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Author Topic: Dark Magician Girl PSA Version 0.9  (Read 16214 times)
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« on: January 12, 2020, 01:52:23 PM »

Dark Magician Girl PSA over Peach or as a BrawlEx clone of Peach.

I wanted the Dark Magician Girl to be a playable character in Super Smash Brothers for
years now and thanks to Calypso, I could finally start with the PSA.
The Dark Magician Girl PSA is currently 90% complete.
Here is the link to the PSA so far:
If you can help with the remaining 10%, please let me know by sending me a PM
or posting here.
Also, if someone could help with in-game pictures or a video, that would be great.

Credits: Calypso for rigging and importing the models over Peach, KeroMonkey for guidance with
the PSA and permission to use some of his animations and moves, KingJigglypuff for his tutorials

First, what still needs to be done:
1) The Dark Magician needs to be animated in the Final Smashes.
2) The Dark Magician Girl's down tilt animation needs to be
   changed so that she uses the wand in her right hand.
3) The Dark Magician Girl's animation for when she uses the
   cracker launcher needs to be fixed.
4) The Dark Magician Girl's heavy item animations need to be
   changed so that she uses her wand to lift them, wait with
   them, walk with them, and/or throw them.
5) The Dark Magician Girl's grabbing opponents animations need to
   be fixed as when she grabs opponents, they're too close.
Basically, everything that still needs to be done is animation
All of her moves work the way that they're supposed to
and I've added her as a BrawlEx Clone on my Wii and tested her
moves many times so she's definitely playable. I even had four
Dark Magician Girls on a stage at the same time and the game
didn't lag or crash. I based her CSPs and BPs on her different
card artworks because there are currently no recolors and
personally, I think it's better that way. If she were to have
recolors, I was thinking of having them based on the other
Magician Girls, but I'd rather that be done after the PSA is
100% complete.

Now for the moveset:
I wanted her to be balanced while still having access to her many
spells and traps so I implemented a spell counter system. She
starts the match with 4 spell counters charged, but when she
respawns she only has 1 spell counter charged. She has access to
15 spells and traps or 14 spells and traps if you're not counting
Dark Magic Inheritance and that's only for her attacks involving
the B button.

Her attacks involving the A button don't really use any spells or traps--they're just attacks.
Neutral A:
A two-hit attack using her wand which gives darkness
Dash Attack: Same as Peach's.
Up Tilt: Same as Peach's.
Down Tilt:
She's supposed to use her wand to plant a flower on the
opponent. Currently uses the same animation as Peach's
down tilt.
Forward Tilt: A one-two punch attack boosted by Dark Magic.
Forward Up Tilt:
A wave of her wand which reflects projectiles or turns opponents around.
Forward Down Tilt:
A forward dash attack with her wand which givesvery high shield damage.
However, since it moves her forward, you can practically only use it once on a
shielding opponent.
Up Smash: Same as Peach's.
Down Smash: Same as Peach's.
Forward Smash:
Uses her wand to strike an opponent in front of her. Strikes farther than what it seems.
May need some GFX or animation tuning for the positioning of her wand.
Neutral Air: Same as Peach's.
Down Air: Same as Peach's.
Up Air: Uses her wand to hit above her.
Back Air: Kicks behind her like Zelda.
Forward Air: A front flip kick boosted by magical power.

Special Attacks (B button)
The Dark Magician Girl can charge a maximum of four spell counters
and there's no way to tell how many spell counters you have
charged other than by remembering. Certain moves use more spell
counters than others and when you use one of her B attacks, she'll
use as many spell counters as she can for that special attack, so
it's a good idea to always keep in mind how many spell counters
she has charged.
Her 15 spells and traps are as follows:

Neutral B Zero Spell Counters: Mystic Box-
the Dark Magician Girl waits to be attacked so that the opponent is hurt instead.
Neutral B One Spell Counter: Double Spell- Sun Beam Level 1.
Neutral B Two Spell Counters: Double Spell- Sun Beam Level 2.
Neutral B Three Spell Counters: Double Spell- Sun Beam Level 3.
Neutral B Four Spell Counters: Double Spell- Sun Beam Level 4.
Side B Zero Spell Counters: Dark Burning Attack-
The Dark Magician Girl attacks with her signature move which gives flame
damage to an opponent or opponents in front of her.
Side B Two Spell Counters Air: Black Illusion-
The Dark Magician Girl glides forward with Super Armor.
Side B Two Spell Counters Ground: Illusion Magic-
The Dark Magician Girl glides forward only to return to where she was at the start of the attack.
Up B Zero Spell Counters: Magician Navigation-
Same as Peach's except that she doesn't open an umbrella or fall slowly.
The Dark Magician Girl can jump or use air attacks before or after using this move.
Up B One Spell Counter: Magic Formula-
The Dark Magician Girl is invincible for around 1.5 seconds and recovers 10% damage.
Up B Three Spell Counters: Dark Magic Inheritance-
The Dark Magician Girl randomly uses one of three spells or traps. Magical Dimension- The Dark Magician Girl becomes giant. Magicians' Defense- The Dark Magician Girl becomes metal. Spellbinding Circle- Time becomes slower for everyone else for around 8 seconds.
Note: You can only use the Up Special once before it becomes disabled in the air.
Down B Zero Spell Counters: Spell Power Grasp-
The Dark Magician Girl charges a spell counter.
Down B Four Spell Counters: Arcane Barrier-
The Dark Magician Girl becomes invincible for a set amount of time.
Note 2:
The Smash Ball is like the Sage's Stone in the Dark Magician Girl's eyes as it summons
the Dark Magician by her side when she uses the Final Smash. However, the animations
for the Dark Magician still need to be made. The Dark Magician Girl also uses the Dark                                
Magical Circle in some of her attacks.
Final Smash Zero Spell Counters: Dark Burning Magic-
The Dark Magician appears by the Dark Magician Girl's side and together they attack with Dark Burning Magic.
Final Smash Four Spell Counters: Dark Magic Expanded-
The Dark Magician appears by the Dark Magician Girl's side and together they attack with
Dark Magic Expanded.

I don't own the rights to the Dark Magician Girl or Yugioh.
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    Wow, there's actual progress here! Color me surprised.

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    There's a new model in Duel Links

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