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Author Topic: ::Wingzero007 Help, Project's and Knowledge Thread::  (Read 1032 times)
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« on: March 02, 2015, 03:27:03 PM »

Hello and Welcome to Wingzero007's Mega-thread! I am Wingzero007 and I Created This Thread to Show What I Have Learned, Planned and Studied. I Hope That I Can Help Those Who Are Up and Coming In Brawl Modding and Increase Their Overall General Technological Prowess! Thanks For Reading This Title.

::Character Ideas::
SBE aka Star Bomb Edition Luigi from the video SMASH
Not Yet Started

::Knowledge Base::
-Psa's Affect Animation
-Fitxxxx.pac manages attacks


-BrawlEx Clone Tool
-BrawlEx CCS Roster
-Smash Stacks
-Brawl Dolphin Net-play
-ISO modding
-Dolphin Based Mod Brawl Modding

::Helpful information::
All stage result screens are placed in pf/stage/melee
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