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If you can read this, rejoice. Big things are on the way.

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21 February 1st, 2023

Ray Roy Cosmetic Pack by PussPuss with credit to King Bob Gaming and Worsedoughnut for the original costume and cosmetic, and N!ck for the Classic Roy pose
[Pack - Character]

The Ray 01 costume for Roy with recolors based on Custom Robo and a custom (hehehe) black recolor made by me. Comes with CSProject cosmetics as well as cosmetics based on the Classic Roy pose. Hope ya'll enjoy!

616 September 10th, 2023

PussPuss Build 2.0 by PussPuss, BustedSoda with credit to KJP, Quicklava for his help with the code menu, Duke for FINALLY getting Kirby Hats set to None to work, and everyone else listed in the credits pls read <3
[Pack - Character, Stage, Portrait]

(Update: 9/10/2023): Now has a Wii version!

Update time finally! Welcome to PussPuss Build 2.0! That's right, I'm not calling PussPuss Redux anymore as it seems to confuse people as to what build they should be downloading it. The older, less polished build will just be called PussPuss Build Beta to help separate the two.

Changes: Added Two new modes! Michael Bay Mode and T-Pose mode, courtesy of Mariodox and added as modes by Quicklava (with the names being made up by me and Quicklava lol) Michael Bay Mode is just explosion effects for literally everything you do while T-Pose Mode has everyone stuck in T-Pose while doing literally anything. Combine the two along with Big Head Mode and Scale Mode for the most competitive game of Smash you've ever seen.

New characters! Sukapon, Alucard, Zeraora, Daisy, Silver, Metal Sonic, Bomberman, Banjo and Kazooie, Dark Samus, and everyone's favorite video game character, Goku join the roster! Also, the Impostor has been saved from code menu hell (with a few others taking their place shhhhhhh) to be on the main roster!

New stages: Stages based on Kirby Epic Yarn, Q*bert, the Persona series, Gyromite, Dragon Ball, Pizza Tower, and a new Lunar Horizon alt with gravity defying mechanics await you!

New costumes: Jumpman Mario, Tuxedo Sonic, Cowboy Knuckles, Classic Dedede, Updated NES Meta Knight, Bad Ending Olimar, Hyrule Warriors Zelda and Sheik, Ray 01 Roy, Hazmat Doctor Mario, and more await you!

Reworked Cosmetics: New CSPs/BPs made in the style of classic PM cosmetics along with unique poses for every alt costume with a consistent level of polish.

Optional CSS/SSS: Choose between the pixel art version (with pink/meme cosmetics by Extreme) you know and love or PM styled. Never move on from the past with the PM styled CSS and SSS or have a blend of both with the PussPuss styled PM version made by Burrotis Man/SoN1c2001.

Wii functionality: Yes, this works on Wii now! Can't work through hackless but if you still haven't hacked your Wii yet, idk what to tell you.

Netplay Launcher fixed: I mean you can still play online with the offline loader but the Netplay one is good to go too! Please let us know if there are any issues with it so we can update it as quickly as possible.

I hope this was worth the wait and for beating the dead PussPuss build horse over at discord. Please enjoy yourself!

Old description: PussPuss Redux Build is finally here! This build is a new version of my old PussPuss build which aims to be a more “quality” version of that old build by taking only the most polished and complete psas and stages throughout Brawl Modding history while keeping the same “PussPuss” aesthetic and having it run on Wii and not look ugly like the previous build. This means characters who are lacking a final smash and proper item animations (with one exception but only cuz he’s too popular to not add) and backports from Smash 4 and Ultimate are not in. So while the list of characters is not as high as other builds, the lower number ensures that only the highest quality characters are here. More fighters will come in the foreseeable future so don’t be too shocked or offended if your favorite isn’t in right now. There’s room for everyone.

Check out these sweet game modes like:

Code Menu Game Modes:
Balloon Hit Behavior: Choose between Gain Stock to gain a stock every time you pop a balloon in Smashville stages or Lose a Stock to lose a stock instead!

Grab Trade Behavior: Choose Recoil to turn Smash into a real fighting game and have two grabs done at the same time push characters back or Heart Swap to activate the Manaphy Pokeball effect that everyone totally knows about to have the two players who grab each other at the same time swap bodies for a short time.

King of the Hill:
Finally! A reason to use Coin Mode! Turn it on and go to any of the King of the Hill stages to participate in King of the Hill. A control point will appear on the stage and staying in it will earn you coins in increasing intervals the longer you stay in the control point. After a while, it will disappear and respawn in a different part of the stage. You can select a certain number of coins needed to win the game in the Rules Setting. Alternatively, you can play the stages in Free for All or Team Battles and the control points instead heal you.

Lethal League:
Based on the hit indie game that ya’ll should be playing right now. You can only get kills by smacking the big ball hovering in the center of the stage and every hit increases the speed of the ball to ludicrous speed. Big difference from actual Lethal League is that you can hit each other. Ftilt into nair inside side special into ball can be a true combo!

I also want to devote this section to coolguy himself as this build would not be as polished without his contributions to the project. From updating his Black Shadow psa to giving Mage Ganon new animations and a new final smash to updating the sfx of the majority of characters to even adding a nice little surprise for Bowser fans out there, PussPuss build is as much his build as it is mine and I cannot thank him enough for all he’s done.

So yeah, sorry for the long description but uhhhhhh hope ya like it! <3

45 April 12th, 2023

Deathborn Dr Doom Costume+Recolors CSProject by PussPuss with credit to Mariodox (Original costume creator) and Redips (Deathborn CSProject creator)
[Character - Texture - Ganondorf]

Obscure F-Zero character? SLEEP
Obscure F-Zero character cosplaying as Doctor Doom? REAL SHIT

This pack comes with the original costume made by Mariodox and recolors made by me. CSProject renders and cosmetics included with thanks to Redips for his original Deathborn CSProject. Meant to be for the Deathborn psa in Remix but can be used over the Black Shadow psa by BustedSoda or over Ganon if that's how you vibe. Hope you enjoy!

287 September 8th, 2023

Metal Sonic 3.0 by Ubergruvin, tyleto, PussPuss with credit to Lone Devil for the original moveset.
[Character - Texture - Custom Character]

Surprise! Metal Sonic has been brought up to my current standards once again. This has been long overdue, a 2.5 release has been in REMIX for about a year or two. The model itself has had the normals and materials cleaned up and polished, and now has 15 recolours, including the long-lost Chaos costume! The models are also compatible with REMIX's flashing and OVA effects.

70 November 19th, 2021

Pikachu Wario CSProject by PussPuss with credit to nudolf for the original costume, Redips for the Kyubey recolor, and Chucklez for the recolors based on Smash Flash 2
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Wario (Classic)]

I regret nothing

4676 September 7th, 2023

PussPuss Beta (DISCONTINUED PLEASE USE NEWER VERSION) by PussPuss, MKHT, KTH, -BigSharkZ-, KingJigglypuff, King Draco, Mansta8, Ambipom, Giantfirering28, Yorch2296, waluis, StupidMarioFan1, russmarrs2, chimpchar775, angelsoftheabyss, Moblin, iwantgames, Firelis, Nezha B. Rose, jaystring, szion, TʘCK, windhunter7, Kapedani, Hyperlink, KorytheMaril, PyotrLuzhin, RedipsTheCooler, Xaturati0n, malistaticy, LnktheWolf, Sylv, Shy, MarioDox, JokerPTOH, BustedSoda, nnebf, JFyst, tyleto, Puzzled, PyroPM, SirGimmick, Chucklez, iammostwanted, Neroven, Moe, King Bob Gaming, Shranux, Kuusotare, bringobrongo, TEITO, Xenthos, eon_tas, Survivian, Pokemaster Ely, Electropolitan, NickirixXT/GoldenXP, VirtualBeef, Ubergruvin, Mosaico, KnockerKrazy, MyDudeman222, CallMeKaaze, AnothenBlue, radzo73, GRAND AZEL, Peperoncino, Atma, FWCrash, Adamsims, ZeroDepth, metanite64 with credit to Project + Development Team, Legacy XP, Remix, Cobalt Legacy, SJS, KingJigglyPuff for P+EX, Kapedani for his help with the Code Menu and the addition of Random Angle Mode and Balloon Stocks mode, and PyotrLuzhin for PMEX for without him, none of this would be possible. Special thanks to SSK for CSS Icon help and for disabling Kirby’s copy ability for me <3
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Misc, Portrait]

Final update: This build will never be updated. Sorry I’m leaving it in such a fucked state but here we are. Thanks for liking it for some reason.

Updated as of 3/25/2022: Holy macaroni it's been a minute! Hope ya'll have been enjoying your year so far. This update is mostly just to add 2 more characters, some stages, and a more polished build in general compared to the last version. I really do appreciate you guys downloading my silly build and hopefully having a fun time with it. Be sure to read the credits and give credit where credit is due to all the peeps who's work I added and loved playing with. Bababooie.

Updated as of 12/23/2021: Happy Holidays, bois! Have a surprise Version 2.5 update! Cloud and Silver have been added to the already extensive roster and I hope y'all have fun with them! Also included is a Mario Party stage slot along with a Sonic Unleashed stage slot and a multi-Capcom related stage slot as well. Last but not least, there is a Swimming Overhaul included which allows you to fight in the water on several water based stages (Keep in mind that some characters don't have swimming animations and as a result, will just bug out in the water). See ya next year! Bababooie.

Updated as of 11/28/2021: PussPuss Build version 2 is finally here! New characters like Isaac, Sans Undertale, Blaziken, and more await you. In addition, stages based on Paper Mario, Dr. Mario, Banjo and Kazooie, Under Night in Birth, Persona, as well the updated stage list from P+ 2.29 and stages made by MarioDox join the already substantial lineup! Also, code menu implementation for everyone in the roster and new special modes! Try out Random Angle Mode (who knows where your knockback will send you?!) and Balloon Stocks (Pop a balloon to gain a stock... or lose it?).

Original description: https://imgur.com/a/BeTix8x This is my Project+ EX Dolphin Build which is built off of HotWingFTW's EX build (which is linked in the full credits list if you want a more "base" version of this build to work off of). This features several character inclusions from LXP (RIP), Remix, CL, and solo releases like Dante, Nu, and Black Shadow. This can be used on Wii as well but you will see some downgraded textures as it was done to get the game to load in the first place so please do so as your own risk. Thank you so much for checking it or even just looking through the pictures. I hope you guys like it and I hope I've credited everyone appropriately. Proper credits and links to all the custom content will be in the download. Bababooie.

255 December 30th, 2020

Fake Jiggs/Gyazo with Recolor by PussPuss, Ambipom, malistaticy with credit to Nibroc for their help with the model (and cuz I can't find their brawl vault account lmao)
[Character - Texture - Jigglypuff]

I'm so sorry.

Original Model Credit to Nibroc
Made as favor by Nibroc for ALM5252


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