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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / building a better brawl on: January 29, 2014, 10:42:31 PM
with the new cloning engine for brawl, I was wondering how many different characters could fit together and still make sense. which characters could be used to best represent the games they are from, while still keeping a sort of variety?.. cloud and sephiroth for ff series..? would it make more sense for sonic to have knuckles and tails playable alongside him, or just shadow, or maybe all of them? who else should be in then? who could be used as a base?.. i have some suggestions, and i recently got a new computer and have been thinking about making hacks... i have a few ideas of my own for specific movesets, but i'd like to start a discussion to hear what the perfect version of brawl sounds like... ....(using brawl minus and project m for inspirational ideas)

Seriously, guys, mention ideas you have... i mean, for example, i haven't even played final fantasy, so i'd appreciate it if you could post any ideas for characters other than cloud or sephi that may belong in the game, and same thing for any games these characters are from.. Tongue

Existing characters


I'd like to get a minus crosses smbz mario moveset working basically, more details if this gets more attention.
i'd include the fire flower power up, the cape power up, and the hammer suit power up... basically, like the one drmariodk is working on, but with the hammer suit power up as a seperate mode... also, the racoon suit and wingedcap would definitely work as an alt for the cape, and MAYBE ice flower as a fireflower power up alt (if it's not too over powered... small fireballs may recieve "aura effect" so you don't get frozen by tiny fireballs..)


maybe like i said above for mario... i'd include the fireflower power up, the tanooki suit power up, the starman as an fs normally, and a shell suit power up as well.


so far i really enjoy peach's brawlminus moveset. only problems i've seen were with the umbrella's grabbing recovery... maybe make her able to turn around while falling with the umbrella... either that, or allow attacks out of parasol float.


An interesting idea I thought of for bowser was to keep his current neutral b, but make its input workn so that maybe spamming b faster keeps fire going, like fox's blaster, and then holding it down charges it for one slow horizontal moving, horizontal ellipse shaped fireball like in the Mario games. Then what'd be cool is giving the side b its slash from melee, and giving it the throwing options of Brawl Minus's current neutral b. Maybe replace his midair side B with the galactic crusher from Minus. I'd also want to add a little bit of horizontal movement with his side b, maybe the distance of pm lucario's down b, but make it able to be spammed A LITTLE. What I had in mind was similar to link's current FSmash, he could do a right-clawed slash first, then left handed next time, basically mirrored, so it could be used for an approaching tool like Minus's current neutral b, and if you keep pressing it (sideB), maybe he'll start to speed up. Maybe to keep it balanced, give it armor frames during the slash, but after the initial slash you can be hit..? final smash should still be gigabowser, but gigabowser should have much more powerful and larger fireballs.






twilight link: (I want this moveset to resemble items and moves available in twilight princess)
Neutral B = arrows- they arch much more when uncharged, but can be angled while charging, and when charged will be almost completely horizontal.
Down B = bombs/bomb arrows- when down b is pressed you will pull out a normal bomb, just like before, and you can still throw it the same way, nothing changes in that aspect... but when down B is held down instead of just pressed, he will go into a slightly slower version of the arrow charge, with a bomb arrow instead of a regular one. the hitbox on this arrow is slightly bigger, but for this arrow to do decent knockback, it must be charged well... it will basically have the same damage and knockback as one of link's bombs at medium charge, but its utility will be its range and increased knockback if charged all the way.
Side B = gale boomerang- this boomerang will no longer have a hitbox to smack away opponents when coming out. it will have the wind hitbox going out and coming in, but will have a refreshing hitbox to deal great damage if it it passes through people, and will help control distance between you and your opponent.. the wind's pushback effect will be increased greatly in order to be able to be used to keep people recovering at bay, and people approaching as well, without refreshing their abilities. however, it's ability to pull back is also upgraded, so be careful not to help them by throwing it too low and letting them use it to their advantage. but this could also help with setups for attacks, and the wind ability may help bring in items such as the smashball or push away items like bob-bombs, without setting them off (since the damage hitbox is centered in the boomerang itself, not the wind).
Up B= spin attack- like it is now, except with much more kill potential if charged all the way. also, more momentum control in the air, and maybe the ability to link into one A attack if connecting in the air. this can be used to interrupt the up B, in case you're chasing someone upward, but are playing with more than one friend and don't want to go too high to ensure a kill (so you can be air vulnerable for less time). also may work well if you want to use a spike kill and are hitting someone from under the stage coming up.
Final Smash= Sol fused master sword- link's sword will glow bright yellow and be able to shoot a small beam with your neutral A combo, slightly larger slashes of light with tilts, and larger, stronger slashes with air attacks, and the strongest, largest ones with smash attacks (get larger, stronger when charged longer).... up B fully charged will be a very strong move (0 percent one hit KO on smaller stages, except against heavy characters). during this final smash, you will be invulnerable, and you can stay this way for about one minute... (maybe more if it's decided that not being able to fly-- like sonic, etc-- makes it a less useful final smash.)








Ice Climbers




King Dedede





Captain Falcon


Pokemon Trainer










Mr. Game n' watch



Requested characters

Easily made over samus, with very few changes. I would make the DownB do a "drive change"to change the element of the attack from energy (elec) to either fire (burner) or ice (cooler)

Unlike previous versions, i would like this version to be made over zerosuit, rather than link... he'll be a lot more mobile than megaman, but with far less powerful buster cannons, and farther reaching and stronger melee

samus or zerosuit as a base for this, undecided, but uses busters, sword, and maybe shield...may instead be an alt for zero...

samus or zerosuit as a base (haha, bass) with much faster speed than megaman, and far less melee strength than zero (or megaman)... basically, megeaman will be the "medium" between bass and zero's range versus melee, but with the least mobility

Shadow (the hedgehog)
the moveset already made by Sd0oM seems to work exceedingly well in representing shadow the hedgehog, however, changes would include the ability to temporarily go super shadow with an "ultrataunt" (requires you to have dealt out a certain amount of damage in one life), and if the FS is used during this state, it will be a little stronger, and extend use of supershadow to make you able to fly (like super sonic's) and hurt opponents, but will not be any more powerful than the current super sonic fs, and will not last as long.

may end up having a very similar moveset to captain falcon. side B punch, maybe put the "falcon punch" move on a sidesmash and nerf it a bit. up B could be a bit more like wario's, to resemble the drill uppercut from SA2B, and the down B could change to the drill dive, including a pummel effect if you land on someone, with a bit of invincible frames digging into the ground, but with endlag digging out... other than that, maybe most of the moves would be variations of other characters' punching moves... like mario's fair, wario's bair... i guess a lot of inspiration could be taken from wario's moves...

could definitely go over fox. i could even see this turning out to be a oneslot. neutral b just need article changes and fs changing to his "cyclone" from sa2b. however, i could also see this character going over peach with her side b changed to tail's thundershoot, her hover and upB float could also work ver well for him. also, her fsmash using different object would be perfect for a less seriously styled tails. as a joke, the neutral B she has, could change to his down B with a chao instead of a toad

Mecha sonic
over samus. without a doubt. the changes i'd make from samus would include the downB to be more like sonic's, and the input of homing rockets to smash side B, while hold side B (side tilt B) would be bullets.. every press does two or three bullets, and you can walk (which for him should be a hover) while shooting...I don't think i'd need to change the UpB, but i'd like to make it so you could press side B after it to do a forward roll while still in spikeball form. other than that, i think his air attacks could use ganon for inspiration, and his ground moves could use sonic, ganon, and samus for inspiration.

Liquid snake
no real ideas for mgs series Tongue

Grey Fox
no real ideas for mgs series Tongue

no real ideas for mgs series Tongue

use Ike as a base

use Marth as a base

use Pit as a base

...i'm putting here a dividing line between 'other' (above) and nintendo (below) characters

paper mario--
(new moveset):
I'd like to give him hammer moves, similar to iceclimbers.I'd make his Up B the Spring jump from thousand year door, and his down air to be a ground pound. his side B would be one of the THREE partner attacks.. that's right, no watt or vivian... there will be a bob-bomb partner, a goomba partner, and a koopa partner. his side and up smash could copy iceclimbers' smash attacks almost exactly. his down smash could be the spin attack from thousand year door. his crouch would look like his guard from the mario games (hiding under his hat), and his down B would be a counter/reflector, but only if you press it at the exact right moment. His side B on the ground would be one of three partner attacks:
if you have gombario/goombella out, it will do a toss, similar to the purple pikmin, stick for a second, and hit once more before bouncing off... this one racks up damage, and if side b is pressed with correct timing, you can do multiple hits to rack up damage and stun lock.
if you have kooper/koops out, it will do a shell toss, using the same animation from thousand year door to kick the shell out. if you do a smash side b, it will go further.. the longer you hold B, the longer they will stay spinning in place before returning like a slingshot back to the position they were fired from, NOT to you.
if you have bombette/bobbery out, it will do an overhead bomb throw and they will walk once they hit the ground. if you hold B down instead of tapping it, you will continue to hold them above your head while the fuse runs short. you can "cook" them like this until they explode if you'd like, since it won't do any damage, but you walk slower than normal when holding them. if you release them at any point while "cooking" them, then the time you held them will count towards their bomb fuse and they may explode earlier. if you press side B at any point while they are walking, they will stop and force the fuse short and explode on that command.

IF, however, you use the side B while you are in the air, you will instead fold into the paper airplane mode from thousand year door and begin to glide. this can also be done after you've already used your spring jump, and this glide has a hitbox at the point, so if you dive into someone, it will do damage, but unfolding does not do damage and it leaves you vulnerable. also, "crash landing" forces you to unfold a bit more slowly and leaves you vulnerable a bit longer, still with no hitbox.
for now, neutral b will be used to change your partner, although its input and the input for the counter may be traded if it feels more reliable that way.

changes almost his whole moveset to match the copied character. also, whereas kirby just gets a hat resembling the copied character's head, doopliss will instead make a paper version of the character copied... this feature will be the most difficult to program out of every character, because with characters technically being clones, their khats and detected moves to copy will be next to impossible for the game to identify, and this character may not be completed until maybe more than a year after the rest of this pack is done... although, on a side note, his paper mario doopleganger will be almost exactly the same as far as moves and size go... only real difference will be the eyes, posture, voice, and MAYBE the coloring, if we decide to make the doopliss version of each character either color specific, or whatever.

tbh, i don't care as much for this one

dixie kong
not sure what the person who suggested this had in mind, but they could definitely at least make a diddy alt to fix this

king k'rool--
again, not sure what moves he'd have, but this could be a dedede alt.(maybe just a few differences from dedede)

I don't particularly want waluigi in here, but he definitely could fit (a lot better than rosalina) and has been in enough games... maybe he could be made in a way that makes him a little like wario, similar to the way luigi is to mario (in brawl)

baby mario bros--
ice climbers style or riding yoshi, all i know is i want the baby bros in brawl. it could just be an alt for yoshi, like "hold shield when picking yoshi for baby mario/luigi/whatever color specific baby to be riding yoshi... or if they were over iceclimbers, i guess they could use the sports and mariokart games moves... maybe have a toad alt, just so the people who like playing toad have their slice... there could a "babysitter toad" moveset..? where there's a red toad with a baby mario for the original color, green-luigi, etc. and their own moves that seem to rely on the baby bro jumping and attacking and the toad frantically trying to keep him from flying off by catching him and pulling him back... then if your "toad sitter" dies, you can go all out and have more range to your attacks, but more endlag too..? ...i don't have any ideas for any specific moves, just item based attacks and maybe a chainchomp or cape baby mario fs (like in yoshi's island)... see if any of these ideas sound fun.

skyward sword link


young link and adult link (OoT)*--
transforming characters, like zelda and shiek
young link uses slingshot, adult link uses arrows. young link uses boomerang, adult link uses...dekunuts?.. young link uses bombchus, adult link uses normal bombs. younglink's fs is the flight of the cuckoos, adult link's fs is. well actually it could be the same as it is now... but another idea could be an ocarina of time fs that stops/slows all players except you so you can attack them all until the time lapse ends and they all blast off screen simultaneously... the way to switch between the two would be with an "ultrataunt" where adult link would stab the master sword into the ground and transform, or younglink would pull the master sword out and transform... the reason i'd include these characters is because i'd want one link from each timeline that branches off, except a link to the past... basically, the one from skyward would be neutral since it's before, then the one from OoT would be neutral as well. then we'd have the twilight link (brawl link) on the "no ganon" timeline side, and windwaker/phantomhourglass/spirtitracks link (toon link) on the "hyrule falls" timeline side

four swords linkS--
(ice climbers style.. two at a time) to represent the four swords game, pre-ganon. in this moveset, lead link will be the color you chose, "nana" link will be purple... if you choose the purple color, you'll get the nes style link for your "nana", and so one... basically, red green and blue will not be a nana no matter what in order to prevent team battle confusion.... ok, so the moveset will basically take the hammer attacks and replace them with sword slashes. the UpB will be Roc's feather. the side B may be the great spin. basically, it'd be chargeable, like toonlik's, and once charged all the way would do the great spin instead of the quickspin. DownB would probably be the torch item (by the way, having any "projectile item" may be a little overpowered with the double cast of fourswords link, so no arrows/boomerangs), and would act similar to iceclimber's current downB, only with fire damage instead, and may be held down longer. the neutral B could MAYBE be the slingshot/scattershot if charged all the way, but i don't think it's totally necessary... now, for the fs, i'd definitely use the big bomb trap! Cheesy it has a countdown, this time of three seconds, instead of ten, and the two fourswords links will dissappear for a few seconds to avoid the explosion, which will encompass a small radius.. in comparison to battlefield, if centered in the floor of the stage, it's height would be at the head of ganon while he stands on the center platform... hoizontally, its diameter's about the size of the landmaster, from the tip of the turret to the back of the tank.

dark samus


black shadow--
(F Zero series)





2  Help & Tutorials / Help / where do these go?? on: December 24, 2012, 05:05:59 PM
i need help trying to add samus, zss, zelda, and sheik movesets to my game x_x i know it sounds noobish, but i can't get any of it to work XP i use riivolution, don't know if that means i can't use them without a special modlauncher, but i'm trying to use the multimod launcher (with brawl-, project M, etc.) and i can't get those movesets to change in the custom pack X( ...help?
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