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Author Topic: Let's look into Module Fíles (.rel) - Defensive Collision is now!  (Read 129786 times)
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    « Reply #405 on: April 18, 2022, 02:28:22 PM »

    Hello everyone.

    I am going to be an evil mess and revive this topic I created years ago, so I am sorry in advance for the mods and the rules.

    However, I have returned after 5 years of slumber from KC-MM.

    Adding Defensive Collisions is now a thing:
    I have been doing alot of work thanks to PW's notes about the internal Memory and shared most of my findings on Discord, but never here specifically.

    So, I have been successfully added a reflect.

    also have added an absorb that heals.

    And now also a Counter defensive collision.
    Sadly this counter doesnt have the "damage multiplier" yet like Marth and Ike has.

    And today, I just released a guide on how to add defensive collision!
    Right now as I writing this, I have only added for Counter so far, but in the near future I will also add Reflect and Absorb to this document.

    You can read the guide here:

    My mission is soon complete with figuring out the defensive collisions and find more ways to make the future PSA's more creative and being less limited.

    Speaking of Limitation, my current interest is to find an effective way to add new Actions.
    Right now, I have been 95% successful to add more actions to both Jigglypuff and Lucario, thanks to PWs memory notes.

    There are some weird side effects as of right now.
    Both works perfectly in the game (loads normally and can exit the stage normally)

    But for Jigglypuff, only one of jigglypuff can be at the match! if any more jigglypuffs are spawned, only the last spawned one will be able to move while the others are stuck in t-pose.

    For lucario, they cant respawn after death. They might also lack the "graphical hit effects" when they hit an opponent, if Aura does have an "graphical hit effect"

    As soon as I am able to add new actions that are 100% free, I will make another guide.
    But if anyone wanna help me to find out how and why these side effects are happening, please contact me on Discord, as I have been rarely logged in here.

    Stupid Tinypic :C

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    « Reply #406 on: April 19, 2022, 06:28:36 PM »

    Good job, not much else to say. Brawl modding has really been kicking the [censored] out of old hurdles lately.



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