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Author Topic: Merging Rigged Objects That Use the Same Texture  (Read 997 times)
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    « on: January 31, 2015, 01:05:39 PM »

    Does your model have multiple rigged objects that use the same texture? Well, this tutorial is just for you. Not to mention, it can reduce file size slightly.

    Just like my other tutorial, I found this tutorial while browsing Google.

    -3DS Max.
    -Model with multiple parts.

    Select every object that uses the same texture.
    Go to Edit | Clone
    Pick Copy and click OK.
    Select the new copies and convert to edit poly to collapse the modifier stack.
    Attach one object to the other.
    Select your object and add a Skin Wrap modifier.
    Click the Add button in the modify panel and add both of the original objects by clicking on them. (They should still be skinned.)
    Change Deformation Engine to Face Deformation.
    Check Weight All Points
    Click on Convert to Skin.

    This tutorial can be used with any model.

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