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5 November 1st, 2023

Prince Haru Peach by Chucklez with credit to PMDT, CSProject Backroom, davidvkimball, tryptech, Dapperman
[Character - Texture - Peach]

Considering SMB Wonder is set in the Flower kingdom, A place with the exact same name from the Mario OVA, It gave me the idea of making a costume or colour based off Prince Haru from that same OVA who was Peach's significant other in that film. Felt it would be fitting due to their connection.

I borrowed some assets from Shadow Peach in order to replicate Haru's short hair and cape with a little of a pattern on it as creative liberty. Even made the shoulder pads for the cape as well. If you'd prefer something more matching with the rest of Peach's costumes rather than a Semi-Alt, A recolour version exists just in case.

Big thanks again to Dapperman again for his costume templates. Works like a charm

Includes CSPs, BPs and Stocks both HD and native thanks to the CSProject.

23 October 25th, 2023

Iono by Scuder1aSc0tti with credit to Gamjinator for the model from his own Mario Kart 8 Deluxe mod
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

Does anyone remember my old Iono mod over Falco on GameBanana? Well, that was just a Minecraft skin import, but now my favorite vtuber has returned with her actual 3D model, replacing Peach! If you want I can also port her over Falco if I have time.

Comes with CSS.

263 July 29th, 2023

Daisy as a Peach Clone v2 by StupidMarioFan1 with credit to Everyone in the Credits.txt
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Peach]

After over 3 years of on-and-off progress, Daisy as a Peach Clone has finally been added to Project+Ex along with tons of changes & improvements.

I would like to start by apologizing for the video length, it shouldn't be over 30 minutes but there's a lot of Text to get through.

Anyways, in this Update Daisy has gotten:
Improved Models & Textures
Brand New Costumes
Improved Animations
New Attacks
Remade Icons with CSProject v2.5
As well as a few new Voice Clips and improved sentence-mixing for the Announcer.
Updated the Trophy with the Improved Model & Textures
If using the \"File Path\" versions, Daisy has been added to Classic Mode.
A couple of cool things Exclusive to Project+ due to requiring certain ASM Codes and other Features not currently available for the other versions.

Full list of Credits are included in the download.

The download link is to a folder that contains multiple Zip Folders depending on what you want.

\"File Path\" zip folders are Drag-and-Drop versions for whichever Build you chose. The GDrive Folder contains each version separately, the zip folder in the Main Folder contains all of them.

\"BrawlInstaller Packages\" are, well, Packages for Brawl Installer.
(Does not contain Announcer Voice Clips and a few other things from main download)

\"Easy Recoloring\" contains the GIMP Image Editor files I used to make Recolors. Made in GIMP 2.6, can be used in later versions.

\"Individual Files\" are for modders that know their way around Brawl's files and want to add Daisy to Custom Builds.

\"HD Textures for Dolphin\" Contains the higher quality versions of Daisy's Textures and Icons to use in Dolphin Emulator.

\"Everything\" All-in-One Download that contains everything included in the other zip folders.

My Model Import Thread:

26 March 28th, 2023

Seasonal Alts (For TimeRiftette PSA) by Lasercraft32
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

Made for my TimeRiftette PSA. Four new palette swaps to represent the shifting seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall!

Click the banner for more screenshots!

- 4 Custom Palette Swaps (Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall).
- Has custom metal textures.
- Has final smash eyes.

12 March 28th, 2023

Elemental Flower Alts (For TimeRiftette PSA) by Lasercraft32
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

Made for my TimeRiftette PSA. Three new elemental themed palette swaps to use! Based on the Fire Flower, Ice Flower and hypothetical Lightning Flower.

Click on the banner for more screenshots!

- 3 Custom Palette Swaps (Fire, Ice, Lightning).
- Has custom metal textures.
- Has final smash eyes.

40 March 24th, 2023

Subcon TimeRiftette Alts (For TimeRiftette PSA) by Lasercraft32
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

Made for my TimeRiftette PSA. Three new \"A Hat in Time\" themed palette swaps to use! Subcon/Snatcher TimeRiftette, Queen Vanessa TimeRiftette, and Transcendant TimeRiftette.

Click on the main image for more screenshots, OR click on the little noodle boi at the side for some Peace and Tranquility!

- 3 Custom palette swaps (Subcon, Vanessa, and Transcendant)
- Has custom metal textures
- Has Final Smash eyes.

19 March 24th, 2023

SlimeRiftette Alts (For TimeRiftette PSA) by Lasercraft32
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

Made for my TimeRiftette PSA. Two new SlimeRiftette alts (plus the original SlimeRiftette alt) based on Gooigi and Jellina (one of my OCs, and the technical daughter of SlimeRiftette and Gooigi).

Click the image for more screenshots (no Youtube video this time).

- 3 custom palette swaps (SlimeRiftette, Gooigi alt, and Jellina alt).
- Final Smash eyes
- Custom metal textures

71 March 26th, 2023

TimeRiftette moveset v2.0 by Lasercraft32 with credit to Lillith, The Project M team, Ryztiq & Starwaffle, Mattimation, KTH, PMEX Remix
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Peach]

EDIT: In order for neutral attack to work, you need to make sure your BrawlEx config has jab count set to 3.
My OC TimeRiftette is back again with a newly refurbished and improved moveset, as well as a completely overhauled model with custom facial expressions! :D

Click on the main banner for screenshots, and click on the red Youtube logo for the trailer!

- Moveset file
- Final Smash file
- MotionEtc file
- Custom SFX
- 10 custom palette swaps
- Palette-swap specific metal textures
- Final Smash eyes
- Item textures (radish & starbit food item)

207 July 25th, 2022

Well-Endowed Burned Peach (Fire Peach) - Mario is Missing! / Peach's Untold Tale by Katerina Angela, BlackJax96
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

It just made way too much sense :y

69 July 25th, 2022

Burned Peach (Fire Peach) - Mario is Missing! / Peach's Untold Tale by Katerina Angela
[Character - Texture - Peach]

I liked this color scheme for... ovbious reasons. Includes a ponytail one to put over Fire Peach in Project M and Project +

65 June 11th, 2022

Farmer Peach by Zeppy with credit to Custom Brawl Modding server, Gimp server, CSProject server, chimpchar775
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

My first mod on the Vault!! (wow tbh i don't even know what to say here) Thanks for checking out the mod!

(took inspiration from Elite9's ssbu mod, go check it out!


171 May 2nd, 2022

Brawlified Melee Peach Dress by Moe, Sylv, VirtualBeef with credit to MarioDox, AlGeorgeRomo, The Smash 2 Team, Brawl Minus, Sylv, VirtualBeef, and The Cosmetic Standarization Project
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

I was curious if someone did Brawlified Peach's Melee Dress but seems not, MarioDox just imported the dress model from S2 1.1 or 1.8 also the lack of a Melee Daisy costume made me feel bad so I decide to revamp MarioDox's S2 Peach Dress and manage to get Melee Daisy costume work with help of Sylv.

Credits to:
-MarioDox for importing S2 Peach Dress model and the CSProject blender model import
- AlGeorgeRomo and The Smash 2 Team for S2 Peach Dress model
- Brawl Minus for some part of Princess Luigi's Dress and Arms textures
- Sylv for ReUV Melee Daisy textures
- Virtual Beef for polishing Melee Daisy blender model
- The Cosmetic Standarization Project for CSProject Peach blend scene

Comes with CSP, BP, Stocks, and CSS (SD and HD)

Let me know if there's some issue.

144 April 10th, 2022

Shadow Queen Peach V3 by Shranux with credit to PMDT, Kuro, RexyPM, Grand Dood, Moe, TheShadowMysteryKing, TheDarkMysteryMan, davidvkimball, Yohan1044, MetalLegacy, ChucklesDemKnuckles, StupidMarioFan1, JuLz, JOJI, KingJigglypuff, DukeItOut, LXP
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

I noticed that with Shadow Queen Peach, her final smash eyes didn't work properly on my previous release, so I went to fix that, and fix the triangles on the cape a bit. I also decided to make the part of the dress's torso, that's under the cape, darker because that's how shadows and lighting work.
HD textures in the .zip included.
I decided to fix some more of the materials and make the model more symmetrical and export friendly for 3d programs. The Shroob recolor has the umbrella and other accessory textures from StupidMarioFan1's Princess Shroob. I redone the recolors and some parts of the default's textures too.
Comes with a blender scene that's just going to be outdone later and crops.

457 March 4th, 2022

Well Endowed Peach 1.5 Size Skin Recolors by Flatzone Kingdom with credit to BlackJax96 for the Model of Peach.
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

Remember Everyone: \"Nintendo is for \"gOoD bOyS aNd gIrlS\"

This RAR File contains:

-The Models Of Course
-Blend File

74 October 31st, 2023

Cassandra (Soul Calibur 4) by Omar Quince
[Character - Texture - Peach]

This Is Cassandra From Soul Calibur 4.

91 October 3rd, 2021

Human Vivian (remix w/ alts and csp) by microwavewitch with credit to Windhunter7 for bone troubleshooting. Original upload by _Data_Drain_ with credit to LenSho, Dr. Panda, StarWaffle, Aafyre, and MetaKnights1Luver.
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

this is my edit of _data_drain_s \"human vivian\" model. there are some minor vertex edits and additions. notable changes include: brand new hat, bangs now cover \"eyes\", shadow on face to make the lack of eyes a little less obvious, and three alternate color outfits with matching ui elements. there is also included csp and brres by me for _data_drain_s original model if you prefer that! x3 more pics here: https://imgur.com/a/ANTmAnH

80 August 14th, 2021

Virgo (V.2) by BestStarFriend with credit to Lasercraft32, tyleo, Devils, _Data_Drain_, Moe and StupidMarioFan1
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Peach]

Virgo Version 2 has been finally released! Unlike Peach, Virgo is faster and lighter, however, her defence is weaker. She's a little bigger than Peach, and she has a triple jump. Also, shoutout to Adamsims for helping me find some of these mods.Hope you my mod! Oh and by the way, I'll be doing a costume pack for Virgo soon! So stay tuned for that!

31 August 5th, 2021

Virgo (V.1) by BestStarFriend with credit to tyleo for the SSBU black Peach recolor mod.
[Character - Texture - Peach]

This is my first ever brawl mod. It's my OC, her name is Virgo. This is Version 1 of my mod, I'll mkae a Version 2 later. Hope you enjoy.

113 July 23rd, 2021

Daisy Olympics swimsuit by Adamsims with credit to Zepz he made the mod and stupid mariofan1 for the head
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

Hi, I'm back, with some new mods, so I didn't made that mod, Zepz made that mod and took stupidmariofan1 head for Daisy, Sadly Zepz stopped brawl modding and he doesn't know how he made them so after I contacted him about the mod he gave me the mod and said that I could share the mod,with credit/collab to/with him, so i'm glad to share that nice mod with you all guys. Big thanks to Zepz and Stupidmariofan1. I'll upload the mod on gamebanana : https://gamebanana.com/mods/307659 , I hope you all enjoy and like my mods. ^^

62 July 14th, 2021

Ice Daisy ssbb mod v2 by Adamsims with credit to StupidMarioFan1 for fire daisy that I toke as a base, and credit to DemKnux for the textures and PMDT and CS Project.
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

Hey guys,
It's me, and I'm here for some great news I finally updated Ice Daisy v1 and made Ice daisy v2 I took the textures from DemKnux's ice peach and used stupidmariofan1's Fire Daisy as base, big thanks to them for making this happen, and I'll upload the mod on gamebanana to if you want to see it I hope you all are enjoying and liking my mods !

45 July 29th, 2021

Peach by Stanley Cannon
[Character - Texture - Peach]

She's got a Zelda Costume
on as in a Super Smash Bros. final
chapter as in ultimate uniform
as fused with the Ice costume
mixed together with a ponytail hair in it

and as for her she is wearing
blue boots not dress shoes

172 March 19th, 2021

P+ 2.26 Peach with stylized motion trails by GRAND AZEL
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Peach]

The Mushroom kingdom royalty now with stylized motion trails

it includes:
* different graphic effects for fair depending on the colour of peaches crown
* wind effects removed from up smash in relation to the previous trails pack for peach because of some feedback i got
* new particle effects on up special

the mod was made for Project + so don't try using it on PM or brawl because it wasn't tested there

238 March 12th, 2021

Peach Vacation by Devils
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

hi guys, another import for peach lol, there is already an import of this from someone else, but I decided to make my version, it has metals, glitter, yellow eyes etc.
if you are going to edit it and upload it please give me credit

391 February 27th, 2021

Peach smash ultimate V2 by Devils with credit to project +,smash 3,walk,moblin,xhentos,Kantoskies CringeMster by the help of the head
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

hi guys this is version 2 of my peach ultimate, solves several errors of the first version besides it has new textures, shine and functional metals, I also made extra colors based on other games, peach wedding-shadow queen-fire peach-sunshine peach .
- I hope you enjoy it and anything let me know
--if you are going to use this please credit

302 February 15th, 2021

Peach Wedding V2 by Devils with credit to Grande Dood for pose
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

hello guys here my version two of peach wedding that should solve several errors. Like the lack of the golf club, the racket and the pan, it already has active metals, a new more optimized model, it does not give lag among other things. any let me know

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