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18 May 3rd, 2022

Bogmire Arena by Shy with credit to Nezha the Scout for porting the background
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Bogmire's arena from Luigi's mansion now as a stage for Brawl, comes with an alt that has the removed fencing to be perfectly flat

14 February 24th, 2022

Great Plateau Tower Omega by nnebf
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ported from Ultimate.
Normal version is also in progress too.

54 January 19th, 2022

Chaos Angel by Nezha the Scout, Layell, Kirbeast with credit to Azel, Dukeitout, amphobius, Moonswirlies, MaxieDaManV2, Deliverance84, The Brickster, Ale64, StarWaffle, SJS, Tryptech, Fireball, WTails358, Survivian, CBM Discord, Remix Discord, P+ Discord
[Stage - Texture, Import - Skyworld]

I was given the blessing from Anothen and KingJigglypuff to use their Dark Samus, this is still in development however, for more Dark Samus and other animation goodness follow Jiggs here: https://twitter.com/KingJigglypuff and Anothen here: https://twitter.com/BlueAnothen


-Layell and Kirbeast for massive optimizations and testing

-Discord community for the fantastic feedback

Original Sky Sanctuary credits:

Noserus- https://smashboards.com/threads/noserus-original-custom-stages-sky-sanctuary-3-0-released-now-with-actual-lighting.412286/

Project Plus team for their modifications

Remixed Tracks Credits:

Chaos Angel Suite #1:
Originally named Chaos Angel Zone - Act 1
Made by: amphobius

Chaos Angel Suite #2:
Originally named Sonic Advance 3 - Chaos Angel Suite [Remix]
Made by: Moonswirlies/ Over-Under The Moon

Originally named Sonic Advanced 3 Remixed - Galactic Aggression
Made by: MaxieDaManV2
BRSTM by: DukeitOut

Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2 (Saturn Ver.):
Originally named Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2 (SEGA SATURN) -2020 REMIX-
Made by: Nicholas Taylor/Deliverance84

Tidal Tempest (Past):
Originally named Sonic CD Remastered - Tidal Tempest Past
Made by: The Brickster with collaboration with Collision Chaos Radio

Original Tracks Sources:

-Back In Time (Sonic R)

-Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2 (Sonic 3D Blast Saturn Ver.)

-Tricky Maze (Sonic Adventure JP)

-The Last Way (Shadow the Hedgehog)

-Back to Soul (Sonic Fighterts)

-Endless (Old No Vocal)(FNF Vs. Sonic.EXE)
BRSTM by: Ale64

19 January 15th, 2022

Onett Omega by nnebf
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ported from WiiU.
Over Skyworld.
For P+2.29.

23 December 7th, 2021

Save Mii/Street Pass by JDizzle with credit to Wario358 for the Find/Save Mii background
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

So I had this sitting in my personal build for a while without an animated Boss and finally tried to add him in the background.

Thought I would release it as-is since there's no way to incorporate Mii King/Queen in Brawl in the cage...

Thanks to Wario358 for the amazing work on decimating the backdrop geometry.

Goes over skyworld or a custom stage with a skyworld .rel file.

Inluded a stage preview, SSS Icon, and Series Icon as well

21 November 24th, 2021

Jevil's Gem Improved by TOG with credit to Shy, Nezha the Scout and soopercool101 for being the creators of this scenario
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]


Hello! this is my first project as you could say

This is an enhancement to Jevil's Gem, which was created by Shy, Nezha the Scout and soopercool101, which its improvements and changes are:

- The Background of the Stage has another texture and it also rotates Just like in Deltarune!

- The main Platform no longer has those texture errors that were seen (At least in PMEX)

- The Spinner or Platform that rotates (I do not know exactly what it is called) rotates at the same speed as in Deltarune

As extra stage data, the background rotates faster as time passes up to a certain point and the loop repeats, and also the background texture is actually Giygas from Earthbound

Finally, I will leave some BRSTM files if you want to change the music (The name of the BRSTM files only has the name of the theme) which are:

- Rude Buster
- Chaos King
- Vs Susie
- Field of Hopes and Dreams (But with the sound source of Megalovania)
- Attack of the Killer Queen
- Checker Dance
- Megalovania (Deltarune)

Well that would be all, I hope you enjoy it

34 November 8th, 2021

Cycling Dive to the Heart Omega (Ultimate) by Ebola16, nnebf
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

See video. 7 stained glass models rotate around the stage.

35 October 29th, 2021

Dive to the Heart Omega (Ultimate) Disney Restoration by MG64 with credit to NNBEF for Ultimate backport and 80constant for the textures
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Skyworld]

NNBEF made a backport of the Ultimate Dive to the Heart stage and 80constant made a stage mod that added the Disney stuff so i decided to backport those textures to the Brawl Stage. hope you like it
goes over skyworld by default
link will take you to GameBanana

14 October 25th, 2021

Stadium Stage (Joy Mech Fight) by nnebf
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Stadium Stage from Joy Mech Fight.
For P+.

72 November 15th, 2021

Dive to the Heart (Ultimate) by nnebf with credit to 80constant
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ported from ultimate.
For P+.
All forms are included.

14 October 18th, 2021

Icicle Mountain (Collision Material Fix) by RexyPM with credit to DSX8
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Been inactive due to my previous Discord getting hijacked, but I'm back with this. This is basically a thing that's been bothering me for quite a while, so I thought I might as well toss in some fixes: All the ice collisions were changed from Subspace Ice to Icy Snow, hence to why you've been hearing that goopy noise when walking on the ice in this stage, plus there was another collision that was set incorrectly, so I changed it to its proper material.

Hope you guys enjoy this!
Send a note to me if you wanna add my new Discord.

50 August 30th, 2021

Ribbon Ring (ARMS) by MarioDox with credit to Wario358
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ribbon Ring from ARMS.

A large stage featuring the original gimmick: Raising blocks that can be broken. Per each tile, maximum of two blocks are spawned, and can be broken in a few hits to remove your opponent's highground advantage.

A few \"Smash\" changes were done: Separated the main arena from the background, similiar to Ultimate's Spring Stadium, and edited the background heavily to have a bigger area rendered out, raised the background walls to make space for the bottom blastzone.

Follow the instructions included in the download.


30 August 23rd, 2021

ErythField by nnebf
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

BattleField reskin based on Eryth Sea.
For P+ 2.29.

11 July 2nd, 2021

Castle Siege Hallway Section Over Skyworld by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Castle Siege's hallway section now ported over Skyworld, for those who want its gimmick of breakable statues but never transforms. Notes: uses the skyworld file from P+ and was made with P+ in mind. Is not compatible with the lakora rel converter. Click the thumbnail for a animated preview.
Put the included param file in stage/stageinfo and the module in pf/module otherwise the stage will not have correct statue collision.

33 July 1st, 2021

Suzaku Castle With Breakable SIgns by Wario358 with credit to DSX8, jaystring
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

This is the Suzaku Castle Stage but now allows you to break the signs just like they do in 4 and ultimate. Deal enough damage and they will break, and respawn later. SFX doesnt match ult or 4 atm and uses brawls og sfx for hitting and breaking skyworld's platforms. Is not considered tourney/competitive safe as the signs cause hitlag. Click the thumbnail for a gif of the signs being broken in motion.

59 June 29th, 2021

Altar/Adventus (BlazBlue Central Fiction) by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ported From Blazblue Central Fiction. Is done, but the magic effects that surround the pillar dont show properly in game for some reason. if a fix is found this link and description will be updated.

43 June 28th, 2021

Mushroomy Kingdom U - Merinque Clouds Section by Wario358
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

This is the sky section of Mushroomy Kingdom U from Smash Ult Ported. Contains the og section, alongside two base alts that are based on wario ware and P+ castle siege.

48 June 27th, 2021

The Moon by Wario358 with credit to RaitoEX For The Smash Ultimate Style Banner Template
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

The Moon From Ducktales Remastered is now a playable stage!
layout is pretty lame, but its all i was able to extract at the time.
BRSTM of the song is included for use.

47 June 21st, 2021

Garden of Hope Omega by nnebf
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ported from sm4sh.
For P+.

54 June 18th, 2021

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Golden Plains by Wario358 with credit to Chepper for cloud motion porting.
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ultimates version of Golden Plains has been ported (omega and BF only)
Some notes here: some hills are broken with the rimlight for some reason and i have been unable to find a mix. The baked lighting on the main platforms is broken UV wise despite showing fine in brawlcrate and i have found no solution yet. There are no HD textures as i was unable to find my original baked detail versions in native res.

68 June 14th, 2021

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Find Mii by Wario358 with credit to nnebf for helping fix the main lighting of the main stage platform.
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

This is the Find Mii Stage from Smash Ultimate ported to Brawl.
Contains both FD and BattleField forms. Contains stage files for either Original Brawl and Project + alongside HD textures for use with dolphin.

121 May 13th, 2021

Mementos by nnebf, TEITO
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

The new version of Mementos.

-Battlefield form
-Omega form
-25% smaller alt
-Delfino Secrets alt for P+(Part of LegacyMP+)
-Wario Land alt for P+(Part of LegacyMP+)

-Remade specular maps and environment textures.
-Fixed texture flickering on Wii.
-Fixed some shadow models.
-Improved some materials and shaders.
-Added WL alt and DS alt for P+.

91 April 11th, 2021

Spring Stadium Omega (Ultimate) by nnebf
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ported from Ultimate.
Include Battlefiled form.

136 August 23rd, 2021

Cloud Sea of Alrest (Omega) by nnebf
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

Ported from Ultimate.

39 February 15th, 2021

Mementos Small Battlefield by Giantfirering28 with credit to nnebf for creating the mementos ports
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Skyworld]


This is Alt of nnebf's Battlefield that gives it a Small Battlefield Layout. Comes with 4 Mementos theme and accompanying background.
Themes Include:
-Persona 5 Theme (Red)
-Persona 4 Theme (Yellow)
-Persona 3 Theme (Blue)
-Persona 1 Theme (Purple)

Uses Skyworld rel.

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