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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / My sexy texture thread [Sniper Wolf and others] on: December 17, 2011, 10:41:58 AM
Hey Brawl hackers! This is my texture thread! This thread consists of my artistic ability. I will be working a lot of stuff so I will be updating this thread very often! So enjoy!


Sniper Wolf:

Wolf is back... and better than before...

Shes got dat Sniper Rifle...

...and dem boobies.


Metal Gear Solid Finally Comes to Brawl Pack:

This features all of my (and other people's) MGS projects put in one large .rar file. This basically "improves" Brawl to have more MGS in it. The best thing about this is that it contains my best textures ever!

Comes with

- Solid Snake (Twin Snakes)
- Suit Solid Snake
- MGS3 Tiger Stripe
- MGS3 Sneaking Suit
- Solid Snake (MGS2)
- Old Snake

It also comes with a lot of songs too...
Comes with portraits, everything.


Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill):

I present to you...
*drum roll*

Beatrix Kiddo, also known as The Bride. She's awesome, pure badass, has a sword and slices people to bits.

But now she's joined the Brawl.


Metal Gear Solid 3 Tiger Stripe Camoflauge:

Probably one of the coolest camoflauges in MGS3, I present to you the Tiger Stripe Camo. It keeps you well hidden in usually grassy environments and other areas. Use this to hide and sneak up on enemies. This was also included in the "Metal Gear Solid Finally Comes to Brawl pack."

Also one of my most popular textures...

Pretty badass huh?

He dons the eyepatch... too.


Samus' Sexy Bikini:

Yep! Samus has finally sheded that tight zero suit and is finally showing some skin!
This is for you pervs (yes, including me,lol) who want a sexier Samus in Brawl!!!

Keep in mind her body textures were taken from actual pictures!

oooooooooooooooooooohhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh


Now stop jerking off and download!

Mixxy the Hedghog:

Unlike most of my textures, this isn't based off of anything like an actual video game character. Instead, she's based off of my ssfl (sworn sister for life). This is how my ssfl (I just call her Mixxy (: ) would of looked if she was in the Sonic the Hedghog series.
HUGE credit to my ssfl for letting me post this on here, because she made this texture hack, not me. I love her soo [censored]ing much and she means so much to me.

cute and sexy, huh?





I will be updating this thread often! So stay tuned!
And yes, I DO take requests.
2  Help & Tutorials / Help / Adding Extra Character Costumes on: November 23, 2011, 09:07:18 PM
Is it possible (Or will it ever be possible) to add extra character costumes to SSBB?

Let's say we have Snake, who has costumes FitSnake00.pcs through FitSnake05.pcs, would it be possible to add alternate costumes like FitSnake06.pcs, FitSnake07.pcs, and so forth?
So is it possible?
 Happy Face
If anybody knows how to do it just post right here and I'll turn this into a how-to thread. AWESOME 2.0!
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / Metal Gear Solid creation hacks! *continuation of Irishladdie's dream* on: February 11, 2011, 05:49:30 AM

I'm guessing you read the thread, and such. Anyways, if you read our comments, we need A LOT of work done. If anyone likes MGS as much as we do, help us. If you want to join our group, you can join now by asking and working on projects. This thread is pretty much for our group use and texture hacker/vertex hacker use.

Do keep in mind stealing and re-posting our stuff is prohibited!
If you want to edit one of our hacks to create another MGS hack, message the maker of it for permission.

We will gladly enjoy it if you want to join us!
To join the staff private message me or comment here.

I will update the staff list regularly.


1. Irishladdie727
2. Eternal Yoshi
3. xxTerminatorxx
4. Friedslick6
5. Blazemanmace
6. supersaiyanmikito
7. Stuff3 (Maybe)


- Sniper Wolf - By xxTerminatorxx

- Solid Snake PSX - By KTH

- EVA (HD) - By xxTerminatorxx

- MGS2 Big Shell - By Eternal Yoshi

- Ninja Gray Fox by Eternal Yoshi

- Tiger Stripe Camo (Big Boss) By xxTerminatorxx

- Liquid Snake By Irishladdie727

- MGS1 Solid Snake (Low-Res) By Lock

- The Love Box (MGS PW) By supersaiyanmikito

- Vertexed Eyepatch Snake V2 Now With Solid Eye by Irishladdie727

- MGS3 Sneaking Suit (Big Boss) Eternal Yoshi

- MGS3 Groznyj Grad (At Night) By Olimario1892

- THE Boss By Olimario1892

- MGS3 The Boss Battle by Olimario1892

- MGS: Twin Snakes Boxesby xxTerminatorxx

- Meryl Silverburgh by DrPanda

I'll be posting mine soon.
4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Animator(s) needed for new weapons for Snake. on: December 05, 2010, 10:29:02 AM
 Awesome Face LET'S FIX THIS!  Awesome Face

Since the begaining of Brawl and when Snake was first being released, I was hoping very strongly for him to use the weaponry he's usually being seen used in the Metal Gear series. But, when Brawl was released, I was shocked to notice that Solid Snake lacked, most importaintly, a SOCOM pistol. We'll get to his aimable RPG-7 *smiles*.

StarWaffle told me I should replace Snake's Nikita with the SOCOM instead of the Grenades Wink.

Now, the idea here is to vertex/model replace Snake's Side B move into a SOCOM pistol. Using the help of great animation editors, we could imput the correct animations for these ideas I have in mind to work. I got a ton of ideas on this, but first, I really wanted Snake's SOCOM to be much different than Fox's B move. Since if you edit Snake's side B move, we'll have a few free animations for us to use.

Awesome Face Snake's SOCOM ideas:  Awesome Face

(1) His SOCOM should fire invisable hitboxes that seem to break the sound barrier.
(2) His SOCOM model should be ZS Samus'. Fox, Falco, and Wolf's are too hard to use.
(3) His SOCOM should have smoke come out the front of the gun when firing it, along with a small flash.
(4) If the gun were to miss and hit a wall, there should be a [very] small explosion, around the size of a pinhead.
(5) Snake should be able to abuse the gun slightly slower than Fox can abuse his gun, though he will need to reload after every 6 shots.
(6) I want Snake's Nikita missle to be used for somthing; we could replace it with a 2D image and texture it into an empty gun shell that pops out the back of the gun when fired.                  

Now, this will probably be the easiest, I really think Snake's Side Smash needed to be re-done. You know what I mean. It has no distance. I wanted it to fire forward, and not aimed at the ground.

Awesome Face Snake's forward fired RPG-7 ideas:  Awesome Face

(1) Should fire an invisable hitbox that breaks the sound barrier.
(2) Should be reloadable like Brawl+ (Maybe Brawl -?) Snake's RPG.      

Now first, before anything happens, I want you animators to use Eternal Yoshi's custom Snake taunts as a base.
You can find it here. Please use the cigaratte version.


Now, any animators out there willing to help us make Snake's new weapons?
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