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Author Topic: Project Increase (Name Not Final)  (Read 5924 times)
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« on: September 29, 2021, 10:32:59 PM »

I'm currently making a Brawl mod that doesn't interfere with the "floaty" game physics unlike mods like Project+. Currently, it's called Project Increase, and will have the character fixes and most color swaps from Lillith's Another Brawl Expanse Deluxe, with Pikachu's party hat costume giving it its Shiny colors and Sonic's Shadow costume being replaced with his Smash 4/Ultimate purple color based on the purple Chaos Emerald/NiGHTS. Additionally, the following newcomers will be added:

Daisy (using her Another Brawl EDX appearance with her black costume moved to the sixth slot and her Classic costume replaced by a pink costume based on Peach, with daisies falling during her Final Smash instead of peaches)
King K. Rool (using a possible Brawl-styled model with green scales similar to Bowser's orange body and a new Final Smash in place of Blast-O-Matic due to Brawl's Final Smashes not being as cinematic as Ultimate)
Young Link (using his Another Brawl EDX appearance)
Dr. Mario (using his Another Brawl EDX appearance)
Bandanna Waddle Dee (based on his PMEX Redux appearance, but with a different moveset and no bandanna markings for alts)
Blood Falcon (based on his PMEX Redux appearance, but completely mute due to no Smash VA yet)
Pichu (based on its Legacy XP appearance)
Roy (based on his Project M appearance)
Mewtwo (based on its Project M appearance)

In addition, the mod will also fix the Ice Climbers' slowed-down effects oversight when the effects of the Timer/Dialga wear off, as well as correcting the descriptions for King K. Rool and Baby Mario's Trophies. Also, the Turret Tusk Trophy's name and description are altered to refer to it as one of the Double Tusks (which is the actual Trophy instead of Turret Tusk). Also, the Melee characters, Daisy, King K. Rool, and Marth all use their voice acting from Ultimate (since I prefer Marth and Roy's English voices rather than their Japanese ones). Additionaly, the Trophy models and positions for Daisy (formerly Striker Daisy), King K. Rool, Pichu, Mewtwo, and Blood Falcon will be altered, and new Trophies for all nine new Final Smashes will be added (if there were some kind of code, tool, or mod that added Trophies instead of replacing them, that is). The Green Shell and Poison Mushroom items are also altered thanks to SMFan, which use the designs from SSE and 3D Land, respectively. No stages or songs are altered, except for Bowser's victory screens which use his and his son's victory theme from 3DS/Wii U onward (later used for Piranha Plant in Ultimate, too). No Stickers are altered, either. The mod will work with both GeckoOS and Riivolution, and will feature things like a .GCT, additional opening sequence characters (which aren't used for SSE's end credits), and the videos and mod itself (for both Wii and Dolphin) will be strictly on the MEGA website as to avoid attracting Nintendo's attention like Project M and Smash Bros. Legacy did (rest in peace, PM and Legacy). One last thing to note is that people like Eiji_Ar, Lillith, KTH, SMFan, and everyone involved with making everything possible (even though some things don't exist yet) will be given thanks. Right now, the project is in the stage where the thoughts are currently in my head, but will be worked on one day in the future. I won't guarantee it will happen soon, but it will most certainly happen. Once again, I'd like to give thanks to the users like Eiji_Ar, Lillith, KTH, and SMFan. You guys rock, and keep up the good work current and/or future projects.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that all but BWD and Blood Falcon will have their animations (taunts, victory poses, idle, etc.) based on their Ultimate appearances. BWD and Blood Falcon will have their own animations (with the latter being a slightly stronger but slightly slower clone of Captain Falcon, of course). Also, if BrawlDJ works right and doesn't give me things like Syntax Errors or KeyErrors via Python, I might just include a list of songs lifted from Smash 64, the rest of Melee's songs, 3DS/Wii U, Ultimate, and games released before and after Brawl. Examples include Lifelight playing in the menus, Meta Crystal playing in Battlefield, Galeem/Dharkon playing in Final Destination, Super Mario World Medley playing in Melee's Yoshi's Island, the X/Y Wild Pokemon Battle theme playing on Pokemon Stadium 2, Work It! playing on WarioWare, Gang-Plank Galleon playing on Jungle Japes, the actual Rumble Falls track playing on the stage of the same name, Gelato Beach playing on Delfino Plaza, Destroyed Skyworld being played on the Skyworld stage, Escape playing on Norfair, the OR/AS Rayquaza Battle theme playing during its boss fights in SSE instead of Victory Road, Ice Cream Island playing in the non-Halberd portions of Sea of Clouds, the Lethal Lava Land and Cave Dungeon themes from SM64 playing in Mushroomy Kingdom, etc.
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