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Author Topic: BrawlEx Custom Victory Themes REPLACING .brstms  (Read 4575 times)
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    « on: June 28, 2015, 04:28:28 PM »

    One moment I was about to post a topic in the "help" section on how to do this, the next moment I'm making a tutorial, mostly because I can't find any really good tutorial yet. I sincerely hope this isn't one of those things everybody knows but me... but let's get into it! I'll be using Brawlbox v0.71.

    I'm going to be showing you how to create custom victory themes for your BrawlEx character without modifying other characters' themes or using codes. However, you will need to replace a .brstm file.

    What you'll need:

    Please note that you don't actually have to modify smashbros_sound.brsar, we just need it to find some information you'll need.

    Preparing BRSTM (If you already have one then you can skip this):
    First, have a wav or mp3 file of the victory theme you want to add. Also, you should know of a song you want to replace. Open up BCSM, and choose "Add". Locate your song and MAKE SURE that loop is not checked, unless you're doing it on purpose. Then create your brstm!
    After it finishes, exit the box and select "SD/folder" and choose the root of your SD card. Select your song and click "To SD". Now find the song you want to replace and KEEP TRACK of the ID of the original song. The ID of the song I'm changing is U08. Now we can move on!

    Finding Info Index of the song:
    Open up smashbros_sound.brsar with BrawlBox. expand "snd" NOT "SND", then "bgm". You should see all the values for brstm files (except Wolf). Find the ID of the song you replaced. Next, expand that folder and click the node whose name resembles the original name of the song. On the right side of Brawlbox, scroll all the way down until you reach the file index under Misc. Write that number down somewhere or type it into notepad.

    Exit Brawlbox, and now open the hex editor. Find the SlotConfig of the character you want to modify. In 0x22 and 0x23 should be the ID of the victory theme the character uses. You can use this list to make sure you're looking at the right values:
    283D: {Mario victory music (Mario version)}
    283E: {Donkey Kong victory music (Donkey Kong version)}
    283F: {Zelda victory music (Link version)}
    2840: {Metroid victory music (Samus version)}
    2841: {Yoshi victory music}
    2842: {Kirby victory music (Kirby version)}
    2843: {Star Fox victory music (Fox/Wolf version)}
    2844: {Pokemon victory music (Pikachu version)}
    2845: {Mario victory music (Luigi version)}
    2846: {F-Zero victory music}
    2847: {EarthBound victory music (Ness version)}
    2848: {Mario victory music (Bowser version)}
    2849: {Mario victory music (Peach version)}
    284A: {Zelda victory music (Zelda version)}
    284B: {Zelda victory music (Sheik version)}
    284C: {Ice Climber victory music}
    284D: {Fire Emblem victory music (Marth version)}
    284E: {Game & Watch victory music}
    284F: {Star Fox victory music (Falco version)}
    2850: {Zelda victory music (Ganondorf version)}
    2851: {Wario victory music}
    2852: {Meta Knight victory music}
    2853: {Kid Icarus victory music}
    2854: {Metroid victory music (Zero Suit Samus version)}
    2855: {Pikmin victory music}
    2856: {EarthBound victory music (Lucas version)}
    2857: {Donkey Kong victory music (Diddy Kong version)}
    2858: {Pokemon victory music (Pokemon Trainer version)}
    2859: {Kirby victory music (King Dedede version)}
    285A: {Pokemon victory music (Lucario version)}
    285B: {Fire Emblem victory music (Ike version)}
    285C: {R.O.B. victory music}
    285D: {Pokemon victory music (Jigglypuff version)}
    285E: {Pokemon victory music (Mewtwo version?)}
    285F: {Fire Emblem victory music (Roy version?)}
    2860: {Zelda victory music (Toon Link version)}
    2861: {Metal Gear victory music}
    2862: {Sonic victory music

    Now use the calculator on your computer or the website I provided and convert the ID of the song you found from decimal to hexadecimal. Finally, take that number and replace the original value for the victory theme.

    Save it, and you're done! You can also use this method to change the victory theme of preexisting characters! I hope this tutorial helped someone(s) and thanks for using my tutorial!

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