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Author Topic: SFX for Gecko OS  (Read 2941 times)
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« on: February 05, 2014, 07:37:35 PM »

I know it is possible to add SFX to Brawl with Gecko OS, but it is not working for me.
I rename the folder to SFX, sfx, or sound and it still won't work! I also make sure that the sawnd file is named correctly. Help!  Oh shi~

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    « Reply #1 on: February 05, 2014, 08:45:30 PM »

    Use Super Sawndz to put them in the smashbros_sound.brsar and see if that works.

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    « Reply #2 on: February 05, 2014, 08:54:52 PM »

    smashbros_sound.brsar doesn't work with Gecko.  It only works with Sawnd files.
    (Don't Worry You're Not The First Person To Have This Problem)

    Make sure you have the right code
    I think yours have the .bnk file soundreplacement bank engine code (or something like that)

    Here's The Code for the sawnd files.
    80000000 80406920
    80000001 805A7D18
    045A7D00 805A7D18
    8A001001 00000000
    065A7D28 00000015
    2F525342 452F7066
    2F736678 2F25642E
    7361776E 64000000
    045A7D10 919B6600
    C21C8370 0000003C
    9421FF80 BC610008
    3C60805A 60637000
    94230008 7C611B78
    3B5A0007 3C60805A
    60637D00 9343FFE0
    38800000 9081000C
    90810010 93610014
    90810018 3880FFFF
    9081001C 38610020
    90610008 3C80805A
    60847D18 7F45D378
    3D80803F 618C89FC
    7D8903A6 4E800421
    38810020 7F63DB78
    38A00000 38C00000
    3D80805A 618C7900
    7D8903A6 4E800421
    2C030000 40820114
    3C60805A 60637D00
    8081FE90 9083FFD0
    7F64DB78 3884FFFD
    3CC05257 60C65344
    38840004 81240000
    7C093000 4082FFF4
    7C9B2050 9083FFC0
    3D2090E6 61290F10
    81290000 7D244B78
    7C862378 38C60008
    80A4002C 7C842A14
    38840008 3CE0805A
    60E77D00 8167FFE0
    38840008 80A40000
    7CA53214 80E50000
    7C075800 4082FFEC
    7D244B78 80C50024
    7CA43214 38A50008
    80E50000 38A50008
    7F63DB78 38630009
    80C50000 7CC43214
    38E7FFFF 81430000
    91460008 81430004
    91460014 81430008
    91460018 3863000C
    38A50008 2C070000
    4181FFD0 3C60805A
    60637D00 8083FFD0
    80A3FFC0 7C852050
    7F66DB78 7CE62A14
    89070000 99060000
    38C60001 38E70001
    3884FFFF 2C040000
    4181FFE8 38600000
    2C030000 3CA0805A
    60A57D00 9065FFF0
    3C20805A 60217000
    80210008 B8610008
    38210080 7D8903A6
    4182000C 4E800421
    48000008 7CE33B78
    60000000 00000000
    C21C8658 00000007
    3E00805A 62107D00
    8230FFF0 2C110000
    40820010 7CE33B78
    3B200000 41820014
    4E800421 3A400001
    9250FFF0 60000000
    60000000 00000000

    This isn't the same as the bnk code.  This is longer

    If that still doesn't work then try my tutorial.


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