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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / BrawlExpanded: Reloaded. (Now you can say I'm back) on: January 16, 2015, 10:06:56 PM
Current Stable: Unreleased
Current Dev: BxR-devel_r1-4.2.2015
Hey guys, it's Doq. Based on the title you probably know where this is going so I hereby welcome all old and new Expanders to

I didn't know the logo would be this big. It's also not as colorful as the old BrawlExpanded.
Before I get into anything related to BxR, I'd like to give some background to what BrawlExpanded is, for the new Expanders.Smiley
BrawlExpanded started as a thing in February 2014 as a fork of ASF1nk's BrawlEx pack. The original release post can be found here and since the initial release was maintained for about 2 - 3 months, before I simply forgot it existed.

At the time, BrawlExpanded confirmed 15 clones by version 0.9, which wasn't very reasonable, considering the objective of Bx was to get 100 characters.

During Bx's development, another pack arrived on the scene. It was around version 2.0 that I started to notice it. That pack ended up being more successful than the original Bx due to the lack/end of Bx development. The pack was (and still is) called Brawl 4 All.

No I do not intend on bashing B4A as honestly it was a better concept back then. I couldn't keep up so I just ended development and went to the Melee Workshop, until my return today.
Ok, so now that that is aside, I'd like to show you something, but since this is BrawlExpanded: Reloaded, and not BrawlExpanded, I don't have jack... yet.

Rules of the BxR thread:
1. All global rules apply. No brainer.
2. If you need help, DO NOT PM ME. I shouldn't have to post this in the THREAD RULES, but I feel I need to.
3. I am the developer of BxR, not you. Don't make my decisions for me.
4. I do not care about B4A discussion in here, but remember that this is the BxR thread, and B4A has it's own thread.
5. Just have fun. I'm not Hitler or anything.

Objective of BrawlExpanded: Reloaded
BrawlExpanded: Reloaded, much like the original BrawlExpanded, is a community project. 95% of everything you see in BxR was decided and sourced by the community, for the community. That said, a few goals of the project are:

- 100 Characters (I know, B4A has "101 characters", but that is from the use of multiple movesets in one PSA file, called "PSA fusion". BxR will not have any fusion PSAs.)
- A full stage list. Last I checked there are 78 stages possible, 39 on each page.
- Full aesthetics and all that. That was something lacking in the latest original BrawlExpanded.

All led by me, but driven by the community.

Clarifications between BrawlExpanded: Reloaded and Brawl 4 All
1. There won't be any "fusion PSAs" in BxR like there are in B4A. However, since v2 of BrawlEx allows for 128 characters, this shouldn't be a problem for characters who need multiple slots like the upcoming Pikamaxi or Jiggth PSAs.
2. The clear power the community has over BrawlExpanded: Reloaded isn't really found in Brawl 4 All, and for a good reason. Nebulon likes the way he does things and it's generally better that way for production of Brawl 4 All. Bx: Reloaded does not need to be kept as much under such tight development as B4A, but I will still assume control over it (you didn't think it's entirely community-based... you did didn't you?).
3. Bx: Reloaded and Brawl 4 All share some codebase. It's not that bad, trust me.
Places you may want to go:
- BrawlExpanded IRC Chat. Pretty small now, but it will soon be the main development hub for any and all team members to communicate. Already has a chatbot. http://mibbit.com/?channel=%23bxreloaded&server=irc.rizon.net
- BrawlExpanded Site. No it doesn't need a whole site, just a page should suffice. Under construction. http://dr.k.vr.lt/bxreloaded

That all said, are you ready for the second coming of BrawlExpanded?

Side note: BrawlEx itself is referred to as BX or BEx. BrawlExpanded is Bx, and BrawlExpanded: Reloaded is BxR.

Current confirmed roster as of right now: (62)
- Existing Brawl Characters
- Tabuu

Mario Franchise
- Rosalina (maybe Luma? Haven't decided yet)
- Toad
- Doc Mario

Zelda Franchise
- Dark Link
- Young Link
(yeah, 4 [censored]ing links)

Kirby Franchise
- Waddle Dee
- Knuckle Joe
- PM Meta Knight (as Sir Kibble)

Wario Franchise
- Waluigi
- Ashley

Pokemon Franchise
- Pichu
- Mewtwo
- Blaziken

- Tails
- Knuckles
- Black Sanic

Marvel Franchise
- Deadpool
- Wolverine

Touhou Franchise
- Reimu
- Marisa

Single Character Additions (Franchise)
- Gray Fox (Metal Gear)
- Roy (Fire Emblem)
- Ryu (Street Fighter)

BrawlExpanded: Reloaded Franchise (Original Characters)
- pikamaxi
- Jiggth
- Raptor
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