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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Virtual SD Sync on: April 21, 2018, 02:03:18 PM

A collection of utilities and scripts to automate updating your virtual SD card.

You choose a folder and your sd.raw file, then run the program to sync between them.
Only copies files that have been modified or newly added. It can also optionally purge old files from the SD card that no longer exist in your mods folder.


  • Mount sd.raw files as a virtual Windows drive
  • Sync files between your build directory and the sd.raw file
  • Unmount virtual drive after syncing
  • Load Dolphin after sync (optional)
  • Load Dolphin save state on start (optional)
  • Create new sd.raw file if required


  • Make sure to backup your data
  • Once the Setup is done, everything should be safe and easy to use
  • Can be pinned to the taskbar for ease of use


  • Major bug fix
  • Switched from using OSFMount to the more reliable ImDisk
  • Remodeled the GUI
  • Reduced file and ini clutter
  • Added a delay to help prevent errors when unmounting the SD Card too fast

I'd appreciate any error reports, I tried my best to make it a standalone package. Hope you like it!
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Brawlbox to Dolphin Quick Inject V1.1.2 on: July 22, 2014, 03:29:15 AM
Brawlbox to Dolphin Quick Inject
Version: 1.1.2

A quick and (hopefully) easy to use program for injecting files or folders into your virtual SD Card.

I'd appreciate any and all error reports. Hope you like it!
(Also, if the program is too fast for anyone's computer I would gladly help setup the Delay timers)


  • Version 1.1.2 - Bug fix for folder injection (also sped up process)
  • Version 1.1.1 - Bug fix with SD Path


Don't inject folders (files are fine) from "My Pictures", "My Music" or "My Videos" on the (C:) drive. I made a quick fix for injecting folders from "My Documents", but didn't feel the need to include the other three folders. All other Local Disks should be fine, however, please report any bugs you encounter especially when injecting folders.


My Settings:

Everyone's computer is different and I tried to include a reasonable setup as the default file. If you find the script catching at any point you should first try increasing the Delay times (all in ms) inside the Setup.ini file. However, I also wanted to share the settings I use:
Many are probably redundant by now, but  I felt I should leave them in just in case =]
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Stages / Syvkal's Workshop on: July 12, 2014, 12:37:09 AM

I decided to make a Workshop thread not only to showcase my work, both existing and future, but also to have somewhere to contain all my thoughts regarding vBrawl stages, their mechanics/features and what I might be able to do with them.
I may not have many finished stages (yet), but I hope you still find this thread useful and maybe even help out contributing to my ultimate goal of making every stage viable!


Bean Valley/Nimbus Land (Custom Stage)

My attempt at recreating a stage from on of my favourite games ever - Super Mario RPG

It started off well, but I think I got a bit carried away...

I'm going to get round to finishing/remaking this eventually

Jungle Japes (Minor edit)

Just a small edit to close the gaps between the platforms. I'll release this as soon as I can fix the colouring on the stairs...

My list of ideas for possible future projects, not necessarily in any order:
  • Skyworld
  • Mushroomy Kingdom
  • Mario Bros
  • Remake Shadow Moses
  • 75m?
  • Bridge of Eldin?
  • Get back to work on Rumble Falls project

My old uncompleted list:
  • Additional Rainbow Cruise variations?
  • Balance Brinstar
  • Remake Shadow Moses
  • Finish/remake Bean Valley
  • Remake SSE Swamp/Lake
  • Get back to work on stage builder project

Below is my brief review of the vBrawl stages and possible future intentions for each (will update):
StageGood FeaturesBad FeaturesRemake?
75mPlatforms, laddersEverything elseMaybe
Bridge of EldinDynamic stage layoutWalkoffsMeh
Castle SiegeBreakable platformsWalkoffsNo
Delfino PlazaMultiple sections/layoutsWalkoffsMeh
Distant PlanetLeaf platformsHazardsPM
Final Destination---
Flat Zone 2Trampoline?Hazards, walkoffsNo
Frigate OrpheonStage transitionStage transition?No
Green Hill Zone-EverythingPM
HalberdStage transitionHazardsMaybe
HanenbowPlatform mechanicsHanenbowPM
Luigi's MansionOuter platformsObstructive collisionsDone
Lylat Cruise-Stage movementDone or PM
Mario Bros.?EverythingMaybe
Mario Circuit-Hazards, walkoffsNo
Mushroomy KingdomBreakable boxesMovement, walkoffsMaybe
New Pork CityBreakable platform?, swinging ship?MassiveDone-ish
PictoChatSpring, ladder, spikes?Everything elseMeh
Pirate ShipRock transition?Bombs, catapult, whirlwindMaybe
Pokémon Stadium 2Transformations, treadmill?Treadmill, air sectionNo
Port Town Aero DiveStage transitionsHazards, walkoffsNo
Rumble FallsSO MANYMovement, spikesYes and PM
Shadow Moses IslandBreakable walls?Enclosed space, walkoffsYes and Done-ish
SkyworldBreakable platforms?Breakable platformsPM
Spear Pillar-EverythingDone and Done
SummitFalling platform, breakable iceEverything elseDone
WarioWare, Inc.-HazardsPM
Yoshi's Island-Shy guys?No
Big Blue-HazardsDone
BrinstarPlatform mechanicsAcid/lavaYes
Green GreensBreakable boxes?Bombs, applesNo
Jungle Japes-Layout, water?, klaptrapSort of
Onett-Walls, walkoffsMaybe
Pokémon StadiumTransformationsWallsDone
Rainbow CruiseCarpets, seesaw, donut blocksMovementDone
Yoshi's Island (Melee)Breakable blocks?LayoutNo
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