes to thamaturge on youtube for ripping the files and putting up the dl link for me

ok so basically with the new brawlbox you can pretty much just plop your new sound files right in. so in this pack is pretty much alot of if not all of terra's battle grunts and phrases just pick whichever one you like best, insert it, and enjoy. if a video tutorial is needed and there isnt one for this feaure pm me and ill do it no probs

i dont have a video though[PS Tthose who downloaded my katsu hack will want this, and make sure at least "say goodbye", "your done", and "gotcha"are in there for a more katsu-ish feel]
(Source: )
80 February 15th, 2013

Soul Edge Katsu by DarkDeity with credit to Micaiah, zeke
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Link]

credit to Micaiah for the sword, credit to zeke for the hair, and to whoever made the possesed link[ithink it was] texture and akari_un[i believe it is]for the hilt

ok so i honestly dont know why i did this. all i know is that my attempts at a vasto lorde/full hollow katsu werent workin out and to be honest i was getting bored with the idea so i came up with a twist! i figured if i made a mugen rp[which pretty much allowed me to gather ocs of mine from other rps have them meet in one etc. etc. and allowed others to as well] that means anything could happenmore or less so then this idea came to me. what if katsu got soul edge? weelll..here's the result. thanks again to Micaiah for lettingme use the sword and to zeke for the hair

24 February 14th, 2013

Dark Rage by DarkDeity with credit to khrulesbbs3
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

or also known as a mash up of rage awakened and l'impeto oscuro[though i can barely hear that ^^']. perfect theme for my katsu hack for those who downloaded it. and if not, well an epic song nonetheless! XD
(Source: Kingdom hearts 2 fm/bbs/3d youtube user khrulesbbs3)
70 December 15th, 2012

Arrancar katsu by DarkDeity
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Link]

Credit goes to zeke[again lol]for the hair, whatever name the creator of the majora link hack goes by now for the sword, and the shirtless link texture for the FitLink00_bodyA texture which i modified to make possibly the crappiest vest ever

OK so this was something i had thought up a while ago and decided to not do but gave into the urge after it overwhelmed me..and..after a read a fanfic lol anyways heres katsu..or how he would look as an arrancar. originally deleted the sheath cause it "clashed"with tormods fierce deity PSA and too lazu to put it back

And if i could make a slight model and animation request for the katsu hack..could someone please make link's sheath...mroe or less like roys[not model wise but position wise]and modify the uptaunt/win animation so that it works with said sheath positioning?
And if anyone would like to improve on this i wont stop you. No one probably will but if someone DOES just please credit me and all the others whose model parts are in this

199 August 24th, 2012

No Heart Recolors by DarkDeity with credit to Chaos_knight9000 for making the original No heart over Ganondorf
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ganondorf]

Edit:my apologies it was 4 a.m. when i types the description. there is no video. again my apologies i fixed the desc.

Before anyone asks Yes i have permission from Chaos_knight to make this

the recolors are as follows

05:"dull"or "paintless"grey

the moveset used in these pics is the one provided with the no heart over ganondorf v2 hack uploaded by chaos_knight9000

16 May 28th, 2012

Bleach Negative Suspense by DarkDeity
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

OK so this is my second brstm and my first attempt at making my own extension, i apologize in advance if you find it sucky
(Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MMTHUeKoR8)
127 May 16th, 2012

Isamu+recolors and csp's by DarkDeity with credit to Quanno for the sword
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Ike]

*UPDATE*for thos who havent tried yet this works on 1 player modes too when ported over mario, i know that for sure

thanks again to quanno for the sword
Name:Isamu Kuchiki
Age:[um..lol ill update this when i remember]
Family:Katsu kuchiki[father]
terra strife kucjiki[mother]
Rosa kuchiki[twin sister]
race:soul reaper/arrancar hybid

Yup for those who remember my katsu hack i now present his son, Isamu

The following colors are
00:default[obviously lol]
04:soul edge [if you wanna know why soul edge pm me and ill tell you EVERYTHING XD]

also comes with a character select icon for the pillar tile css [sorry forgot who made itXD ill update the desc. later ]and a css name

if you wanna make the bp and in battle name be my guest although i will eventually get around to it

112 October 31st, 2011

Test Moveset by DarkDeity
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Link]

This was just a test moveset i decided to do before i moved on to making katsu's actual moveset, there are no pics cause all it is is a bunch of links attacks just moved around, ill put the changes in

AAA: Attack12, attackS4S, special hi[unchargable of course]

down tilt is the same as down smash same as up tilt with upsmash[still thinking of what to replace up smash and down smash with]

up taunt is now win 1

84 September 23rd, 2011

Hollow Katsu by DarkDeity with credit to Zeke
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Link]

Those who downloaded my Katsu hack will now have the fun pleasure of playing as his inner hollow who, if anything, is the exact OPPOSITE of how ichigo's inner hollow is..kind...friendly...respectful...when i see a twist i can use i make it so XD But enough talk....Katsu's inner hollow is now playable

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