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2 July 21st, 2021

Molgera's Castle Optimizations and Aesthetic Updates by LinkTahuterasuSpirit with credit to WorseDoughnut, Rytiq, LlamaJuice, Scout, soopercool101, Project+ team, Read the Credits.txt for more details
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Pirate Ship]

An update to the Molgera's Castle stage from Legacy TE and Project +

Something that was bugging me about the original release of the Stage was that Molgera's Materials didn't look right, so I went to fix that. While working on it I also noticed a bunch of unused objects in the file a lot of them coming from Break the Targets for some reason, so I went and removed all that unneeded stuff. I also decided to make a texture swap version based on the refight in Ganons Tower. Nothing about collisions, blast zones, ext were changed.

23 July 16th, 2021

SSE The Lake Raft Section by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Jungle Japes]

This is the raft section from the lake area of sse converted for use with versus mode. it has swimmable water and will push you a little bit for added challenge. the raft will tilt a lot as well and might make or break your combo! is intended for use with P+.
Please use the included sfx file so only the water noise will play instead of the other ambience effects from jungle japes.

13 July 13th, 2021

Mushroomy Kingdom Omega and BF (Brawl Based) by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Final Destination]

Uses Ultimates omega/bf models from its version of mushroomy kingdom and adapting brawl to use them and such.
has particles re positioned and BG edited to kinda match smash ult's bg take as well as ref how smash 3ds did it too.

31 July 16th, 2021

Great Plateau Tower by JDizzle
[Stage - Import - Final Destination]

So this was something I did because I saw some people requesting it from the forum side of the site. removed almost half the vertices from the model itself by removing the unneeded extra long spiral post on the lower half of the stage.

I am happy with it for now. is the same size as FD, but it is almost sure to desync wifi... because there's a roof... duh...

Does not actually break right now because I don't know how to make destructible terrain, but hey... wallclings anyone?

I included both a custom stage rel and a BOTW music track in the download.

Someone reported this for previews being too small. as of 7/13/21 I have fixed this issue. the third image is now a screenshot if you click on it

13 July 12th, 2021

Daisy's castle ssbb mod by Adamsims with credit to Tyshy, MarioDox, Mewtwo2000 and Tumblr (#super mario 64 land)
[Stage - Texture - Mario Circuit]

It's me Adam and I made daisy's castle for smash bros brawl, and I'm proud, after so much time that I spent on thinking about it, so I used tyshy's roof tile from her castle for daisy
and the palms textures and I used mewtwo2000's castle as base and MarioDox's desert textures, so I could make the desert behind the castle and the daisy stained-glass from tumblr, and I added 2 brstm files !
I'm also going to post it on gamebanana : https://gamebanana.com/mods/302914, enjoy.

15 July 7th, 2021

Great Bay Stage AI Fix by Nezha the Scout, Mewtwo2000, DSX8, Ryan with credit to Mariodox, eon_bot, Soopercool101
[Stage - Import - Jungle Japes]

This is an odd video to make so I had to show the original 2013 Great Bay bug first before I showed what the fix was. You only need to import the stage, no code required.

Basically, I edited the stage to be far away from a "Danger Zone" area bots hate. How far? The stage was moved 40 Y values up. And I made new shadow models to more accurately render character shadows. This stage is functionally and visually the same, so if you don't care about CPUs... no need to get this.

This was made using the very first Great Bay Import done by Ryan, Mewtwo2000 and DSX8 on 2013 as base.

Discoveries and research was made by The Brawl Stage Compendium's members Eon_TAS, Soopercool and MarioDox.

5 July 2nd, 2021

Castle Siege Hallway Section Over Skyworld by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Castle Siege's hallway section now ported over Skyworld, for those who want its gimmick of breakable statues but never transforms. Notes: uses the skyworld file from P+ and was made with P+ in mind. Is not compatible with the lakora rel converter. Click the thumbnail for a animated preview.
Put the included param file in stage/stageinfo and the module in pf/module otherwise the stage will not have correct statue collision.

26 July 4th, 2021

Clanker's Cavern v1.5 by Nezha the Scout, Wario358, Survivian with credit to Zenith, Soopercool, fudgepop01, MarioDox, eonbot, Starwaffle, Dranakar, Mewtwo2000 and Demonslayerx8
[Stage - Texture, Import - Jungle Japes]

- Added Rumble Falls 1:1 alt
- Casual Clanker received additional decorations, such as a jiggy, eggs, feathers and honeycombs, all animated.
- Casual Clanker stage lights has been toned down while fog was intensified.
- All of Casual Clanker models where optimized
- Casual Clankers have all their blastzones and offcamera zones extended.

Casual Alt goes over Jungle Japes as a base, but its placed over Great Bay (P+) as an easy way to remove the JUngle Sapes SFX.
The Rumble Falls alt goes over PM (and P+) Rumble Falls with their prepackaged .rels, but on vBrawl goes over Final Destination.

Survivian- Clanker Animations
WTails (wario358)- Texture Upscaling and Water wizardry
Zenith- Banjo- Kazooie Clanker's Cavern Remaster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hiOXOxh5Rs (BRSTM conversion by me)
Starwaffle- Jiggy Model
Dranakar- Notes and Honey model
Mewtwo2k and Demonslayerx8- Certain original assets and settings from Great Bay
Soopercool, fudgepop01, MarioDox, Eon- Researching odd AI behaviour's and aiding in figuring out how to remedy it

- This stage was made for the Water contest in the Custom Brawl Modding server, but due to life, I couldn't participate, still finished it.
- This stage was made balanced around KingJigglyPuffs Swimming engine as well as Brawls default swimming mechanics.

(Fun Fact- Apparently you can put this over final destination without a .rel, but it causes water to no longer be swimable. Not recommended unless you wanna mess around)


14 July 1st, 2021

Suzaku Castle With Breakable SIgns by Wario358 with credit to DSX8, jaystring
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

This is the Suzaku Castle Stage but now allows you to break the signs just like they do in 4 and ultimate. Deal enough damage and they will break, and respawn later. SFX doesnt match ult or 4 atm and uses brawls og sfx for hitting and breaking skyworld's platforms. Is not considered tourney/competitive safe as the signs cause hitlag. Click the thumbnail for a gif of the signs being broken in motion.

18 June 29th, 2021

Fountain Of Dreams (Kirby FIghters Deluxe) by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Mario Bros.]

Fountain of Dreams from Kirby Fighters deluxe is ported to brawl.
was originally meant to be a true 1-1 of FOD. but my modeling skills arent the best, so thats on hold for a while.
it may be a bit cramped, but i had to somehow get all of the main area in you fight on. Intended only for P+ atm as i dont know if this works on mario bros as the og FOD stage mod for brawl does.

31 June 29th, 2021

Altar/Adventus (BlazBlue Central Fiction) by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ported From Blazblue Central Fiction. Is done, but the magic effects that surround the pillar dont show properly in game for some reason. if a fix is found this link and description will be updated.

6 June 29th, 2021

Castle Siege (Ultimate) Hallway Section by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Castle Siege]

This is the second section of castle siege (the hallway area) from ultimate ported to brawl. The statues were kept from brawl as ults would bloat the filesize and not work anymore. Only tested on vbrawl, as i wasn't able to properly test it on P+ atm.

17 July 1st, 2021

Morphing Orpheon (morphing ground!) by MarioDox
[Stage - Vertex - Frigate Orpheon]

UPDATE [July 1st 2021]: Added module for no camera zoom-out when transitioning.

Morphing Orpheon is a special Frigate Orpheon stuck on the second phase, as time passes by, the floor will raise and lower, with lights allerting the change.

Use the module included, it's necessary. Also make it use the Frigate Orpheon soundbank, in the Param or codes.


19 June 28th, 2021

Mushroomy Kingdom U - Merinque Clouds Section by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

This is the sky section of Mushroomy Kingdom U from Smash Ult Ported. Contains the og section, alongside two base alts that are based on wario ware and P+ castle siege.

26 June 27th, 2021

The Moon by Wario358 with credit to RaitoEX For The Smash Ultimate Style Banner Template
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

The Moon From Ducktales Remastered is now a playable stage!
layout is pretty lame, but its all i was able to extract at the time.
BRSTM of the song is included for use.

32 June 21st, 2021

Homerun Stadium (KOF Stadium rip-off) by MarioDox with credit to eonbot
[Stage - Vertex - Pokemon Stadium 2]

Homerun Stadium is a knock-off copy of King of Fighters' Stadium from Ultimate.

It features the original stage's gimmick, which are the two glass barriers that flying fighters can breakthrough if fast enough. When breaking through, smoke and confetti cover the stage. The audience cheers.

Uses eon's training room custom items module.
Use the module included, follow the instructions included in the download (info & credits.txt).


28 June 21st, 2021

Garden of Hope Omega by nnebf
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ported from sm4sh.
For P+.

11 June 21st, 2021

Smash Ulimate Spirit Battle Condition Pack by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Battlefield]

This Pack contains the fire and ice spirit condition battles from ultimate and go over battlefield as a base, for you to mess around and work with. It uses target smash/test as the base but goes over battlefield with a custom .rel so the fire and ice hurtboxes are possible. The rest of the conditions will be ported with the exception of the one that slows you down as its not possible in brawl. you'll need to edit the collision properties alongside the .rel functions in section 4 with brawlcrate if you want to change specific things.

1 June 19th, 2021

[P+} Flame Choke 12 Warioland by extreme24 with credit to PyroPM for resources, ebilmorris for Kirby model & the Custom Brawl Modding Discord
[Stage - Texture]

Flame Choke 12 themed Warioland complete with a model of the Kirby trophy, recolored textures and stage select icons

27 June 18th, 2021

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Golden Plains by Wario358 with credit to Chepper for cloud motion porting.
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ultimates version of Golden Plains has been ported (omega and BF only)
Some notes here: some hills are broken with the rimlight for some reason and i have been unable to find a mix. The baked lighting on the main platforms is broken UV wise despite showing fine in brawlcrate and i have found no solution yet. There are no HD textures as i was unable to find my original baked detail versions in native res.

16 June 17th, 2021

Temporal Pinnacle by LinkTahuterasuSpirit with credit to E-scope12, Typis, SmashBroski, Syvkal, MarioDox, DrKoala, Peardian, Project+ team, Read the Credits.txt for more details
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Spear Pillar]

A stage themed after Temporal Pinnacle from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky. Had this sitting around for a while and now I'm releasing it. Has a Hazardless/Caveless Spear Pillar Layout (the main Layout) and a Battlefield Layout. Remember to read the Txt files in the download, and enjoy.

7 June 14th, 2021

Delfino Plaza Remastered by E-scope12
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Delfino Plaza]

I made a remastered version of Delfino Plaza using elements from Brawl, Smash Wii U and Super Mario Sunshine.

MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/nRIA1b4Y#6zMgYl6GZMFBeBHsi4q3mtT-YOTG5g4VJ9_jKXoCF2M

Game Banana: https://gamebanana.com/mods/295157

Album: https://imgur.com/a/uRpQ9GP

*COMPLETE CHANGELIST* from the Brawl version:
- Most of the objects have been fixed and improved and were extracted from Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
- The Grand Pianta Statue has been added to the background of the Plaza and has been extracted from Super Mario Sunshine.
- The Red Canon to Pinna Park has been added to the background of the Plaza and has been extracted from Super Mario Sunshine.
- The stage had flags in the background but they are static.
- The Trees have been extracted and ported from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
- The Ocean has been extracted and ported from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
- The Ricco Harbor and Pinna Park are no longer a rectangular shape model and have been replaced with the ones extracted from Super Mario Sunshine.
- The Madowaku Doors are replaced with the ones from Super Mario Sunshine.
- The Stage has a lot of new vertex colors.
- The Bells have been extracted and ported from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
- The Shine Sprite has been extracted and ported from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
- The Stage comes with the vBrawl Style Version and a Super Mario Sunshine Version.
- The Boathouse and Docks have been extracted and ported from Super Mario Sunshine.
- The Nozzle Doors have been added to the background of the Plaza and has been extracted from Super Mario Sunshine.
- The Red Pipes have been added to the background of the Plaza.

45 June 14th, 2021

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Find Mii by Wario358 with credit to nnebf for helping fix the main lighting of the main stage platform.
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

This is the Find Mii Stage from Smash Ultimate ported to Brawl.
Contains both FD and BattleField forms. Contains stage files for either Original Brawl and Project + alongside HD textures for use with dolphin.

13 June 13th, 2021

Willamette Parkview Mall (Mementos Reskin) by MarioDox with credit to NNEBF, TEITO
[Stage - Import - Shadow Moses Island]

The zombies are coming... to watch you battle!

A legal reskin of Mementos, it features a custom made main platform and a heavily edited TVC background, coming with moving zombies and a daycycle.

The zombies get bugged out during slowdown effects, I can't fix that.

Uses a FD module, known as st_final.rel. In P+, change the param file to use the st_final.rel instead.


6 June 9th, 2021

Fixed Pokémon Stadium 2 by E-scope12
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Pokemon Stadium 2]

I modified Pokemon Stadium 2 and gave the Pokemon Texture animations and fixed their textures. Shiny version Included.

MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/LRhwHQQD#j9Ie4uMBm3edsI5pn3Z5JMNmazgboXwGewSF8uIRTgk

Game Banana: https://gamebanana.com/mods/293709

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