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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / MOVED: Database error on: November 29, 2023, 09:24:04 PM
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2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / br3's codes on: January 08, 2021, 09:24:06 PM
These are codes that I made once I started learning how to make my own/alter/adapt codes for the SSBB Decade project. All of them are either made for vBrawl or ported from P:M/P+ to vBrawl.

Instant fall from respawn plat [br3compactor]
* 04B88F7C 00000000

Never fall from respawn plat until you move [br3compactor]
* 04B88F7C 7f800000

Never drown or go into flailing while swimming [br3compactor]
* 04B88FA8 7f800000

Load Common2.pac from the SD card (vBrawl final version) [DukeItOut, br3compactor, KingJigglypuff]
* C201BF2C 00000012
* 80630000 48000005
* 7C8802A6 3884006B
* 7C6C1B78 3CA0803F
* 60A5A3FC 7CA903A6
* 4E800421 2C030000
* 7D836378 40A2005C
* 3884FFD2 3CA0803F
* 60A5A280 7CA903A6
* 4E800421 3C808063
* 3CA08001 60A5BF2C
* 90850000 48000034
* 73643A2F 70726976
* 6174652F 7769692F
* 6170702F 72736265
* 2F70662F 73797374
* 656D2F63 6F6D6D6F
* 6E322E70 61630000
* 60000000 00000000

All stages use vBrawl Camera Speed [DukeItOut, br3compactor]
* C209D0C0 00000002
* 3D803F80 618C0000
* 918300B8 00000000

A few comments:

KJP helped me a lot with troubleshooting the fourth code as I was porting it so he is credited as well.
Both the fourth and fifth base codes are by DukeItOut, my changes are the necessary values to fulfill a different goal.
3  Help & Tutorials / General Tutorials / MOVED: Project M .clones for vbrawl on: June 04, 2020, 03:17:44 PM
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4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / MOVED: All-Star Special Versus Mode on: May 14, 2020, 11:25:50 PM
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5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / MOVED: Code/Mod request on: May 09, 2020, 08:44:37 AM
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6  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / SSBB Decade (previously Project Freezeproof) on: May 07, 2020, 02:15:53 AM

It's been a little over ten years since Brawl was released. It's also been little over ten years since it started to be modded. And even after all this time and all the mods, some people just don't want it to be like Melee 2.0. Or like anything else really. They just want it to have the game fit to what they like.

When you boot vBrawl on your Wii/Dolphin, the default game seems to be very lacking in content and features when you consider all that can be made avaliable through mods. When you factor mods in, a lot can be possible, as long as you know what you're doing.

But what if you don't?

In this spirit, this project has been started. I present to you Brawl Decade (formerly Project Freezeproof).

Brawl Decade is a community-focused mod meant to be the definitive vBrawl experience.
This mod has three main purposes, all of which can be summarized in four letter words.

The # 1 purpose of Brawl Decade is:

Brawl Decade has everything vBrawl had, with more.

- More characters.
- More costumes.
- More stages.
- More music.
- More customization.
- More possibilities.

These shall be achieved through features like:
- BrawlEX Characters
- 50CP
- Secret Costumes
- Tag-specific costumes
- JOJI's Stage Expansion System
- New Tracklist System
- Individual Pokémon and Sheik/ZSS on the CSS
- Unlimited control settings
- Debug mode
And many more!

The # 2 purpose of Brawl Decade is:

Some people enjoy playing Brawl and like how it feels to play. Decade doesn't intend to turn it into any other game. It's straight up Brawl.

All gameplay mechanics from Brawl will be kept, and it will aim to play 1:1 as if you were playing legit, vanilla Brawl, except with tons and tons of more content. Even stuff that other modpacks tend to remove will be kept, so long as the game still feels the same to play.

Started with Ivysaur and it was knocked out? The next Pokémon will follow. The opponent decided to run towards you to punish a wrong move? Watch him trip away like it's 2008. If it's Brawl you love, it's Brawl you'll get.

The # 3 purpose of Brawl Decade is:

Brawl Decade should be the easiest to mod. You know, maybe you don't like the costumes that much. Maybe you're just not that into tripping. Maybe you just want Goku or Sans to be in there as well.

Brawl Decade will aim to have custom paths and custom file naming to allow the game to be the easiest version of Brawl to mod.

An example of what is intended for v 1.0:

Imagine you want to give Squirtle a costume to replace its first recolor. You can go to:
SD:\Brawl\Fighter\Squirtle and add your Squirtle01.pac there.

Custom paths and custom file naming will allow even new users to mod their games with ease, making it so more and more people can enjoy the world of Brawl Hacking.

If you're interested in asking any questions, voice your opinions, leave suggestions or just want to discuss the mod concept and hopefully help, feel free to join! We have a Discord group and this thread will stay open for anyone interested in discussing the project!

Current Build state: v0.75 (second closed beta is out).
First public release planned: December 2023

7  Help & Tutorials / Music/SFX Tutorials / Project+ music modding guide by mawwwk on: May 06, 2020, 07:17:54 AM
Credits to mawwwk for this tutorial (with a few edits by me)

- Project+ for Dolphin or Wii
- BrawlCrate (Download)
- For Dolphin only: a virtual SD card editor such as ImDisk, WinImage, or VSDSync

- A list of Brawl song IDs can be found here (OpenSA), or here (Smash Mods Wiki)
- Virtual SD Card guide -  for help with modifying Dolphin builds. This guide won’t cover the process of mounting an sd.raw file for Dolphin.
- VSDSync - a handy tool which syncs files from a local folder to a Dolphin virtual SD card with one click
- Smash Custom Music Archive or Brawl Vault - for obtaining custom .brstm files

Before starting, you may want to enable default file associations in BrawlCrate. This can be done in Tools > Settings > File Associations.
After setting these, you’ll be able to easily open the necessary files by double-clicking them in File Explorer.

Methods covered in this guide:
1. Adding existing Brawl tracks to an existing tracklist
2. Adding custom tracks to an existing tracklist
3. Creating a new tracklist, and assigning it to an alt stage slot

About BrawlCrate and tracklist (tlst) files
BrawlCrate is a multi-purpose Brawl modding tool designed to open and edit various file formats used by Brawl and Brawl mods. The software is a continuation of the program BrawlBox, and is maintained and regularly updated by soopercool101. The version used in this guide is v0.32, though future versions should maintain compatibility and functionality.

TLST is a new file format designed by DukeItOut, and is utilized by Project+ to expand and modularize stage tracklist functionality. It allows for relatively unrestricted use of BRSTM files per stage, and doesn’t rely strictly on static song IDs. What this means is that BRSTM files can be named whatever you want! BRSTMs can also be shared between stages, and they don’t need to replace existing Brawl tracks to be read.

TLSTs can be used for any alt stage slot as well. For example, an R-alt stage can have a unique and separate tracklist from its respective base stage, or a separate tracklist for a base stage could be made to load by holding a button such as Start or Y.

TLST files also support a new Project+ feature: pinch mode. This allows for tracks to be switched in-game if one of these conditions are met:
a) The time specified in SongSwitch is reached
b) Two characters remain, and one is on their last stock (and below 100HP, if in Stamina mode)
c) Playing a Special Versus match in Wild mode, 300% mode, or Bomb Rain mode
d) Sudden Death occurs

BrawlCrate has functionality to add, reorder, modify, and delete tracks from any tracklist file with a simple-to-use UI.
Viewing a tracklist entry in BrawlCrate will show the following data fields:

SongID - Used for calling Brawl tracks or distinguishing custom tracks. Explained in more detail below.
SongDelay - Frames to wait before playing the song at match start. -1 can be used to play at the end of the countdown
Volume - Set to 80 by default. Can range from 0 to 127. Tracks typically use values between 50 and 90. This is ignored for Brawl tracks
Frequency - Set to 40 by default. Can range from 0 to 100, where higher means more likely to play. Can be changed in-game in My Music.
SongFileName - Used to locate custom tracks inside the strm folder. Explained in more detail below.
SongSwitch - Time remaining in a game to switch to another track (aka pinch mode), measured in frames (3600 = 1 minute)
DisableStockPinch - If true, disables condition (b) listed above
HiddenFromTracklist - Hides a song from the My Music list. Typically used for pinch mode tracks

TLSTs seem to have a file size limit of about 3.87 KB, which is equivalent to approximately 45 tracks. Exceeding this limit may cause issues in-game.

Method 1: Adding existing Brawl tracks to an existing tracklist
For this example, we’ll add “Boss Battle Song 2” to Battlefield’s tracklist.

First, find the Project+/pf/sound/tracklist/ folder in the build, and open the Battlefield.tlst file in BrawlCrate.

Right-click the top-level entry that says “Battlefield” and select Add New Entry.
The name of this entry is what will be shown as the song title in-game, so we could change it if we wanted to.
I’ll enter this as “Boss Battle 2 (Brawl)” and create the entry.

The frequency value can be adjusted as well. Use any value between 0 and 100.
The volume field only applies to custom tracks, so we won’t worry about it here yet.

The last step is to change the SongID value to load the track we want. A list of these can be found in the Resources section.
The song ID for this track is 2825, so I’ll enter it as the last 4 digits of the SongID. Make sure to keep the 0x prefix. (0x00002825, in full)
Feel free to reorder the tracks as you see fit, in any order, by dragging the song entries around.

Save the tlst file, copy it to the SD card if it’s not already copied, and boot up the game to find the newly added track!

Method 2: Adding custom tracks to an existing tracklist

This will assume you have a ready-to-add custom .brstm (song) file. In this guide, we’ll add “Redial” to Pokemon Stadium 2.

1. Open the tracklist file (Pokemon_Stadium_2.tlst) and add a new entry, like above. Name it however you want the track to be named.
I’ll move my track to the top of the song list, out of preference.

About custom song IDs:
Custom song IDs must always be 0x0000F followed by 3 hex digits. They must be unique among tracks on the same tracklist.
Songs on different tracklists can share SongID values.
There’s usually no need to change the automatically generated SongID that BrawlCrate assigns, so in this case, 0xF00B works fine.

About brstm file paths:
Custom brstm files must be placed inside the pf/sound/strm folder. The brstm can be inside a sub-folder, or a sub-sub-folder…
How you organize brstm files is up to you, though sorting them in folders by stage or by series is recommended.

2. Fill in SongFileName with the file path of the brstm.
I have the brstm inside a folder named Pokemon Stadium 2. So the full file path for it is:
   SD:/Project+/pf/sound/strm/Pokemon Stadium 2/Redial.brstm

In SongFileName, I’ll enter Pokemon Stadium 2/Redial

If the SongFileName is valid, the music player will appear in BrawlCrate, and you should be able to successfully play back the song!
   *In some cases, such as if you rename a brstm file, you may need to save & re-open the tlst file for the music player to appear.

Save the tlst file, make sure all files are in-place on the SD card, and you’ll find your new track waiting for you in-game.

Method 3: Creating a new tracklist, and assigning it to an alt stage slot
In this section, we’ll copy an already-made tracklist and add it to an alt slot. Our goal will be to play F-Zero music on the Final Destination R-alt.

1. Start by duplicating an existing tracklist, then rename it to something easy to recognize.
In the tracklist folder, I’ll take the Death_Race.tlst and copy it.
Since it’ll be used for the PM FD alt,  I’ll rename the new copy to Final_Destination_PM.

2. Open the new tlst in BrawlCrate, and make whatever custom edits you’d like. These can be changed at any time.
For the sake of having a unique tracklist here, I’ll replace the first 2 tracks with “Like a Snake” and “Silence.”

3. Currently, our tracklist file exists, but nothing is loading it. We’ll need to modify a .param file to load this tlst file.
.param files control which stage and tracklist is loaded for a given button combination held, along with various other parameters.
They can be found in pf/stage/stageinfo. Locate the .param for the stage you want to redirect the tracklist for, and open it in BrawlCrate.
In our case, this is Final_Destination_R.param.

The TrackList field is currently loading Final_Destination.tlst, which is the same tlst as the base stage.
We want to use the newly created tracklist, Final_Destination_PM.tlst. This is the only thing to change in this file.

Save the .tlst and .param files, and then we can test in-game! An easy way to verify the tracklist is to go to My Music, and select the stage using the appropriate button combination, as if you were loading the alt stage itself.
For the custom FD tracklist, I’ll hold R while selecting FD.

Of course, we can also test by playing a match here.

8  Help & Tutorials / Programming Tutorials / Adding 50CP to your Legacy TE build, featuring Pyro the 3000 IQ intellectual on: May 01, 2020, 05:31:46 PM
Adding 50CP to your Legacy TE build, featuring Pyro the 3000 IQ intellectual
Obtained from Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/SSBPM/comments/cqbtp2/anyone_know_to_add_costumes_csps_bps_and_stock/)
Credits probably by PYRO

(Examples at the end)

1. Codes
The codes are easily the most difficult part, but I've figured out the way it works so I'll try to make this as easy as possible.
First, some replacements. For this, each section of code will have two locations that are edited. So you will need to replace 586150 with 547000 two times for this to work. There is also a third column that tells you what character you are editing (useful for later steps)
Replace | With   | Character
586150  | 547000 | Mario
5864B8  | 5470C8 | DK
586538  | 547190 | Link
586248  | 547258 | Samus
586260  | 547320 | ZSS
586198  | 5473E8 | Yoshi
586278  | 5474B0 | Kirby
5861B0  | 547578 | Fox
586398  | 547640 | Pikachu
5863F8  | 547708 | Luigi
586488  | 5477D0 | Falcon
5862A8  | 547898 | Ness
5864D0  | 547960 | Bowser
5864E8  | 547A28 | Peach
586440  | 547AF0 | Zelda
586458  | 547BB8 | Sheik
586428  | 547C80 | ICs
5862C0  | 547D48 | Marth
5863B0  | 547E10 | G&W
5861C8  | 547ED8 | Falco
5865B0  | 547FA0 | Ganon
455334  | 548388 | Wario <<<< THIS CODE IS WRONG, don't use it
5862F0  | 548068 | Meta Knight
5863C8  | 548130 | Pit
586308  | 5481F8 | Olimar
5860D8  | 5482C0 | Lucas
5864A0  | 548388 | Diddy
5863E0  | 548450 | Zard
586170  | 548518 | Squirtle
5861F0  | 5485E0 | Ivy
586320  | 5486A8 | D3
586218  | 548770 | Lucario
586338  | 548838 | Ike
586590  | 548900 | ROB
586290  | 5489C8 | Puff
586570  | 548A90 | Tink
586368  | 548B58 | Wolf
586350  | 548C20 | Snake
586550  | 548CE8 | Sonic
586230  | 586230 | Mewtwo
5860F0  | 5860F0 | Roy

***Note: the three Pokemon will require a third replacement, thanks to mawk for pointing this out

Next, determine how many costumes you want. Between each entry (marked with 06 and then one of the numbers you just replaced, there is a line of code that determines the number of bytes to write. Use the table below to determine what you use for your section of code.
4-7 "00000010"
8-11 "00000018"
12-15 "00000020"
16-19 "00000028"
20-23 "00000030"
24-27 "00000038"
28-31 "00000040"
32-35 "00000048"
36-39 "00000050"
40-43 "00000058"
44-47 "00000060"
48-50 "00000068"

Now, you write the data for each costume. First pick a color, write the number assigned to it, and then select the PAC assigned to it, and write it's number as well. Make sure you start every line with "* " and add a space between every 8 digits you type.
Color Table
Red(T) 00, Blue(T) 01, Yellow 02, Green(T) 03, Purple 04, L. Blue 05, Pink 06, Brown 07, Black 08, White 09, Orange 0A, Gray 0B
PAC Table
00 - 00
01 - 01
02 - 02
03 - 03
04 - 04
05 - 05
06 - 06
07 - 07
08 - 08
09 - 09
10 - 0A
11 - 0B
13 - 0D
14 - 0E
15 - 0F
16 - 10
17 - 11
18 - 12
19 - 13
20 - 14
21 - 15
22 - 16
23 - 17
24 - 18
25 - 19
26 - 1A
27 - 1B
28 - 1C
29 - 1D
30 - 1E
31 - 1F
32 - 20
33 - 21
34 - 22
35 - 23
36 - 24
37 - 25
38 - 26
39 - 27
40 - 28
41 - 29
42 - 2A
43 - 2B
44 - 2C
45 - 2D
46 - 2E
47 - 2F
48 - 30
49 - 31
50 - 32

Now, write 0C00 at the end of the string and add zeroes to the end until it finishes off the line.

2. UI
Adding the UI images are the same as replacing them, just with different names. Here I'll explain it in depth for this to work.

For each, you can just import new CSPs and follow the same naming convention as vBrawl/vPM.
For Link, it would be MenSelchrFaceB.021-080.

Stock Icons
By far the most annoying and time consuming.
Stocks are read from StockFaceTex.brres in pf/menu/common folder. Basically follow the vPM naming structure, but with the new locations (found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ydxpdOh0G9cyNP33nRJm6dORpe5f6mVg0MR2aD8ao0A/)
For Link, using TE's modified locations, it would be InfStc.0101-0150.

BPs are read in the pf/info/portrite folder. TE uses a modified naming structure to match the stock icons.
For Link, the BPs would be located at InfFace0101-150.brres.

3. Costume Files
Make sure you have all of your costumes .pacs in the correct folder. TE 2.11 does not require .pcs files anymore, and Masquerade skips over pac 12.

Example Character
For this, I want to give Ivysaur 40 costumes.
To start, I replace all of the codes listed in the first step of the codes section.
Next, I chose 40, so I add 00000058 to my codes, making my codes look like so.

Ivysaur Signifier
* 065485E0 00000058 < Number of costumes

Now, I start adding the colors and pac data. After I'm done, it looks like this.

* 065485E0 00000058
* 05000001 03020103 < Costume Data
* 04040905 08060307
* 00080109 090A100B
* 050D000E 030F0110
* 04110912 08130314
* 05150016 03170118
* 0419091A 081B031C
* 001D011E 091F1020
* 05210022 03230124
* 04250926 08270328

Now I add my terminating 0C00 and any extra 0's to fill out the rest of the line.

* 065485E0 00000058
* 05000001 03020103
* 04040905 08060307
* 00080109 090A100B
* 050D000E 030F0110
* 04110912 08130314
* 05150016 03170118
* 0419091A 081B031C
* 001D011E 091F1020
* 05210022 03230124
* 04250926 08270328
* 0C000000 00000000 < Terminating Section

I then add this to [Legacy TE] Masquerade Costumes (2/2) [ds22, denz, Yohan1044] to where the existing one is (marked by 065485E0 in my case).

Once that is done, all I need to do is add UI and make sure all my character files are in order, and then Ivysaur has 40 costumes!
9  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / MOVED: Costumes slot besides default, freeze the game after SSS. on: April 30, 2020, 01:38:44 AM
This topic has been moved to Help.

10  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / The ultimate code reservoir (RSBE) on: April 29, 2020, 05:55:53 AM

This thread will be a place to get codes and post new codes. All codes ever available will be posted here in the OP, updated and separated by category. Outdated codes will also be kept for archiving purposes.

Thread will be locked until the reservoir starts being filled
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / MOVED: which model editor is the best and how do u use das donkey on: March 23, 2019, 11:05:46 AM
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12  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / MOVED: What if 3DS Max could... on: March 20, 2019, 03:58:49 PM
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13  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Model Imports / MOVED: Conker imported model on: March 19, 2019, 09:35:38 AM
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14  Help & Tutorials / Help / MOVED: I know this is offtopic...but help on: March 18, 2019, 05:20:35 PM
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15  Help & Tutorials / Help / MOVED: Are Music and SFX possible for PAL versions yet? on: March 18, 2019, 04:45:12 PM
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