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111 September 13th, 2017

Ana 0.3 (MOTHER / Earthbound Beginings) by karlo with credit to Pik, Micaiah, kangaroogreen, gigazard, T-Chrome and OmegaS3
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Lucas]

First of all: This has not been tested since I can't use mods. If it does not work, please report. ________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Well, now here's Ana 0.3. The previous version has been removed from the vault because it's basically the same, but this one fixes some minor problems (like having two costumes in the wrong slot) and has CSPs. ____________________________________________ The new features include new mouth expresions (click 1st image for some examples), Final smash eye expresions, CSPs and BPs. __________________________________________________ The old features include Eye expresions, Ness's idle animations and a weird cBliss support (Click 2nd image). The Wii fit and Ashley costumes have alternatives and also, the Ashley costumes have white hair for the Up Smash __________________________________________________ The credit goes to Micaiah, pik, gigazard and kangaroogreen for the model parts and T-Chrome and OmegaS3 for porting the PM3.0 Lucas PSA to brawl. __________________________________________________ Still a work in progress, I still have to resize those pigtails, and port the animations to Brawl and PM Lucas.

504 July 23rd, 2017

Spongebob Squarepants by ran _ with credit to ??Hacksponge???Probably?
[Character - Import - Lucas]

I did not make or port this model i just cant find it on brawl vault. And i only have the .pcs because i deleted the .pac a while ago

114 December 21st, 2016

Buffed/Balanced Lucas by Xonerific
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Lucas]

It is done! this is my first Brawl hack, and I'm pretty proud of it. It basically buffs Lucas so he can be a little bit better than in vBrawl. I made him a more combo heavy character that still boasts some kill power.

NOTE: The mods in the video (stage, skin, HUD) are not included in the download. They are just ones I downloaded earlier. Credits in the mods are:

Lucas BP and Skin: https://smashboards.com/threads/the-smash-3-project-all-characters-released.340807/

HUD: https://smashboards.com/threads/the-smash-3-project-all-characters-released.340807/

Smashville Waterfall by t_Místico_t

SmashU Mario (Optimized) by BullockDS with credit to StupidMarioFan1 for the original import

List of changes~

>All aerials have decreased ending lag
>N-air has more freeze frames (hit lag) and does more damage
>U-air has a bigger hitbox and has much more KO potential
>D-throw has less knockback growth and less base knockback, removing its KO power but significantly increasing its combo potential
>U-throw has significantly better KO power and can kill at early percentages
>He can act out of a lot of moves faster
>Bigger shield
>He is now much faster than in vBrawl

That's it for now! I may update this later, and I'll make sure to submit the updated version when it is ready! Enjoy~

17 December 14th, 2015

Orange and Black Lucas! by Justaquicki
[Character - Texture - Lucas]

BV Staff Mod Edit: Simple re-textures do not require in-game previews, though I would personally recommend it. So there's no need to report this entry for an invalid preview.

It's lame, I know. Someday I'll spruce it up so it's not as flat and boring, but it's a start!

Also, someone else mind putting in some pictures?

692 February 15th, 2016

Smash 3C PJs Lucas by Sylv, Lunoz with credit to Smash 3/C Teams
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Lucas]

Note: Doesn't work for Project M. I will probably make a Project M version later when I'm not busy with other stuff. // Lunoz

This works for Project M 3.5 and below, not 3.6 just for some clarity ~ Sylveon

Update 2/11: New Sexy CSP and BP

Uh oh! Lucas forgot to change before fighting!

Includes: CSP and BP

Enjoy! ~SylveonPlaysSSB
Any errors or problems? PM me

203 August 1st, 2015

smash 3C-ish Fuel by axl536, Lunoz with credit to lunoz
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Lucas]

so i saw that fuel vertex made by lunoz and decided to smash 3-fied it or something. if you want to help out and edit/improve the texture you are welcomed to.

(includes battle portraits)

132 May 29th, 2015

Eternal Floette by Virizia
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]

It's AZ's Floette from Pokemon X and Y~

Her visible flower and arm is rigged to her body, but it looks pretty good in game. She comes with a shiny version, has expressions, metal textures, and a second flower to smack people with.


357 May 31st, 2014

Markiplier by LeMiles13
[Character - Texture - Lucas]


A quick texture edit of Lucas, it's my actual first character texture hack, I wish I knew how to import models though.

Be sure to Press B to Blow

734 March 28th, 2014

Unmasked Man by Mansta8 with credit to Shinja, Pik, PMBR
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]

Just a filler thing for now, Shinja's Claus hair with PM Lucas.

Only issue is the FS eyes.

560 September 14th, 2013

Bubbles {Cartoonnetwork PTE} by ShadowLuigi~NG~ with credit to spriter99 for the Toad's resized animations
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]

462 September 14th, 2013

Buttercup {Cartoonnetwork PTE} by ShadowLuigi~NG~ with credit to spriter99 for Toad's resized animations
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]

3946 May 2nd, 2014

2D Marisa PSA by KAI@Marth
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Lucas]

2D Marisa PSA. Ver5

Normal Brawl and Brawl Minus Zeus version In this file.
SnatoWhato made a battle movie! Thanks!!

479 August 16th, 2013

Female Villager (Over Lucas) by ALM5252, Snoopy
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]

Some personal recolors I made to replace Lucas with Female Villager. Changed Snoopy's original Villager skin color to a lighter tone as well.

Comes with all colors and CSPs, enjoy!
Can also be size-modded with YRotNWomen Bone!

385 September 29th, 2014

Vibrant Lucas by Shun_One
[Character - Texture - Lucas]

Vibrant Lucas.

Includes custom Blue and Green.

689 June 23rd, 2013

Project M - Lucas Balanced by Angel_save with credit to Project M Team For Psa
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Lucas]

Read it below in the description -_-

Today I will share my version of Lucas originally P:M is a Lucas for normal Brawls is the same as in P:M but this has different characteristics as the weight of the character is like in brawl normal and regular speed

the only mistake is not using triple "A"

213 January 22nd, 2013

Neville PSA v1 by UFO with credit to HaloedHero
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Lucas]

This is my custom character based on myself. Yes, Neville is my name. Almost every move is cancelable, except specials. Will make a video of the moveset soon, but there is a .txt file that says what the moveset is. I used the model for Scott Pilgrim and edited the texture.
use this code:
Lucas has no tether
04B0B81C 00000000
Also, this is my first hack, so i hope you all enjoy!
thanks -UFO

150 November 5th, 2014

Good Kid's Shirt Lucas by Skeleton
[Character - Texture - Lucas]

A piece of equipment you can find in a present box in Saturn Valley. Greetings, He-Man fans.

SJS made those awesome Project M character select portraits. I just 'shopped it.

50 December 26th, 2012

Frost Lucas V1 by Vahkiti
[Character - Texture - Lucas]

Before an annual Christmas tournament, I was requested to do a texture for Lucas. Though not very good, and certainly not the last revision, this is the result for this year anyways. Enjoy!

181 November 11th, 2012

Maritime Lucas by Shun_One
[Character - Texture - Lucas]

Maritime Lucas for Project Maritime. This project goes along with Minty to make cohesive team costumes for each character.

124 October 18th, 2012

Monodramon (fixed) by Chaoszard, Alex Climax
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]

Gumdramon's Monodramon over Lucas with grab and tail issues fixed by myself.
He's still got a weird down throw.

3251 March 17th, 2013

Spongebob Squarepants (Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom) by Boygos with credit to Light Yagami
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]


Are ya ready kids? I can't hear youuuuuu!

Perhaps one of the most loved cartoon characters of all time joins the Brawl, equipped with a spatula and well... I'M READY!!!

-FS Eyes
yeah, you get the idea.

Thanks to Light Yagami for the pics and video! Means a lot, bro!

Also, the middle pic is the texture included.

2025 July 18th, 2013

Toad (Mario Sports Mix) by Boygos
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]


Toad is cool.

I included a little surprise inside. With a CSP for the surprise, too.

339 April 24th, 2012

Mewtwo v1.01 over Lucas (Version 1) by exctbhj, AGFanProduction with credit to The Project Mewtwo, Diabolos, SonicBrawler, SuperZelda
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Lucas]

I re-uploaded it because the codes,filename was wrong.
and I got permission from AGFanProduction.
It still has 1 glitch,final smash freezes other player(s). :(
but still playable.
maybe version 2 soon.

204 March 25th, 2012

SSB Lucas (Recolors) by ALM5252 with credit to Solink and KTH
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]

Recolors of KTH's model import-vertex of SSB Lucas.

Comes with CSPs,



Credit to Solink, the guy who have ripped Ness (The Models Ressource).

1286 January 4th, 2014

Unmasked man(Claus) by baruboro13 with credit to Shinja
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Lucas]

from mother 3

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