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Author Topic: Tourney Brawl hacking?  (Read 1126 times)
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    « on: March 29, 2010, 09:59:21 AM »


    essentially, pre-set settings via brawl hacking that set the game up for tourney play instead of having to set everything initially.. for example:

    -appropriate stock settings
    -random switch settings
    -having only tourney legal stages show on the main page
    -counter pick stages on the melee section.
    -restricted amount of pauses (once per match)
    -textures catered to teams (i think brawl+ has already done this..)

    also some other ideas that could be achieved but probably not a good idea...

    -damage meter stops at a certain number (somthing like %400)
    -stopping illegal moves, such as some infinite chain grabs
    -(this would be LOL) instant death for someone who taunts more than 6 times Cheesy

    and keep this up to date via smashboards.. anyone else have any input?

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