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34 November 21st, 2018

Yuri (DDLC) by RandomUser
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

Ha ha! I reused the uniform texture I used from my Monika model. Since I made Monika, I figured I'd make everyone's favorite yandere/shy girl. I think Monika looks a little better, but she looks okay. And Yuri is abusing Monika in two of the photos because she is mad that Monika deleted her.

45 November 20th, 2018

Monika (DDLC) by RandomUser with credit to PMDT for the base, Ebola16 and Gamidame_K for the bow.
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

Woah! I'm back after months! Yeah, I've been gone for a while but I'm back with a new hack (hey that rhymes). I know it's very random for me to make a character from a horror game disguised as a dating visual novel (that's oddly specific). Also, I know her parasol looks like a tomato, it's supposed to be the uniform color and green (like her eyes), but the lighting makes it look like a tomato. During my absence, I attempted to make a Bowsette hack back in September, but it failed because it crashed the game. Well, even if I can fix it, there's better ones out now so I probably wouldn't release it.

395 November 12th, 2018

Bowsette by Ryztiq, StarWaffle
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

Hey I'm back again! This is theytah for those out of the loop, here's a fresh meme from the depths of heck.
Please note that there aren't metals, we already cut the filesize close trying to fit everything in at the highest quality possible.


24 November 8th, 2018

TimeRiftette V1 (Recolors+Radish+Moveset) by Lasercraft32
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA) - Peach]

TimeRift with the Peach Crown!
Click here for the backstory!

Part 1:https://www.deviantart.com/lasercraft32/art/TimeRiftette-Part-1-766443405
Part 2:https://www.deviantart.com/lasercraft32/art/TimeRiftette-Part-2-766443964

Just a small moveset, you can dodge out of your side taunt.
Includes adorable radish textures!

57 September 8th, 2018

PM Shadow Queen V2 by Shranux with credit to Kuro, TheShadowMysteryKing, TheDarkMysteryMan, davidvkimball, Yohan1044, MetalLegacy, PMDT, CSProject Team
[Character - Texture - Peach]

This is a pack where I wanted to update the PM alt's textures. (Sure it isn't using the LXP edited model, or the V2 edit by Kuro that didn't get a shot to stay on the Vault long enough for the LXP team to add it in for LXP 2.0, but meh.)

All costumes have their own parasol colors.



33 September 2nd, 2018

Pack of Peaches by Shranux with credit to TheShadowMysteryKing, TheDarkMysteryMan, davidvkimball, Yohan1044, MetalLegacy, Moe, ledgerewskie, Layell, Aghanim, PizzaDog
[Character - Texture - Peach]

Here's another pack from me, and it's for Peach.
Sure I enjoyed Legacy TE 2.0's Blue Shadow Queen Peach, I didn't like the fact that her hair color blended with her crown. So I put Moe's Black recolor's hair on the recolor. But then I wanted a red recolor, yet I had problems again but with Moe's Red recolor's hair, so I used the LTE 2.0 Green's hair. After that, I made my own Red recolor based on the Smash 3C red Shadow Queen, using LTE 2.0 Blue's hair. Then a good old White recolor for the Shadow Queen. And finally Moe's Tanooki Dress Peach was good, but the crown and golden part of her chest jewelry blended into her dress, so making them jade fixed that problem as well helped it somewhat become a green team recolor.

Originals: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=213844

44 August 4th, 2018

Wonder Woman(MK vs DC) Over Peach by windhunter7 with credit to CreepyMime, Coptic Princess
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

This was a request by CreepyMime.

I now accept donations, so if you would like to donate, please click here: http://windhuntersmods.blogspot.com/2017/01/test-button.html

Also, check out my website: https://dragongames7.wixsite.com/mainpage

Table of Contents

I. Summary
II. What's New
III. About Requests
IV. Credits

I. Summary

A request by CreepyMime, this is an import of Wonder Woman (From Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe) over Peach. Also includes
perfect metals! :) Because the texture is completely recreated, and because the low-poly version of the model(For no freezes) is
rather blocky, I included the source of both the hi-poly model and each texture layer that I used, if anyone wants to tweak
it a bit. ;)

II. What's New
A. New Characters
Wonder Woman
B. New Models
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Model(I Slightly Re-UVed Some Minor Parts, Particularly the Hair)
C. New Textures
Recreated Texture; Each Texture Layer Also Included
III. About Requests
I do requests of all kinds, but only commissions now
For more information, you can visit my website at https://dragongames7.wixsite.com/store
IV. Credits
A. Idea by CreepyMime
B. Original Model Uploaded by Coptic Princess:

73 September 30th, 2018

Kurumi over Peach by JoseWiis with credit to Tyshy!
[Character - Texture - Peach]

Hello friends of Brawl Vault, I would like to ask you for support with some projects of anime characters and video games you just need to add one or another object and we already have a new character, interested in contributing send me a personal message by Brawl Vault I will be happy to answer your support for. Thank you.

Hola amigos de Brawl Vault, Quisiera pedirles apoyo con algunos proyectos de personajes de anime y video juegos solo les faltaria agregarles uno que otro objeto y ya tenemos un nuevo personaje, interesados en contribuir mandarme un mensaje personal por Brawl Vault estare encantado en responder a su apoyo. Gracias.

108 July 30th, 2018

Super Mario Odyssey Swimwear Peach by RandomUser
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

Welp, the sunglasses are missing, I couldn't find any and trying to rip them from the original model didn't work because the texturing was weird.

150 July 24th, 2018

Super Mario Odyssey Winter Peach by RandomUser with credit to Ebola16 and Gamidame_K for the hat and bow.
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

Yeah, so Winter Peach. Now, I've said this before, but I think this is my best hack. It uses most of my skills like texturing, vertexing and I also learned how to import parts from other models. I put a lot of care and effort into this hack. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

39 July 18th, 2018

Evil Luna by RandomUser
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

Out of nowhere I got a request to do Evil Luna from Lunar: Star Story. I was a bit limited but I think she looks good. This was requested by Omar Quince.

9 July 18th, 2018

Cackletta (Superstar Saga) by RandomUser with credit to Register
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

I know this hack looks absolutely hideous, but I worked hard on it, so here it is. During this hack's making, I was never satisfied, so it took a long time, but I think I'm the most satisfied with this version. I just couldn't decide on those horns!

26 July 16th, 2018

Popuri by RandomUser
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

I got inspired to make this after seeing the last page of the peach hacks. It's the first texture hack available, so I made a remake. It now resembles Popuri much more. Thanks to Jack H. for the original hack that came out 8 years ago. His hack download is broken, so the hack has been revived!

75 July 15th, 2018

Original Striker Peach by RandomUser with credit to LenSho
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

This is the design for Peach in the original Mario Strikers. One of my simpler hacks, way less complicated than Hilda. I made her shoes a bit more like soccer shoes, but they still look like heels.

51 July 13th, 2018

Daisy N64 Tennis (+ voice) by RandomUser with credit to Ashley and Red, Linnc
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Peach]

This just an edit of this to fix some of the texture issues: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=205044

This also includes a voice of Daisy in MP3 and MP5 (couldn't find any clips from Mario Tennis).

77 July 10th, 2018

Emo Peach by RandomUser with credit to JuLz, LenSho, Jack H., SJS.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Peach]

Oh no! Princess Peach has become emo! We must stop her! This is emo peach. Yes, her hair looks like Rosalina's, but it's the one that looks the most like Peach's. Some parts of her like her tennis racket, crown and parasol have not been recolored because I want you to know that this is Peach, not Rosalina. This is probably the hack that took the longest to make, but turned out great in the end. She also has some changed throw animations.

44 July 9th, 2018

Tennis Rosalina by RandomUser with credit to LenSho, SJS
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

We're at the end, don't worry, I'm not posting any more tennis/golf edits. We're finally at Rosalina, who looks the best out of all of them.

47 July 8th, 2018

Golf/Tennis Daisy by RandomUser with credit to LenSho for model base, SJS for portrait base.
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

I've been uploading a lot recently, I'm just new, that's all. Anyway, to go along with my last hack, I've made this. It's not perfect, it could definitely be improved, but I have to improve first.

51 July 8th, 2018

Golf/Tennis Peach by RandomUser with credit to LenSho for base model.
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Peach]

Why has no one made this? Sure, there's the NES Golf ones, but that's it. I wish I didn't have to use LenSho's winter olympic outfits, but I haven't been able to figure out mesh editing yet. It still turned out fine, I think it's my best hack.

44 July 8th, 2018

Low Detail Peach by RandomUser
[Character - Texture - Peach]

I was bored, so I made this. She actually ended up looking like Peach from Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. I should've kept her stitching, but maybe I'll add that in an update.

274 July 6th, 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Daisy by RandomUser with credit to SJS for base model, Estepoke for final smash art, Pluto_Nonary for voice, Naji Kanuyo for portraits, ABloodyCanadian for cinematic final smash.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Peach]

EDIT 7/6/18: Tweaked Daisy's dress a bit.

I'm surprised no one has made a SSB Ultimate styled Daisy for Brawl, but now I have. Since I have limited BrawlBox experience, the flowers are unfortunately colored pink, if someone knows how to change that it would be greatly appreciated. Special thanks to SJS, without them I couldn't have made this. It's definitely not great, but it's my first hack.

138 July 4th, 2018

Dark Magician Peach by Omar Quince
[Character - Texture - Peach]

Dark Magician Peach

81 June 4th, 2018

Ice Peach by ChucklesDemKnuckles with credit to PMDT and CS Project
[Character - Texture - Peach]

Just an Ice Flower Recolor for PM's Fire Peach.

142 June 10th, 2018

Liligant (Pokemon PSA) by CreepyMime with credit to Tyshy for rigging the model, and models resource for providing the model
[Character - Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Peach]



Youtube video: https://youtu.be/gKVrQhd8yqY

As promised, here is the Liligant PSA I was planning to release. It comes with grass types moves taken from the Pokemon series such as synthesis, petal dance, magical leaf, and more.

-- PLEASE stay tuned for update as this ugly final smash will be updated! I went way too overboard with it. --

Please read the READ ME.

37 May 26th, 2018

Amber Flutterfly by Tyshy!
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

One of MY OCs from SSSFR She's Lili popper's close friend, don't let her innocent look fool you, she 99.9% evil

I made the model so if you use any part of it please collab me

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