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77 July 7th, 2016

N810 Custom Sonic (AZPM Build) by Ca$ino Wolf, Afterthought with credit to the PMDT
[Character - Texture - Sonic]

A custom skin for N810, the Sonic player who was #10 on AZPM's PR!

-Stock Icon

Quote from N810: (coming soon)

148 November 17th, 2016

Reverse Sonic by Afterthought with credit to Nibroc.Rock for the concept
[Character - Texture - Sonic]

It's been around a year since my first upload, wow. Thanks to everyone who's downloaded my stuff, I hope you all enjoy it!

Completely unrelated to my anniversary, I kinda started this spur of the moment and decided I'd upload it to my Vault just for fun. A one-shot, it's a representation of Nibroc.Rock's Reverse Sonic render, based on Reverse Flash from the Flash comics. I love The Flash so I fell in love with the concept immediately, and here we are!

Brawl cosmetics included, along with custom ones. Perfect if you want a non-canon speedy rival from an alternate universe (who isn't green and edgy).

Enjoy! (Short imgur gallery this time, not a lot to show off.)

766 July 1st, 2016

Little Mac - Revamped by Afterthought, Nanobuds, CaliKingz01 with credit to Boobsey for the base textures
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Custom Character]

A while back Nanobuds updated the textures for his Little Mac import, and I realized that neither the Jigglypuff moveset nor the Bowser moveset featured these changes. I took it upon myself to apply them after initial reluctance to do so.

This download basically makes it so both movesets have updated textures for their models. This goes for the primary Mac model and Mac with his sweatsuit. I also updated the skin texture for Wireframe Mac.

Recolors? You got 'em. Ten in all included, the original plus the seven other palettes taking inspiration from Smash 4, and three original palettes if you wanna change the game up. Custom CSPs, BPs and stocks included as well.

Credit to Nanobuds for the original model's textures, Boobsey for his Smash 4 recolors (which I borrowed the MAC texture from as well as the layout for some details) and CaliKingz01 for the moveset and model.

If there are any issues, please feel free to report or PM me and I'll work to fix them ASAP.


458 June 30th, 2016

Bass - Revamped by Afterthought, CaliKingz01 with credit to Firelis for the trophy textures
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Custom Character]

Bass is hands-down my favorite character in the entire Megaman series, and seeing that CaliKingz had done a full mod for him, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to mess around with it.

However, truthfully, the quality of the original model wasn't really appealing to me: the textures were kinda gritty, shine on certain objects was overwhelming, and the model itself would benefit from improved rigging. While I did not attempt to fix the rigging myself, I did at least attempt to make the model pretty visually. The differences aren't hefty, but if you're looking for something a bit more clean to look at and work with, this is the Bass mod for you.

The textures have Bass been improved by myself, hand drawn using the original texture from the Smash 4 trophy model as a base, with some shading added here and there for detail. Treble also gets improved textures, combining his base textures with his spec textures. The size for the body textures (normal and Final Smash) have been doubled. The BodyMask texture has been revamped to include subtle shine for the main armor and brighter shine for the gold parts and gem. (Any attempts to add detail with the revamped BodyMask resulted in gritty, messy textures like the previous version, so Bass lacks detail but makes up for it with shine and smoothness.) Eye and ref textures have been tweaked.

Also included are custom recolors, one for each team color, as well as purple and gray-black colors, and four special colors that could be used in place of any of the first six:

-A custom red/silver scheme
-A green/light green scheme based on Quint from the Megaman series
-A blue/orange scheme reminiscent of old Bass artwork from Megaman 7
-A white/lavender scheme based off of White Axl from Megaman X8

Everything comes with custom CSPs, BPs and stock icons also done by me.

All credit goes to CaliKingz01 for rigging the model in the first place, and to Firelis for providing the textures from Smash 4.


188 August 31st, 2016

Sylux v0.missiles by Placebo, Theytah, Afterthought with credit to russmarrs2, the PMDT, those that voted for Sylux, Rundas god rest his soul, and the baby
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Samus]

Thread: http://smashboards.com/threads/project-clone.434936/

The mysterious bounty hunter with no known alliances and burning hatred for Samus and the Galactic Federation, Sylux is done confusing players at the end of Prime 3 and has stepped into the fray.

He comes equipped with stolen technology as usual, but this time he has taken two weapons from the Luminoth, the light and dark beams. The Dark Beam is suited best for defense, while the light beam has great offensive abilities.

His speed and gravity are slightly greater than that of Samus, but his projectiles aren't up to snuff

He seems to have forgotten his Shock Coil... for now...

In-depth change-log and readme will come with the shock coil version.
Open letter to those that can run Hunters PC netplay at a good framerate or have extensive experience with the game's multiplayer, as I want a good grasp of the range and power of Shock Coil as well as differences between when Sylux uses it and when Samus does.
I also need to find out how to remove the freezing on Light Fsmash's second hitbox.

Also, I am a bit worried the light effects are too strong, and if anyone asks me to I'll change them in the shock coil update

199 November 17th, 2016

Sunset Castle Siege Remix by Afterthought, Sandfall with credit to the PMDT for the original sunset Castle Siege stage and lighting
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Castle Siege]

Small imgur gallery: http://imgur.com/a/K1h6O

I felt that Sandfall's Castle Siege was dope, but it needed a change in atmosphere. I'm a sucker for stages with different times of day, so I put this together. Basically the same stage with PM Castle Siege's textures and lighting.

Download includes both .pac files required to make this stage work over Castle Siege.


283 November 17th, 2016

Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - Revamped by Afterthought, Dio, HowDoISpaceJam with credit to the PMDT for the Great King of Evil model
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ganondorf]

6/19/16 - Updated with collabs since I wasn't incredibly comfortable with having the two individuals, whose assets I used, listed as credited.

5/6/16 - Added a new folder of models for use with BronzeGreekGod's Project Ganondorf Ocarina of Time moveset.

As much as I enjoy Project M's Great King of Evil alt for Ganondorf, I found myself wanting something closer to his appearance in Melee, and to a degree, something closer to his appearance in Ocarina of Time. This mod aims to closer match his appearance before the time skip, essentially before he becomes the King of Evil.

This mod features the hair texture from Dio's Melee x OoT mod, as well as a redrawn short cape taken from HowDoISpaceJam's Phantom Ganon. The download includes the recolors included in Project M as well as some recolors from my previous Ganondorf upload, and CSPs and BPs to match; the portraits feature Ganondorf in a pose reminiscent of his Challenger Approaching screen in Melee. It also has near-perfect metals.

Preview leads to an imgur gallery.


52141 December 16th, 2016

Project M EX (ALM5252's Custom Build) by ALM5252, Moblin, MoeNDerrty, Zant532, szion, Afterthought, PyotrLuzhin, Sylv with credit to PMBR, Dantarion, PhantomWings, PyotrLuzhin, Sirkura, Zigheart, Dustyy, TheGamerKidTy, KTH, Calikingz01, Placebo, Kitsu, stupidmariofan1, Theytah, Sluigi123, Puzzled, PMDT and Brawl DX Team, Mariodk, Mewtwo2000, Albafika and LJSTAR BBreon, TheEpicMVSL2,l edgerewskie, Aghanim, Taiko, Codex, Mach5Mike, Smash 3 Team, Shikamaru12, Super tails srb2 fan, Cless, HypnotizeScourge, Snoopy and iwantgames, Uncle0wnage, KingJigglypuff, BraveDragonWolf, themaziest, Dastardly, Ridleylash,and MerryShadow, wattasyo, Mario49, Izumo, Cassius17,Keeby,Zwitter Frei, Kienamaru, OmegaS3, Akeno Archer Vergil, jrush64, SiscoLink, Pik, Tormod, Chaserthewolf, Kagemaru, SouthCraft, SonicBrawler, Mephisto, MandoWolfe, Boygos, Pavlova, Mattimation, Law_Law, AkaDarkZeroRmx, ds22, Infernape, Blueyoshi005, DSX8, LJIVRESTAR, RED NiNjA, WARNING, SylveonPlaysSSB, ShinF, Cahalan, LJSTAR, Dot, Leon Exodio, GBC, jaystring, Darkon360 Lone Devil, Nibroc, secretchaos1, Albafika, DarkShadeDX, kwrk85, JoeTE, BronzeGreekGod, Boobsey, Nanobuds, marioking64DS, LinkIsAwesome117, Rage83(Xenov), AdfroMan, TheRealHeroOfWinds, Clubby, Project M Unbound Team, Brawl Minus Team, Oshtoby, SilentDo0m, StarWaffle, EternalYoshi, Notshane, QuickLava, SubZero2, Flowey Trump, Alejandro MiddleCorn, Xtreme Dragon, Armored dragon, zarx1554, AlGeorgeRomo, Byond, A Bloody Canadian, Tormod, Sandfall, E-scope12, libertyernie, Edwguard Flows, CaliburZx, v Bigsmoke, Szion Blue, Andymander, Master Leonard, and many more people, there's a text in the folder for more credits
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Item, Misc, Portrait]



[UPDATED AS OF 9/03/16 PLEASE REDOWNLOAD] This build is running off of PyotrLuzhin's PM + BrawlEx v0.4 Template. Without him this build would not have been possible AT ALL.



**Updates are planned, but not sure when.

If this whole build fits on your 2GB SD Card, then it may work hacklessly. A 4GB+ SD Card (and Homebrew) is highly recommended!

There are 97 characters in this build at the moment + more already confirmed!

*Note* Knuckles, Lyn, and Isaac are NOT from Project M CC or the Dev Build, nor are any of those versions included in this pack.

Also, please do not reupload the characters individually, I edited them to be compatible with Project M the best I could, so don't be that guy. FULL CREDIT TO ALL THE AMAZING PEOPLE THAT MADE THESE PSAs! I only made them compatible with Project M! Please credit me and the PSA creators if you use these versions.

Thank you all for downloading my Project M EX build, Some of the EX Characters have recieved a small balance change to improve
the overall experience + 6 new characters & 8 L-Loadable characters have been added, bringing the total to 97 total characters with more on the way!
New stages are also added, some have 2 ALT stages, simply Hold either "L" or "Y" to select the stage. L for the Left stage / only ALT stage,
or "Y" for the right / second ALT stage. A few of the cloned characters have been "decloned" and are still in 'development'.

Smash 4 Team Battle Auras are available in this build! All of the default Project M cast has been reverted to 3.6's balance changes.

This build is 95% safe with the Dolphin Emulator, that was the main way I've tested this build. It has a few random freezes,
but could be due to the newly added Stage Expansion.
I cannot guarantee Wii won't have issues or freezes, and in the event it freezes on the Wii, try to see if you can replicate the issue at least twice before letting me know. Also, I can also only guarentee that VS Mode would be the only and safest option. I do not know if single-player, classic, or any other mode is compatible with Project M EX.

Also, again, this is my personal build that I am sharing, so if you see some stuff that you don't like (cosmetic changes, possible costumes, etc) don't message me complaining or asking me to replace it. You can simply replace the cosmetic with whatever you want. I made a lot of sacrfices to some of the Alternate Costumes Project M had introduced starting with PM 3.0. If your favorite ALT has been removed, sorry, but this is my custom build.

More is expected, but needs to be completed!

- Few random freezes may happen when they otherwise would not, please be aware
- Ryu and Wolf together at the same time cause graphical conflicts with their moves, try to avoid having these two fight
- A clone fighting the same base character will cause smaller graphical inconsistencies with moves like sword slashes and glows
- A clone or base character may be mute after the initial match with the clone, to resolve, unpick and select another character
- Most clones are mute, this is not a glitch; it is intentional, but something worth mentioning
- All non-native Project M characters will T-Pose for 1-Frame during initial Shield Animation
- Dixie Kong has an issue with her pupils
- Fed. Soldier will have a tranqulizer dart if playing with Snake in the same match
- If Link or Toon / Young Link is chosen, and then Bomberman, Bomberman will not have visible bombs
- Isaac may T-Pose or freeze in place if using down-special, unsure why, seems to be random
- Classic and All-Star Mode will freeze if "Pokemon Trainer" shows up (mostly the individual Pokemon)
- Daisy will Freeze the game upon getting the Smash Ball. Avoid it at all costs.
- Lara Croft will swim infinitely upward if you use down special before landing in water, hold left or right to kill yourself to respawn
- Deoxys may freeze the game if doing Final Smash / getting the Smash Ball
- [Wii Only] Deoxys has a graphical glitch when performing B + A neutral special
- All-Star Special Mode can freeze randomly on Wii, use at your own risk. (Works fine on Dolphin)
- Super Sonic's Final Smash may Crash the Game
- Tails may have some moveset errors
- Clear Mode may freeze for some characters
- Simon Belmont has a few graphical glitches, not game breaking though
- Scorpion and Sub-Zero may lag the game
- Some Stages [Expansion Version Only] may lag terribly on Wii
- Team Auras will not work with Team Attack off
- Sephiroth is not OP, but his range is very good. He is still in "development" for PMEX.

Mario --- Shadow Mario with FLUDD / "Sm4sh" Mario
Bowser --- Giga Bowser
Wario --- Wario-Man
Ice Climbers --- Sopo
Jigglypuff --- Big Jigglypuff
Lucario --- Mega Lucario
Young Link --- Fierce Deity
Link --- Dark Link
Ganondorf --- Pig Ganon
Metaknight --- Brawl Metaknight / Maskless Metaknight
Sonic --- Super Sonic
Ness --- Robo Ness

These will be marked by an " L " Icon on the CSS screen for these characters, don't worry. And yes, some were made with the intention of being a bit over-powered compared to normal characters. They are, however, not completely OP, so they will be manageable in a fight.

Except Wario-Man, he's Broken.

ALSO: Bomberman and Shulk are placeholder's until PyotrLuzhin releases his Bomberman PSA, and KTH & Calikingz01 release the Shulk PSA. So expect an update(s) when those happen!


Also, just like anything else PMEX related, full credit to PyotrLuzhin for making all this possible + the PMBR for making PM possible!

279 March 27th, 2016

Officer Jenny Puff by Theytah, Afterthought
[Character - Texture, Import - Jigglypuff]

You're under a rest!

Comes with metals and FS eyes, and images as usual.

1622 May 18th, 2016

Shadow the Hedgehog- Brawl Remix by Nanobuds, Afterthought with credit to KTH for rigged quills, SubZer0, and Mach 7
[Character - Vertex, Import - Sonic]

EDIT 5/4/2016:Dropbox folder for CSPs and BPs by Hypno!


EDIT 2/23/2016: Fixed shoes while in ball form and final smash eyes. Also added recolors made by HypnotizeOverdrive.

I swear last one... or it should be.
If you find any bugs with the model, PM me and I will fix them.

This Shadow import uses a unique spec map method to give it high resolution scratches to the shoes' metallic areas, as well as a leather look to the rest of the gear.

The fur was re-made to actually look furry.

Oh and I gave him pointy chompers.

Rings and shoes were re-done to improve the geometry and add more detail to the overall shapes.

Includes an average Super Shadow texture, as well as a version with disabled quills for the old movesets on the Vault.

Model is optimized and has a lower filesize compared to other Shadow imports out there.

168 November 17th, 2016

Captain Falcon (F-Zero GX) - Revamped by Afterthought, Amarythe
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Captain Falcon]

Amarythe's GX Cap is one of my favorite models for Captain Falcon, considering that design is my all-time favorite. But I wanted to see the model with his Brawl textures, so he could fit in with the rest of the cast.

I was not disappointed.

This pack comes with Amarythe's model, but with the textures present in Cap's normal model and recolors. It also includes brand new CSPs and BPs made by yours truly.

All props go to Amarythe for making the vertex edits in the first place. Since it's his model, he gets a collab. c:


498 November 17th, 2016

Phantom Ganon Recolors by Afterthought, HowDoISpaceJam
[Character - Texture - Ganondorf]

imgur gallery: http://imgur.com/a/n7rR1

Hello all! After the lack of uploads I bring to you a set of recolors for HowDoISpaceJam's dope Phantom Ganon mod!

Included are six different palettes for each version of the mod: Ocarina of Time cape, Project M cape, and Wind Waker rimlighting. The recolors are fairly simple this time, with the Project M cape recolors being the same as the Ocarina of Time cape recolors, but with simple-colored capes.

This does not include any portrait assets, and all recolors included, to my knowledge, are compatible with Brawl and any mod based on it.

If there are any issues, feel free to PM me. Enjoy!

237 November 17th, 2016

[Project M] Mr. L Recolors by Afterthought with credit to the PMDT
[Character - Texture - Luigi]

Here are six recolors for Project M's Mr. L alt!

CSPs will be completed in the future.


122 November 17th, 2016

[Project M] Outset Toon Link Recolors by Afterthought with credit to the PMDT
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

7/10/15 - Six recolors with portrait assets included.

Up next is Toon Link in his PJs. Six recolors ready to go. Each one has a design based off of stuff from the Zelda series.

Brown - A Gerudo tunic, bearing the Gerudo crest.
Purple - A tunic with the crest of Lorule.
Gold - A tunic bearing the Triforce.
Orange - A tunic bearing emblems representing the Magic Medallions from A Link to the Past.
White - A Sheikah-based outfit complete with Sheikah shield.
Black - A tunic with a Twilight portal on it; also comes with a Twilight shield.

Enjoy these recolors!

94 June 11th, 2015

Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U Results Screen Music (w/ Applause) by Afterthought
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

A simple edit to the Results Screen music, adding a generic applause sound effect! So sophisticated...

The song loops normally after the applause ends; the applause lasts about ten, fifteen seconds.

The preview is of the music without SFX, hopefully that isn't too much trouble.
(Source: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U)
226 November 17th, 2016

[Project M] Jet Set Sonic Recolors by Afterthought with credit to the PMDT
[Character - Texture - Sonic]

7/1/15 - New recolors available.

imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/yQklY

My next set of recolors is for Project M's Jet Set Sonic alternate costume.

There are now six available palettes to choose from!

Please note that these do not come with the edited graffiti effects that Project M's original costume has. Those will be added once I can figure out how to edit Sonic's FitSonic.pac.

Portrait assets will be uploaded at a later date.

Please enjoy!

172 November 17th, 2016

[Project M] SNES Captain Falcon Recolors by Afterthought with credit to the PMDT
[Character - Texture - Captain Falcon]

7/1/15 - New recolors added.

imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/y20Ho

Six recolors are available for P:M's Retro Falcon alt.

CSPs have been done for only two of the six colors. More will be completed at a later date.


178 November 17th, 2016

[Project M] OoT Ganondorf Recolors by Afterthought with credit to the PMDT
[Character - Texture - Ganondorf]

6/15/15 - New recolors added.

My next set of recolors, this time for Project M's Great King of Evil alternate costume. Six recolors for the King, good for use in cBliss or to replace some of Twilight Ganondorf's recolors.

CSPs will be updated.

Naturally these models are not only for Project M, so please feel free to use them in vanilla Brawl or any other mod as well.

Please enjoy!

132 November 17th, 2016

[Project M] Commander Lucas Recolors by Afterthought with credit to the PMDT
[Character - Texture - Lucas]

Welp, I decided to release my recolors of some of the alts present in Project M.

First off is Lucas's Commander alternate costume. Three recolors are available, useful if you're using cBliss with Project M 3.0 or 3.5.

These come only with CSPs; BPs and Result Screen Portraits must be cropped.

Please enjoy. More to come soon!


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