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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Stage Pack v.1 on: October 18, 2010, 04:18:59 PM
I've been making this pack for about a 2 weeks now collecting various stages and adding music to fit the stage during my free time from marching band, school and homework isn't complete yet and i will be updating this a bi-weekly period most likely
Ideas/suggestions to this pack are encouraged and welcomed
If there are any errors post here
Download (contains multiple zip files which i'll try to limit next time)
Stages changed so far
Battlefield-Astral Phazon Final Battlefield
Final Destination- Stormy Destination (Mod)
Delfino Plaza- Rainy Delfino Plaza
Luigi's Mansion- Luigi's Battlefield
Mario Circuit- Rainy Circuit
Temple- World's Edge
Distant Planet- KC:MM City
Castle Siege- Subspace Emissary 2
Halberd-Tabuu Stage Halberd
Rumble Falls- Grand Stadium Dusk
New Pork City- World That Never Was
Skyworld- KC:MM Training
Bridge Of Eldin-Rainy Night Version
Pictochat- Grand Stadium v3
Mario Bros- Mountain Shrine
Lylat Cruise- Final Cruise
Smashville- Daigo Village
Pokemon Stadium 2 - Bell Tower

Just one last note:
Stages don't have SSPs in this version will most likely next version
Not all music is replaced for the stages mentioned above
2  Help & Tutorials / Stage Tutorials / Guide To Stages on: August 20, 2010, 02:22:40 PM
I'm honestly surprised nobody else decided to make a stage hacking guide so i guess i'll do it  AWESOME 2.0!

But Before i start here are some useful links for stage makers
Bero's Mod of BrawlBox
Stage H.A.C.K.ing thread
Guide For Builder Block Stages
Video Guide For Editing Collisions

1.The Basic File Structure:

For this part i'll be explaining the file structure of Final Destination and what each number does
Note: Every Stage Follows this structure just for this tutorial i decided to use FD for an example

1.Main Stage-
This is the main stage of the file for final destination. It's pretty much where you'll spend most of your time editing while viewing the file

2.Stage Position-
This is the spawn points for the stage. You'll probably won't have to to touch this if you're doing a background swap but if you're making a custom stage then this is a major thing that will help make the stage better

3.Collision Editor-
Self Explanatory really. Not going to go too much into it as it'd take forever but know this when creating a custom stage this is what determines what is ground and what isn't

4.Texture Data-
Not much to say on this really just that it holds all of the textures for the stage.
(You can have more than one texture data in a stage just be careful of filesize limit which i'll explain later)

5.Scene Data-
Determines how dark/light characters are on the stage.

Scene data is easily editable as the B1-B3 are RGB values

6.Stage Effect-
Honestly you'll probably never touch this part of the file as all it does is give graphic effects to certain stage elements. If you want said stage graphic removed all you do is just delete the ef_ file.

2.What's in the modeldatas
For this part i'll be explaining what's inside the modeldatas and what each does

This is what is inside of modeldata 1 for Final Destination looks somewhat confusing at first but really it's not.

The grey one in pictured . This is the actual model that is used for the stage. There is no limit on how many can be imported however too many in one modeldata (15 is a good number to stop at) will cause the game to lag so be careful when importing models.

The blue one pictured above. The Chr0 data is the file that makes things animate and such but there can only be one chr0 file in an modeldata unless there's more than one already in it(ones from the subspace as good examples and so are the onett ones) or the second chr0 file won't work

The brown one pictured above. The Vis0 data is the part of the file that makes parts of a model appear and disappear at different times. Wouldn't recommend editing this unless you really know what you're doing

The yellow one picture above. Not much to say on this one other than it makes the textures change colors

The white one pictured above. This one controls texture movement (think of clouds for this)
Really weird one out of all of them but does awesome effects (don't worry about this as it can't be edited yet)

3. Making A Stage (Background Elements)

Now that the basic background information is done i'll show you how to make a background swap type stage  Happy Face

For this part i'm going to try and add Luigi's Mansion's Moon to FD

1.For me to be able to do this i'm going to have to download the original Luigi Mansion File

2.Now that i've downloaded the file i've got it open and looking through the file the moon model is inside modeldata0 and now that i know which model data it is in i'll export it for later

3.Now that i've located the moon model i would go under textures 1 to see what textures it needs

4.Now that i know what textures it uses i would go to the texturedata and remove all the textures but those 3 and export the texture data

5.Since FD's Scene Data changes i'm going to export the scene data

6.Now that i'm done saving what i need from Luigi's Mansion's file i'm going to open FD's file and replace the space model data with the one with the moon in it:

7.Since FD's space model is now gone that means that some textures aren't needed anymore so i would go to textures1 and see which textures are needed and delete the ones not needed

Those are the textures need by FD's stage everything else isn't needed

8.Now that i know the list of textures needed i'll delete the unneeded ones

That is my end result

9.Next thing i need to do is import Luigi's Mansion's Textures into the file

Now that the brres is imported into the file there'll be a couple of issues
Looking at the top left will be this:

If i were to leave it as it is the stage would crash so i have to change it to this:

10.Now the last thing to replace is FD's Scene Data with Luigi's Mansions

But to guarantee it won't freeze rename it to StgFinal00

11.Now that everything is in order i'll delete the Ef_stgfinal pac as it's not needed anymore

Now i save the file and try in-game

Congratulations you can now make BG Swapped Stages!
Here's The File if you want to use it as a reference
Note:This is also how you would get elements from other stages to work as well it's limited to background swaps

4.How To Lower Filesize

For this part of the guide i'll be showing a good way to lower the filesize for a stage
Note:Every stage has a buffer zone of .5mb to 1.5mb anything higher than that range WILL cause a freeze

1.Open an un-edited BF pac and go to the texture data

2.Looking through the texture data you'll notice the main image sizes are 256x256 and 512x512 reducing those will help reduce the filesize greatly

3.Export all the textures into a folder for later use

4.Now open all of the textures in a image editor(preferably Paint.Net as it's very simple)

5.(optional) Find some tunes to listen to as this takes a while

6.In Paint.Net find all images that are 256x256(or have a 256 in the image size) and 512x512(or again has that number in the image size) and close all the others

7.Once that is done start resizing according to these pics:

That is for the 256 image ones

For 512 image one

8.Now that's finished replace the textures with the resized ones

Note:you can also do it the regular way but it takes longer however it has the possibility of lower the filesize even more by editing the level of detail when importing a texture
By lowering it to 1 you can reduce the size the image adds to a negative increase to the file compared to the original(which is what i did to the file)

9.Now that i've replaced all the textures i'll save the file and see how much the filesize changed

That was the original filesize

New filesize
As you can see that's a huge difference
I'm not going to upload the file as some of the images got really pixelated when i resized them (Paint.net failed me for once >.>)

But this is basically a good way to lower filesize if the stage is going over the limit however don't do all of the images that are big like i did only a couple to 5 are really needed to to push the stage back under the filesize

5.Tips For Stage Making

1.There's no limit to models that can be inside a model data

2.Don't save files edited in brawlwall as it's very glitchy instead transfer the changes over into brawlbox by edited the bones of the stgposition inside modeldata 100 (only mess with translation point nothing else!!!)

3.If you need to condense a file you can free up modeldata 101 by moving the poketrainer00 model into modeldata 100 thus leaving a free modeldata for you to use

4.There is also no limit to texture datas that can be inside a file as long as the file is under the filesize limit

5.Textures can also be inside of the modeldata

Hope this helped!

Guide is currently a WIP however i do hoped it helped a bit
Feedback wanted

3  Help & Tutorials / Help / Chuy's asking for help thread >.> on: August 16, 2010, 02:47:13 PM
 AWESOME 2.0! Bet you weren't expecting that weren't you?

Anyway i need help with color animations i believe i asked this once and didn't get anywhere
I'm pretty curious about color animations because i had an idea that involved using color animations not pre-existing ones but through a custom made one.
I had hexed in my own color animations from scratch and named it accordingly to the model that was going to use a color animation (in this case 050m_enviroment was the model).
Next i made new color nodes and renamed them according to the material1 data:

Then i saved the file and tried it in-game

The result was nothing happened  Im srs here
Did i name the color nodes wrong or is it possibly the scene data?


Anyway my question about the scene data is what do these values do?:

Those are the values for lights BTW
4  Help & Tutorials / Help / Problem with rel swapping on: July 09, 2010, 01:32:59 PM
For some reason the mario bros stage keep giving me problems when i try swapping it witt any stage
The stage i''m trying to use in it's place is the metal mario stage
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / How would i make textures transparent in-game? on: July 07, 2010, 06:28:12 PM
Im wondering because i'm trying to make parts of a model i'm using for a stage transparent but not sure if just erasing the texture to be transparent would work or not
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Anybody mind explaining a code for me on: July 04, 2010, 05:17:33 PM

Custom SSS: Spunit, Phantom Wings
046B8F5C 7C802378
046B8F64 7C6300AE
040AF618 5460083C
040AF68C 38840002
040AF6AC 5463083C
040AF6C0 88030001
040AF6E8 3860FFFF
040AF59C 3860000C
060B91C8 00000018
BFA10014 7CDF3378
7CBE2B78 7C7D1B78
2D05FFFF 418A0014
006B929C 000000XX
066B99D8 000000XX
S1S2S3S4 S5S6S7S8 << Brawl Stages
0618131D 1E1B1C00
006B92A4 000000YY
066B9A58 000000YY
M1M2M3M4 M5M6M7M8 << Melee Stages
06407AAC 00000066
Z1W1Z2W2 Z3W3Z4W4 << Stage Data

Stages: (use these to fill the ZZ spaces)
01 BattleField
02 Final Destination
03 Delphino
04 Luigi's Mansion
05 Mushroomy Kingdom
06 Mario Circuit
07 75m
08 Rumble Falls
09 Pirate Ship
0B Norfair
0C Orpheon
0D Yoshi's Island
0E Halberd
13 Lylat Cruise
14 Pokèmon Stadium 2
15 Spear Pillar
16 Port Town Aero Dive
17 Summit
18 Flat Zone 2
19 Castle Siege
1C Warioware, inc.
1D Distant Planet
1E Skyworld
1F Mario Bros.
20 Newpork City
21 Smashville
22 Shadow Moses Island
23 Greenhill Zone
24 Pictochat
25 Hanenbow
26 Control Config
28 Results Screen
29 Temple
2A Yoshi's Island
2B Jungle Japes
2C Onett
2D Green Greens
2E Pokèmon Stadium
2F Rainbow Cruise
30 Corneria
31 Big Blue
32 Brinstar
33 Eldin Bridge
34 Homerun Contest
35 Stage Builder Stage
36 Allstar Healing Room
37 Wifi Waiting Room
38 Break the Targets

40 Custom1
41 Custom2
42 Custom3
43 Custom4
44 Custom5
45 Custom6
46 Custom7
47 Custom8
48 Custom9

Icons: (use these to fill the WW spaces)
01 Battlefield
02 Fine Destination
03 Delphino
04 Luigi's Mansion
05 Mushroomy Kingdom
06 Mario Circuit
07 75m
08 Rumble Falls
09 Pirate Ship
0A Eldin Bridge
0B Norfair
0C Orpheon
0D Yoshi's Island
0E Halberd
0F Lylat Cruise
10 Pokèmon Stadium 2
11 Spear Pillar
12 Port Town Aero Dive
13 Summit
14 Flat Zone
15 Castle Siege
16 Warioware, inc.
17 Distant Planet
18 Skyworld
19 Mario Bros.
1A Newpork City
1B Smashville
1C Shadow Moses Island
1D Greenhill Zone
1E Pictochat
1F+ Hanenbow

32 Temple
33 Yoshi's Island
34 Jungle Japes
35 Onett
36 Green Greens
37 Rainbow Cruise
38 Corneria
39 Big Blue
3A Brinstar
3B Pokèmon Stadium
7  Help & Tutorials / Help / Interesting Problem With Riivolution on: July 02, 2010, 04:50:00 PM
Since yesterday i've been having various problems with riivolution all of which i've managed to fix except for this one:
riivolution just stopped working for me this morning despite me not modifying anything on the SD card the previous night
i thought it might be because the SD lock was on however i found out it wasn't the problem and something else is wrong
8  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Can someone do something for me? on: June 17, 2010, 07:52:04 PM
I need somebody to record some matches that use a couple of my stages as i have no means to record with

The stages i need recorded are:
Stormy Destination
Battlefield falls
Grand Stadium Dusk
Final Asteroid Field
Rainy Battlefield v2

Main reason i ask this because on a couple of different youtube vids showing some of my stages i saw people trying to saw they made it  Im srs here

Whoever does do this for me
Thank You!
9  Help & Tutorials / Help / Couple of questions on: May 29, 2010, 07:48:59 PM
1.I was wondering is it possible to polygon swap and if so how would i do it?
I was thinking about swapping ness's main polygon with pokemon trainer's

2.3ds and vertex will work on a windows 7 right?
Need to know cuz a project i'm thinking about working will probably need some vertex editing

3.Also are there any models around that look/are a blackhole and a cylinder-like tower
need them for something i'm working on
10  Help & Tutorials / Help / Help with model swapping on: May 16, 2010, 05:40:44 PM
Yeah so i was trying to swap PT over peach and have been constantly getting freezes i know it'll work as i've seen people do it before however i really don't know what i'm doing wrong i'm replacing the models/textures but it still freezes
Halp? i kinda need to know it so i can get my lil bro off my case
Also one last question if i can't figure this out does anybody know how to polygon swap?
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / Help with SSPs on: May 15, 2010, 09:40:44 PM
Yeah anyway ever since i added the stage portraits for fourside and mushroom kingdom all i get is the beep of doom and i've tried importing the files as different types like .png and .tga but it hasn't worked
12  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Stages / Chuy's Stuff Leaving For A While on: March 14, 2010, 04:08:13 PM
The Weather Project
These stages are basically my attempt to try and add rain/snow effects to Brawl's stages
LordNO@H also has some of these type of stages as well

Stormy Destination Beta

Stormy Destination Beta V2
Stormy Destination Final v1:

Stormy Destination Final v2

Snowy Battlefield
Snowy Battlefield(no Ice Effect)

Snowy Temple:

Rainy Battlefield

Rainy Delfino Plaza

Rainy Onett

Rainy Mansion

Rainy Delfino Plaza v2

Rainy Battlefield v2

The Realm Of Character stages
Also known as the stages i make when i get bored...REALLY bored

Realm Of Ness

Realm Of Lucas

Ash's World

Ash's World with DP costume

Other Stages

Rainbow Road

The only thing i changed for the KC:MM one is the space texture on the ground doesn't have ground

Dream Land 64

Random stage/URL]

2 things wrong with this stage i can't seem to fix are:
white flashes in the center of the stage
one of the ledges is not properly lined and for some reason even if i align it to the edge it won't be in alignment

Cortex Boss Fight

sorry about the lack of in-game pictures for this the bin2jpg thing corrupted them DX

Dark Online Training

Dark Online Training (with Rain)

Count Bleck Battle Area

Battlefield Falls



Chrome Ness
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