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Author Topic: [Resolved] -- [MOD SETUP] [Dolphin] "Exception (DSI) occured" with Gecko OS  (Read 871 times)
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    « on: July 21, 2018, 04:16:16 PM »

    Hello everyone,

    To figure out how to set up SSBB mods I tried to test a mod (Project M) using Dolphin with the Gecko OS method.

    My Dolphin emulator fully setup (with ISO 36 v.1xxx), I first created then filled my virtual SD Card with the files needed.
    Then as described in the tutotial I followed, I've set Brawl (NTSC) as default ISO, "inserted" my virtual 2GB SD Card and boot everything with the boot.elf file from my Gecko OS folder. Then...

    Blackout. I just get a DOS-like screen with "Exception (DSI) occured!" and a bunch of hex code.

    I know that's not related to my NAND, I had problem with it first but I fixed it after updating the Wii system and flashing back the IOS 36 WAD file. Also Brawl always worked like a charm.

    I tried to remove and redownload Gecko OS (v again) and nothing changed. Even moving it to a non read-only environment doesn't help.

    Finally, I noticed that whatever the SD Card content (switched to an empty 1GB card for testing, still virtual) the error still the same, I got the exact same codes.

    Any idea on the issue? I would be glad if someone help ne to work arround this problem ^^
    (Note: please don't propose me the "pack your mode" solution. I try to avoid it not to lose time)

    Edit: found out I was using a dev build (5.0-7325) that got this problem. 
    I downgraded Dolphin to the stable 5.0 release and everything is fine now. Thread closed.

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