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1  Help & Tutorials / Model Tutorials / Character Model Importing for Dummies (Under Construction) on: November 05, 2011, 01:21:14 PM
First off let me give you a basic rundown of what this tutorial covers. With the release of BrawlBox v0.65, it is now possible to import models from other games into Brawl, so I will be explaining how to import a model over an existing Brawl character and have it work as an single costume for that character.

This tutorial will cover things like importing a model and skeleton into max, basic rigging, proper import/export settings, and various glitch fixing.

*I will not explain where to get models from/how to rip models or where to get 3DS Max. Im srs here

Things you will need:
- 3DS Max 2010 or 3DS Max 2011
*I will be using 2011 in this tutorial, the same should apply to 2010
- BrawlBox v0.65
- A model you want to import
- The .pac/.pcs of the character you want to port the model over.

Basic 3DS Max Navigation Guide:
Zoom In/Out - Spin the scroll wheel
Panning/moving your view - Ctrl + Scroll Wheel Button and drag
Rotating your view - Alt + Scroll Wheel Button and drag
Also, pressing the Z key while an object is selected will auto zoom on the object into view.

Alternatively, in the bottom right corner of 3DS Max, are your navigation tools.

You can use this for basic viewport navigation, such as zooming in and out and panning your view. Rest your mouse arrow over them to see each ones function.

Useful Links:
BrawlBox v0.65 Development Thread
Justin712's Rigging Tutorial
Detach by ID Script
Compatible .DAE Plugin

So lets get started!

Part I: Getting Stuff Setup
1) *I will be using Snake as an example in this tutorial.
Open up your characters .pac or .pcs in BrawlBox v0.65. You should see something like this:

2) Expand the ModelData[0], then the 3DModels(NW4R) folder and you should now see something similar to this:

3) Expand the MDL0. Then right click next to the gray box where it says Fit[YourCharactersName] and click "Preview".

4) The model preview window should pop up. Now take a good look at that model.  Wink
*Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out, right click+drag to move the model, ctrl+right click+drag to rotate the model.

5) Close the model preview window. Now right click the MDL0 again, but this time click "Export".
A dialogue box should appear asking you to save your model. Name it whatever you want but make sure you save it as a .dae

We're done with BrawlBox so you can close it for now, now the real work begins....

Part II: Preparing your Skeleton
1) Start up 3DS Max. You should see something like this:
Get used to looking at this. You'll be looking at it for a while. <_<

2) Click the button in the upper left hand corner.
- In the drop down menu, go down to and click Import:

- A dialogue box should appear asking what model you want import. Select the .dae you exported from BrawlBox earlier.

- This is important! Another dialogue box should appear similar to the one below, use the same settings as in the pic. The Cameras and Lights settings do not matter.

- *If you recieve an error similar to this, it's fine, and just click OK:

3) Your viewport should now look something like this:
- Click within the bottom right preview window. And then in the bottom right corner of 3DS Max you should see this button , click it to expand your viewport.

Your viewport should now look something like this:

4) Now press the "H" key. This will bring up the "Select from Scene" dialogue box:
Dummy Bones are identified by this symbol , Polygons are identified by this symbol .

- Scroll down and select all of the Polygons. Make sure you don't select any bones. Then Click OK.

- Press the "Delete" key, this will delete the polygons and should leave you with the imported Skeleton.

Your skeleton is now ready for a model to be rigged to it... now on to the hard part.....

This is the part of the tutorial where things may start to differ vastly between my examples and your actual workspace. I will try my best to explain the following concepts. If you are unfamiliar with working with 3DS Max, I would like to take this moment to draw your attention to the Basic 3DS Max Navigation Guide found at the start of the tutorial just in case you need it.

Part III: Preparing your Model
1) Click the top left hand button again , and go down and click Import again. And import your model.

*Note, that 3DS Max will only display models compatible with it. Certain model formats may need additional plugins installed or scripts to be imported.

2) Depending on your model and it's format you may get a wide variety of results after it imported. It may be too large or too small, rotated the wrong way, or untextured.

*This is how my .obj imported:

3) Press the H key and make sure all of the polygons of your import model are selected and then click OK.
Your model will have a white bounding box(es) around it:

4) Now that your model is selected, you have to position it so that it is relatively the same size and rotation as your Brawl skeleton.

These will involve using the Move , Rotate , and Scale tools found in your menu bar.

Or alternatively you can Right Click and select it from the quick menu that appears:

Using them is pretty simple. After selecting the tool on the menu bar, just click and hold within the crosshairs that appear on your model and drag. I won't go into too much detail here, it should be self explanatory once you play around with it.

5) You should have something similar to this, where your model is about the same size as your skeleton:

But as you can see, his arms aren't in T-pose. There are 2 solutions to this, I can either rotate the vertices of his arms into place or rotate his shoulder bones so that they match his current arms position. The same can be applied to other deformations your model may have. Do not MOVE the bones!

I'll explain both for you. I recommend you read through both even if you choose one method over the other.

- Rotating the bone into place
1) To rotate the shoulder bone into place, I can can either press the H key and select the shoulder bone from the list or I can just click on it if I can see it within my viewport.

2) Then with the rotate tool, rotate it into place.

- Rotating the vertices into place
1) To rotate the vertices into place, select all of your model. Then to the right of your viewport is the command panel, click the Modify tab on the command panel.

2) You should now see to your right something that says Modifier List. Click the drop down tab next to it and select Edit Mesh from the list.

3) An Edit Mesh modifier will be added to all of your model. Now to your right under your modifer settings, Click what looks like 3 red dots to change your selection mode to Vertex.

4) Your model should be covered in vertices. Now Click + Drag to select the portion of your model that doesn't quite line up. You can add onto your selection by holding Ctrl and subtract from your selection by holding Alt.

Then with your trusty move, rotate and scale tools; move the problems vertices into place. You can press Alt + X to make your model semi-transparent if that helps, press it again to undo it.

You'll probably want to spend more time making sure stuff like fingers line up than I did though...  Im srs here

6) If your model isn't textured, try dragging the textures onto the various parts of the model.

Part IV: Rigging your Model
1) You should now have something similar to this, where your model and skeleton are relatively proportional to one another:

- Now with your model selected, go drop down the modifier list again and this time scroll down and select Skin. This will add a Skin modifier to all your model.

2) Under the modifier settings, Click the Add button next to where it says Bones:.

- A dialogue box should appear asking you to Select Bones. Go through and select ALL of the bones and then click Select.

3) You should now see the names of all your bones listed under the Skin Parameters to your right.

- Now click where it says Edit Envelopes and check the box next to where it says Vertices.

4) Now to start rigging. Click + Drag to select a portion of vertices you want to rig.

*I will be selecting the area from his left elbow to the end of his left arm.
* Remember you can deselect vertices by pressing Alt + Click and make your model semi-transparent by pressing Alt + X

- Now scroll down through the Skin parameters, and click the button that looks like a wrench. This will bring up the weight tool.

5) Scroll back up through your Skin parameters to your list of bones and click the bone you want to weight your selected vertices to.

* I will be weighting my selection to Snakes LArmJ bone (his left elbow)

- Then under your weight tool, click the 1 button. This will set the influence of your vertices to the bone you selected to 1, meaning that they will move only with that bone.

6) Now to test your rig. Press the H key and select the bone you're currently rigging to from the list.

- With your rotate tool, rotate the bone. The portion you rigged and potentially other vertices that you haven't skinned yet should move with it.
As you can see, there's some deformation around his elbow that needs some fixing so it bends smoother.

7) Make sure you undo any bone rotations you do. Then towards the bottom of 3DS Max, drag the timer a few frames forward.

* I will be moving it to frame 4

- Then towards the bottom hit the Auto Key button, this will create a key frame. Then select your bone again and rotate it.
- Then click the Auto Key button again.

8] Now press the H key and select all of your model. Then click the Edit Envelopes button again.

- Then select the vertices around the problem area.

From the list of bones found under the Skin parameters, select the bone you're working with. Then under the Weight Tool, click the Blend button until it smoothes itself out.
You can also try selecting the bones before/after the one you're working with in the hierarchy and click the Blend button, *so for my example I could also blend with his Shoulder bone and his Wrist bone since I'm working with his Elbow.

9) There may be a stray vertex/vertices that may need individual rigging to look right. Select those problematic vertices.

- Under the weight tool, it displays all the bones that this vertex or vertices are influenced by.
If you click one of these bones and click the top + and - you can increase and decrease it's influence.
You can also set a specific number by typing in a value in the box next to the Set Weight button, and then clicking that Set Weight button.
Adjust the values until it looks right.
*Snakes arm shouldn't move with his BustN bone so I set its influence to 0.

10) Go through and rig the rest of the vertices in the same manner. When you're happy with it and done, drag the timer at the bottom of the screen back to frame 0.
Your model should be back to it's default pose:

Now that you're all rigged, it's time to get your model ready for Brawl....

Part V: Getting Your Model Into Brawl
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Model Imports / Beyonds Love Temple on: October 24, 2011, 09:38:17 AM

_________________________________________________ __________

Beyonds Tea Party!

3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / Beyond? Oh, he moved out. on: August 12, 2010, 09:31:30 AM

538 pages. It's been one helluva ride here on KC, but it's about time I roll out. This isn't the end to my hacks, it's a new beginning.

And you all are welcome to join me.

..Just click the pic.
4  Help & Tutorials / Help / Water? on: April 10, 2010, 05:54:47 PM
I'm working on my next stage hack and I'm wondering is is possible to add water to a stage, like you can actually swim in? If possible, how?
5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / Hacks by BeyondYou True Size Viewtiful Joe RELEASED MOVED TO VERTEX HACK SECTION on: March 31, 2010, 04:23:59 PM
Looking for me and my latest hacks?

Check out my thread in the model imports section of these here forums here.
6  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Portraits, Menus, (etc...) / Portrait Mega Hub by BeyondYou *Dante CSP* Updated 4/27/10 on: January 14, 2010, 02:59:56 PM

Requests are welcome, but if you make one please specify whether you want a Custom or Original Pose CSP.

Note - Stage Selection Portraits are in Second Post.

Recent Updates:
4/27/10: Dante
4/26/10: Aeon
4/21/10: cleaned up Cursed Knight
4/19/10: Joker
  4/7/10: Sephiroth, Perfect Nazo, Sothe, cleaned up Pacharisu, Equals and MetaTemplar
3/30/10: Galacta Knight
3/25/10: Spongebob
3/22/10: Klonoa, Red Spy, Bullet Bill
3/19/10: Count Bleck, Blue Spy
3/18/10: Fixed Belmoth Marth, SSS Toon Link
3/17/10: iDK, Wolf Fox
3/16/10: Chrono, BWG, V
3/15/10: Equals?, Raichu
3/14/10: Pacharisu
3/10/10: Beltmonth Marth
  3/4/10: Meta Uchiha
  3/3/10: Scourge
2/25/10: Fixed CSS, Soul (Link), Asch
2/22/10: Monkey
2/16/10: Updated Shadow Pack, Dark Sonic, Dark Samus, Dark Bowser
2/14/10: Robocop, Cursed Knight, Shadow Pack *Under Construction*, Custom CSS
2/12/10: Cloud Pack v1
  2/9/10: Shunsui Kyoraku, MetaTemplar v2, PowerRanger v2, Majora Knight
1/21/10: DarthVader
1/20/10: MetaSpawn, PowerRanger
1/19/10: Leonidas, Football Toon Link, Shadow Pikachu, Primal Lucario v2

Currently Working on:

*If You Don't Know Where Certain Images Go, Read The Following*:

Open with BrawlBox. The white indicates where the file should be placed on your SD card. The yellow indicates where the image is located when you open the [filename].pac in BrawlBox. To replace an image, right-click it and select replace.

CSP's: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/menu2/sc_selcharacter.pac : char_bust_tex_lz77 : MiscData [?] : textures

CSP Name: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/menu2/sc_selcharacter.pac : MiscData[30] : textures : MenSelchrNm??

CSS Icon: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/menu2/sc_selcharacter.pac : MiscData[70] : textures : MenSelchrChrFace ??

CSS Icon Name: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/menu2/sc_selcharacter.pac : MiscData[70] : textures : MenSelchrNms ??

In Fight HUD: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/Info/portrite/InfFace???.brres

In Fight Name: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/Info2/Info.pac : MiscData[30] : textures : MenSelchrChrNmS.???

Victory Portrait: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/menu/common/char_bust_tex/MenSelchrFaceB???.brres

*Note* When editing anything in the info.pac, make sure the file is 391kb or less. You can reduce the filesize by editing the messages in MiscData[160] and making them smaller.

Special Packs:
*Cloud Pack*
With the recent release of Cloud, I present to you the Cloud CSP pack.
Just place the images in there proper location in the sc_selcharacter.pac and info.pac.

Alternatively, if you dont know where the images go or your just lazy you can download this pack which includes all the images placed in their proper locations already: http://www.mediafire.com/?zxzzzhmtzmm

*Shadow Pack*
(Under Construction)

Original CSP Edits:
  Dante by BeyondYou

Perfect Nazo by kwrk            Sothe by ???               Joker by Symbiote                Aeon by Wii

Beltmonth by Bardack X  Count Bleck by lensho                                         Klonoa by Davizui

   BWG by Gazoinks                 V by Kiro                 iDK by Kiro                              Wolf

           Pacharisu                        Raichu                          Equals                              Chrono

    Asch by Vyse                      Scourge                Meta Uchiha by OizenX  Beltmonth by Bardack X

         Dark Bowser                Dark Samus                 Monkey by cx_asuka      Soul by Nemorac

Majora Knight                    Shunsui Kyoraku               Cursed Knight            Dark Sonick by kwrk85
by Apprentice of Death     by Picano                    by Fireking220

Power Ranger                                                    MetaVader by Akari_Un   MetaTemplar by Tennet
by Leon2547          

Shadow Pikachu by Sonic                                Primal Lucario by Calamitas MetaSpawn by Bardack X

Football Toon Link by Libertyernie                                                                   Luigi Mario

            Sasuke                                                             Batman

Custom Pose CSPs:

    Galacta Knight                      Sephiroth

          Blue Spy                     Red Spy                         Bullet Bill                   Spongebob by Ike Lawliet

Leonidas by Catgowoof Leonidas by Catgowoof    Robocop by Alexjol       SSS Toonlink by supersupersuperguy

Wakka by Drsusredfish    Zora Armor Link by Marvin       Zant by Wii                Mewtwo                  

The Joker by Vile          Maxwell by Catgowoof    Iron Man by Wii           The Soul by StarShadow76

Phoenix Mario                MetaKnightmare by Unai  OOT Ganon by Apeepa  Robin by LinkofAuburn
by Catgowoof

Primal by Calamitas  Kingdom Hearts by Razanak7      Dr.Mario              Dimentio by stickman

Fyrus by Kef                 Captain America            Mecha by BigSharkz Sad     LeChuck by BP
                                   by Playermode

The Fury by Claus         R.O.B Falcon by Kef        Dark Chao by Kef          Fierce Diety by Wii

Gears of War               Beast Boy                             Plaid by Zephron       Meta Templar by Tennet
by Akari_Un               by LinkofAuburn

Master Hand                       Mario by Pik           Masked Man by Dhragen  Another Dimension by Akari_Un

Cyborg by LinkofAuburn Gambit by Finman702      E.T. by Kef               Dry Bowser by Lensho

                  Mob Boss by Jack H.           FSJAL by PAVGN          WTF by STUFF2o
by Playermode

Toon Bowser                      Comic Batman            Comic Batman w/Blue
by TheGreenAlloy

If you have requests or questions of where I got a texture from, I'd happily respond.  Smiley

Please leave a comment saying if you used my CSPs, the only reason I make them is for other people to use them.
Thank you.
7  Help & Tutorials / Help / MORE HELP WITH SNAPSHOT LOADER CODES on: December 16, 2009, 02:02:55 PM
Edit: Read my last post. Please help.

8  Help & Tutorials / Help / Play as alloys help? on: December 04, 2009, 02:47:43 PM
Hello KK Community. I need your help.
A lot of these new model hacks coming out soon need you to play as the alloys to use them, but I cant seem to get the codes to play as the alloys to work. Can someone help me?

Here are the codes I've been using: the Brawl+ 5.0 codeset, 1 player matches, Giga and Company engine v2, hold shield for giga and company v2, Alloy victory/ poses, the Stage Roster Expansion code+ Custom SSS code, and the CSS fix code for use with CSS's made with PW's CSS organizer.

Help would be much appreciated.   Oh shi~ 
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